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    My wife went out with her BF last friday and sent this picture that just blowed my mind, hope you like it as much as I do.
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    I have sucked off many black men because of my wife and I've reached a point where I actually like sucking cocks. I was busy fluffing up my wife's boyfriend and unknowingly I deepthroated him and let him finish in my throat. Both of them were mad at me but we had a good laugh later. Now I know many black men are not into it but Idk how she manages to convince them. Are there any other cucks who like doing so?
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    I thought I would share my latest adventures. A little back story for what is going on. I recently took the advice from another member on this site (Liz) and found a guy that I knew that worked shift work and see if he was interested in me. The guys name is Travis he works day and night shift and is married to Tracy. Travis and Eddie (husband) have been friends for a couple years. Travis was very excited when finding out that I was a hotwife. So he asked me out on a date. I of course said yes. So Eddie is very excited about this but Travis wife Tracy does not know what is going on. The story of our first date I sent to Liz and thought I would share the story here. As always would love to hear any comments or suggestions. Hope you all enjoy! So I had my date with Travis last night. One of the great things was the process of getting ready. As you know that is almost as good as actually going on the date. Eddie was very sweet and made some really great under garmet selections. He picked out matching red g-string and lace bra. I felt very sexy and was really hoping to show Travis both items. Since I wasn't to sure what we were going to do I didn't want to dress too slutty. I had to try and balance being sexy for Travis but not give the impression to other people we may run into while we were out. So I decided to wear a little sundress. It was nothing to revealing but made for easy access if Travis wanted to take advantage of it. I was ready to go and had 20 minutes before Travis was supposed to pick me up. So I called Travis wife Tracy. Eddie was listening as we small talked for about 10 minutes. Then Tracy told me she had to go say goodbye to Travis because he was going out with some buddies. Tracy said maybe Eddie should tag along. I said he was busy and told her I would talk later. I could hear Travis in the background starting to say goodbye. He arrived about 10 minutes later and came in the house to pick me up. When he got inside he looked at me and just said wow. I started blushing right away. He leaned in and kissed my cheeck. Eddie said hello and told him to be safe. With that I left my house with my husbands good friend for our first date. The first ten minutes in his car was very weird. Neither of us really knew what to say or do. Finally he said he can't beleive he gets to go on a date with me. He told me about wanting me from the first time he met me and Eddie. That broke the ice and we both shared all the times we have thought about possibly being together. We arrived at our destinantion about 20 minutes later and it was the drive in theater. I told him what a perfect idea. He just smiled and said he had many more good ideas to come. It was super fun. We parked and didn't pay any attention to the movie. We sat there and talked and before I knew it we had been there for over an hour talking and flirting. There was crazy sexual tension there but I think we were both nervous to make that first move. He is so sweet and respectful. Finally I just told him he can touch and kiss me whenever he wants. That was all it took. For the next hour we sat there slowly kissing each other and groping each others bodies. It was super sexy and probably one of the best first dates ever. The movie ended and other cars were starting to leave. I asked if he was okay with me sucking on him. He quickly said of course so I undid his pants and started to give Travis a blow job. While I was doing that I felt my dress come up and he was rubbing my pussy and ass. He lifted my face up and said he wanted to fuck me but thought we should save that for another date. I smiled and went back to sucking on him. He was starting to tense up and then he filled my mouth with a lot of cum. Like a good girl I swallowed every drop and cleaned off every inch of his cock. After I was done he got his pants back on and pulled out of the drive in. The whole way home he fingered me as he drove. I came two times on the way back home. Once we got to the house he walked me to the door and we stood in front of my house kissing for about 5 minutes. I was super nervous my neighbors would see but after such a good date I didn't want to let Travis down. We said our goodbyes and he left and I went in and told Eddie everything and fucked his brains out.
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    I don't think there will be any regrets for cucks when their hotwives or girlfriends ask them to suck off their lover's manhood. I will like to see this step as a assertion that the FEMALE leads and the Male follows. Obviously there needs to be mutual consent on this matter. But I think if threesome sessions are going to be more erotic and filled with ecstasy, then cucks love to suck off the lovers' cock. Foreplays are an important part of any sex and sex without foreplays are like matches without practices. Its that much important as much as cleaning off the wife of her lover's cum and the lover's cock. Besides, bulls get heir adrenaline raging through their veins when they find a cuck so much co-operative to the hotwife. This in turn adds on to the pleasure of the hotwife. Sometimes the bull may like it, and may not like as they think this as a gay act. In those cases, the cuck in cross dress provides the extra bit of flavor. Its a part of the adventure and kinks and fetishes if need to be enjoyed, couples must be adventurous. I too have sucked off and given blowjobs to my wife's lovers. Some of them have ejaculated in my mouth too. But in most of the cases the act is limited to the fact that I make the lover's manhood hard before it can drill my wife's womanhood.
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    Perfect,,Hope she brought it all home for you to clean and swallow,then have sloppy seconds,,PERFECT ... The first pic is one She sent me from work, 5 mins after being fucked,, The second is me cuming looking at it,then sending the pic to her..
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    Maybe one day you might. I've sucked over 40 cocks and most of them told me I was really good at it.
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    This is the one fantasy of mine Elaine has never done. Maybe the reason I dream about it is because we never did it, LOL Hubby takes a nice shot of his SUPER SEXY shared wife enjoying a GREAT night of dogging, with lots of horny strangers lined up to fuck her!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!
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    Enjoy, guys my Helen on her office
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    Want to hear your comments
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    my Ex-Wife had me "fluffing" Her Men before they fucked Her bareback, (esp. after my 1stEx-Wife told Her i used to beg to clean Her up after they finished filling Her up)! Next was cleaning both up after they fucked...Then She thought it would be Hott for me to lick His ass as He pounded Her pussy. Wasn't long before i was begging to suck them or have them fuck me too!! Now i go to the "Glory hole" to just suck cocks!! Sometimes Her B/F or Ex-BF will come by for me to suck them!! She even invited two of Her G/F's who couldn't go home to hubby smelling like cum, to use me to clean both up after their B/F filled up their Hott pussies...one time both showed up after 10pm on a Sat night!! Both Ex-Wives still call me their "lil' cocksucker!! i am a well-trained cuck-hubby now!! One guy even told Her that He had me suck Him dry at the glory-hole!!
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    when maryann first let me know she was fucking a black salesman at work i was surprised we then discussed black sex we both agreed she would start bringing them home with her rather then sneaking to motel at first i helped her get ready for her dates picking clothes heels panties helping her shave her pussy with bubble bath later began entertaining them til she was ready then one suggested i get him readt for \her so i sucked his cock til it was hard theb after that i found i enjoyes it and began offering to do it to all
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    Here we Go with the First My favorite erotica Cuckold network My Wife At a Party Posted on May 3, 2016 12:24 am by admin This is what happened one night at a party. Wendy my wife is 35 weighs about 135 pounds and is 5’11” her tits are a D cup. We have been married for 15 years and have two kids but from the way here body looks it is hard to tell. She has always been very conservative about her dress and showing off her body. I had always wanted her to show off more and had even tried to get her to talk about it while we were having sex but she would always say she couldn’t. It was always in the back of my mind and I would fantasize about it all the time. I had to go to a party for my work and I told her she really needed to wear a short black dress we had bought a few years back that she never wears. She complained about it but gave in eventually. The party was at a hotel about 4 hours from us so we had drove down that day and checked into the hotel. When it was time to leave she walked out and looked so good I almost did not want to go to the party any more. We arrived at the party a little late and we were met at the door to the ballroom of the hotel by one of the guys from work who just kept talking to Wendy and brushed me off. I gave her a kiss and said “I am going to the bar and get us some drinks”. Wendy stayed there with Steve. I worked from home most of the time so Wendy had never meet most of the people from work. From the bar I watched as they got a table and were just chatting Wendy looked so good setting there here long brown hair in contrast to here milky white skin she kept laughing at whatever Steve kept saying to her. I took our drinks back to the table and Wendy said “I wanted a Coke”. I just smiled and said “it’s a party just have a couple of mixed drinks”. Now Wendy who never drinks said “no, that’s ok I will get a Coke in a while”. As part of my job I had to talk to some potential clients and got up to mingle Wendy just stayed at the table. After about 20 minutes I looked back at the table to see Wendy talking to a couple of guys and sipping a drink. I wondered what she was doing, I never thought she would actually drink anything as she never does. I walked back over to the table to check on her and saw she was ok and talking to guys from one of our other offices. She and I talked for a minute. She knew she would be without me most of the party because of me talking to clients and told me to go on she was fine. I left her and went back to making my rounds. I kept glancing over at her and she seemed to be getting more relaxed as the night went on. I even saw her get up and dance a couple of times something else she never does. I stopped back by to check on her and she was feeling no pain and talking away, did not even notice I was there she was too busy talking to the guys setting with her. She was laughing and seemed to really be enjoying herself. The party was really crowded and I noticed Wendy was not at the table. As I walked around looking for her and saw her dancing with a guy I had not seen before. He was holding her very close and his hand kept moving to her ass. She did not even try to move it but looked up at him and they started kissing. When the dance was over they went back to the table. I was actually I little jealous, but turned on. I walked over to the table and introduced myself. The guy was a client I had not met. We talked a few Minutes and Wendy got up to go to the restroom. He started talking about how she was letting him do whatever he wanted to her on the dance floor and he was sure it was going to be a good night. I let him know that Wendy was my wife and he turned red as could be. I explained to him how it was ok and not to worry I did not mind. I always wanted to watch her flirt and play around but never thought she would do as much as she already had. While talking I think I got the point across to him that I was ok with whatever she would let him do as long as I got to watch but did not think anything would happen. When Wendy returned I asked her to dance. Once on the floor we talked about everything that she had been doing. She told me how she had a buzz after the drink and just let things go too far. After a long conversation she knew I was not mad and that I had really liked the Idea and was getting turned on thinking about it. Then I said it “Do you think you might want to ask Gary to go back up to the room?” Wendy just looked at me like you can’t be serious. All I could say was “ I think you really enjoyed playing with him so far and you can have another drink and just flirt and when he leaves you will be turned on for me.” Wendy said “if that is what you really want but just some flirting.” We returned to the table and Wendy sat down beside Gary and me on the other side of him. I said “you know this is calming down in here do you think you would want to come up to our room for a last round?” Gary looked at Wendy and said “sure why not.” And to our surprise the guy Gary was talking to said “hey can I join.” Gary said Shane this is Steve he works with me is that ok?” I thought great no fun now but Wendy said “Sure why not the more the merrier.” The four of us headed to the room. Once we went in I went to over to a small table and set down a bottle of vodka and rum I brought from downstairs and started to make some drinks. Wendy kicked of her heels and plopped down on the end of the bed. I gave everyone a rum and Coke including Wendy and we just kind of looked at each other not knowing what to say. Wendy whose drink I had mixed very strong turned her cup up and started to cough saying “oh my God I can’t believe I just drank that yuk.” We all started laughing thank goodness that had broken the ice and it was not long till we were all laughing and talking again. I gave everyone another drink and Wendy looked at me funny and just turned it up again. She looked up at me and said “are you trying to get me drunk?” I just laughed and we all went back to talking. It was not long till Gary had got up to use the bathroom and when he came back he sat by Wendy. He would put his hand on her leg and rub while he was talking to her. Soon the conversation started to turn to sex. To my surprise Wendy was actually joining in and answering questions about does size matter and that kind of stuff. Then to my surprise Wendy looked at Gary and said “Well what about shaving do you like pussy shaved smooth or some hair on top or trimmed all over?” Gary not expecting it came back with “I like hair just above it and smooth below.” Wendy looked at me and said “Wow he likes how I do it Shane is always asking me to shave it all off.” Gary looked at her and said “I would love to see that.” Wendy came back with “I think Shane would like for you to see it to.” Then Steve chimed in with “Please there is no harm in seeing? Would you just give us a peek?” Wendy said “maybe in a minute” and got up to go pee. As she walked out of the room Gary and Steve just looked at me. I told them “Whatever she will let you do but do not expect much I am telling you.” About that time Wendy walked in and said “What do you mean do not expect much? What are you guys talking about?” Wendy sat back down on the bed her legs hanging off the end. She laid all the way back reached her arms above her head and pulled a pillow under her head. She closed her eyes and said” You can look but do not touch” and kept her eyes closed. She was now lying beside Gary and Steve got up and sat on the other side of her legs. Gary looked at me I got up and walked over and grabbed the bottom of her dress and lifted the hem slowly sliding it up her thighs. Just as it reached the top of her thigh she said again “No touching” and her pubic hair came into view. We were all just looking at her not believing she had taken her panties off. Gary asked “would you mind spreading your legs just a little so we can see it all” Without missing a beat Wendy spread he legs and we could see her now very wet inner lips glistening with her juices. Gary sighed and said “Yes that is just how I like it” I said “Why don’t you take you dress off so they can see all of your great body including those great tits of your.” To my surprise Wendy stood up pulled the dress over her head took off her bra and then just laid back down. Gary slowly reached a hand out and touched her tit Wendy jumped a little but then moaned and kept her eyes closed. He started to rub more and more stopping to play with her very erect nipples. She kept her eyes closed and started to squirm a little. Steve then being a little bolder started to rub her leg higher and higher till he was coming close to reaching her now puffy lips. Gary then leaned his head over and started to suck her right nipple and play with her left with his hand as he got on all fours beside her. Wendy started to moan louder and Steve moved his hand all the way up till he was messaging her pussy on the outside. As Steve would reach her Clit she would squirm under his touch. Then I noticed her reach out her right hand and start rubbing Gary’s cock on the outside of his pants. I could not believe what was happening. Was my shy wife really going to fuck these 2 guys in front of me? Gary reached down and undid his pants and started to pull them down. Wendy laid back and spread her legs as Steve now inched his face between them. As his tongue started to lick he pussy Wendy let out a very loud moan and said “Is this what you wanted to see baby?” I said nothing and just watched as she grabbed her nipples and started to give them a little tug. Now Gary was fully undressed and crawled on the bed beside Wendy’s head. He laid his good size cock if I was guessing I would say 7 ½ inches long and very thick on her cheek. Wendy wrapped her hand around it and guided it to her mouth. She stuck her tongue out and started to lick the head and then as she moaned again from the licking Steve was doing tried to get it in her mouth. She was trying her best to get the whole mushroom shaped head in her mouth but it was so thick she was having trouble. She started moving her mouth up and down the side of it as Steve now had 2 fingers in her finger fucking her as he licked at her clit. Steve pulled back away to start undressing and as he did Wendy pulled Gary’s cock toward the bottom of the bed as if wanting him to take Steve’s place. As Gary moved into position Wendy opened her eyes and looked at me and said “Are you sure this is what you want to see? You want me to be their slut?” By this time Gary was no positioning himself on top of Wendy and lifting her knees up to get in line with her soaked pussy. I just pulled my dick out and started to stroke it watching what was about to take place. Wendy Reached down and guided the head to her opening. As Gary started to push forward with his hips I could see her lips resisting the large head. They slowly started to part as Gary pushed harder as Wendy moaned loudly “Oh God that is big.” That gave Gary all the motivation he needed has he pushed harder as the head disappeared inside her. Gary groaned out as he sunk more if his cock in her until you could just see his balls lying against her. He then pulled out until just the head was inside and pushed back in again. As he started to get a rhythm going Steve got on his knees beside her head and put his dick to her mouth. Wendy opened her mouth as she moaned and Steve shoved the head in. This was now the wildest scene I had ever witnessed. Two guys were using my formerly shy conservative wife like their personal slut. Wendy would moan every time that Gary pushed in deep and suck as hard has she could on Steve’s cock. Gary started to pick up speed And Wendy stopped sucking Steve as she started to scream “Yes fuck me , Oh God fuck me hard!!!” Then Gary pulled his dick out which the head made a pop sound as it came out. He turned her over and got her on her hands and knees and shoved back in hard and pulled her head up by her long brown hair. Her tits were swinging violently as he took her hard from behind. Steve took the chance and got in front of her and shoved his cock in her open mouth and started to push it as far as it would go. As Gary would push from behind it would force more of Steve’s dick down her throat. Tit was not long till his balls were on her chin. She was actually deep throating him but I did not know if it was by choice. Steve grabbed the back of her head and moaned as he dropped his seed deep down her throat. Wendy gaged at first but then it started to flow from around his dick down her chin. Steve lay in front of her and she laid her head on him moaning while Gary continued to assault her from behind. It was not long till Wendy was screaming “yes oh God yes.” She just kept saying “yes” over and over again and her Body was shaking with the hardest orgasm I had ever seen her have. Gary was slamming her so hard she would move forward till just her tits were on Steve and push back to meet Gary’s next thrust. Then Gary grabbed her hips and buried himself to his balls in her moaning loudly I could tell he was unloading in her. She just stayed there with her head on Steve panting to catch her breath till Gary finally started to pull out. As he withdrew his now shrinking cock Wendy just kept her ass in the air. Gary got off the bed walked to the side closest to her head lifted her by her head and guided it to his cum soaked cock and forced her to lick it clean and to my surprise she did without even blinking. After a few minutes Steve and Gary got dressed said their goodbyes and Kissed Wendy as they left. Wendy had just stayed on the bed not even trying to cover up she laid on her back with Gary’s cum still leaking from her wide open lips. She looked at me and asked “is that what you had wanted to see all this time?” I crawled up next to her and said “Well I guess but, but I am not sure I was ready for all that at once.” She just laughed and said “If you are going to go, go big.” I laughed as I moved in and started to kiss her. I could taste the mixture of both of them on her lips and tongue as we kissed. She knew I was still hard and pulled me on top of her. My dick slid straight in with no resistance and as we made love she looked at me and said “I guess you were right, there is a difference between making love and being fucked.” I looked at her with my dick inside her with Gary’s juices providing all the lubrication I could need and said “What do you mean?” She said “Well they just fucked me the best I ever have been but they can never make love to me like you are now.”
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    Last night my friend invited on dinner and my wife not intrested to surf and make food for him she say he is time waster last night when he come she wear this sexy dress with out bra and panty that very shocked for me 1st I was confused but after that I enjoy and in the end my friend enjoy with her
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    Who wants to play the dice and dare game?
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    I have never asked my husband to suck anyone but I've had clean me up a time or two.
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    sometimes pics from her bull also speak about about the ecstasy and pleasures they had. I have posted a sample.
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    Cheers for my wife´s tits .....
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    Hi. Does anyone else feel that cartoons is a good way of illustrating your fantasies? I think the photos out there, and the captions, often is kind of tacky. Here is some cartoons that pretty much sum up my fantasies. The last photo is a my wife though
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    Picture sent by my wife for Sunday night. She was not at home and sent me the pic for my lonely night.
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    This is what my wife sends me from work,after a good fuck from her Boss,I have to be ready when she gets home, to clean her, then she wanks me telling me all about the fuck,and by whom ,I LOVE MY WIFE XXX
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    That is hot! I love fucking my girls cum filled pussy! One of the sexiest things I think she does is when she comes home with that little attitude after going out for a couple drinks. I'm already in bed and I hear her get undressed and she comes and sits on my face for me to clean her dirty pussy. I find that hot! Or she will rub her wet cum filled panties on my lips and face until I wake up and clean her sexy pussy. I love that!
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    A few years ago I started creating porn Photoshop fakes of my wife because I had an urgent need to visualize my fantasy of sharing my wife and seeing another man fucking her. Unfortunately, my wife did not like the idea of another man in our bedroom. But my fantasy and the urge to see my wife being aroused by another man’s cock would not subside. So I decided to photoshop some hardcore fakes of her. This was a great visualization and I had some quality blood-boiling fapping moments. I decided to hone my Photoshop skills and started to make fakes for other like-minded husbands and boyfriends on corresponding forums. And I think I’m getting better at this. I attached a few of them to show. I show only those works that I’m allowed to show all other works are private and I won’t show them.
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    There was this trip we made to negril so my wife wanted to actually have a romantic time with one of the guys before they went to bed. It was the first time we visited there and she wanted me around. The guy told me if I wanted to be around I had to keep him hard. I spent over an hour under the table sucking him while he chatted and petted Vicky. She considers those one of the most romantic moments of ours.
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    My cucky loves to suck cock as much as I love to watch him. He has even entertained my lover who's showed up early before I'm home from work. Cucky had a day off so it was perfect timing. He sucked his cock then took him bareback in his little man pussy where my lover planted a load of seed lol. When I got home my lover was ready to go again and for a long time. My lover took a pic and texted it to me, it was of my cucky bent over the couch, his hole wide open and leaking the deposit LOL. Loved it and couldn't wait to get home
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    I became curious whilst sharing my wife in regular threesomes (with an extra man), but those men were very hetero. I told my wife and she urged me to find out (she is bi). So I found a guy and sucked his cock untill he came in my mouth. I loved it! Can't really say why. I very much want to do it again, preferably alone though. Having my wife there would, at the moment, be more of a distraction for me. This whole thing surprises me somewhat because in every other aspect, I am not attracted to men and I have no other fantasies with men at all, just sucking cock And that fantasy (and one time experience) is extremely strong! Aside from them also fucking my wife while I watch but that is a whole different lust.
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    I have sucked many black cocks my wife love to watch me before they fuck her and have cleaned up both of them when they are finished
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    I always suck wifes boyfriends cocks if she tells me to didn't like it at first but now I'm fully trained I love it
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    My wife has never ever asked me to even lick her pussy after she had him bareback, but I loved sucking his cum from her well-used pussy just to show her that there was absolutely no doubt that I approved of her having his naked cock inside her.
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    Hi. Ive had this fantasy for a few years now, would love to speak to her about it but i dont think it would go down very well. So i would love for the wife to go out on a night out meet a stunning 6ft black man, get talking to him have a few drinks a dance and some horny flirting! Then he suggests going back the her place... she agrees but suggests he brings a friend along. So they all get home have few drinks and laughs downstairs while im in bed. She comes upstairs and wakes me tell me to come downstairs, she has a suprise! I get down there and she starts to undress. Gets on her knees and starts sucking. Things start gettin abit rough and i dont like it, she ties me down and says they can be as rough as they like with me. She goes back and starts sucking again, then she gets fucked from behind while sucking a cock on top of me lay on the floor. She then makes me suck 1 cock while playing with the other balls while she is loving every minute!!!!!!!! If ud like to talk more this is my skype cid-(6513404689229607165)@outlook.com
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    To all the hotwives and hotmoms. This is a special post I find and dedicate it to you all. This is awesome. A woman who is both a hotwife and a hotmom. Just imagine the erotica when both her husband and boy jerks off as she sores the highest heaven? Just imagine the kink and fetish and the ecstasy that you can draw from this series.
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    I hooe you licked her clean!!
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    Hi all, have a long held fantasy of sharing my wife and myself being cucked whilst she does it. If you like her pics let me know and I'll post more.
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    Photos sent by my whore from work, shot her boss
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    This peignoir I gave the bride when we met Christmas with friends, and she wore my present and spent the whole evening in it with my friends...
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    Let there be no mistake that I like cleaning her dirty pussy because I'm fucked up in the head and I like shit that's wrong! I don't know who said it decided on what's right or what's wrong for me in my life but it doesn't matter because I decided along time ago that I don't give a fuck if I like it I'm doing it! Period! But the fact remains is that she gets her pussy full by who ever her little clitty desires because i allow her to! Period! No bullshit I am the one who owns that pussy and I can tell you she has to do one thing and I mean perfect. Tell me all about it. Every fucking dirty detail. How she sucked it how he fucked it anal big cock maybe he forced her (couple times that happened.... she fucking loved it.... that's why she is my girl) what ever she does no matter how embarrasing or shocking or dirty it is she has to tell me about it. I will lick her clean... pound that cum filled pussy and make her lick his cum off my dick! She didn't even want to do this. Thought I was fucking crazy. I told her and slowly broke her in and now she has big black cock begging me to fuck her again because there is one more rule! 1 time is all she gets and I decide the rest! I fuck her and take her to places she has never been sexually better then ant black cock or whatever. Nobody will ever out due me when it comes too maximum enjoyment in our bedroom. I love this site I don't always understand why you all due some of what you do. But I respect your lifestyle i think it's hot in so many ways. You're wives are kinky and sexy and just having sexuall deviants that I myself are very fond of. Thank you for reading my book but I believe my girl is home and I got a call from her early evening but she didn't say anything. All I could hear is her getting fucked and moaning by more then one sooo I have to go! Keep it dirty people!
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    Share some pics Paul. Glad u dug it. A little weekend snack
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    Here's my wife
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    The thought of cleaning his cock has been rolling around in my fantasies....If wife asked/told me to suck him....and he wasn't freaked out about it ....I WOULD ,,,I LOVE EATING CUM FROM HER PUSSY ...SO WHY NOT..... IT IS JUST GOING THE EXTRA STEP TO PLEASURE YOUR WIFE......or am I wrong here?
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    And you thought I forgot? Aww, today's topic, panty treats -
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    Is this better?
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    Best of best, creampie is lot taste better
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    Cartoons are always the best ways to illustrate your passion, love, likes, dislikes on any issue. Cuckolding is no exception. Many online toon sites come up with splendid collection of cartoons to focus female dominance in a relationship in a variety of ways. Kudos to the creator of this topic.Here are some of best collections