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  2. It's all but me being in the bedroom with her and her Bulls presence official, but I'm living out my fantasies, watching my dreams, and often nightmares, take place. My girlfriends pussy is no longer exclusively mine, in fact the last two times she has completely rejected my advances. Two nights ago was one of the most humiliating and degrading in our relationship. To offer a background. We've been together one year now. She's 22 and I'm approaching mid 30s. It was both ... View the full topic at
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  4. Crotchless can be sexy too
  5. Not into pain myself but nice photo
  6. Idk about other women but yes my wife got carried away and she would treat me just like an uninvited guest living in her house. There were moments when she loved it when her men humiliated me and she enjoyed it. But after a while she realized it and still treats me like a cuck but better
  7. She was never really into caning me until after this little session, which she really enjoyed. It's also the first time I've been caned hard - I loved it, but not at the time!
  8. How did you get your wife into this? Do you have kik? I am punisher25493 on there. Looking for a mentor
  9. I haven't cum for a month - this is how my wife celebrated:
  10. Good cuck right there,
  11. Although the mystery can be fun, finding a bare pussy is just as wonderful to me.
  12. Absolutely, that should be the mandatory dress code for her (maybe a bit shorter jacket)
  13. I like commando, crotchless or at least sheer.
  14. My wife feels "dirty" not wearing underwear. That's part of the fun!
  15. Very hot fuck....
  16. Very hot slut
  17. No underwear its soo hot know a woman dont have any
  18. Although I love to wearing sexy undies especially on a date with my bull or others, that show me off to my best. I also so like it when I forget to put any on and then the reaction of my date when he finds out can be priceless. I always feel so naughty as well as sexy. Can be so nice to tease my date when he finds out that I am naked beneath whatever I am wearing. It can also be so much fun letting others know as well. Yet when I talk to some of my friends most always say that they cant go without their undies. Maybe its me but what do others think?
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  20. Indycuck4wife - all extremely good advice there. Take it slow, talk, and respect each other.
  21. Creampie eaters will like this vid
  22. not sure boy friend my wife has 2 to 3 bulls she has sex with fairly regular but she really prefers variety
  23. Very HOT....shared or a fantasy ? Ever cum play in Amsterdam ? Or like to ...
  24. I'm getting waxed tomorrow- I love it. The lady is lovely, knows exactly the situation and does a very thorough job - even down to examining me closely just like she knows my wife will. The humiliation is delicious!
  25. Most husbands start out trying to get their wives to cuckold them by putting the emphasis on "fucking other men." This is a critical mistake. Just because this idea turns you on, doesn't mean it is going to turn your wife on. Women think differently than men, especially married women---and the key word here is married. Women learn very early as little girls that being a good wife means being faithful to our husbands. Women also have some pre-conceived ideas about marriage that makes the idea of cuckolding seem anti-marriage. Women are taught to nurture the relationship, not destroy it by fucking other men. Just because the husband says he wants it, it still does not make it right in our minds. Men have to understand that in order for a wife to become a Cuckoldress. It is a process in her mind and during that process many hurdles have to be overcome mentally. The first hurdle for most women is "if I fuck someone else, what will happen to my marriage?" So take the focus off of "fucking other men" and put it on "enhancing the marriage." Remember, women think in terms of relationships and men think in terms of sex. Men are so stupid in how they approach their wives. You’re going to have to talk about re-defining the marriage and how it’s going to work as a cuckold marriage. Believe me, your marriage will change, cuckyboy, once your wife gets more than that pathetic 4 inches you can offer her. I suggest doing some of the cuckold exercises. Let her know you’re serious and this is not some perverted whim that you're going through and will change your mind in two weeks. You must start communicating and a cuckold relationship takes more work then a normal one. If you are not willing to work at it then give it up!!!! Most of the cuck wannabes really do not want to work at it. If she cuckolds you, there will be plenty of work to do, cuckyboy! So get used to it. You will not be giving her the cock she needs anymore, so you will have give her other things in the marriage, cuckyboy. The next hurdle is to make her feel sexy. After a few kids and 10 years of marriage most women do not feel very sexy. Take her shopping; buy her some sexy clothes and lingerie. If you do not have a dildo, purchase one from our store---and not one that is 12 inches. If the only cock that she has had is your little dick then I suggest something around 8 inches. Tease her with sex toys and include little role plays in your bedroom to spice up the relationship. Share your darkest fantasies with her, let her share hers. Let it go slow!!! Real slow!! No need to rush take your time, give your time and above all hold patience. She needs to feel sexy again. She needs to feel desired and wanted by other men. Have her wear the clothes and fantasize about other men while using the dildo. Get used to spending money on her, cuckyboy. When she takes a lover you will spend plenty---on hotel rooms, clothes, etc. Let her get confident by allowing her to flirt with other men. Just talking with strangers, allowing to attend some pubs, discos, music fests, music hunts with her woman friends will get her confidence back again. Caution for women too!! Need to really know a man better before allowing him to enter your bedroom. Its an ongoing process and there is hardly any formula or process depicted in books to do it that way or this way. Every woman has different mindset and every man too. So needs to focus and discuss a lot. Discussions can solve little problems at the very beginning rather than getting into serious troubles. Discretion is most important. Buy some movies; let her see how other sluts enjoy bigger cocks. If your wife has been conservative all her life, she will need to learn how to be the proper Cuckoldress Slut. Get a digital camera and start taking pictures of her all dressed up. Take her out to bars; take her dancing; get her used to going out and maybe some day she will go out and find some cock. Encourage her to go out on her own or with some girlfriends and come back and fantasize with you that she got picked up by another man. Encourage her to flirt with other men. Take the fantasy a step further. Ask her if you can create a yahoo or msn profile with some picture of her and her email address. Place the profile under married but looking. See if you get any responses from other men. Fantasize about those men fucking her and you serving them. My last bit of advice is to BE PATIENT. Even though she says she won’t do it, it doesn’t mean she is not thinking about it. Women are devious and it takes a while for us to tell our husbands what we really are thinking. If you engage her in the activities that I have suggested, then she is thinking about it. And above all respect is most important in any cuckolding relationship. Hotwives must keep in mind that just because her cucky is allowing or she is sleeping with other men doesn't make her cuck a whimp or pimp or her a slut. I mean in a family quarrels will happen, but during such a quarrel the husband shouting at the wife as WHORE or the wife calling the husband WHIMP/PIMP is a big big no. Besides cucks/hotwives need respect too, whatever the role plays, acts etc happens that must not be stretched beyond something which is truely unbearable or unacceptable. Thanks HAPPY CUCKOLDING
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