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  3. artslade1972.... Here's a few more tease shots from art's sexy li'l wifey. Showing off those cute tits of hers in a nice, sexy bra! I wonder who she was dressing sexy for? DomBull4U
  4. My Girlfriend Ginger and I went to a swing club and Ginger said she was going to the bathroom, well an hour later I find her playing pool with two guy's and when it was her turn to shoot she leaned over the pool table and I could see her pussy was freshly fucked and some cum was still running down her legs. Ginger yelled out to me that if I had found her half an hour ago I would have been able to watch her get fucked by these two guy's. After Ginger made her pool shot she walked over to me and smiled and gave me a big deep kiss like the last clip and asked me if I tasted any cum cause she sucked both guy's cocks clean. Ginger then grabbed my hand and pulled me over to a couch and lay back spread her legs wide and told me to lick her pussy clean. The two guy's just kept playing pool and Ginger shouted at them "no cheating I'll be back when its my turn".
  5. Nccouple8283 sent me this nice surprise this morning! I mentioned that I thought MrsNccouple would look hot in a g string...with those full butt cheeks of hers swallowing up the g. MrsNc had hubby take this pic to send to me. Isn't she a good lil slut to think of me and pose like this for me? And a good lil hotwife too...hubby loves sharing his sexy, naughty wife! Still waiting to hear from my dirtygirl whether she'd rather have me plant some soft, gentle kisses on those sweet cheeks...or give her a few nice firm slaps. She'll probably get both! DomBull4U
  6. Looks like Nccouple8283 was in a playful mood this weekend. A while back, I mentioned that I'd like to see MrsNccouple in a g string doing a "dirty" pose for me. I wanted to see the g string swallowed up by those nice, full butt cheeks of hers! Her hubby enjoys sharing his wife with me...and she enjoys being my "dirtygirl". And I love her being a naughty lil slutwife for it works out great for all of us! Nccouple sent this pic to me this morning. What a nice surprise! Been trying to figure out the best way to thank sexy MrsNC....some soft, gentle kisses on those sweet cheeks...or some nice firm slaps! Maybe I'll surprise her! Good job hubby....and thanks to my playful dirtygirl! DomBull4U
  7. Love hearing that trixsy. Wish I could see that.
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  9. I love this view, and I'd love to see my wife's cunt done like this
  10. I think everyone likes this position whether watching your wife or being one of the participants
  11. Always cleaned my ex wife and present wifes cum filled pussy, always sucked cock from their asses and pussy..
  12. I do. I go to a gay movie theatre to get fucked almost every weekend. I’m not feminine but I love taking big cocks up my ass.
  13. riprap69


    She is very passive and submissive. My job is to put her in situations to get it done and she just lets it happen.
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  17. Yesterday
  18. I've sucked cock in front of my wife before.. Even sucked a friend along with my wife... Licking and sucking him at the same time...
  19. Very nice Jack, thanks for sharing😈
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