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  2. good cock for Bea

  3. My master has made me record a video of me playing with my wife Kay. View the full topic at
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  5. UK_EX I love to watch her sucking a man's cock the first time, feed him her long nipples before having him lick her pussy and finally fuck her. Never have really figured it out but after nearly 30 years I still get a kick out of it
  6. UK_EX I love to watch her sucking a man's cock to the first time, feed him her long nipples before having him lick her pussy and finally fuck her. Never have really figured it out but after nearly 30 years I still get a kick out of it
  7. Robert, she is absolutely stunning, what a lucky cucky you are.
  8. I don't actually want to suck her guy, but if asked by either of them, I would, very willingly, just to please them.
  9. Very hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I was talking to another friend who is trying to find a BBC for his wife Jodie. Sent him the video with text showing my wife talking about fucking big cocks and he said he was going to try and record his wife talking during sex. I told him about me doing the same thing with Elaine.. I don't think I ever posted this story on Elaine's First Time thread on Cuckoldfart. I would love to hear Jodie talking about getting fucked by big cocks. I used to have some audio recordings of Elaine talking to some men on the phone. I alluded to one of her conversations in the story about the young black guy when she went over to his house to pick him up and bring him to our house to fuck her.. We had exchanged some letters but my wife was still not sure about doing him so I suggested she talk to him on the phone and see if she got a positive feeling. After a couple minutes of introductions talk slowly turned to sex and what she wanted and was he up for it. We were recording and it was cool to hear him talking about licking her and wanting to shoot off on her pussy and face. She told him she would give him great blow job if he licked her pussy good enough to make her cum on his face. Got me hard just listening to them talking. Regrettably I lost the tapes. Another was a recording of her talking to Rick, an old friend from college who she had always liked as a friend but never dated. He was confused as Elaine was trying to be coy and subtle and was suggesting he have dinner with us sometime. Since he barely knew me he couldn't tell if she was wanting to hook up with him later when I was not there. He told her he really didn't want to go out with a married woman. She eventually said "I want to fuck you and my husband at the same time". He was silent for several seconds. She could tell he didn't know what to say. Elaine told him we had done it before and both loved it and thought he would love it too. I whispered to her to be graphic and specific. She finally said if he would meet us she would give him her mouth, pussy and ass and he could come in or on her as often as he wanted or could get hard again. LOL. We met him that weekend at a motel . We had dinner and went to the bar attached to the hotel and had a couple of drinks trying to get him to relax as he still seemed a bit nervous. Elaine got him on the dance floor with a slow song and moved him to a darkened area and put his hand on her tits, massaged his cock over this slacks, kissed him hard and he was convinced to spend the night with us. We had a big room with two double beds. Rick said he wanted to take a quick shower. Elaine changed into sexy lingerie and was laying on the bed when he came out of bathroom. Believe it or not he still looked apprehensive so I told him to please get into bed with my wife while I took a shower.. I reminded him of her promise that he had the choice of any hole so if he was going to go for more than one he better get started. When I came back Rick was on his back and Elaine was between his legs sucking his cock and he was big, both girth and length. Elaine pulled her mouth off his large cock, turned her head towards me and smiled and winked then returned to trying to get as much of him in her mouth as possible. I left them alone for a few more minutes until he started fucking her. She told him to get on top of her to start with so she get used to his size. After a few minutes Elaine started cumming. She obviously liked it because she almost always climaxes while riding on top and grinding her pussy on the man's' cock. He shot was wad pretty soon and the party had begun. I love sloppy seconds so I jumped on her as soon as he moved out of her pussy. It was loose and wet. We fucked and sucked until we all fell asleep. We have only let a couple of men spend the night but Rick had a 45 minute drive and it was late and we had been drinking so he slept in the second bed as 3 sleeping in one bed is really not comfortable. I awoke the next morning to the sound of sex and saw him on top of my wife doing his best to dump one last load in her well fucked pussy. Elaine told him to do her doggy style as she thought she could take all of him after all the fucking we had been doing. I smiled at them and headed to the bath to shower and cleanup. When I came back they were both laying there exhausted but smiling. We ate breakfast together and Rick thanked us profusely. He hinted about hooking up again and she said maybe. That was something we discovered early in our swinging lifestyle. In the excitement of the actual sex and with the 3 of us together we really can't talk to each other and don't know if our spouse wants to do the other man again. Plus it keeps them wondering and not bugging us in case we really don't want to do them again. We usually tell them we may call. On the drive home I asked Elaine if she knew he had a big cock because she had fucked him in college which I really doubted as she got married after the first semester of college. She laughed and said no but a girlfriend of hers was dating him and had told Elaine she really liked him but he was the biggest guy she had ever fucked and he was almost too big for her. At that point in Elaine's life her husband was the only man she had ever been with and was still fairly conservative sexually. She didn't say anything to me about him having a big dick because she wan't sure if his old girlfriend was exaggerating about his size. When she felt his cock on the dance floor she suspected her old friend was correct. 25 years later she found out just how big he was. She said that was why she smiled and winked as me when I walked in and saw her sucking his dick. BTW we entertained one more time at our house before he moved away for a new job. I think this was the lingerie she wore with Rick
  11. May I know more?
  12. sexy,love her tits
  13. lovely arse
  14. I haven't tried this yet but I want to....but I want wife to ask me to suck him
  15. And eaten
  17. WOW.....Great tits and a yummy looking pussy
  18. DAMN,I'd be happy just to eat her beautiful pussy.....SHE IS SEXY AS HELL
  19. hi i am bull i want cuckold husbend my kik id is sunilyogikumar
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  22. Very good stories and pics! I hope my life has as many good times as you have had! Your wife is beautiful and very sexy! Your a lucky man and would love to see more!
  23. Moi, Löytyyks täält muita aisureita keskusteleen ja jakaan kokemuksia? View the full topic at
  24. Very limited in my ability to talk real time as my Mistress/wife limits my computer access. But I can still do email when not doing chores or serving/pleasuring/being entertainment for Mistress & her real man lovers. Thank you for reaching out to me Sir. How do you use the cucks whose wives you date?
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