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  2. Tc2019


    Licking bull cum of my slutwife Steph
  3. Tc2019

    Hotwife Steph

    Hotwife Steph cucks me with at least six regulars and other one timers... and we love it.
  4. Thank you for following me 

  5. Today
  6. ruswufe


    шикарная шлюха
  7. Hotwife/cuck luvR


    Thank you.
  8. CuckoldFart


    banned this bs
  9. We will be 😂🤣😂🤣
  10. I hope you two are enjoying yourselves S
  11. Ok then, I guess I’ll just have to turn up the heat a little bit. 😈😈😈. I’m guessing today wasn’t that bad then, so I’ll have to try harder 🤔🤔 😂😂😎
  12. That’s is all I ask. 💋
  13. Cum on, plzzzzzzzzzzz. 😈
  14. Paying it forward, I guess. That’s great. If we’re ever in such a position, we’ll try and do the same.
  15. We had some very great people helping us when we were first starting out and we try to pass it on the new people.
  16. If you’re going to be writing on here all the time, Steve you might as well start contributing to the other ones that I wrote! Hmmmmmm? But since you haven’t, I’ll throw my two cents in here 😂 So tell us more about how difficult today was...pleeeaaassseee! 😂 L
  17. Thank you, very much. We’re really enjoying the path we’re on and also glad that we found this site. It’s been helpful in so many ways. S
  18. secondjag

    Cuck's Breakfest Of Champions. Enjoy

    dripping Wednesday
  19. Oh no, not a bad impression at all, I think you both are great. I love where you two are at and I really enjoy helping you guys getting there.
  20. It is definitely benefitting us both. I hope I didn’t give the wrong impression. We are both enjoying it all very much. But, I’m sure that’s obvious and I’m sure you know more than I’m aware that you know. But thanks again. S
  21. Well, you did validate my efforts, lol, so tyvm 💋. And it’s not so much playing into her hands as I’m hoping it will benefit you both, and ummm, yes it might just fuel me a little to egg her on some more for you. And I promise that it will be good, in a bad way, or is it bad in a good way, lol. either or I’ll try to make it a little more fun and intense than what it already is. 😈😈
  22. I’m glad I could update you on your work and give you some satisfaction for all your efforts. Ha. Sadly, I’m just now realizing that this conversation is playing into her hands and will only work to fuel her in the future. Not entirely convinced if that is good or bad. L, if you read this, this morning had no effect on me. S
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