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    Smokeymountaincuckold...thought I'd post a pic of your naughty wife's wonderful body. Nice curves...and obviously she has some incredible tits. Hope her new lover can handle them...and her. I hope he sends her home with those big tits "marked"...covered with love bites. I know I would! DomBull4U
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    My hot wife teasing my buddy and I by the pool. Things got hot after this photo was taken.
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    Dom Bull Here is your Indian slut...her fertile pussy is waiting for your virile seed.....supertight indian pussy . She is your indian bitch
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    Sorry for the delay, being a good cock keeps me busy. Here is my wife, an unseen image, for the dom's approval
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    So horny today.
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    Our adventures into the realm of swinging,public nudity, and swinging began one night 14 years ago with my best friend and I discussing how to get our wives to have a "swap" between the 4 of us.My wife is 36 and a mother of 3 and still had the body of a 20-ish year old. One weekend the kids were staying at their grandmothers house for the weekend and I had mentioned to my friend we would try to come up as I wanted my wife to flash her breasts to him. Of course he was all 'up' for it.I told my wife (who didn't know of the nights plans yet) that we were going for a ride up to see my friend. Along the way she asked was there a reason we were going up so late, and thats when I told her about the idea to flash him, but it was up to her as I wouldn't push her into it.Skip ahead : We arrive at his house and find out his wife is sleeping so he left her a note, got in the car with us and we left to go for a ride down some back roads close to his house.For the first hour nothing happened but him in the backtalking and her and I in the front talking and listening to the radio. Then I suggested to my wife she take off her bra while at a rest stop. She gladly did and we continued on our way driving around the area. A short while later i notice my friend stroking my wif's arm and i smiled to myself as she seemed to be enjoying it. At yet another rest stop, my wife got out and i turned to my friend and reminded him that "no means no" and he was fine with it. When she returned to the car she wanted to know did we want her in the back or the front. I told her to choose that I was fine with which ever she choose. Much to my delight she choose the back. I pull out of the parking area and continue to drive, and I can hear them talking in the back and I hear him ask could he touch her breasts. She said yes, and then i watched my beautiful wife rmeove her top and sit topless in the back seat with my best friend.After a few minutes of sqeezing he asked her if he could suck on them to which she really said yes as this is one of her favorite things.While he was sucking on her nipple i was trying not to wreck while driving as all I wanted to do was watch. The next thing my wife said turned me on more than I ever thought. She asked my friend if " he was off limits"? Knowing that my wife wanted to suck his cock, i instantly got rock hard and looked back to see my wife sucking my friends cock. After a few more curves I looked back and he was fingering my wife's pusy and I asked him how it felt, and he told me he'd never felt a pussy so wet before. I took us to the local Dam and parked down an old access road and shut off the lights and got out to pee, when I did I was greeted with my wife getting totally nude in the back seat with him. Needing to pee, I relieved myself and hurried back to see what they were doing. My wife was sucking his cock up on all fours in the back our of car while he played with her pussy. He sat up and she tried to straddle his cock, but the car is little so they got out and she sat on the front of our car with her legs spread and I got the pleasure of holding one of her legs up while my best friend took his cock and entered my wife. They went at it for a good while then they moved to the back seat again and she layed on her stomach while he entered her doggy and i was on the other said with my cock out letting her lick on it a few minutes as my goal was to watch her fuck him. After a few minutes she rolled over on her back and he entered her again, only this time i could tell he was getting ready to cum and he asked her where she wanted it. She asked me and I told her to let him cum in her. After he came in my wife they got dressed, I kissed my wife deeply and told her I was proud of her and we left and I took him home. On the drive to our house we relieved the last couple hours together and I fingered her freshly f**ked pussy. Once home i threw her on the bed and ate her out like no tomorrow then we had the most amazing sex for hours. Then twice the next morning.He has since become her boy toy. His wife still don't know, but he is trying to get her to let us all have a 4-some so he can come clean about the affair. So this pretty much sums up our first time. Thanks for taking the time to read it
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    Dom Bull...as requested I am offering my wife for you. Yes I enjoy that helpless feeling..You have me pegged.. She is yours
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    Smokeymountaincuckold...while you are sitting at home...locked in your cage...and waiting for your wife to return. Waiting...and waiting. And looking at the clock....here's what you are probably thinking of...her cunt. Probably HIS cunt tonight! Your horny slutwife probably sucked HIS cock...and he is probably using your wife right now. He probably has his cock burried deep in her cunt right now. Try not to get too excited thinking about it...that cage will get a little uncomfortable if you go getting yourself all worked up. And not a damn thing you can do about it. I'm sure she took the key! Try to have a good night, cucky. She'll be home soon. Maybe...lol! DomBull4U
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    Here is my wife for you...
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    btw friends...n2nboy has created a new album of pics of his wife in bra, thong and heels...in the pic gallery. Definitely worth a look! Here's a sample. Notice that riding crop in the pic. n2nboy told me his wife mainly uses it on him...but he also said that if I wanted to use it on her, he was sure she wouldn't mind!!! My kind of slut! DomBull4U
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    Hope u guys like Wot wud u do to her Love to no she's been fucked and creampied Wud love to read ur comments Who wud fuck her
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    A Saturday twofer while I get my dick sucked
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    The first time the wife was taken by a bull is etched in my mind. I jack off to it all the time. It was year and half ago...i wish i had some form of recording...It was in 1 bedroom hotel suite... The bull was muscular, strong and very aggressive..He was white...we are east Indians.... After the initial drink he pulled my wife up and asked her to lead the way to the bedroom..she walked in front and he behind...he slapped her ass several times while she walked. Once inside he turned to me and sternly told me to ''You stay out"" and closed the french doors. I stuck my ear to the french doors...couldn't see shades... Bull: ""Damn...u are a fine bitch" After tonight u will be my bitch... i could hear much...then Wife: Oh my God!!!!it is so big,,,so thick and your balls...( She has seen his cock) Bull: You like that big white cock bitch?? Wife: I do ...it is beautiful..so big so pink.... Then i heard sucking sounds....she was sucking his cock....went on for a few minutes...then nothing After some time I heard a moan, almost a scream from wife....He had penetrated her with his big cock....Then I heard her getting fucked...I was so hard...slapping sounds Bull: Goddamn, that is a tight pussy. U like that big white cock slut?? Wife: Yes I do...more moaning from the wife Bull: U like it, whore...damn,,, I am going to split your tight indian pussy open ... I was standing by the doors and stroking myself,,,,but didn't wanna cum The pounding went on for several minutes, the screams louder, the bull's grunts increased.. Bull: On ur hands and knees slut.. More pounding and slapping.... Bull: Whose pussy is it baby? Wife: Its yours. Bull: Who owns you pussy baby? Wife: You do...it belongs to u... Bull: Goddamn right. It si mine. this indian cunt is mine. You are mine now.... Then i heard an animal cry from the bull and series of grunts...He was seeding her... After a few minutes the door opened and the bull walked into the living room naked...He was huge even in semi flaccid state ...his nut-sacs were massive... Bull: She is mine now...you can go in... Inside...wife completely naked lay in the bed,, her hair disheveled, her pussy was gaping open,,,thick white seed oozed out of her pussy...he had destroyed her pussy for me... I became a cuckold....
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    nailu75...here's another look at your pretty and sexy wife! A nice look at her hotwife pussy. I'm going to love eating her...licking and sucking her hot pussy...getting her nice-n-wet...before driving my cock deep, deep....DEEP...into her...and making her one of my sluts. Again! Now it's your turn cuck john. I've posted two pics of your wife...your wife/MY slut..now it's your turn to be a good cuck and post some more of her for me to enjoy. Thanks cuck john! DomBull4U
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    This is a 100% true story. Back in the early 90's my wife and I had a favorite adult store that we frequented often. The store had the usual assortment of products of books and magazines a large selection of toys and apparel and of course movies. Right in front of the cash register was what they called the wall of shame. This wall, it was really just a 2X2 area, that was filled with Polaroid pics of female customers modeling some of the clothing that was sold there as well as some wearing nothing at all. Everytime we went there the manager tried to talk my wife into going to the back room to pose for some nude pics to add to the collection. She declined his offer several times but he eventually talked her into it. He took my wife and I to the back room where my wife removed her clothes and stood before us in front of a work bench in her naked splender. My wife has a great set of d cup tits and a completely shaved pussy. He helped her sit up on the work bench and asked her to bring her legs up with her feet on the bench top next to her ass then he placed his hands on her knees and pushed them sideways opening a clear path to her now wet pussy. He moved her knees as far as he could which also spread her pussy lips open revealing her moist opening. He then proceeded to take several pics of her in this inviting pose and ended with an extreme close up of her cunt which ended up pinned by the cash register. When he finished with the pics he looked at her still spread pussy then turned to me and said it looks like it needs some attention. I smiled at him and said be my guest, he looked back at her pussy then moved into position and began eating her with great enthusiasm. After several minutes her removed his tongue from my wife's pussy and said he needed to get back to the front and help his clerk. Wanting to be fair to his employee I told him he could send him back here to finish off my wife to which he said his employee would be more interested in sucking me off than eating my wife. Not being all that interested in man sex at that time a declined. Our favorite section of the store was the video booths. Back then the booths didn't have glory holes but they did have windows on the walls separating one booth from the next. The windows had blinds so if you wanted your privacy you could simply close the blinds which we seldom did. Most of the time after feeding the video machine we would check the booths on either side of ours and pic the one that interested my wife the most and open that blind. I would usually take my wife's cloths off and then position her in a way that the guy looking through the window would get an unobstructed view of her pussy. I'd have her lie on her back pussy towards the window and legs spread wide for him to watch me finger fuck her. Other times we'd put on a show with her sucking my cock or me fucking her. A lot of times it would be too much for the guy and he'd blow a load in no time and leave but within seconds another guy or couple would enter the booth. On one occasion while watching me fingering her the guy moved close to the window and while stroking his hard cock waved a condom next to it. My wife looked at his cock, which was larger than mine, then said should I fuck him? I told her sure why not. She stood up and put her wrap around (not sure what you call it) dress on her naked body and left our booth. Three seconds later I watched her enter the booth next to ours and take off her wrap then straddle the guy and lower herself on his cock. For the next several minutes I stroked my cock while watching my wife getting fucked in the next booth. When they finished she got dressed and returned to our booth where I then fucked her while he watched... We had many fun encounters at that video store... A great many memories.
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    So I'm going to have to do some snooping I guess?
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    New to the site let me know what you guys think of my wife
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    Hi there. I'm a long time lurker and have been unable to resist my guilty compulsion to show off my wife in these specific circumstances. ive long held guilty fantasies about her taking and enjoying other men, perhaps regular partners or multiple one-offs. Similarly I've enjoyed the exquisite guilt of trading her photos with likeminded hubs for mutual pleasure. Always been strikingly obvious to me that I much preferred her being seen by another guy, and all that entails, than I did seeing the other guy's wife. I am fairly certain that I'm not a submissive cuckold seeking a master or humiliation, but I relish relinquishing some control, and I am obsessed with showing her to guys with imagination and lust, power and sexual command. And I would thoroughly enjoy revealing intimate details as truthfully as possible. We have been married for 22 years, she is 44 and a mum.
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    Do you think he treats her well?
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    Love my little wire cage. Forgot what model it is but its served me well for five years.
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    Literally just took these not 10mins ago
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    n2nboy...what a nice surprise. This "Cucks...check in" forum hasn't been posted on in quite some time...what a nice way to revive it...with a nice pic of your hot-n-sexy wife. You even posted those words I love to hear from a good cuck hubby..."Here is my wife for you". I have to say...good job, cucky. Nicely done n2nboy. Your wife looks delicious! Nicely done...but...and please don't think I'm complaining...I'm not complaining...but...your sexy wife's tits and pussy are completely covered. She looks very sexy in her bra and panties...but...it sure would be nice to see more of what you are offering me. That's all I'm saying... Thank you for checking in cucky...and for offering your wife to me! DomBull4U
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    Yes, this is my personal favorite too. The not knowing is highly erotic. But the reclaiming just can't be beat
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    moira....secretgirl, Don't you bitches forget...a good Black Cock Slut takes care of her bulls balls...licking and sucking them...all in a slutty effort to coax a nice big load from her bull. A nice big load she can take in her mouth...and all over her face!