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  4. I really like the gif with that orange vibrator because it is the same one my Lea uses for stretching up her ass hole for me. Lea takes the vibrator out of the dildo because the orange shelf is more flexibel. Very nasty and horney shots!
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    Love to clamp my mouth on those gorgeous nipples
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  7. Very interesting. I’ve never ever been jealous but I did experience fear the first time I brought a man home to my wife. The fear was of the unknown. What if she was doing just because I was begging her but she is grossed out by the idea. What if she hated me for bringing a man to fuck her. And so on. But not once did I ever feel jealous. I was born to be a cuck.
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    saw this

    So, saw this elsewhere and found it mildly interesting. What do you think?: Other Couples Share Information Quotes from other couples who tried hotwifing: One wife: "I thought it would be like risking my marriage. What if the other guy and I fell in love? But I learned that there is a big difference between fucking and living with someone. So for newbies, the rush and excitment can trick a person into thinking they're in love, but its just new relationship energy like when you and your hsuband first started. It fades.. so tell yourself that it won't be long before you and the new guy would be just another couple watching TV and not having sex...and he wouldnt share you!" Another wife: "We prefer dominant men to add into our bed, because its different than our normal lovemaking together. A dominant man is a fun fuck for a night, but most are an overbearing asshole to live with, no matter how good he fucks me. I'd much rather have both- and live with my husband as a partner. I mean, how lucky am I to have a guy who isnt an asshole, and lets me fuck other people too?!" Another wife: "I realized that my husband wasnt requiring me to make a choice, between him and someone else. He was saying I could have both! Unbelieveable but GREAT." Another wife: "when I understood that this was an addition to our married sex life together, not a replacement for it, I was much more ready to try it and am glad I did" Another wife: "I have learned that the sluttier I am, the more my husband loves me. He wants to be with me more, talk with me more, is more attentive, and he treats me like a queen. When I was the model wife, we lived like roommates in routines. I wish someone had told me this 25 years ago." A husband: " Of course the fear of losing your marriage to another guy if she fucks him is there- so our agreement is that intercourse is something we save for one another. But we do everything else. I love when she lets loose on another guy and then we go home and fuck together" Another husband: "Don't I get jealous? Sure, sometimes I did, and it occasionally rears its head. But as we hotwifed more, the jealousy issue gets less and less to where its rare. Its just part of the deal, something to get through- not a reason to not do it. I looked at it like its better than being completely comfortable but completely bored." A professional sex counselor: Its natural and normal to be fearful. We all fear the unknown. But, this is also the best fuel to make sex better. Mystery, adventure, newness, taboo are the stimulants for our sex hormones to kick in. Thats what happened when your relationship was new and you thought about sex all the time. Your brain was bathed in the biochemicals for sex. They made your motor run. Unfortunately, the enemy of this stimulation is familiarity and security. Our biochemicals go dormant. There's nothing sexy about looking at our partner as the mommy or the daddy..and for good reason."Another sex counselor: Another professional sex counselor "Lots of people out here are not sexually "mature". They have reached a point where they do what they do, and they dont do what they are afraid of doing. But, the process of becoming a sexually mature adult is about learning to enjoy the sexual activities that we were once afraid of. Think about when you were young- and first heard of oral sex. "Gross!" "I'm not doing that!" But you worked your way through the unknown and the fear, you tried it, and you liked it. It was once a NO, and became an I LOVE IT. That's an example of how sexually maturing works." __._,_.___
  9. Who wants to use & abuse this Granny? Tell me what you want to do to her!!
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  11. Here you go, If any one instead to know more about my wife, please contact me. Thank you. Kik zesttsez1
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  16. I just wanna lick her pussy
  17. than hearing your wife say 'I love you.' to another man? I don't know who she is but I find her incredibly attractive. I love how erotic she is in her descriptions. I rather love the fact that all we see is her face and yet (to me) this is hotter than most hardcore videos. Hope y'all enjoy it. View the full topic at
  18. Since were all participating 🤪
  19. I wish there were more videos like this out there. Especially ones in English so you can understand what the humiliating things they are saying to the cock loving sissy
  20. But he needs to know his place. Looks and sounds real to me. I wish they kept going and that the audio was a little cleaner but small complaints. View the full topic at
  21. I would do whatever she wanted me to. Hopefully suck and lick that glorious cock and balls then suck her nipples while shes using my sissy ass and making fun of my little white cock
  22. She has. It's very hot to see those wrapped around her loves cock. Especially when he comes
  23. Face pictures come with copywriters and watermarks as we had some used in another site ages ago. We show what she chooses Shes into her boobs right now. Maybe we will get lucky and she'll give me some to post with a friend...(?)
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