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    Photos taken of my horny girlfriend
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    Red top and sliver stockings
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    Oldies but goodies. A couple of my favorites just because we haven't had the opertunity to post in a while
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    I am a guy in my mid 40s and am no stranger to swinging sites or meets. I have met both single women and couples before, but this meet happened recently and was the best meet I have ever had from a swinging site. I made contact with a couple who were about 20 miles away from me, they were both a older than me 50+. I chatted with we will call her‘Kath’ for a while and we exchanged a few emails and agreed we would meet up soon. I didn’t hold out too much hope, as swinging sites tend to have a lot of time wasters, but I was hoping. Kath was very pretty and had a great pair of tits and a decent body for her age. I received a email during the week asking me if I was free on the Friday evening about 5pm, I made sure I was and was given the address and asked to turn up at 5.15pm. I made the drive and arrived on time, I saw the curtains twitch as i walked up to the house and I made my way to the back door as agreed. I was greeted at the door by her hubby, he looked a fair bit older than I imagined, but was friendly and led me inside. Once inside I saw Kath for the first time. She was wearing a black basque, stockings and heels, wow was all I could think. We said hello and hubby asked me what I thought. Well I giggled slightly and said very nice. With that Kath said the same and she approached me and asked if I would like to join her upstairs. I was in the house about one minute at this point. Kath led the way and I followed, looking at her gorgeous arse and getting an instant hard on. She led me straight in to the bedroom and I asked if I should shut the door 'leave it open’ she said, hubby will want to see and hear us! We kissed passionately and my hands started to wonder, I started to kiss her tits and she was feeling at my ever growing bulge. We started to undress each other and I could hear hubby on the stairs, she was all over me, couldn’t get my clothes off quick enough. She sat on the bed and took my cock in her mouth, the creaking on the stairs was growing louder. Here I was getting sucked off by a woman while her hubby was listening from the stairs. I gave her plenty of encouragement and she was sucking like a demon. I wanted to taste her cunt, so I lay her down on the bed and got her shaved cunt out and stuck my tongue deep inside her. She tasted fantastic, so I licked her clit and she was moaning loud. I could still hear the hubby on the stairs, it was so horny. After about 5 minutes of licking her, she told me she wanted me to fuck her. I opened her legs and guided my cock inside her. We fucked in all kinds of positions, best was doggy style and I watched in the full length mirror on the wardrobe as I pounded her hard. I told her I could see us fucking in the mirror and she told me to fuck her harder, I did. I could still hear but never see hubby on the stairs as I continued to fuck her. She climbed on top of me and rode me and rode me, those amazing tits bouncing and me sucking on them. Eventually after a long hard fuck I filled her cunt with spunk. We lay and chatted for a few minutes, but I wanted her again. I was hard in a few minutes and started to fuck her. She said hubby would want a go soon so I had to be quick. This spurred me on and I fucked her hard and fast and filled her cunt with a second load of spunk. After this I got dressed, we walked downstairs and hubby asked me if I enjoyed myself. I grinned and told him I had. We all said our goodbyes and I left. I git another message from her the other day asking me if I want to go back for more
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    More in red top and silver stockings
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    Anyone else like this action?
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    Blacj bra, dildo and hose
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    Gotta love that ass! ausstag...your wife looks sexy...and dirty laying there like that. Those sweet cheeks look pretty damn yummy in her sexy lace panties...especially with them pulled up into the crack of her ass the way they are! I can't wait to get that ass of Abbie's in my I can make her the slut you want to see her be! My slut! Your wife/MY slut! Right hubby? DomBull4U
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    I have had lots of men ask me how many men we have been with in the lifestyle and age range, etc. Here is my answer and a little more about us. Not as many as you think. Age range from 19 to in the 50s. We aren't sure ourselves. Plus how do you define sex? If you get naked and kiss and fondle someone is that sex. If you give oral sex of have them give it to you is that sex? We think in the 30 plus years Elaine actually fucked between50 to a maximum of 60 other guys and I did 10 to 15 other women.Probably 6 different black guys. If we did one guy more than once we only counted that as one. I think she enjoyed most of them. If we found someone we both liked and he was good in bed we would stick with him for a bit giving him friends with benefits privileges. Usually they ended up marrying or moving away for work. It was easier to to have a friend we could call if we got in the mood. Trying to find the right type of man was more difficult they you think. In the beginning she did do quite a few bareback. Aids was not real prevalent yet and we were young and horny. We got lucky I guess as neither of us ever acquired any STDs. Most people think it is easy finding someone to fuck your wife but it is harder than your think when you go from fantasy to reality. I tried setting up a few more guys for Elaine. Some did not show, one couldn't perform and one was kind of a jerk and we sent him packing. I encouraged Elaine to try and find a guy she thought she might like. She was still hesitant. I think she was afraid I might think she was choosing him over me, but if I brought someone home it was okay. I told her to try and be aware of other guy"s paying attention to her and seize the moment. Not everything can be planned in advance. I think we had a pretty good run for 30 years and are still married. Adding a pic of her letting a couple guys play with her at a party
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    About 3 years ago I started fucking my friends wife. He asked me if I would like to do her he said he was a cuckold and wanted to watch me pleasure his wife. I couldn’t refuse as she is quite a babe. He had been working on her for ages and she had finally agreed to go along with him on it. She and I get on and we had joked and flirted for a while. What I didn’t know is that her flirting was real and as it turned out, she was doing it for him to see.When I said ok we all talked. She took over and explained how it was to happen. She said she wanted me to have sex with her and that he would be there watching or listening in from just outside the room but I was not to cum in her and said no problem and i even offered to use condoms.He said that she was on the pill as they didn’t want any more children and it wasn’t that she wanted to have protected sex or didn’t trust me but she felt that only a husband should cum in his wife. Her view was that if she followed those rules then she didn’t break her marriage beliefs. I was fine with that.I started to stay at their place at least once a week and sometimes twice. She always was up for more than one fuck too.The first few fucks I did it normal and just shot in the condom and then for variation I used to pull out and tear it off and cum on her stomach or back depending on the position. He suggested that I finish in her mouth which felt great for me and he really got off on that as well. I think it may have suggested doing that because she knew it would appeal to his fantasy.Something which was strange to me is that he hardly ever joined in. I only saw him fuck her a couple of times when I stayed over. But he used to tell me how they had a great sex after I left. He said it was because I got her primed and wanting more. She was always amazed how heavy i could cum.her husband asked her could I fuck her bareback and pull out before I came. I promise to do it the same as wearing the condom and just cum on the outside of her body. She didn’t agree at first but eventually we both agreed to do it after he pleaded. He was very excited about and pushed her to do it.She was nervous the first time but it went well and we did it that way after with no problems. I never ever came in her and it obviously felt better without a condom. now im a bull with a regular FB coupleI am still fucking her and she never tires of me. Her husband is fine with it and I am not complaining. they are the ones that said i should join fab and meet some other wicked people and learn some new skills to bring back to them, so im here looking for some new friends that can teach me things t share with my cuckold couple
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    Doing two guys while blindfolded
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    Sometimes Elaine was just tired and not really in the mood to pose but let me take a few in her lingerie before we jump in bed
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    My Asian wife's ass
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    This is an account of something that happen when I was in my early twenties, just left university and earning some extra money at weekends at the Bulls Head pub in countersthorpe Village, near Leicester. The landlord was Arthur, a slightly overweight ex copper, drank too much but was ok to work for. His wife Marion (48) was a slim, attractive and quite sexy women, who put up with a lot from Arthur. Anyway I used to get on well with Marion, flirted and had a laugh. Often after closing we would be left to clear up after Arthur had gone to bed pissed. One particular weekend, at the end of the summer, Arthur had gone away for a long weekend to some kind of ex copper reunion and I had agreed to stay over in the pub flat. Friday was quite busy and after closing and clearing up I suggested to Marion that we went across o a local club she agreed and said she would change her dress. She came down a short while later in a figure hugging blue party dress, and some very sexy heals. She looked stunning and I told her so, Marion seemed a little embarrassed but smiled. We went over to the club had a drink or two and started a slow dance, I pulled her close and chanced my luck with my hand on her arse pulling her closer to what by now was a very hard cock. soon she was pushing herself on to me. We danced three or four dances getting closer and more adventurous each time, I was getting a good grope of her tits as well. Suddenly she stopped dancing and said lets go to the pub, I was not sure if I had blown it or not. Once in the pub she pulled me over to her and we French kissed , I had her dress off, she had no bra sexy stockings and suspenders belt, we were on the floor kissing, I moved down to her lovely tits huge nipples were rock hard and sucked each one pinching the other as I did so. Then moved down to her cunt, nicely trimmed and very juicy, I gave her a long licking and finger fucked having a finger in her arse at the same time, she came twice on my tongue before I stood up undressed and entered her cunt and fucked her fast and furious, before coming inside her, as I pulled out she kissed down to my cock and slowly took me inside her mouth and deep throated as much as she could until I was rock hard again, and then I told to knell and I fucked her doggy, fingering her arse, with one, two and then three fingers before pulling out of her cunt and slowly entering her arse, she gasped as I got my full length into her and then started to fuck her my hand playing with her clit until she had a really powerful and very loud orgasm, I carried on fucking her pulling her long black hair hard as I fucked her, once I had cum we lay on the floor dripping with sweat and arms around each other. She told me that the fuck as great and that sex with Arthur had never been good and now he was always too pissed to fuck her. She told me she would get the kids to stay with friends the next day and we could have more freedom. We slept in separate rooms The following morning around 7am I was woken by Marion having taken the covers off and giving me a blow job before sitting on my cock a d riding me until we both came. We showered and I went to set the bar up, she meanwhile arranged for the kids to stay at friends from lunchtime until Sunday afternoon Marion dressed very sexily that lunchtime with a lot of comments between the male customers about what they would do with her. After closing we went upstairs and spent the afternoon fucking, she was very highly sexed and had a lot of frustrated energy, she really was very dirty in bed, and she loved her hair pulled and having her arse belted and nipples bitten. The evening session seemed to go of for ever, but eventually we were in her and Arthur’s bed fucking like rabbits, she got very horny we did anal and swallow`d my cum, we fucked Sunday afternoon before the children came back. was my 1st experience of a mature lady and I have been hooked ever since
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    I am 1 7/8" erect. Phil C
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    Showing her oral skills
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    New hobby for my old wife Nina. That/s how she welcomed young guest in our hall
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    More in black bra, dildo and hold ups
  28. 5 points mean your wife...LK? Do I want to get my hands on those big tits of hers...and look at the horny slut...fucking herself with a vibe, her head over the edge of the bed...just waiting for some cock to suck, isn't she? Do I want to squeeze her tits until she opens her mouth wide...then feed her my hard cock...fucking her face...until she creamed on that vibe...and then kept sucking me until I shot a nice load all over her face? Is that what you're asking? Then the answer is hell fucking yes! DomBull4U
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    Elaine pushed the nipple play right up to the point of pain. I have an unedited video where the nipple jewelry had gotten so tight that we were having trouble getting them off. She was half laughing and half crying. She found humor in odd things. You can see the loops around her nips in this photo
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    let me know what you would do to her and myself if you were in charge
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    For the creampie lovers
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    Teasing her pussy with dildo
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    Waiting for clean up
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    Here she is trying to show gray haired old ladies can still be sexy
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    White5andahalf...a few more pics of your sexy Asian wife and that amazing ass of hers! DomBull4U image.webp image (3).webp
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    More action shots
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    Me and my wife Debbie split up in 2012, but in 1999 and from 2009 onwards she went with at least 6 other men that I know of but I never got to watch. It wasn't a problem for me as I loved her coming home and telling me all about it in bed afterwards. The only time we did mention me watching her have sex she reckoned I wouldn't be able to handle it, but did say that if I were to walk in on her in bed with another man, "You wouldn't even stop us would you?" "No babe, I wouldn't. I'd sneak back out and let you carry on fucking." "Mmmmmm!", she replied. "Good boy!"
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    I put the camera down after taking these
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    When she is in a more cheerful mood her poses get a bit happier
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    My wife Fran had a one night session with a black bull and she said he was at least 10" which she took balls deep in her greedy holes,here are some caps of her taking big cocks from some of her many bulls!
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    Wife Nasty Pics Here https://
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    There is a fine line between my bbw tastes. 150-190 is still in the bbw range. My wife is the ideal size and just like how i like my steak, is how I like her. Meaty. But not alot of fat around the edges. The softness of her skin, her supple breasts, all work together to create a magical experience you just can't get with skinny chick I see the posts here that garner 100's of comments and likes, and yes those women are beautiful, but to me they are too thin Here is an example of a perfect "bbw"
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    Wednesday already? (4 vids) compact dick sucker.mp4 I'd say she likes it.mp4 biggest she ever had.wmv see, your ass likes it.mp4
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    back to the grind