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    my wife

    scopata da un caro amico
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  4. We have not made love in years as I like to watch her with her bulls.
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  6. Il mio lui Frocio e Cornuto dichiarato, si sputtana pubblicamente


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  9. We don’t anymore or at least not right now, but we are still very romantic with each other. Just not sexually.
  10. As long as my wife has a boyfriend I am cut off but I'm happy with that as long as she's happy with his cock. I get to clean her though, so there's at least that lol.
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  12. HOLY SHIT,to that 1st video....DAMN,she's taken it like a trooper
  13. we are the same all about my wife we are closer now as well
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  15. If she doesn't I DO,,,,LOL DAMN...Smokin-N-Hott
  16. Always. I’m the end it’s all about her and i
  17. I can’t see the original list. Does anyone have it?
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