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  2. Is anyone cookie eat cum from hotwife? What is that feeling? I am very curious
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  4. secondjag


    Greg was explaining the facts of life to his teenage nephew. After covering the basic biology, he moved on to the finer points of lovemaking."One thing to keep in mind is that different women say different things during the sex act, even if you are doing the same thing.""What do you mean, Uncle Greg?"Well, for example, their words will vary according to their occupation. For example, a prostitute will tend to say, "Are you done yet?" On the other hand, a nymphomaniac will ask, "Are you done already?""What do other women say?"Well, a schoolteacher will say, "We are going to do this over and ove
  5. Congrats and best of luck Mac. Enjoy the journey
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  7. Hello Everybody, I am very exciting to share with You news, after 10 years of dreaming and convenience my wife finally she say Yes 🙂 we have a holiday on July so I found bull with his friend for my wife and I be delighted to watch. always dream about it but actually never do this before how can I deal with little jealous? I want to do this really but have 1 percent of worry anyone had the same ? Or is just me ? thank you everybody mac
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  13. OMG!!! No way that cock is f*** amazing! You can die happy after bien filled by that !!
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  15. No point following this. She (he) is fake
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  17. I'd love taking Orders form her starting with licking all that cum off her
  18. IF Black cock pumps it in there then a black men should eat it out.
  19. Shes a Beautiful White Lady who I would lick cum off her Pretty white ass hole anytime.
  20. FUCK I love licking up Fresh Cum, So good when it's still Warm
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