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  2. My wife

    Who cares about chatting about her. A real man would just want to seduce her and fuck her.
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  4. ass

    @viking That looks like a very fuckable ass. What nationality is your wife?
  5. Sweater Dress

    Beautiful woman!
  6. We are both on our second marriage, and we have been in this lifestyle for nearly 16 years. Our marriages broke down for all the other reasons not affairs. My wife loves to fuck, and prefers her men young strong tall, with a good member, if she like a guy she meets she will setout to fuck him. Sometimes I'm there sometimes not, she has met guys for a morning coffee and finished up fucking them. I met her for lunch one day and she had just come from fucking a guy for two hours, not the best fuck ever but enjoys the seduction. Yes when I'm away she has a couple of guys she will visit or the stayover, messy sheets.
  7. Absolutely awesome!😛
  8. thanks all i have won 23 september with most liked content

  9. ass

  10. ass

  11. ass

    mmmmm nice asses
  12. want o share my wifes pics on skype

    Single open mind! skype : Kik: M33387
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  14. My wife

    she is amazing
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  17. Dice and dare

    I sent a PM.
  18. All Black players should stand and owners, White coaches,White players White wives should Kneel in front of them facing the Black Man with their head laying against the Players leg and gazing wantonly up into their eyes. View the full topic at
  19. More Gifs, Pics

  20. amazing


    1. Dirtyfun1


      Holy hell that's a lot of fun wasted in her hand

  21. More Gifs, Pics

    Back to work huh?
  22. Pure Thickness

  23. Dice and dare

    Bull here ready
  24. Friend wife maria

    Maria is a very hot milf for sure.
  25. I have been a Bull for about 10 years now. Cant remember all wifes i meet during this years. Still go strong.
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