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  2. ON TOPIC (2 vids) Slut Wife Gets Cum Bath In Porn Theater.mp4 1454981822_monstercockcreampie.mp4
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  4. sorry if any is reposted; i'm tired
  5. My wife is the same way come home To fuck me after you was fucked by one or more bbc I love it
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  7. we never met but we bacame friends through reddit she has been cucking me using snapchat in return for little gifts I get from her amazon wish list. we have had long conversation and I said it would be hot if she combined her profession (psychologist) with cuckold dirty talks she just laughed it off, but I kept suggesting it and eventually she started rolling with it, roll playing being my psycologist and helping me lose that cuck shame and angst. one thing led to another and... https://www....View the full topic at CuckoldPlace.com
  8. MMM....so hot! Gets my cock rock hard...
  9. I would love to slide my hard cock on her ass...
  10. 14 days until I switch from spironolactone to lupron. What color panties should I wear for the nurse. She is so hot and makes me wet.View the full topic at CuckoldPlace.com
  11. You haven't done it??? My wife did it a number of times...some times with a finger in my butt a few times with our "little strapon" she made sure to aim at my mouth. We had a bigger strapon we called "Petey" after the porn star Peter North....she wan't to fuck me with it but it was WAY TO LARGE (I'm not into pain.) I got her to fuck my mouth a few times with it but for some reason she wasn't into watching suck her huge cock..*lol* ..go figure.
  12. Iā€™m gonna do this one day. šŸ˜ˆšŸ˜ˆšŸ˜ˆ Lol.
  13. have a great weekend (get busy Wild Thing) [yeah, some should have been in "Breakfast of Champions]
  14. http://youcuck.com/contents/videos_screenshots/41000/41142/180x135/1.jpg Click here to view this free cuckold video
  15. http://youcuck.com/contents/videos_screenshots/41000/41156/180x135/1.jpg Click here to view this free cuckold video
  16. Hi there...im 48 in Brisbane...lots of experience in playing with hotwives
  17. For those multi-talented cocksucking cum sluts.
  18. And someone's gotta get those cocks hard!...those cocks ain't gonna fluff themselve's.
  19. http://youcuck.com/contents/videos_screenshots/41000/41143/180x135/1.jpg Click here to view this free cuckold video
  20. http://youcuck.com/contents/videos_screenshots/41000/41178/180x135/1.jpg Click here to view this free cuckold video
  21. body and haircut sure look like it. great stuff Peter; thanks for sharing
  22. I love finding photos that look like my girlfriend is already going black. Either she has a double or...
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