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    Well I've posted before about my First wife Ellen. I"m skipping to this one.She fucked another guy in between here.We were married young and she never had another cock.In some of the other stories I tell about her First and second mind blowing experiences for me and her. After Ellen fucked her second guy there was nothing going on for awhile and she didn't seem interested like I did.I was still on cloud nine with all the fantasies and images in my head. I would stare at her cunt all the time if I saw her naked and imagined another hard cock stretching open those furry cunt lips. And I had already had the feeling of licking and tasting another guys cumm in her I was hooked bad and wanted her used a lot more. One day I was taking one of her friends ,actually a roommate Girl friend somewhere in the car and we got to talking. I asked if Ellen my wife as interested in any guys since the last guy Doug that she fucked.The girls go out together a lot so I figured her friend would know. well in the course of the conversation she say no not really..... of course you know about Chris What? wait what? who's Chris?. The friend turned red and said Oh Ohhh! maybe I shouldn't have said anything. Of course my blood rushes and my head spins thinking my wife is cheating.It fucking hurts like hell and makes me mad and sad but....unreal excited for some reason.(You can never explain this cuckold stuff.) So i get the girl friend to start talking and she tells me about this singer who has his own act. and that Ellen my wife has been going home with him for awhile before she comes home to me.Meaning that when I got to fuck her those nights I was getting sloppy seconds and didn't know it Dam it. I make the girl friend tell me all she knows and by this time we were out on a country road and I pulled over and start pulling at my engorged hard cock and she looks down and smiles and sees I'm actually enjoying her telling me about my wife and her new Lover.She know I like my wife with other men... its a weird pervy feeling new tome talking like this with her but very exciting. Turns out He has this big cock and cums huge loads up in my wife and in her mouth that she brags about trying to swallow with her GF.I,ll call her Vicki because that was her name. Vicki is a loose piece of ass and gets laid a lot . So as shes telling me horny stuff about Ellen and enjoying it I just pull out my cock and start to rub it in front of he telling her to suck me. I got to get off and cum my cock was so hard. She was killing me with the talk about my wife and a huge cock and cum. She wouldn't suck me off or anything though some kind of loyalty thing to my wife, her friend, I guess. So I urge Vicki to tell me more and find out this singer guy has a good looking friend that they both did her in his Hot Tub.One in her cunt and one in her ass mmmmmm Holy shit that was all I needed to imagine 2 nice hard cocks thrusting up inside my wife's married holes and I start to spurt to the wide eyed amazement of Vicki I just kept cumming all over my cock and hand ..a huge load for me. What was fun was doing it in such a pervy way.... Vicki my wifes GF telling me about my wife's extramarital doings as I jerk off in front of her.I even caught glimpses of Vicki's smaller tits naked under her shirt and the super pointy nipples. So I just finished cumming and I start to reach for something to cleanup the mess and Vicki stops me and says I got this. With that she drops her head and starts sucking up all the cum like a mad women enjoying it like a feast. I never saw a woman enjoy the cum so much it was so hot and unreal cleaning up my cum every last drop and smiling and wiping off her mouth saying that was good. It was strange she wouldn't suck me but she loved cleaning up the cum.What a gal. I hope to tell you more about adventures of Vicki and licking her cunt after a boy friend unloaded up in her!
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    Don suggested I should post a tad more.
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    How was the subject brought up to you? Was it’s just in a casual conversation out of the blue, where you being intimate? Need a little more info to try to figure her out. Doesn’t make a lot of since to me for her to just tell you her fantasies and then get upset and say she doesn’t want to talk about it.
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    As many times as my wife has fucked other men, only a couple of times has her pussy ended up filled with cum. It makes me drool to think of eating it. She won’t let me since she thinks it is gay. Little does she know that in high school, I used to suck off two of my friends constantly. Like it was basically an afternoon ritual. Most guys would go home and jerk off, my two friends would fuck my mouth, one after the other. I swallowed so much cum, I figured I was gay. Turns out, I’m just a pig and love all sex. I would love to watch a man cum in my wife’s cunt, and then make me clean them both.
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    Elaine's Dad was a doctor and he had hired her to clean his office to help her financially after her divorce. The job paid well and took less than an hour. One evening I suggested he go over there and have some fun in one of the exam rooms. Ended up fucking after photo session.
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    Patience comes with wisdom and age angel. Nothing wrong with your personality. You are most welcome and with much love.
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    More pics of Laurel. Hoping for more comments, the nastier the better.
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    Mine didn’t exactly love it, quite the opposite and was pretty pissed. He’ll do it now if I really really want him to but he’s definitely not a fan of it.
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    Fuck she’s head to toe sexy as fuck!!!
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    I'd like to share my story with you. It's still going on so I will write the first chapters with what has happen so far and will be updating the thread with new chapters in the go. Everything is real but I will change the names and locations for privacy. I will try to tell the story chronologically but I might use some flashback here and there with info I think could be interesting. For now it is mostly soft-core but who knows what will happen next. Comments are welcome, but please, refrain from telling your own story here (open a new topic for that)
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    I do love long walks in nature. Lol.
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    OH, i'm just a little school girl who has lost her way in the woods. Could you accompany me to grandmas house? 😈😜
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    some after Thanksgiving fun
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    A very touching and thoughtful post Lexi - I'm sure when the time is right you'll be able to heal and mentally move on to the sort of relationship you and your husband/cuck had originally. Some great advice from the posts on here, there are certainly so many wannabe single cuckolds around, if reading various related forums are anything to go by but it isn't just that you're after, it's the relationship not just sex. Lustman
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    but wait..., there's more
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    One my husband took just before my date showed up.
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    Here's Lisa, a little slut her bf let me fuck More pics to come...
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    I’m here to learn. I’ll share (literally lol) as we go along.
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    Same I'm still trying to convince my wif1e into she's slowly into it
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    Jen in Wisconsin hope all like
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    Who else on this site likes to clean Creampie? Especially from a freshly fucked pussy. I can't get enough of it. Is there about in Sydney Australia that is willing to help me with my Fetish?
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    Yesterday in the bar my wife told my close friend that she likes big cocks and that mine was very small.
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    I’ll say it. Yes. Too small. That doesn’t mean you’rea bad guy or anything or that you’re too small for every woman. I guess. But time to move on
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    All this talk about sucking a cock is making my mouth water. Want to feel a cock spurting in my mouth NOW💦
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    Nice work Mcgreg, thanks for sharing
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    Yes in an hour a guy is coming to our house. She has told me i'm to lock myself in the spare room until im told to come out. He has ordered her to be freshly shaved.
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    My wife obliges me to wear her panties soiled and wet by her ciprine her losses and the sperm of her young lover her panties clears a good smell I spend the night with c is great
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    Girls night out Ashley_Mona.mp4
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    You are sooooo right RobJohnson...absolutely 1000% correct. Couldn't agree with you more! Henry_Smith's wife needs to be sending selfies like this to bulls like me...to let me know that she was "dressed" and ready to have some fun. DomBull4U
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    She had about half a dozen before we got together, and about 30 since she agreed to let me share her, about 8 years ago.
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    I hope other men like watching and helping their wives get fucked. Always big turn on for me