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    just had to post this. when you went to the doctor yesterday for your follow up that todd kid stopped by. man did he drain his balls in cindy. it was unreal. being 19 dont hurt. think she's too old to get pregnant. i hope. wow.
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    hey cuck...sorry....hey old man....cindy tells me this is the way to talk with you here. lol... took a pic of us shooting pool....last night. abe and todd showed up. i saw the pics...crazy. told them im cool with it...
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    I want to be her boyfriend too..wow
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    Let me know what you think of my asian slut wife Kelly and ill post more
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    Love to watch the wife servicing 2 bulls at once!
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    Hey all! This is your old friend Leslie I’m kind of down for the count for a few days. I have to have a minor procedure done next week and I’m kind of supposed to sort of lay around until then...which means I haven’t been able to get my usual dose of Robert or Steve. Robert of course is much more strenuous, so definitely not him . So anyway, a post from a book the other day got my attention and I decided to look into it some more. I ordered it but it won’t be here for a couple of days...but I was able to read portions of it online. It’s called “The Psychology of Human Sexuality”. Its very interesting! From the table of contents, it seems to really cover almost everything! It’s not a “hot” read as its purely scientific but it certainly got me going Anyway, one of the pages I was able to read was on conditioning. We read some on that when we were researching the whole lifestyle stuff...but most of what we read seemed more entertainment than anything else. You’ve probably seen the videos that have something to do with conditioning your wife to like interracial sex or sex with other men or something...pfft. 😂 I thought it was just sort of for fun. I really didn’t think much about it...neither of us did, really. Anyway...here’s a paragraph from the book on conditioning: Classical Conditioning The first and perhaps most well-known learning theory that emerged from behaviorism is classical conditioning. Every student of psychology is familiar with Pavlov’s famous experiments in which he was able to induce salivation in dogs by the simple ringing of a bell. Pavlov accomplished this by repeatedly pairing the bell with the presentation of meat powder. To demonstrate its applicability to human sexuality, let’s walk through the steps involved in classical conditioning with a relevant example. First, we must identify a specific stimulus that produces a specific behavior. For example, when someone has their genitals gently touched or stroked, it will typically produces sexual arousal. Next, the original stimulus must be paired with a new stimulus that does not cause that same behavior. For instance, dirty talk (e.g. “Let me be your personal sex toy. Use me any way you want tonight!”) is something that is not inherently sexually arousing to everyone. So let us imagine that while someone’s genitals are being touched, that person’s partner starts talking dirty. If these two stimuli are paired together frequently enough, each one will eventually be capable of eliciting the same behavior independently. Thus, in our example, both gentian touching and dirty talk will eventually lead that person to experience sexual arousal, I even in cases where dirty talk is not accompanied by any genital touch. Classical conditioning has been implicated as one of the major psychological roots of many sexual behaviors, including fetishes. Makes total sense and I’m not sure why I didn’t put much stock in it...and I’m not sure how effective it actually is...at least as far as the book takes it. The next paragraph is called “Operant Conditioning” where it says that Steve could get me to do more housework if he conditions me right with sex. 😂 Good luck with that one! But what I read did make me think about things I do without consciously trying. I think the way I have played with Steve leading up to the 2 times he has watched me with Robert has had some of those conditioning effects. As far as I read, the book doesn’t say that this is a bad thing, btw. So don’t go judging me!!!!! (You know who I’m referring to!!! 😂) In the few days leading up to the big events, I definitely talked a lot about what Steve was going to see and how much I was going to enjoy it...and touching him while I did it. With me being so sexually deprived this week, I’ll give you an example from the days leading up to Steve’s first time. I wonder if this fits what the writer is talking about? Hmmmmmmmmm 🤔 So picture Steve and I in bed. Steve on his back and me sitting in his lap just far enough back to be able to stroke him with my hand. got it??? 😂 Picture me stroking him with my hand very slowly and rubbing my fingers over the head and squeezing at just the right times. I can tell when to squeeze and when to release or when to go faster or when to go slower by the look on his face. As robot-like Steve is with his emotions...I can read him like a book! (Most of the time ) Sometimes Steve will try to avoid letting me read him by looking away or closing his eyes. So I have to remind him from time to time to look at me . So if he’s doing that and I’m touching him, I can usually tell what he’s thinking and what I need to do. That’s not me manipulating him...that’s just doing something we both enjoy...but I guess, it fits in with the paragraph I quoted above. Don’t hate me!!!!! ———————————————————————————————-———————————————————————————————-———————————————————————————————-—————————————————— Me: (slowly stroking and talking really sexy like , with my voice just above a whisper and staring into Steve’s eyes while he’s staring into mine) Are you ready for this Steve? Steve: (nods yes) Me: You’re getting pretty hard, Steve...you really want to watch me with Robert, don’t you? Steve: (nods yes) Me: (smiles...squeezes a little harder just under the head) I hope so, Steve. I told you how big he is... Steve: (nods yes) Me: How big did I say, Steve? Steve: (shrugs) Me: (encircles his dick easily with my fingers) My fingers don’t touch when I do this to Robert Steve: (stares into my eyes) Me: Like this (loosens my grip and holding my fingers in a circle with my fingers not touching my thumb) Me: Look at my hand (holding my fingers around his dick without touching him) Steve: (looks) Me: He’s a lot bigger, isn’t he? It’s hard to believe he fits inside me, huh? (Still holding my fingers as if I were holding Robert’s cock and sliding my hand up and down without touching Steve’s dick) Me: But he does. My pussy stretches so tight around him. He feels so good, Steve. (Scooting closer so I can hold his dick against me) And Robert goes this deep (while holding Steve against me, with my other hand showing how much deeper inside me Robert gets) I didn’t know I could take a cock that big so deep. But I can, Steve. Me: You want to see that, don’t you? (Holding him tighter now and stroking him a little faster) Steve: Yes (breathing a little harder) Me: He makes me scream, Steve. You want to hear me, huh? (Rubbing the head of his cock...my thumb running up and down his little sensitive spot under the head) Steve: yes, Leslie (his dick really hard...swelling a little...his hips squirming now) Me: (letting go of his dick completely) Don’t cum yet, baby. (Leaning toward him and kissing him a little...waiting a little while before I touch him again so he doesn’t cum too fast ) Me: Is it safe to touch you again (smiling) Steve: yes Me: (smiling. Taking him completely in my hand again...stroking slowly) We haven’t talked yet about me taking his big, black cock into my mouth yet... Me: (barely moving my hand cause I can tell he’s about to explode) You like the picture of my lips next to his cock, don’t you Steve? Steve: Yes Me: (holding my hand still at the base...just squeezing a little...not touching the head) I love sucking his big, black cock Steve. I love how it feels sliding over my tongue and how it feels so full in my mouth. He loves looking into my eyes when I suck him, Steve. (Sliding my fingers up to the head...his dick jumping in my hand his hips pushing up and down trying to slide his dick up and down in my fingers.) Me: (holding firmly moving with his movements so he doesn’t slide through my fingers) You like this, huh? Steve: (breathing harder and faster...his hips squirming) Yes, Leslie. Me: Want me to make you cum, Steve? Steve: Yes Me: Imagine it Steve. Think about Robert fucking me. Me: (stroking him a little faster) Me: Robert fucks me really hard, Steve. Soooo hard with his big, black cock. Me. (Stroking faster all the way up and down his dick) Me: Imagine me screaming, Steve...while he fucks me. Me: (faster) Me: Imagine my legs wrapped around his hips. Me: (Squeezing tighter while I stroke him) Me: Imagine my hands squeezing his ass pulling him into me Me: (stroking harder and faster Me: Imagine me cumming all over that big black cock, Steve. Shaking. Screaming. Breathless Me: (stroking him faster feeling him ready to cum) Me: Cum for me Steve Me: Cum for me thinking about Robert fucking me. Me: Cum for me thinking about watching Robert fuck me until he cums inside me...until he cums inside your wife... Steve: (head arches back...groans...cums all over my hand (not as much as Robert does though )) Me: (smiles...kisses him) That was fun! ———————————————————————————————-———————————————————————————————-———————————————————————————————-—————————————————— We’ve done stuff like that a lot...especially since Steve has now seen. It’s not all we do. Most of the time we just have sex without ever mentioning Robert. One time, Steve asked me if I was thinking about him with that red headed waitress! But only once!!!! If you’re picking up what I’m putting down. 😡 😂 So while we mostly just focus on us when we have sex, there are times that we do that little scenario thingy I just wrote. I’ve never thought of it as “conditioning” and don’t like to think of it as anything more than just us having fun. But reading that chapter about conditioning made me think more about it. It’s certainly not my intention. But I can see how it might do it anyway. I don’t know...just thought it was interesting and wanted to have a little fun since I won’t be getting to have Robert’s big black cock for a while or Steve’s less than Robert’s white dick Leslie
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    This is S from S and L and its a question concerning the “lifestyle.” Any thoughtful responses that might help are readily accepted as that is why we joined this site. As I think we have said before, we don’t have people in our circles where we can ask these kinds of questions. Any feedback we have received has been helpful and we welcome all the wisdom we can get. With that, here’s my question. If you’ve read my wife’s stories/posts and especially the most recent ones, you’ll know that we have taken the step into me watching her with her “guy.” Why I decided to watch had a lot to do with our/my/her interactions with many of you on this site. The majority of those interactions were helpful and overall positive and encouraging. We may not be going about this the same way that everyone else does, but I’m sure that can be said for everyone. I would imagine that each couple’s approach is as different as the makeup of each couple is surely different. That being said, I did recently “watch.” For all intents and purposes, it was a good experience. The difficulty I have now is not “watching”, but “not watching”, if that makes sense. As we speak, L is with her “guy”. I’m not in any way going crazy because she’s alone with him. I have been aware of many midday dates while I’m at work and haven’t had even the slightest bit of angst. I’ve read a lot about the so called “angst” and I don’t think its the proper word. The word implies worry and dread. That is not what I felt before I watched, though there was some lower levels of trepidation as we neared the event. But I wouldn’t call it angst. And “angst” is not what I’m feeling now. But at the same time, now that I’ve seen them together, my emotions are certainly very different and very heightened. But again, not in the sense of “angst”. One of you commented on our “Watching” post that I will feel a very real need to “reclaim” my wife after witnessing her with another man. I can attest that that is very much the case and was spot on. I went about “reclaiming” her for the next 3 or 4 days. Not in an overtly competitive context as I don’t feel threatened. But I will admit a stronger attraction to her. That is altogether confusing but not something I feel I need to fix. I rather enjoy the stronger attraction and so does she. But I guess my question surrounds the inescapable thoughts I have about what they are doing now and how sexually drawn I am to her and how the clock simply won’t move fast enough. And here’s my question: Will that continue with the same force as we make our way through this journey or will it fade or morph into a different kind of excitement altogether. Again, I appreciate all responses and will thoughtfully consider all of them. S
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    My wife being used last weekend
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    You have to say something and plant the seed of the thought in her head. My wife and I just started talking about sexual fantasies, one day, years ago, I was nervous and it probably would have helped had we been a little tipsy or me balls deep in her. Nevertheless, she was expecting me to tell her I wanted to have sex with her and another woman at the same time. She was quite surprised when I told her, that, although I wouldn't mind having sex with two women, my true fantasy was watching her have sex with another man. I knew she was shocked and I was worried she might leave me, but she stared at me, grinning. Her initial response was: "no, I could never do that." Then she asked if there was a guy I fantasized about her being with. It was a friend of ours and I knew she was sexually attracted to him by the way she acted with him when he was around. In fact, I had been wondering if she had been cheating with him anyway. She just laughed and giggled about it for a while. Then, she started asking if I was imagining him fucking her, while we had sex. My response was always yes. Long story short, she finally agreed. She admitted he had been hitting on her and the next time he did she would go for it. Feel free to pm me if you want the long version, lol.
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    my wife ass, want more?
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    More of this slut. comment for more pics
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    i think we all go thru that my husband kept bringing up he wanted to watch me being fucked by black men i didnt think he was serious he bought me a big black dildo i used it then at work we got a new black boss very handome curly hair darling moustache very very dark at our office christmas party we danced he got me in a dark corner rubbed by butt felt my titties we kissed then every week he would ask me to stop off for a drink after work i finally gave in we went to hotel bar it was so exciting i was sooo wet after about the third time he said lets go up to my room maybe rest and smoke a little pot i went up with him we had a couple more drinks smoked a blunt he came over kissed me then he took his dick out it was beautiul i gave him a blow job and then he fucked me we sarted doing that every friday i told husband iwas with the girls then we decided to tell him on last labor day we invited him over for a picnic we both held our breathe and told him we had been fucking his only comment was could he watch since then i have had sex wit 7 of my bosses friends one time 3 of them
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    Bareback! Why do they call it bareback, anyway? Hmmmmmm I prefer bareCock ! I definitely LOVE to feel my guy’s big, black cock cumming inside me...and that is the ultimate. But also, the feeling of his skin sliding in and out against the stretched walls of my pussy is second only to him cumming inside me! I agree that safety needs to be first...but once that’s established, it’s not only “once I went black, I could never turn back”...it’s also “once he went bare, nothing could compare”
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    Getting Prepared to be fucked,again.
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    Slut Wife Choa Let me know what you would do to her or what you think of her and ill post more explicit pics.
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    (I know it’s been a few days...but I haven’t been feeling great so I’m sorry I haven’t finished our story...so here’s the net chapter of our Second Friday Night ) There were a few reasons that we all decided to take the 30-40 minute drive home together. One was that I didn’t want to take my hands off of Robert’s yummy black cock! I had had it many times before, but just feeling it through his pants in my hand was too much for me to let go. I didn’t want to separate myself from it. I couldn’t. Second, Steve’s waitress made me mad...okay she made me jealous. I know that sounds weird since I was with Robert but the idea of my husband with another woman was annoying me. I know it’s petty and that I need to work on that (I am working on it, I promise!) but it just did. She was younger than me and obviously very fit and a bit too pretty and she was obviously into my husband...which shouldn’t be a shocker to me...I mean I a, too. But still! Anyway, that little episode would make me do lots of things that night that I normally wouldn’t have...the ride home was one of them. Third, Robert was feeling his drinks more than Steve. Lightweight, right?? 😂 So I told Robert that he should ride with us. So he did. ‘When we got to our car, Steve opened the front passenger door for me but I stopped him. I told him that I was going to sit in the back with Robert. I said it in a snarky way...I was still kind of mad. He just said “okay” with a “whatever”or “eye roll” tone. I’m not proud of everything I did on that night...but it worked out for all of us i got in the back with Robert. We were in our Pathfinder so there was lots of room for fun . But by the time Steve got in I was already all over him...but it was definitely consensual . I don’t know what was driving me the wildest...my insane lust for Robert or Steve and His waitress...but I was kissing Robert and I was kissing him hard. My hands were all over him and he was loving it. By the time we were on the interstate I had Robert’s pants undone and was stroking his big, hard, black cock....and sucking on those big, soft lips and that wonderful tongue. I was crazy hot! I wasn’t holding back at all. Again, I’m not sure, but I think my earlier annoyance with the redhead was driving me a little...but Steve later told me that I said more than once how much I loved Robert’s cock...and said how big it is...and how I couldn’t wait to get home so he could fuck me...I do remember wanting to climb on top of him in the car and slide up and down that big cock...but I didn’t. Eventually, with Robert’s help, I worked his pants down to his knees and took that manlyncock into my mouth. I love sucking his cock! It just feels so good having such a thick cock in my mouth. I don’t know why I love it so much. But it’s not just about getting him hard to fuck me...I’ve actually orgasmed sucking his big, black cock. I’ve touched myself while doing it when I orgasmed giving him oral...but still...i love it that much! I just love how my lips slide up and down it’s meaty flesh...how it slides over my tongue...pressing against my throat (I still can’t take him in my throat)...and I love how it feels when it swells inside my mouth! Anyway...eventually I got up on my knees on the sear beside him so he could touch my pussy while I sucked him. I needed attention too . When I stopped to get on my knees was the only time I remember catching Steve’s eyes in the rear view mirror. The only thing I really remember about that was how big his eyes seemed...I just smiled and went back to sucking Robert’s cock. Robert immediately pulled my dress over my back and starting running his hand over my ass. I’ve never done anal before and I don’t think I could...not with Robert, anyway...maybe with Steve but not Robert! But I do like it when Robert touches me there. Sometimes when he’s fucking me doggy style he’ll push a finger inside -me there....which drives me wild...but this time he just slid his finger over my rose bud and then over my slit...he leaned over toward me and then slid one finger and then eventually two inside me....he fucked me with his fingers at the same pace as I sucked up and down his cock... ‘I know I was moaning pretty loud as I sucked him...and Robert lovesmit when I get loud...it really turns him on the loudest I get....the louder I get the quicker he cums i guess he gets off on the noises I make and knowing that he’s causing them But I didn’t want him to cum, yet....so I’d slow down whenever I felt him start pushing up into my mouth. He does that when he’s about to cum...I know him so well that I know when to slow down or stop I’ve sucked his cock a lot! It was amazing. I knew Steve could hear me. I could hear my own pussy making squishy sounds with Robert’s fingers fucking me. My saliva was coating his cock and running down my hand and wrist (fortunately we have leather seats! ) I was loving Robert’s cock so much that I didn’t realize it when we got home. When Steve stopped the car, I sat up and looked around a little and saw that Steve had actually pulled into the garage! I laughed a little...held Robert’s cock...kissed him passionately and said out loud...”Let’s go fuck!” ‘Robert pulled his pants up and we got out of the car. Steve walked into the house first. When Robert and I walked in...I held his hand leading him to the spare bedroom past the living room. That’s where Steve would watch for the second time Leslie
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    nothing excites the little cucks than to see the scantily clad wife carressing her stud/bull's big fat cock! real classy and keep it up!
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    no way a wife know her husband cock please she knew what you have think about how many times she suck off or fucked other guys that you don't know about !
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    Ummmmm I had this weird feeling that someone was talking about me . Yup. I’m a woman. I had an affair. And it had nothing to do with “underlying emotional reasons”. I wasn’t ignored by my husband in any way. He worked a lot and for a while traveled a lot, but that’s just life. When he was home he was always very attentive to me. It had nothing to do with lack of love or anything else...I just wanted more and different. I regret how I did it, but we are both very happy where we are and on so many levels, we’re closer than ever. I don’t think this is for every couple, but it is for us...in terms of our sexual life, “cuckolding” just fits our personalities and well, ummmmmm...abilities . I love having sex with other men and he loves that I do it...but sex with other men has nothing to do with anything emotional I’m lacking at home. I just love big black men with big black cocks (I’ve never had a big white one ) and how they fuck me. Nothing more and nothing less.
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    new on here but I have known about this forum. Looking around...
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    Finally I was able to watch my sexy wife get fucked so good! Her ex co worker came by, good looking Spanish man very well hung and gave it to her like I couldn’t believe. I was in the closet the entire time, the excitement and arousal was beyond by belief. Tomorrow night is round 2, I hope to have video and photos !
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    Would love to fill her. Geiles schlampe!!
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    Love watching my wife suck off one of her boyfriends
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    I liked the look on her face. Sexy to me
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    Steve is a catch! I love, love, love him! And this has been a conversation that has been going on for a long time...so it wasn’t overnight. But i will say that joining this site has seriously increased the rate at which we are progressing! I think that with him seeing that this lifestyle isn’t all that crazy and that there are more couples out there doing it than someone might think has been really helpful. I’ve been sending him articles about the science and psychology of it and lots of them have real life men talking about what it means for them to be a cuckold and why they love it. I think that has helped a lot too. But us talking about it has been the most important thing. I’m about to write a follow-up to this conditioning thing because we had quite the talk last night . But for the female side of things, I think its absolutely crucial for her to keep affirming that she loves and respects her husband and that being involved in this lifestyle doesn’t change that. From there...anything is possible! I’m living proof of that 😂
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    No limits chat over this @@@@@@@ fuck meat.
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    To this, in a matter of seconds.
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    Before the Bar For starters. Steve told me I could write about our newest adventure but that I could only do it in parts. He said that he would tell me when I could go on to the next section. It’s his way of being in control. Isn’t he cute??? 😂 If you were following our comments on Steve’s “Not Watching” post on Friday (March 22nd) then you’ll know that Steve got to watch me and Robert for the second time. Yup. That means my husband has got to watch me with Robert twice in two weeks! Not sure how often that happens for other couples in this lifestyle...but that’s obvioiuosly a lot for us . In a lot of ways, it was the hottest night I’ve ever experienced in my almost 12 years of sex...and that was no accident. I spent almost all day Friday making sure that Steve and Robert and myself were as ready for this night as we could possibly be. I teased Steve on here, which was driving both of us crazy...and what you didn’t see was what i was texting Robert. I shared some of those texts with Steve, but not all of them...but let’s just say that Robert was equally “teased” The one thing I will share was that I told Robert that there were no guarantees and that I hadn’t decided if I was going to have a white dick or a black cock that night. We all knew the answer to that 😂. I just wanted to make sure he was feeling the sexual tension as much as me and Steve. Anyway, Steve got home from work about 30 minutes before we needed to leave. Which means we didn’t have a lot of time. But that’s okay. I had already decided that I didn’t want him to release any of that sexual tension I mentioned. This wasn’t a denial thing and it wasn’t meant to be mean...I just wanted every single thought in all of our heads to be about sex the entire night. I didn’t want that stupid basketball game distracting anyone . So when Steve got home we really only had time for him to change and a few warnings for me about public places and how there could be someone else in the bar he knows blah, blah, blah. 😂 On the ride to the sport’s bar...which was like a 30 minute drive or a little more...i was getting more and more excited. I don’t really know what it is, but I’m enjoying the build up to the actual sex as much as the sex itself. Well, okay...not quite as much as the sex . Nothing really compares to being fucked by Robert. But it makes so hot to tease both Steve and Robert...but mostly Steve because I love him so much! So as we were driving, I kept trying to feel him and he kept pushing my hand away. This happened probably 4 or 5 times before I gave up. I tried everything I could. I gave him my “please” look...I tried to whisper in his ear how much I wanted to touch him. Nothing. Steve said he really didn’t want to walk in with everyone knowing he had an erection. I made a little comment about that and I’ll let him tell you what it was. ( Please tell everyone what I said Steve!!!!! I know you remember ) So since I wasn’t having any luck, I tried something else. I pulled up my dress and asked him if he liked my panties. I wasn’t wearing any 😂 He just smiled really big and said “OMG Leslie”...he tried to feel me but I pushed his hand away. It’s only fair right??? I scooted down in my seat a little and started to touch myself. I didn’t push my finger inside me...I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop if I did that. I’m really good at fucking myself So I just ran my middle finger up and down my slit...I kept telling him to watch...he’d glance over a few times but he kept telling me he was going to kill us both if he didn’t keep his eyes on the road. My little pussy was already wet...it had been wet all day! Between teasing Steve on here and on the phone and texting with Robert I had been on fire since that morning. So I was already wet, but I was getting a lot wetter! For about 20 of the 30 minute drive I did this. Touching myself while asking him, “Are you excited to see it all tonight, Steve?” Telling him that “I can’t wait to feel Robert’s big black cock inside me.” Telling him that “I still can’t believe that thing actually fits inside me.” I was so horny! I didn’t have to touch Steve at all to get him hard. By the time we got there, Steve was as hard as he had ever been in his entire life! 😂 You’re turn Steve-o Leslie
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    Here is mine for people who might like their whores a little fatter!
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    do what you want with that ass
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    I know she was my wife
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    Me slutwife is pregnant by other men so happy to share this moment with y’all
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    I had a vasectomy before I met my wife so when we decided to have a baby we bred her. It took a few tries but we're close to having it.
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    I like the foreplay pics too
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    You too sexy and my dick is way too small for you
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    Any bi bulls out there? Any bulls that enjoy using a submissive cuck or cuck wannabe as much as they like using cucks wives? Do you just enjoy having the sub serve your cock or do you get enjoyment out of humiliating the sissy even when their wife is not involved? Just curious and would love to see and hear from any.
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    Well, I better get going Should be a fun night! Steve’s playing ball tonight and afterward, I get to go out with him and his team . There’s a certain big, black guy that will be hanging out with us so here’s to hoping he likes me! Just in case he does, and because it would be our first time...I told Steve he better go buy some bigger condoms. We just don’t keep any that big in our house . Wish me luck!!
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    Hey hot stuff 😘 How’s you?? Prolonged pleasure sounds good! I’ll take those 2 cents
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