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  2. It I would be an honor to clean the sperm and pussy juice from your dick and suck out the last few drops. Then you could watch me take my time and lick your sperm out of my wife
  3. Trying to find a copy of my favorite caption Was a wife dressed in red lingerie standing on top the stairwell/ landing Caption said something she has come 5 times this week alone while cuck has not come once this year. Someone hopefully has saved it or knows it location. Please help!! View the full topic at
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  5. Came across these. Thought they were hot without using any actual sex scenes. 4-bending_me_over k-he_stole_your_key... View the full topic at
  6. After YEARS break... She's ready to try hotwife/cuck lifestyle again!!! We're on vacation in Virginia... Anyone know a good "couples" or cuck club we can go to? View the full topic at
  7. My pleasure Newbi, glad u dug it. Do credit Bill with starting this string
  8. best thread ever. thanks for that, secondjag
  9. id go straight for the anal hole, no foreplay, just spit on it and thrust inside, pound deep until iā€™m ready to explode, then sit her on her knees and fuck her face until i fill her mouth with cum.
  10. I would start out face fucking her, then pussy fuck her till she screamed and finish her off butt fucking her doggy style.
  11. Hi Crispin, long time, no hear! I remember you and your wife from another site and exchanged several e-mails with her a few years back. I always enjoyed seeing that sexy naked body of hers, so it's good to see her again. I wanted to fuck her then and I'd fuck her now. I wonder if she still has the photos of my cock I sent her?
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  13. My horny little slut. What will you do with her? Tell me.
  14. Last week
  15. Very horny hot bride View the full topic at
  16. Nothing like your girlfriend coming home after a night out with a fresh load of cum still leaking out of her pussy and telling you how she got fucked and how she needed you to fuck her right now.
  17. Just wanted to update you guys: He definitely knocked her up! This is good news, not bad! We're both very happy and excited.
  18. Monday (2vids) switch hitter.mp4 magic dick.mp4
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