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    Who likes and would fuck my wife leave a creampie up her love to hear your comments wud love to no someone has already fucked her
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    We wake and I go kiss my wife, "not today. You know you can't have me while we're trying for another baby. I know it's tough but if you can't keep it in your pants, we'll have to cage you permanently." She smiles as she says this, "in fact, go get me your cage. I think it's better this way." I go to my panty drawer (I've been wearing only panties for the last year) and bring her the cage. She methodically puts my penis in careful as to not make me hard, "I can touch it as long as its soft" she giggles as she slowly locks it up. "maybe I should just give this to a friend to hold" she says as she twirls her key necklace around her hand. Luckily for me she puts it around her neck and a breast falls out of her nightie. She catches my glimpse and laughs as she puts it back in. "Well since your unable you can probably give them a kiss. God knows when you'll be able actually have them again." It's more of an order than a suggestion so I kiss them gently, "what do you say?" "Thank you Goddess" "Good boy". "Tonight's the night," she says as she gets out of bed, "we're trying again and need you to be here. I expect the house clean and you ready to grab whatever we need. It could be a long night and we may get thirsty and sweaty." "Of course Goddess, nothing would make me more happy". We go about the the morning, breakfast, laundry, she calls me upstairs to draw her a bath and to shave her. Once she's satisfied I dry her off and she asks me if I like the outfit she picked out for tonight. It's nothing the average person would look twice at but I do a double take. Black skirt, white baggy shouldered shirt, this was the outfit she wore when I proposed to her. She smiles as she picks it up and slowly puts it on, making sure I see every movement she makes. She wants me to know that she is going to filled with another man's seed in the outfit she wore when she pledged she would be faithful, I couldn't be more excited. It only seemed fitting. There's a knock at the door and she tells me to go get it. I open it and there he is. He has a bouquet of flowers like it's their first date. He shakes my and hand and gives me a hug and asks if I'm ready, before I can answer he brushes past me and she jumps up, wrapping her legs around him and giving him a passionate kiss. He drops the flowers and sets her on the table. The table I just set for the two of them. They kiss harder and harder, hands moving a million miles an hour. Across her back, up his chest, squeezing her breasts, gripping him through his pants. He slides his hand under her skirt to find her pussy very wet, and very ready. He begins to finger her and she braces her arms behind her, knocking a dish set to the floor, shattering it. He stops fingering her and she pulls him out and takes his sopping wet finger in her mouth and looks over at me and says strongly, "he can clean it up" and slides his finger back in. They begin kissing on the table and tearing at each others clothes, he throws her shirt off and i catch my key shine in the light. She wraps her legs around his waist pulling him in close, "let's go to bed" she says. He grips her ass and begins to walk across the kitchen. She looks at me over his shoulder and says one word. "Crawl". I get down on all fours and follow them. He throws her down on my side of the bed. Intentionally I'm sure. They shed what remaining clothes they have and she grips him slowly sliding him into her. Sliding him, into my wife, on my side of the bed. I catch another glint of metal as she wraps her arms around his back. She knows how much I love when she wears her ring. She moans as he enters her deeper and deeper. He begins to pick up speed, the sound of his balls slapping against her intensifies. After several minutes her moans turns to screams as she has her first orgasm. She convulses all over him before pushing him out. "Water" she instructs and I run and grab a glass. When I return she's on top of him, his cock resting between her cheeks. I hand her the glass and she chugs half of it before handing it back. I go to sick down but she coughs to get my attention. I come over and she looks to his cock and raises herself off of him. I grab him and spread her with my other hand and slowly guide him back in. As she lowers herself down she gasps again. She begins to ride him and I'm transfixed on her ass. I love the dimples in them as she grinds. He grips her cheeks spreading them revealing a huge glob of cream as she cums again. When she's done he flips her on her side so they are both facing me. He slides in and puts an arm around her neck and another around her stomach. She turns her head and kisses as he pumps in and out. Their tongues dance in the same rhythm as his thrusts. As he pumps harder and harder he flips onto his back fully and raises her legs in the air. He begins to moan gutterally and she screams. Harder, harder, faster, deeper and then he cries out and convulses underneath her. He grips her waist pushing her further down on his cock. She screams out in pure ecstasy and plants her legs down. She lifts herself up and slowly grinds back and forth, attempting to push his seed further in. She flips around with him still inside of her and kisses him passionately but tenderly. She slowly gets off him, careful as to not spill anything and rests her hand on his chest. They continue to kiss. And kiss and finally she says out loud in a soft tender voice directed at both of us, "I'm ovulating and haven't taken my pills". Life can't get much better.
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    After Lisa gave into Les and his and her two days of hot sex we at first didn't have much to say to each other because we were not sure how to go about it but after sex one evening I asked her if she was sorry we did it and at first she said she didn't wan to talk about it so I laid there for awhile then asked what she thought of his cock and she began to giggle and said my god it was huge wasn't it then she began to babble nervously telling me how beautiful was when she skinned his foreskin back and his crown stood out so proudly then we were talking excitedly and when I asked if she wanted to rty it again she smiled shyly and said if you want but I would really just like to suck a guy off sometime to see what that would be like. I asked if she would swallow because to date she had only swallowed my cum and she said I don't know would you mind if I did looking up at me shyly. I almost came then and I said I would love to watch you swallow another mans cum and she admitted then on her second night with Les she had woke up very aroused and tried to wake Les up but he was tired and only grunted when she shook his arm so she decided that she would suck his cock to wake him up and went down on him and his cock became hard very quickly and he started Cumming so she swallowed his cum to keep from messing up our sheets but she couldn't remember what it had tasted like later because she was worried about him Cumming all over the bed. well we decided to give it a try and We had both stopped by the adult store a couple times in Fairfield out by the Travis Air Base and there were many guys all young Airmen roving around checking out the porn and we figured it would be a good place to start so that Friday evening about dusk we pulled into the parking area in our Camping Van a 1994 Dodge that had captains chairs and a bed in the back that we used for my mining excursions. Lisa was nervous but excited to and had brought along her lone ranger mask so she could hide behind it and not show her face to all these guys because we had at first talked about if it worked we might do a couple guys or more. we entered the place and there were at least 50 guys in there and only one woman at the counter ringing up purchases. I could see that All of the guys were checking out my wife as we moved around the place picking up dildos and other Porn objets while I scoped out the guys looking for the right guy . Lisa wanted a married guy because he would be safe but most of these guys were young so I did notice one guy that was in Civvies but looked military and he did have on a wedding band. I pointed him out to Lisa but she wanted to look over a few other guys before making her choice. I noticed thought that this guy was watching us closely maybe because of Lisa and her mask . He was built like a fire plug about 5 ft 10 inches and broad through the shoulders and looked like he might be in his late 40,s or older and he was as black as sin but that only turned me on even more Finally Lisa gave up and asked if that guy was still in the store and I said yep and he has been watching you all evening so she turned and looked him over for a long time then said OK if you want how will we do this? Before we left Lisa had put on her jogging sweats and hadn't put on a blouse underneath so she could just unzip it and it would open up so he could get at her breasts while she sucked him off. I said wait here and if I nod go out to t Van and set in back without your blouse and I will bring him out . She waited by the door watching as I approached him and asked excuse me I saw you checking out my wife and he said sorry no offense man but she is a looker. I asked want her to suck your cock ? He said hey man I said I was sorry I didn't mean anything but I said no really she is willing if you are interested then he looked at me for a while and said hey man I am married and dont have much money most of it is sent back home to my wife but I waved it away and said no money just a quick blow job and we are out of here. He said seriously man I mean really????. I said ugh huh wondering if this guy was dense or not then he said is this a set up man and I raised one hand and said never mind bud I was mistaken and turned to walk away but he grabbed my arm in a vice like grip and said OK lets do it. I turned to Lisa and I nodded my head and she was gone. On the way out to our Van that we had parked at the back of the lot he was looking around nervously expecting to get waylaid but I led him up to the Van and said inside and he said you first standing back looking at the Van so I opened the door and Lisa was sitting inside with her breasts proudly on display and her nipples were hard already. I said you can either sit in the chair and she will blow you there or you can lay on the bed and do it. He looked inside carefully then climbed inside and said what now and I said better get your pants off so she can do her thing. He quickly pushed his pants and shorts around his ankles and sat back In the Captains chair. God his cock was like him short and thick as Lisa kneeled in front of him and pulled his pants and shoe off one leg so she could get in between his knees . she took his cock and began to stroke it and it grew in her hand to about 7 inches and was almost twice as big around and mine which I considered pretty thick He two was uncut so Lisa played with his loose foreskin pulling it back to his egg sized balls and admiring it cooing in delight then she sucked them into her mouth one at a time slurping noisily as she spit them out and when a bubble of pre cum was milked out with the tip of her tongue she quickly licked it off smiling at me. I asked what's your Name and he said Andre so I said Andre I want you to meet my wife this is my wife Lisa and I am Jim as Lisa was licking the head of his cock and cooing at how hot it was her lips kissing his piss slit trying to tease more precum out then she opened her mouth wide and began swallowing his cock head her lips stretched to the max as her tongue slurped noisily as she sucked him into her mouth then with her lips stretched painfully around his shaft she began to stroke his shaft with her thumb and forefinger sucking noisily on his cock head as Andre looked down his body at his cock in her mouth I could smell his musky male smell and Lisa was going at it like she meant business then Andre began to hunch his ass off the seat causing Lisa head to jerk up and down and then he moved faster and faster he fucked her mouth until he grunted and raised up off the seat and I heard Lisa gulping his sperm as he came Andre had the back of her head in his hand holding her mouth on his cock as he seamed to cum forever as she gulped his seed down her throat wide eyed . It seamed to take a long time for him to cum as I watched my own cock stretched painfully in my shorts as this complete stranger had his dick in my wife's mouth grunting as he came and my wife swallowing his sperm like a whore as he fondled her breasts intimately god it was fantastic. After he finally finished Cumming he quickly pulled up hs pants thanking us as he hurried back to tell all of his friends how a married lady had just sucked him off and I asked Lisa if she wanted me to find another guy for her but she said her mouth hurt from being stretched so much so we went home planning our next trip out there.
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    pictures taken by clients, first one just before getting what he had paid for on the bed. other two a guy actually paid for her for a weekend in Spain!
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    My wife spreading for everyone
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    my wife done this for all of you please say something
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    My wife loves anal from my friend _ i never fucked her in ass ! She always refuses to take her anal My_wife_loves_anal_from_my_friend__i_never_fucked_her_in_ass_480p.mp4
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    hi all this is my hotwife who worked as an escort for several years and some things you just cant give up i guess, so i have been used to this life style all my married life.
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    So the wife and I haven't forgotten you guys. The guy she was seeing started getting feels so we had to deal with that drama... Anyways, there is a friend who wants her to come and 'talk' one night in his car after he gets off work. Hopefully I will get pix of her adventures. At the least I look forward to hearing her adventures with him
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    heres my wife sir
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    looking to hook up this lady any one from or near Bangor Maine if you like her hit me up please be for real we are she need to be dom she ass to mouth too IMG_8297.3gp
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    I love watching my wife suck another man’s cock too!
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    jmacan59's hotwife..... Hotwife Debi gave herself to her lover completely. He fucked her in a variety of positions...and she loved every fucking minute of her hotwife night. He tore into incredible sexy Debi good...gave her the good hotwife fucking she was craving. Hubby jmacan took in all the action...and captured some of it with his camera. For a nice Grande Finale...Debi's bull...pulled out of her hot pussy and shot off on her pussy...so hubby could see his hotwife's cunt freshly fucked...and covered in his cum! Thanks again jmacan for sharing hottie Debi! DomBull4U
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    Bump. First time Elaine went totally bald
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    As you can see...once jmacan and his sexy hotwife got started in the cuck lifestyle...things just took off. Her slutty, filthy desires just grew and grew...and the hot slut couldn't get enough. Not sure if she's actually lived out her fantasy to be gang banged...yet...but she's sure working her way up to it! DomBull4U
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    We discussed and relived our first experience many times always ending in a fuck. My wife said she loved being fucked as I watched, tom just needed to empty his balls and I was happy to loan my wife out for that purpose. No feelings or commitments just being fucked for the sake of fucking, this was all new to us and it quickly led to more fantasy’s being discussed. They were getting more and more daring and dirty and often my wife asked me to feel her cunt just so I knew how turned on just discussing things was getting her. Our first experience had happened by chance but the next was going to be arranged. We were friends with a guy in our village called mark, he did car repairs and we sometimes met in the pub. He serviced my wife’s car and when I went to pick it up once I heard him telling another customer that he would quite like to service the car’s owner too! I told my wife about this one night in bed, mark was in his early twenty’s and the idea that he fancied my wife appealed to her. As we discussed what might happen, she physically started to shake and her cunt was soaked again. Over the next week or so we discussed various scenario’s and to my surprise my wife was coming up with the more dirty and blatant sexual situations. Then one evening she stated that she had decided what we should do. We have a hardly used serving hatch from our kitchen to the dinning/living room, it slides up so a book placed underneath would keep it up more than enough to give me a full view of the sofa area from inside the kitchen. She stated that it was most important that I see and hear everything, I suggested a safe word! Which amused her “why, as long as he plays his part, he’s going to fuck me, and I’m not going to make it difficult for him at all!” my wife doesn’t like me to ask if its ok do something in bed, she likes me to take what I want and she hoped mark would do the same. So, there I was Thursday afternoon, my car park a few streets away and me sitting on a chair staring through the gap at the bottom of the serving hatch. I confirmed for the 10th time that I could see nearly all of the living room including the entire sofa, I didn’t say just how unconfutable I felt about just how much my wife was into this! It was a warm day so my wife’s button front summer dress wasn’t out of place, the shortness of the dress and the number of buttons undone certainly was! Also, the fact the only other item of clothing she wore was a pair of sandals, no underwear at all, even from the kitchen if she sat right, I could see her neatly trimmed pussy! That morning she had text mark asking him to pop around to discuss if he could sort out a new car for her, she would make it worth his while to get her a good deal! He text back almost immediately, a sign I said of his keenness, the only reason he would turn down what was so obviously on offer would be if he was gay and I knew he wasn’t! I heard the door bell, she flashed me a smile then went to answer, she and mark came back and she offered him a seat on the sofa then a drink witch she went and fetched. She sat close to him on the sofa half facing him, he was in full charm mood saying how nice she looked and staring down at her tits in the unbuttoned dress. After a very short bit of small talk he asked what she meant about making it worth his while? “well” she said “I don’t know what sort of incentive I could offer you as you must have all the young girls you want?” he bit immediately! he moved closer and said what an attractive woman she was and how much he had liked what she was wearing last time he saw her in the pub. He put a hand on her arm and she moved in and kissed him, the kiss lasted and got more intense, his hand moved to her tit over her dress and had a squeeze then it moved to her thigh and slowly slide up pushing her dress as it went. I guess he felt first then broke off the kiss and glanced down “you’re not wearing panties!” he said “I always intended on hand you it on a plate” she said “I don’t want a new car I want your cock inside me, feel how wet I am for you” he did! From then it was all ripping dress of and pulling t-shirts over his head. She was soon naked and he sucking on her tits as his hand explored her cunt “I want your cock!” she said pulling at his jeans. He kicked off his trainer’s and dropped his trousers, my wife gripped his cock as they went back to kissing. He pulled her round on the sofa then knelt on the floor, his back facing me as he pulled my wife’s ass off the edge of the sofa. Her hand went out to guide him in and I saw his ass cheeks clench and my wife gasped as he rammed into her. Her mouth remained open as he got into a rhythm her tits bouncing in time with his thrusting. He slowed a couple of times to lean down and suck and bit on her tits, she looked directly at me more than once. He pulled her legs up onto his shoulders and fucked her with all the force of his youth. Gasped and yelped and I knew she had cum, he just carried on, then I eventually heard him ask something about was it safe to cum inside her, struggling to speak with his thrusting “yes yes empty inside me, I want your seed inside me” if anything he sped up and the sofa moved as he let out a loud yell. He froze and stayed like a statue for awhile before gently lowering my wife’s legs, she groaned and stretched out her legs “that was rather nice” she said still panting he stood and stretched “you are a nice fuck” he said “and a lot tighter than I expected” my wife looked insulted “well I don’t know how to take that?” she said mark pulled her head towards his groin! “you’ve got a nice cunt now clean my cock” I couldn’t see it but knew it was pushed into my wife’s mouth. She never sucked me after sex! In her defence he was more fucking her mouth than she sucking him. One hand bouncing her head back and forth the other he reached down to her tit and he let out a low groan! My wife jerked her hands holding his hips but he didn’t let go still slowly rocking his hips for a good minuet or more before finally stepping back. I saw his cock was still semi hard my wife gaged and swallowed a couple of times them licked her lips before finally saying “I didn’t expect that!” he pulled her to her feet and kissed her again “if I had time id fuck you again and cum again in one of you holes” he picked up her dress and wiped his cock then put his clothes back on “what time does your old man get home?” he asked “cos you do look like you’ve been fucked and I wouldn’t want him to get in the way of a repeat performance” still naked she showed him out then came back to me. He was right! Her face was flushed red her tits were marked, a glob of his cum was on the edge of the sofa and more on the inside of her leg.