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    Been having sex, but avoiding crowds haha. Met a woman who’s husband’s a cuck, they moved to my area about 6 months ago. Hubby has been working 12 hour night shifts at an ethanol plant that has converted to making hand sanitizer at the moment.
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    I bought her a new outfit for going out and she glady modeled it for me.
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    This hotwife's cuck hubby loves seeing his wife @@@@@@@ and shown off to other men. Let the poor slob know what you think of his wife!! Let him know what you would to to her and how you would send her home to him!!
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    It was just difficult for her to open up knowing the film was being developed by people in St. Louis. I kept teasing her that I doubt they were making copies of them to take home or show to friends. You know from the Polaroids she could be very X rated. When the Digital cameras finally arrived things got better. When I bought my first Sony HI 8 mini cassette tape player she objected at first but finally relented, LOL Here
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    Rest of that set. I guess the best thing I remember about this little red and black basque and hose is it is what she wore under her dress the night we met Ron at a motel. He was one of the first men I had contacted over the interent. You can read about if you want on this thread or Elaine's First time thread so I won't repeat it here. Best part of hooking up with Ron is it was the first time I got toexperience Sloppy Seconds. A man does not forget that. LOL
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    More of her being cute and only showing her tits. I seldom posted many of these tame pics as most guys wanted the more X rated type
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    A few more I seldom post. Just clowning and letting me take more film pics. If I remember the makeup shots were preppping for a date or dates,.
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    My wife, one of my favorite images of her. She's is the perfect hotwife. Over our 20 years she's had many lovers, some one night stands and a few long term. Currently she has a play toy, and a special gentleman who comes to town a couple times a year They have been lovers for 10 years. She and he met on one of those dating hook up sites. I've been lucky to not only watch, and be a part of their sessions, but I've had the honor of taking her to him for his pleasure. I'm hoping when things settle down to get more pix and hopefully figure out how to upload short video clips
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    This was the most photos I took of her in one setting, a whole roll and I saved nearly 20 of them. She had put a temp tatoo on her ass and just wore white bra and panties to contrast her summer tan. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about us or our lifestyle
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    Let me know what you know about her...
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    I love her @@@@@@@! DSC_8212_(1).mp4 DSC_8139_(1).mov
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    Thank God for Elaine's subtle hair changes to help me figure out some kind of time line for all our photos. I have been trying to post the photos together that were taken in the same outfit. Unfortunately I sometimes post theme pics together which I did a few pages back when I posted pics of my wife around our pool table. Here is the rest of the pics in the little black basque & hose and permed hair
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    I posted 3 of this set of pics on page 35 when I was showing Elaine looking at Men's magazines for posing ideas. I sometimes get sidetracked as I was posting old Polaroid pics on that page. Here is the rest of the set in the proper time frame. She wore this combo of skirt and sweater a couple times to meet potential mates in the winter time. Hard to wear skimpy flimsy sexy clothes when it is cold. Hiking her skirt a bit to reveal the top of hose was sure to get a man's attention if she felt enough chemistry to want in invite him for a night of fun. Hard to believe but some men get nervous about MMF sex and letting them put their hand on her bare thigh was very convincing. When i look again at these shots I notice on the first one on her back she accidentlly left her pubes showing. Coyly placed her had in the others.
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    I think I mentioned earlier that she had her hair tinted to cover the dark red color from too much sun and chlorine. Only lasted one summer but is a different look from her normal black hair. She added her false eyelashes going for a more "Glamour" look I guess. Later she wore this on one of our date nights.
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    The best way I can remember when these photos were taken is the color and size of her hair. I call this the "Big Hair" time. This little ensemble was what I bought for her with the money the guys kicked in for hosting the Card Game Night. The almost funny part of my wife's attitude was she was still hesitant to show much more than a glance at her pubic hair knowing that she was probably going to fuck several of my buddies in that outfit
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    I have to visit a Mistress as my wife is totally against it. The Mistress is lovely, very kind but also knows exactly how to treat me. The usual process is a humiliating inspection, lots of tongue worship followed by sucking practice on her strap on. She usually then fucks my arse before bringing in her stud so I can suck the real thing! If I’m lucky, he’ll get nice and hard in my mouth before fucking her and filling her with cum - then I get to lick and suck both of them clean.
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    She seldom wore a bra except for her job as an office manager. Once she started working for me bras became a thng of the past except for sexy bras. Around the house never. If I asked her to flash she would pull up or down depending on the clothes
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    I tried to shoot her when she was getting dressed, not always "Posing", just smiling
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    A few more from the early stages of film. Starting to get more relaxed. Some of the times we were getting ready for visitors or going out, but most of the time taking photos of her getting dressed and or undressed was just a form of foreplay. I was always teasing her about showing more. She was getting ready to put on the little top when I said something about "Show me more" and she threw her hands up, smiled and said "Like this?" Getting her to take little steps was working.
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    More from when she was still nervous about posing for film camera. I got her to put on lingerie and slowly show more skin
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    One day we had been working on painting projects outside and she wore her old bib orverall shorty. Love this pic and her smile. She was starting to relax more
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    I kept pushing her a bit more to reveal more, one step at a time. She mover her hand on the one shot for me
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    Squeezing her boobs together to make them look bigger and being coy on the couch
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    I talked her into putting a temporary tatto on her boob and pose for me. She was still a bit shy about showing too much but see thru lingerie seemed okay to her. It must have been winter time since she showed up with red robe over the black top. Even though her head is cropped off on last pic it shows the scratchs on the original print. A lot of these old prints had been lost for nearly 10 years before I found the old briefcase full of forgotten pics
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    As I try to estimate the age and order of these photos I use her hair color, length and style. The longer and darker her hair the older they are. Also the nature of her poses. Here she is trying to reveal more for the camera
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    She slowly relaxed her inhibitions about film. She actually expected to receive a nasty note or letter or something negative when the photo prints were returned. When that never happend she loosened up a bit. Hip slips and pubic hair but no open beaver shots
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    A couple more conservative shots. Trying to get her more at ease in front of film camera
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    I got her to pose standing in front of mirror. Asked her to take off her panties but she still covered her pussy with her hands. Little steps of faith. LOL
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    Last of my wife in her sexy red outfit. When I see another outfit I like I sometimes say that one is my favorite. This has to be in the Top 3. The lpose with leg on chair is very high on my list of photos showing all she has to offer
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    I love knowing what other guys think of her....
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    Still a bit sexy and relaxed in these with her salt and pepper hair. No more hiding her pussy, LOL
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    I think she has cut her hair a bit shorter and it is not yet showing grey so I am adding these to the thread now. She is revealing more of her pussy so I am not sure if these are still film but I think they are because digital pics are a bit sharper. I think these are some of the last 35 mm pics. She is gaining confidence in sexuality and it shows in her poses
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    It is exciting to show the effects of the sun on her body
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    I talked about how many pics I took then only posted half of them. I think the one pic was the first time she let me shoot her full frontal nude without even attempting to cover up or look coy
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    I always wondered why men would choose to cum on her instead of in her. I always preferred finishing in her pussy or mouth. Once Elaine had an orgasm or two she was content to let the man cum where he wanted. For me getting Elaine on her knees, grabbing her hips and fucking hard and fast was my choice. Never understood why some men chose to blast her tits, face, ass and one guy was sucking her missionary style and pulled out, yanked off his condom and covered the outside of her pussy and pube with his cum. Different stroke for different folks.
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    I bought this liitle outfit for Valentines day. Hard to see but there are little red hearts on it. We had a friend coming over that weekend and I asked her to pose for some photos and promise to wear it for our friend. She was slowy loosening up with her poses if I waited long enough. Of course knowing me no matter how much she showed I would want more. LOL
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    These photos were the dress and lingerie she wore when we hooked up with Todd from the lumber company. This story is on page one of Elaine's First Time thread in the Cuckold Stories forum. Here is first part of that evening. I mentioned earlier that Elaine was good at sensing if guys liked her. I encouraged her to be the one to decide when and with whom she wanted to screw. I figured if she was in the mood and liked the guy the sex would be better than if I was choosing when and where. We were at a large gathering hosted by a local lumber yard. Free food, booze, live music and several hundred people in attendance. Most of the vendors were there promoting there products and everyone was walking around looking at the displays. All of the employees of the lumber yard were there and it was a very relaxed evening. I was talking to some people when Elaine walked up to me, smiled and said it was time to go home. She said Todd wanted to come home with us. I was temporarily lost and thought she meant he needed a ride to his home. She grinned and said they had talked and he wanted to be with us and if dawned on me what she was talking about. I trusted her instincts and said okay. Elaine said she would ride with Todd so he could find our house. I am going to try and post these pics as I scanned them. They are large so may not upload. I will post one and see what happens. We had been partying and she was feeling no pain and could be quite funny.
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    What would you do to my wife
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    I took a lot of misc. photos from nearly 30 years. These are just individual pics I found of her in this sweater minus a bra from that same time period.
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    I think this is the best graphic pic I have seen in a long time.
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    I still had not mastered my camera. I tended to shoot sometimes from too far away. If I got up close Elaine would say "Your are just trying to show my tits". LOL She was loosening up and in this series after several shots she finally pulled her top down and said "I know this is what you want". I smiled, snapped the pic and took her to the bedroom
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    More X rated for you
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