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    Entertaining in a car
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    Love to hear what you all think of my wife!!! What would you do with her, to her???
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    When we got home I asked her if she thought we should try to hook up with him. She grinned and said definitely. She had taken him into a storage area and kissed and fondled his cock and let him play with her boobs for a minute before hearing people outside the door. She said he was starting to get an erection and he felt quite large. I asked her if she said anything to him about 3 way sex and she said no because they had to quickly leave the area they were in and go back in the main dining and drinking room. We decided to try and hook up with him so I sent him the pic from the party where he was looking down at her tits and I wrote "I noticed you glancing at my wife's tits while enjoying a beer with her. If you want to share some wine with us and then share my wife please call or write." I also added this photo
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    As we grew bolder and more comfortable in our lifestyle I placed a couple 5" X 7" photos of Elaine in folding frames. If we had a male friend or two visiting us I sometimes changed out the innocent photos to a more revealing ones. They were in plain view but not obvious unless you happened to look around. We had a basement bathroom with a door going out to the backyard where the pool was. When guys stopped by in the summer to use the pool and drink a beer we told them if they needed to use the toilet that was the best one as it had a tile floor and they didn't have to go thru the rest of the house. I usually had one framed pic in that area. Here is the innocent one and a couple of substitute pics I could insert
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    I’m DEAD serious boys. Any black bulls who are into TOTALLY OWNING me...and I mean in ANY and EVERY way...message me. ummmm....i would love to be made to “serve” all your crew too 🥰
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    I have a video where we had tightened her nipple jewelry during sex and after both climaxing we were trying to get the jewelry off and it was so tight neither of us could release them. I got to laughing and she did to bordering on crying. Finally loosened them. I think the stimulation of sucking, biting, squeezing and pulling increases the blood flow making them enlarge. After a few minutes of post coital bliss they get just enough smaller to remove the jewelry
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    Nothing better than having her riding your cock and playing with her tits by trying to lick her own nipples then offering them to you to suck and bite right up to the edge of pain
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    Regarding some of habilisalberta's comments I have never considered myself to be a true cuckold. I just enjoy watching my wife fucking other men and me at the same time. The term "Stag" and "Vixen" comes much closer to our lifestyle. I always considered Elaine to be a "Hotwife". It took me over a year to convince her to have sex with me and another man. Over the years she became more willing to try and find man we might like. I would say that the majority of our hookups were one time events but if we both like the man, both in bed and out of bed he became a FWB. It was much easier and less stressful to be able to call him up and invite him over rather than trying to find someone new. I absolutely love it when Elaine looks at me while sucking or fucking another man.
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    After Elaine had a little success approaching men on her own she gained confidence. I encouraged her to use her womanly charms to entice men to have sex with us. She was hesitant at times for fear of rejection. Elaine had married her high school sweetheart when she was 18. I think maybe the fact that she really only dated one guy in high school and was married through her college years made her somewhat shy about flirting and dating. Who knows, but I wanted her to assert herself and told her she should not be coy about what she was after with the other man. I told her that after bringing up the subject of having sex with the guy I thought she probably tended to talk too much. I said I did not want her screwing them without me being present, but kissing, fondling and even giving a blowjob would surely convince the guys to party with us. One afternoon she came home from the grocery store and said she thought one of the young guys working at the store was trying to flirt with her. I asked her if she would consider doing him and she laughed and said he was awfully young and probably just being polite to an old lady. I said she should fix herself up a little, go back to the store and flirt back. As it was winter she put on a sweater without a bra, slacks and jacket. When she opened the jacket the sweater gave you a good view of her boobs. Elaine walked around until she found the checkout line he was working. As they always do he asked her if she needed help carrying out her groceries. Even though it was just one bag she said yes. While walking to the car she asked him if he had ever partied with older women. He said no and she asked would he like to. He said he had to get back to work but his shift ended in an hour and would like to talk to her then. She said she would be back and park in the same place. She came home and told me what had happened. I suggested she bring him to our house as the store is less than a mile away and she could be more convincing in our driveway rather than a public parking lot. When they arrived Elaine pulled the car close to the garage door which had a row of windows in it. I told her I would be watching from inside the garage. I could see them talking and watched Elaine slowly move closer to him. After a few minutes she kissed him and I figured things were going well. Knowing I was viewing them she moved his hand to her chest as they continued kissing. My view was partially blocked but her hand appeared to be on his crotch. Soon her head lowered and I could just see the top of her hair as she apparently moved her mouth up and down on his cock. I saw him say something to her and reach down putting his hand on her head. I really did not know if he was moving her head away or what exactly was going on, but her head popped up and she was smiling as she kissed his cheek. I could see them getting their clothes arranged and I quickly moved from the garage to the house and met them at the front door. They walked in and Elaine introduced me. His name was Steve and he seemed very nervous. I invited him in the living room and asked if he wanted something to eat or drink. He said sure and Elaine went into the kitchen. He asked where the bathroom was and I went into the kitchen with Elaine. She almost started laughing when she told what went on in the car. She said she had only sucked his dick for less than a minute before he yelled he was going to cum. She held on tight with her mouth as he shot a load of sperm into her waiting lips. She guessed he had not had sex for quite some time, but thought he was going to be more than ready for a fun evening. Steve was back in the living room when we walked in with munchies and drinks. I asked if he wanted wine, beer or a soft drink. He said he was only 19 and still lived with his parents so had better stick with non alcohol drinks. He had just graduated from the same high school Elaine and I had gone to years earlier. We chit chatted for awhile and I could tell he was anxious and getting nervous about everything. I knew Elaine had told him about me and the three of us having sex together, but thought he might be getting cold feet. I smiled at him and asked if he thought Elaine was a good cock sucker. We all laughed and the ice was broken. Elaine stood up, walked over, stood in front of him, lowered her slacks revealing her pussy and pulled his face into her crotch. He was just kind of stunned and Elaine told him to lick her, which he happily did. Elaine teased and played with both of us but said the living room was cold and we headed to the bedroom. We got in bed with Elaine in the middle. We played with her as she sucked and played with both of us. I licked her while she sucked him. After she sucked him back to hardness she pushed him on his back and straddled his young swollen dick. Elaine was just getting going pretty good, grinding away on him as he tweaked her tits when he suddenly grabbed her ass and shot his load deep in her pussy. We were both kind of shocked as I knew she had just finished him off with her mouth 20 minutes earlier. I joked that he must have not had any pussy in a long time when he started laughing and said he had never had any pussy. Elaine did not believe him, but he said he had never gotten any girls to go all the way with him. She finally said that explained why he shot off so fast in her mouth and almost as fast in her pussy. Elaine said she would fuck me for awhile and see if he could recover for a third time. He said not to worry he wanted to fuck her all night. Steve was a very willing participant, but not highly skilled. When Elaine was sitting on me he was happy to just be touching her, playing with her ass, back, any skin he could find. Once Elaine and I had both climaxed the atmosphere was very relaxed. Steve did not really know what to do he just knew he wanted more of Elaine's pussy. I couldn't tell if Elaine was annoyed with him or just could not believe she had fucked a 19 year old virgin. I suggested Elaine give him a lesson in sexual positions, let Steve find out how many different ways there are to screw a woman. It was both funny and sexy at the same time watching her instructing him on fucking. He had more staying power this round and Elaine finally got warmed up again. He asked her what position she liked and she said sitting on top with her tits getting sucked as she was grinding on a cock. Then she said if she wanted the man to climax she found most guys like doggy style, especially if she gets on all fours with her ass hear the edge of the bed and the man can stand up while grabbing her hips and pounding her pussy. He said let's try it and banged her hard as he shot off one last time. She said she was tired and asked me to drive Steve back to his car. He got dressed and could thanks Elaine enough for taking away his virginity. She totally shaved the lower half of her pussy and trimmed the sides into a triangle. To be cute she trimmed a bit off the top to make it look life a heart. LOL
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    This one is not as clear but still sexy suit. Too bad more women don't like to cut out the lining
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    I found this one in her phone this morning. You're welcome to check it out. I've got some more here , you just have to click my name and browse
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    Early on we tried the totally bald look but she did not like it for some reason. It was easier and faster to shave but she liked the little triangle patch. I kept bugging her to shave it smaller. I think this is as small as it got. She said once that when she wore her swim suits with no lining she thought the little triangle looked better than bald, LOL. First pic is how it looked most of the time. Next 3 are the smallest and last one is her pool look. What do you think? Also wonder if you like the tanned titties or the tan lines?
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    BTW she is watching porn while waiting for me to quit taking photos. By the time I get into bed she has gotten herself pretty hot with nipple play and porn. Wears her glasses to get better look at big cocks and gets serious look on her face when really getting into it
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    More of her jewelry
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    Ok, so I had kind of given up all hopes of ever being cuckolded by my lovely and beautiful wife. She is a blonde, cute and shy girl for first impressions I guess, but she is first and foremost intelligent, funny and basicly my queen. She has known about my fantasies for about 10 years now (we are both 36). She was never appalled by my fantasies, but always laughed about it, and in more serious conversations she said she was not build for it (explaining to me that she was a romantic, and more traditional when it comes to sex, also that if she would fuck someone else, that would mean that she had feelings for him). I never pushed her about this, and respected her feelings. Pushing your girlfriend into cuckolding is for me the opposite of what I want from the cuckolding. I want her to be the boss of me sexually, not the other way around. So, how have I spent the last 10 years? I kept jerking off to cuckold porn, always looking for amateur videos where I could imagine my wife being the girl. We have sex only about once a month, probably due to me not being man enough to seduce her, and instead I jerk off to porn. We have had periods where she plays along with my fantasies and doesnt allow me to cum. In those weeks (3 months is the record), she gets a lot of orgasms by me eating her pussy. But not much talk about cuckolding.But last night, I felt some progress! Not sure how much, and I would love your view on this. I had saved myself from cumming for some days (making me feel more submissive), and started caressing her while we were watching Love Island. She looked at me, and told me sternly (she going into the role of my superior) that she was not in the mood for getting her pussy eaten, since she had 3 glasses of wine and it would take to much time to get her to orgasm. She told me I could penetrate her. We hit silence for a moment, before I asked her if we could use the cock sleeve (hollow dildo) on my penis. She always rejected this suggestion every time I tried, but this time she said yes. I fucked her carefull with it (its 21 cm, and VERY thick, picture attatched), and the view wwas amazing. Her innocent pussy wrapped so much tighter around it than around my fairly thin penis, and I told her it looked fantastic. She laughed, and for the first time she had an orgasm from penetrative sex with me (...ok from the cock sleeve then.). Her face looked fantastic, and her legs wrangled to boh sides like never before. I was careful, but after a while she took it all, and pretty hard to. She told me afterwards that she was surprised that she could take it all, and that it was very good. She also laughed when whe saw that I had cum inside the very thick sleeve. (I was dissapointed with myself, as I promised her not to cum). Dont know how I managed that, since its no way you can feel pussy from inside one of those things.Afterwards, we talked a bit about cuckolding, since she had "just fucked a much bigger man" (my words, but she gladly agreed). She wasnt that reluctant, but I didnt want to persue her with direct questions about her cuckolding me soon. She sighed about "all the drama" with inviting another man, but I reassured her I would not be all weird, and it would be a "normal threesome". She didnt reject it! But I chose to not ask more direct questions. I really felt as if she was more on board than ever, and I am not sure how to go from here.Anyway, sorry for the long story, but for me this felt like BIG steps, even though it might not seem like it was. What is your opinon? What should I do now?
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    Some pictures of wife with some BBC.
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    If a man won't willingly eat her pussy ha may as well go home. Fastest way to make her happy is to lick her to her first orgasm of the evening. You will be rewarded with any hole of her body for your enjoyment
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    She definitely had nipples that made you take notice
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    I had done some swinging and swapping with my first wife and still had some contacts in that lifestyle. In the morning after our first MMF with Eric I was afraid she would feel guilty and say never again. I asked her what she thought about everything that happened. She asked me if I had a good time. I assured her I had and she said great. I asked would she do it again and she said probably but it would have to our special secret and we must be discreet We tried a few sex parties. They were monthly gatherings of local swingers, held a local hotel or large private residences. I felt comfortable but Elaine was never really at ease. She experimented with women and said it was o k, but preferred men. We decided after a few parties we liked more on on two or one on three type situations. I got to watch her having guys lick her while I was getting a blowjob and be with other couples and keep switching partners. She was so willing to do whatever I asked i thought if she felt uncomfortable at those places why go. I think her desire for younger men was at the beginning when she was unsure of herself and did not think other men would find her attractive, while younger men might be more willing. I encouraged her to be on the lookout for guys hitting on her as they would probably be more open to threeway sex.
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    Pics are from our first summer together. I was starting to fall in love with her but had not yet talked her into the lifestyle
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    My wife knows it turns me on to see her tease the men she is about to fuck. This is from our first time with Todd Elaine had learned how to perform and entertain both me and the other man. With the first few guys she was so shy she did not want me in the room when she first started playing them. I am definitely a voyeur and love watching her and she knows it. She had gained confidence and was more relaxed than when she first started having sex with other guys. After getting us some drinks we sat down in the living room, the two of them on the couch and me in a chair close by. I told Todd to ignore me and just start having fun with Elaine. He was in his early 20s and Elaine was probably in her late 30s. After a little kissing and fondling Elaine stood up and took off her dress. She walked over to me, bent down and kissed me as I reached behind her and released her bra hook.
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    It did not take long for her clothes to be on the floor, shoes first, robe, instead of removing her basque she pulled the top down below her boobs and finally stepped out of her panties exposing her neatly trimmed bush. Standing up after she lost her panties she turned in a 360 degree spin showing her hot body to all the guys. She looked fucking hot and was excited as her nipples were erect and her eyes smiled sexily at everyone. I wondered which guy she hoped would win her. Brad was down to his undershorts and one stocking. He sat next to her and she kept looking down at the tent in his shorts. Just to let them all know that she was serious, she reached over and closed her hand around it. Brad muttered, "Ah God Elaine, I want you." However, it was Mike who won three rounds in a row, and he stood up to drop his shorts, his thick cock exploded out of them and he pulled Elaine's chair out, lifted her up and pulled her against him. They kissed beside the chair, she was moving his cock between her legs and his hands were squeezing her tits and nipples. He picked her up; her body plastered against his and carried her to the sofa. Neither of them looked our way, and all of us had our eyes fastened on the two of them, while we all held on to our own cocks. Mike lowered her down, using his hands to spread her legs. Elaine looked at me and said to bring her the robe because there were condoms in the pocket. With the condom on his cock slipped right into her. He jabbed upwards into her a few times and then lowered her to the sofa and climbed aboard. He fucked her relentlessly and nonstop. He pulled her ankles up on his shoulders and pumped fast until his ass jerked violently and he was coming hard. I could not tell if Elaine had made it, she was usually quite vocal, but there were only grunts from her as Mike was pounding her. He pulled his cock out, his condom full of his spunk on the inside and covered with Elaine's oozing pussy juices on the outside. He stood up and looked a little sheepish, as if he had done something that he should not have done, and headed for the bathroom. Elaine looked right at me with a triumphant look, as much as to say, "I hope you like watching me get gangbanged". Elaine continued to lay there with her wet cunt open for all to see and said, "Keep playing guys, there is more here for you, and I really need more." One hand got Brad up next; he stood beside her and pulled his shorts down. Elaine reached out and pulled it to her, sitting up as she did so, and slipped her mouth around his red knob. She took him deep, pulled off of it, looked up at him and said, "Your choice Brad, stand there and let me blow you, or fuck my pussy." Tough choice for Brad, he looked down at her as she slipped her lips down his cock until her chin was against his balls, he gritted his teeth at the pleasure and said, "Ah fuck, blow me." Elaine sometimes gave me a blow job to completion. Usually when she was not in the mood for a full fledged fuck, but she always took my cum, all of it and never pulled off. She now showed Brad what an expert blowjob was like. She alternated between sucking the knob while jerking him off, to taking him deep and bobbing her head up and down. She could read his reactions and finally focused on the combined jerk off and knob suck. It did not take long, she closed her eyes as he blew into her mouth, and then looked up at him as she cleaned and licked his cock off. By the time she was finished, Brad's knees were bent and shaking and he wobbled off to the bathroom. She looked over at a wild eyed Larry, got down on all fours and turned her ass towards him and said, "C'mon Larry, time for some doggy, I want to get off." Larry leaped up, dropping his pants and shorts, kicking off his shoes and kneeling behind her, his cock jutting out like a baseball bat. After putting on a condom she reached around behind her, grabbed the cock and said, "Hmm God Larry, where have you been hiding this thing, it's huge, just perfect for doggy. Fuck me baby." And Larry did just that. He slowly worked his cock in, Elaine moving and adjusting to the angle and size, and started banging her, long and slow at first, his cock bent upwards like a banana as it slipped in and out of her. The three of us were enthralled at the view, all of us hard once more. As Larry got into it, he held her by the hips, and then as he became more active, reached around and found her tits, grasping them in his hands, fingers squeezing her nipples. Elaine was completely lost now, she was talking and groaning as he whaled away at her, "Ah, good, just what I needed. What a cock Larry, fuck me hard, give it to me baby. I'm cumming, I'm cumming," her body trembling, her ass cheeks clenching and unclenching. Larry straightened her up in his arms; his cock buried in her and blew his load. She turned her face to him they kissed with tongues thrashing. Her hand went around behind his neck and she said, "Beautiful, just what I needed." I could take it no longer and moved in behind her. It did not take long for me to blow my load in her. My ultimate dream, watching and participating was as Elaine fucked four guys in one evening. Elaine moved off to the bathroom. We all looked at each other in a sort of daze. They were all embarrassed and really had no words to exchange. The guys were just organizing themselves to leave when Elaine returned. She looked at all of us. She was serious when she said, "This was a one-off sort of thing guys. Bob knew something was coming. He had always wanted to see me gangbanded and you guys got to give it to me. You are all great guys; I enjoyed losing control of myself with all of you. But this is it, no point calling me for a date or a meeting. I am all Bobs. We just like to have extra fun sometimes, Okay." I wondered how all this would affect my friendship with my buddies. Would I still be part of the group, golfing and hunting and fishing and pub crawling? It turned out alright, and the subject was never raised
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    Text from Andrew just said “All yours”. Damn!
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    We invited him back
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    He finally called us and set up a date. This was before GPS was as popular as it is now so I mailed him a map and added these pics to leave no doubt about how much fun he was going to have. I thought these photos would guarantee him showing up
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    He called and left a message saying he was definitely interested in fucking Elaine but wanted a bit more info about the 3 way sex. I asked Elaine to call him back and explain our desires. When we first began she would never dream of talking to the man. Always left setting everything up to me. She let me listen in as she tried to seduce him over the phone. She said she just really enjoyed fucking and sucking two cocks. Told him she would guarantee the time time of his life. Said if he was good and got her hot he could enjoy all of her holes and maybe even DP. He sounded ready to head our way fast. Reality is we were all working and having a bit of problem finding a time for both of our schedules to work. I was afraid he might be getting cold feet. A lot of men want to fuck my wife, but some are hesitant about sharing her with me. I sent him these pics to help convince him
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    It worked a couple of times. One guy talked to me away from the others and asked me if I knew I had left a topless photo of Elaine out in the open. I laughed and asked him if he liked what he saw. He grinned and said "Who wouldn't" I thanked him and went back to the pool. I told Elaine he had seen it and what did she think about him. She said she thought he was good looking and would try to check him out. I went to the bathroom and switched the pictures and moved it to a more obscure place. I asked him to see if he thought I moved the photo enough the other guys would not see it. The ladies used an upstairs bathroom so I did not have to worry about them seeing it. This is the photo I replaced the topless one with.I scanned on my printer on regular paper and when blown up they lost a bit of sharpness
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    yes i love it is very appetizing
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    A Suggestion on what to do with Mrs. Flyboy!
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    A nice morning view taken by the wife knowing I was out of town. I love this woman
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    Juat because we have a lot of new folks here who might have missed her. Working on a plan for new images. Hard to find the time with my work schedule. Her last two lovers went interested in taking pictures. Silly men
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    Now that I look back at many of our photos I realize how much she really did love nipple stimulation
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    I guess I should have posted this before posting some of the stories about our "Hotwife" lifestyle. Gives a glimpse into how we started. Elaine married her high school sweetheart when she was 18 and had dated him since 15. She said they only had oral sex. Today that seems tame, but in the 60 s the sexual revolution was just beginning. After graduating from college she became a grade school teacher and she and hubby bought a small house. He had a job as a salesman for a brick company and they thought all was blissful After 7 or 8 years they divorced, but remained friends. I had gone to college and did a lot of wild partying with lots of girls. I married after graduating and divorced 9 years later. When I started having feelings for Elaine I told myself I was not going to marry until I was sure we were sexually compatible. Elaine had had two relationships before we hooked up, but had led a relatively straight sex life. She was great in bed, but had never done two men before. She said she never even thought of it. I was the one pushing the issue and it took over a year to make it happen, Once she realized I was not going to be jealous she opened up and became more willing to do most of the things I asked. As I look back at the past 35 years I was the one always pushing the limits and she slowly loosened up and let me lead the way. Ask anything, no matter how personal. She was using an IUD and as AIDS did not exist she let guys go bareback in the beginning. We quickly started using condoms as we became more daring with the men we choose. She would usually let a man climax where ever he wanted. Had a great ability to swallow while keeping your cock in her mouth after you shot off. Like you I encouraged her to go braless and wear revealing clothes. Here are pics from her in HS, 1st wedding and in here early or mid 20 s .
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    Elaine had learned how to perform and entertain both me and the other man. With the first few guys she was so shy she did not want me in the room when she first started playing them. I am definitely a voyeur and love watching Elaine and she knows it. She had gained confidence and was more relaxed than when she first started having sex with other guys. After getting us some drinks we sat down in the living room, the two of them on the couch and me in a chair close by. I told Todd to ignore me and just start having fun with Elaine. He was in his early 20s and Elaine was probably in her late 30s. After a little kissing and fondling Elaine stood up and took off her dress. She walked over to me, bent down and kissed me as I reached behind her and released her bra hook. As you know she has great tits and she knows it too. She stood back up a slowly pulled off her bra asking Todd if he approved. He smiled and reached for her. She teased him by covering up with her hands and showing me her boobs. I told her she should give our guest the first shot at her tits and she obliged by sitting on his lap facing him and sticking them in his mouth. He started sucking like a newborn baby. Elaine loves nipple stimulation and it always gets her going. Todd seemed content to play with her tits the rest of the evening. Elaine knows I like watching her and gives me smiles, winks and sexy looks while playing with the other guy. I told her she needed to return the favor of having her nipples sucked and suck Todd's cock. She and Todd stood up and she unbuckled his pants and pulled down his underwear then pushed him back on the couch. She got on her knees and began licking his dick. She would stop and look at me and smile before going back down on him. Soon Todd said he was going to cum if she did not quit. She looked at me and laughingly asked what she should do. When we first started entertaining other guys I had told her a lot of men don't have ladies or wives who swallow and one of Elaine's best sexual skills is blow jobs to completion. I said the night was young and so was he. She turned back and told Todd to just enjoy. Elaine is great at licking and sucking while looking you in the eyes. She can deep throat a little bit and soon she sucked him dry. After swallowing as much of your cum as she can Elaine loves looking you in the eyes and smiling with a little cum still on her lips or chin. She wiped the last drops of semen from the end of his dick and licked it of her finger. He fell back on the couch and I clapped a couple of times and told Elaine she was great. She reminded us her pussy was still not touched. We headed for the bedroom. Elaine has never been a big fan of anal sex. She has consented and let me screw in the ass, but it took begging. I finally figured out to start very slowly and let her control the speed of penetration. After several minutes of nearly no movement on my part she would eventually relax and I could bang her pretty hard in the doggy position. It always made me cum hard in her ass, but I was never sure if she really enjoyed it or was just pleasing me. I didn't push the ass fucking because she was so good in every other sexual pleasure. I had noticed the size of Todd's cock when she was sucking him. It was fairly long but not real wide. She had always told me I was too large for her butt. I didn't really believe her. I just thought it was an excuse to keep me out of her back door. When we went to the bedroom Todd excused himself to go to the bathroom. As we were pulling back the bedsheets I said "Why don't you give Todd some ass action? He is long, but slender. Maybe you will like it." She just looked at me and said nothing. He walked in and we jumped in bed and began playing with Elaine's body like a sex toy. Todd stretched her legs apart and began licking her pussy with enthusiasm. She sucked me while he was eating her beautiful pussy. Pretty soon she grabbed the back of his head and orgasmed hard on his tongue and we all enjoyed watching her spasms of fun. Everyone relaxed and relished the moment. I went and refreshed our drinks. After several minutes of talking and taking it easy I reminded Elaine neither of us had actually fucked her. She said "Well what are you waiting for?" Since I was the only one without an orgasm I got behind her doggy style while she sucked Todd back to hardness. After several minutes I could no longer hold back and shot off hard inside her. I rolled off her and just lay on the bed exhausted. Todd was uncertain of what to do as Elaine just lay on the bed not moving. I got up to go to the bathroom and told Todd he had better fuck her before she fell asleep. She just laughed and told Todd to put on a condom. When I came back they were fucking like it was their first time. He was not very tall and could fuck her missionary style and suck her tits at the same time. She rolled over and rode him for awhile leaning over and giving him her boobs. I reached behind her and, using the lubrication from my cum and her juices, slipped my finger in her anus. To my surprise, she did not object and continued fucking his cock and my finger. Taking a chance I asked Todd if he had ever fucked a lady in the ass. He mumbled no and I said to try Elaine's gorgeous behind. To my amazement Elaine got off of him and positioned herself on her hand and knees. He slipped his cock in her butt and I got the pleasure of watching my lovely wife get ass fucked by a 22 year old. She looked at me and asked if I liked watching her get fucked in the ass. I smiled and nodded yes and Todd said he didn't know about me, but he loved it. I said bang her ass hard and he did. I don't know if she actually climaxed but he came quite quickly and she seemed to be having fun. We were all exhausted. Elaine eventually left to go to the bathroom. Todd started telling me how great everything had been and hoped I was not upset. I assured him I loved watching her enjoy herself and please us. He nervously asked if he could come back sometime. I smiled and said that was up to Elaine. She reentered the room and collapsed on the bed telling us she had loved screwing us, but was too tired to go another round. Todd was playing with her boobs when she was talking and seemed disappointed when she said the sex was over. He kept tweaking her tits hoping for another round. Elaine rolled over facing him and asked him if was sure he could get hard again because she was too tired and sore to last very long. Not wanting to be greedy he asked for a farewell blowjob. She smiled as she bent over and started sucking his dick. Either he had gone a long time without sex or really liked Elaine's mouth because it wan't long before he was climaxing for a third time. When he got dressed he thanked us profusely and said he would be happy to come back again. Elaine smiled and said maybe. The pics are the dress and lingerie she wore that evening
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    From our first vacation together six months after we started dating. Destin, Florida beach. She weighed 105 lbs, LOL I think it was 1983
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    Fantastic. Definitely would love to get in all her lovely little holes.
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    After dinner Elaine cleared the table, poured us some wine and suggested that we go indoors for some poker. In this case, strip poker. She said she was in the game but wanted to change her attire. She returned in a sexy basque, sheer skimpy panties, hose and a robe barely covering her outfit. She took in her breath and smiled at me. This was a big step for her. She had never in her life been as bold as she was about to be.I was out of the game, but was the dealer. If she won a hand one of the guys, her choice, would remove an article of clothing . If one of them won, he could remove one piece of her clothing. It was obvious that she expected to get naked first, the odds three to one on each hand. When one of the guys asked what happened when she was naked, she said they could continue playing without her, but if they won the hand they would remove a piece of clothing. And then, looking around at each of them, but not at me, she said, "First guy naked gets to fuck me right here in the living room."
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    Always wanting more I continued to bug Elaine about doing a gangbang. She had always refused. Several years earlier she had almost done it when she filled in as a hostess in my weekly card game. It was unplanned, but fun. Over the years the guys in the card games are always changing, some move, job changes, etc. She finally said she would try to recreate the card game evening. We used to get together for cards and we would usually hire a hostess for the night (they all chipped in) and some of the hostess’s provided an “extra service” for those that would pay little more. In the last couple of years we quit that so Elaine thought she would bring the hostess back for one last time. Elaine met the guys at the door wearing shorts and a braless halter top. She was wearing high heels which made her ass look even better. She did her best to look hot and man she sure had accomplished that. She looked pretty hot for and middle age lady. I noticed the looks on my buddie's faces as they exchanged raised eyebrows. We all sat down on the back patio while Elaine served us drinks. Let's just say she had raised four hard-ons as she brushed against us, rubbed her tits on guys shoulders and leaned ahead until her nipples nearly poked through her top. We started playing cards as she busied herself cooking the steaks, but all eyes were really on her ass and tits as she moved back and forth, and she knew it. My buddies were trying not to look at me at all, they were all wondering where this was going. Even I was not sure how far she would take things. Sometimes she can just be a big tease.
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    I have done this one with my wife
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    This is part of story about our first sloppy seconds experience After relaxing a bit we got going again. Elaine sucked Ron hard and slipped a condom over his dick. He mounted her missionary style and I enjoyed watching them screw for awhile. We alternated fucking Elaine in various positions. The second round of sex is always more relaxed. Elaine had learned to preform a little for me. She would smile or wink at me while getting drilled or sucking cock. Sometimes she would talk and ask me if I liked what she was doing. Eventually I was laying on my back with Elaine in front of me on all fours blowing me. Ron was standing up fucking her doggy style. I had seen him put on a condom earlier so when he grabbed her hips and started cumming I didn't think anything other than it would be my turn now. When he finished cumming he pulled out he held on to Elaine's waist and kind of pushed her on top of me. That is her favorite position and she seemed to be getting close to climaxing. She was very wet and at first I thought it was just her juices. As Elaine was grinding on my cock I could not believe how wet and loose her pussy was. Her juices were oozing down my dick and onto my balls. Her pussy felt different and I just thought she was really turned on. Ron was massaging her tits and tweaking her nipples. I said "My God you are wet!". Then he winked at me and picked up a condom from the floor that was empty. We both smiled as Elaine orgasmed followed quickly by me shooting off. I don't know if it was physical or psychological but I loved fucking Elaine after Ron had climaxed in her. I was hooked on sloppy seconds after that. As Elaine rolled off me she noticed how wet we both were. She said something about us making a big mess. Ron and I smiled at each other and Elaine looked at us as asked what we were grinning about. He held up the empty condom and I said "You just gave me sloppy seconds and I loved it". She was kind of upset at first, but calmed down and finally said it was okay with her if it was okay with me. Most guys wore rubbers after that, but if we knew and trusted him Elaine would let them cum in her just so I could have the thrill of fucking her cum filled pussy. This was the little basques she wore
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    Guess what she did there... During the last weeks she gets fucked almost daily, by different men and women. She wants to reach 500 men until the end of the year. What do you think of this picture I received from her?