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  3. Black white I dont care I want to be the one taking pictures and getting sucked I was hurt seeing these and got hard as a rock View the full topic at
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    Stunning hairy asshole and cunt
  6. PlayMate, I agree watch out for the drop as pflash and SandL say. Can you handle watching another man, friend or stranger push his cock right in to your wifes vagina up to his balls fuck her and come hard inside her ? or even just hear her tell you about it or watch the vid or photos ? You need to be sure as does your wife. If you can its then its the start of a fantastic lifestyle. I a not sure getting your wifes friend to spill the beans is a good idea. What does your wife think about all of this so far, have you asked her about any of it to her ? And have you got a photo we can see ?
  7. I would so enjoy sucking the cocks of the guys that fuck my wife. It hasn't gotten to that point and to be honest I don't think it ever will. I know I'm bi but we have never discussed it.
  8. I love licking the cum from my hotwife sluts pussy. She always does her best to bring home a nice load for me to lick clean.
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    Cuck does his duty

    So HOT and well used
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  11. We do this often . I am dressed Tonite and shaved all over . My nails are painted and tan stockings and black silky panties with a black long slip . Full makeup and she spent the night at her Xs place while I rubbed my sissy clit through my panties .
  12. Hi. After a long break we are meeting new black bulls coming weekend. Cant wait to be cucked good and her to be used* good. Leave photo requests and I will try to capture if reasonablez View the full topic at
  13. Hi. After a long break we are meeting new black bulls coming weekend. Cant wait to be cucked good and her to be ****** good. Leave photo requests and I will try to capture if reasonable View the full topic at
  14. uksize36

    Who knows?

    Only a few close friends and playmates
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    A Fun Day

    how much for the night
  16. She is awesome - thanks for posting and sharing her photos; 😘
  17. creative41

    Who knows?

    Several friends and family members
  18. The emotional challenges SandL was referring to is what many call a "down or a drop." It's a good thing she brought that up because some guys feel it and she just wants you to be prepared, in case you do. I felt it a couple of times in the beginning and, to me, it closely resembled buyers remorse. If your wife decides to go for it, once it happens, many guys feel a temporary state of depression. Believe it or not, it can be triggered by you having an ejaculation. Not all guys experience it, but if you do, take a deep breath and do nor say nothing. Do everything you can to contain your emotions because It will dissipate. The drops I experienced only lasted a few hours.
  19. No, Playmate, I do not recommend that. That could ruin the entire cruise vacation for your wife. Worst case, your wife could get off that cruise to come home and confront you. Admitting to past indiscretions is a totally different issue. If you really want to open your marriage, you have to be on a very firm foundation. I think that will shake that foundation. If the friend "that knows" finds out you are trying to give your wife permission, she will understand why. Leave it at that. Also, asking a friend to tell your wife something you did, is putting that friend on the spot. It could ruin her friendship with your wife, because your wife may wonder why she never told her and wonder if she was involved.
  20. What's the difference between INTER & INTRA racial? The former is when there is a 'same race' couple, but where the wife's lover is of a different race. INTRA racial cuckoldry is when the MARRIAGE is a mixed raced one, butmwhere the lover is of the SAME race as the wife. Some call it 'going back to basics' cuckoldry. Well, I'm in this situation. I WAS an inter racial cuckold, in that, being Indian, my wife was also Indian, but we' now divorced, b... View the full topic at
  21. Done it many times, wife has also emptied the condom into my mouth and over my face and I have also put the used condom on and wanked into it. Very humiliating especially with my wife watching:)
  22. Crossdressing cuckold with a hot wife that loves real men

  23. All this excellent advice is welcomed but in it's entirety appears overwhelming and fraught with a huge downside if the wheels fall off. So enter ( Plan B )....... In February 2020 my Wife and her best Friend ( who has been a Widow now for 14 years ) have booked a 5 week Cruise featuring Europe, UK and Scotland. Her best Friend knows that I have not been a faithful Husband over the years but she has never told my Wife. Sneaky I know but over the past 12-18 months the Wife's best Friend has had a few "Relationships" but other than sex they have amounted to nothing. I plan to ask her if she could encourage my Wife to participate in everything that may come their way on the 5 week Cruise even if it means telling my Wife about the "Affairs" I have had and now it is her turn to have her own fun and forget that she is married. Take her Wedding ring off for 5 weeks!!! When they return I will ask her best Friend if the "plan" has worked and if it did then over the next few weeks I will slowly extract all of the juicy details. My Wife will be dumbfounded when she sees that I a not mad or jealous about what happened but super excited. I will ask her to tell me everything about the Men she met and what they much better were they than much bigger their Cocks were than mine and how did it feel to be in the arms of a REAL MAN and not a short (5ft 5 ins ) overweight, balding pathetic man like me. That then will be the start of our Cuckold Lifestyle for many years to come.
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