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  16. in honor of the 4th, staying strictly on topic (2vids) [sound up for Raylene, nice long shot of cp] Black_Poles_Cumming_In_White_Holes.wmv Raylene_creampie.wmv
  17.! Your wife was certainly dressed to get noticed. I'm sure she definitely drew plenty of looks...plenty of glances. Just a damn shame that no one took her up on her "offer". And...I think we have to say she definitely looked like she was offering. Both dresses show of her amazing body to perfection. Both dresses showing off those beautiful, BIG tits of hers! The red dress especially...her tits look like they are about to pop out of that dress at any moment. The scoop neck on the pink dress show's 'em off nicely too....plenty of delicious cleavage on display. Both dresses are rather short too, aren't they? Yes they ARE! They are...and both dresses showing a lot of hot, incredible leg! Did she really go out with that SLUT temporary tatoo? That had to make for some interesting looks! Her heels complete a totally hot look! Dressed up, but no one to pick up? Were these pics taken to tease hubby...and she never hit the streets wearing these outfits? I think she would have her pick of any available man if she were wearing these outfits out. Not a doubt in my mind. Love how your wife looks in these slutty outfits! Sexy...but slutty too! But that's the idea, right? Great to see incredibly hot Mrs. Cookman posted again. Thanks! DomBull4U
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