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  2. Always shave my wife before we go out. Friends like her shaved
  3. Allowed my filing system to get a tad mess. Time for some house cleaning. Straggler pics and vids that I have to match to the slut's dedicated folders or face being lost in the oblivion of thousand of unknown @@@@@@@ wives and girlfriends. So many sluts, so much work we do, and so little time to accomplish it all.
  4. hi, you think men will like my slut Erika and stroke their cocks on her? She is a horny German slut
  5. funny how this appetite cannot be sated
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  7. you think you can make some nice fakes from my slut Erika?
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  9. My wife does not take nude pictures but I have no problem showing her pics. I wish I could show pics of her getting fucked but we cannot take the chance of them getting out. It could cost here job if they get out.
  10. My Dad,a Preacher seduced my young wife and then years later it went to another level. View the full topic at CuckoldPlace.com
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  12. my wife Erika is a horny slut, hope you like her. Perhaps you likr more?
  13. 113 Total Cuckold Slut.... That's pretty accurate...
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