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  2. Hallo du geile Sau, auch hier, smie

    German slut Erika.jpg

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  4. WOW ... What a beautiful pussy and I would to taste her after she has been used by a number hard cock, overflowing with CUM ...
  5. Damn. That's a crazy story. Maybe now he will chime in with the more detailed story. Perhaps share the video with his mom in it
  6. She has been used anally, but not DPed.
  7. I'll guess cuckinneed she hasn't been used nearly as much as you would like. Kaye looks as if she enjoys a good hard cock.
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  9. MMM...hopefully it was someone else that took it...
  10. can't wait to hear the rest. i have to say, Silvana, you are absolutely gorgeous.
  11. Yesterday
  12. How long since the slut was last DPed? Do you know? If not ask her.
  13. Want to see your naked cumslut spread wide at the pool.
  14. I told her I needed to post a picture today She sent me this. I'm curious who took it or was it a camera selfie
  15. Gotta say 14 & 15 HAF !!!!
  16. here ya go Hubcuck; enjoy
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