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    there you go. shesmore trimmed in this pic,so that you can see the shape and colour of her pussy lips and pubic stubble. pls cum &&&&&! ;-)
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    Hello everyone. Here a few snaps of my lady. We have been in the lifestyle for 2 years and I am still trying to embrace my cuck side. Feel free to pm me and advice me.
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    Aberdeen Scotland
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    Here a some pics she had her stud send me while I was away.she often likes to tease me by doing this.
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    What sticks in your mind is getting to lick and suck another mans cum from her pussy....fucking fantastic
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    Hi all, have a long held fantasy of sharing my wife and myself being cucked whilst she does it. If you like her pics let me know and I'll post more.
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    When your wife is a hardcore party goer and you just can't control her.
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    What was your best cuckold experience? For me, the first time my wife had our best friend would take some beating. The knowledge that she was finally experiencing sex with someone else, that he was between her legs, that his cock was sliding deep inside my wife's lovely little pussy was best for me. Little did I know that he was having her bareback, it was super to find and lick his cream pie inside her afterwards. A close second would be the first time I was working away from home, I had to stay in a hotel for a week, and knowing that my wife's lover was tucked up in our marital bed with her every night was a real turn-on. What about your best experiences?
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    I like her pussy photos. I would enjoy using my tongue to explore it before I use my cock to explore further.
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    Sharing your wife can be a struggle at times. I have managed it a couple of times, but then her social conditioning and insecurity fears seem to dampen progress. At 51 my wife doesn't like her body....what woman is ever happy. I thought it might be a good idea to make a complication video of guys wanking over her pics. They would request pics direct from me and I would email them. Then whilst they are clearly displayed on their PC screen they would wank and vido a short clip with their mobile whilst ensuring their cock and my wife are clearly seen on their mobile. Then email it back to me. Once I have made the compilation I would share it with any guy that has contributed. obviously hard large cocks would be good in the clips, cumming even better. Would be good to see bulls as well as cucks contribute. No need to show your face just your cock and my wife in the shot. i would then show my wife to prove to her how desirable she is to other guys and get her to tell me which cocks turn her on the most. Hopefully this would encourage her to once again sample someone else's cock for real. Let me know if you fancy seeing more of my wife and are prepared to help out. Over the years I have tried lots of different schemes to get her laid by other men. Some of them have worked, but all have been exciting to try. Maybe this will be a scheme that goes into the....did work...category. Would you like to think you helped in furthering a wife into the lifestyle? also happy to keep any contributed up to date with how my wife is progressing. Who knows you may end up benefiting for real if we can just tip her over the edge and make her abandon her barriers.... please help ell in her corruption.
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    My wife always try's to bring me something home to help me remember specific date nights that she has with other men. Its challenging for me to remember the little nick-nack she bought at some hotel gift shop, and I have to remember who her date was and all the details she told me. I know its going to be a good night for me when she goes to her memory case and grabs 3 or 4 nick-nacks and brings them to bed. Typically when this happens I have to remember and retell her all the details from the nights that those items represent while she bounces up and down on my cock with her eyes closed reliving the events. The names are extremely important because if I can't give her the man's or maybe the multiple men she was with that night she has nothing to call me. She wont call me by my name when she has sex with me she only calls me by some other guys name and always with her eyes closed. Although this last weekend was a little different, This time she recorded this video. I get the feeling I will be watching this video a lot while she uses me. I'm not sure who her date was last weekend so if its any of you bulls out there let me know. She told me she met him at the casino bar and that it was a one night thing and that she never traded numbers. So if its you tell me what else you wanted to do but didn't. I will tell her and who knows if its exciting enough for her she will probably want to hook up. She did say she was surprised at how good the sex was. wifemadeforme.mp4
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    It's been a while since I posted any pics of my MILF wife. Here you go. Her hard nipples, selfie tits and thick ass for you to enjoy.
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    Just a pic I like cover pho to is my wife
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    Been married over 12 years. I convinced her to go to a nude beach with me while on vacation in Miami. My 4" was the smallest there. That night when making love I said, "you like my big cock" and she immediately said your tiny. Since that night she says I'm tiny. I told her she deserves bigger but she says she wouldn't do it. I tried to introduce bigger toys for her and most times she would say no and just use the magic wand on her clit to cum. Before the nude beach I could make her cum fucking her but a few months after that she stopped cumming with my cock in her. Now she want a bigger dildo every time. She usually rides me and I cum fast then I get out the dildo so she can have pleasure. I'm hoping she will decide she needs to feel real.
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    .....& film her sucking cock of an eager admirer and then watch him groan as his cum bombs over her pretty face & tits
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    She sent me these tonight while I'm away
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    Thought it about time I shared some more of my wife here is a pic she sent me the second time she met with her then lover,
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    She needs a real man to fuck her deep and hard. Anyone up for the challenge?
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    She usually goes topless
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    so i thought i'd show you more. feel free to send pic requests and comment honestly and candidly on what you see!
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    She loves to tease and is often braless when we shop or go out and if she sees some one that she fancies it's home time for me or she will just tease me
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    BritishCuckGuy....that was on her knees...head down, ASS UP
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    More of my favorite scenes from the net. Ladies looking at their man as they are getting fucked by another man. Love the last pic with family photo on nightstand
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    Hi, I'm new here. I wanted to show you my pussy and more. What do you think?
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    Some photos for you guys to get some ideas on what youd want to do with my beautiful girl comment or inbox to talk about her
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    so kind of her to cocktease you like this!
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    Just a couple pics of a cuck and his wife
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    She always dresses like this, gets me worked up all the time
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    My wife spend a night with her new bull, came back home with lots of bite marks.
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    Pregnancy years. Who wouldn't want to breed her?
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    I want you to leave her like this for me to clean up please.
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    I've put beth up in chat for quite some time, but thought I'd post her here as well. Let me know what you think of her.
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    More from the net and one from me of ladies smiling at their man while taking care of other men
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    The best experience I ever had was also the first experience when I ever shared her She talked about that she need an additional cock because my cock alone would not be eougth and then finally I bound her on a chair presenting tits ass and clit. I then left the flat and informed her that I will ask someone on the Street. She thought Iam joking, but after approx 15 minutes I went back with two strangers.... First she was a little bit shocked but she got really horny after a vew minutes...
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    Does everyone like like their wife or gf entertaining like this?
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    So when I first met my wife she told me that she was previously married to a black man. I was instantly turned on by the fact. She is 5' 4" slim build and has a nice thick ass. Black hair and tattoos as well. So we dated for around 6 months and decide to get married. Shortly after I was married I had to leave for about 7 months and that's when it started. We started talking dirty to one another via email and I let the cat out of that bag. I told her I wanted to see her with a black guy and to my surprise she was open to the fact. Shortly after I have gotten home we found a guy on the net on the local area. Next thing you know he's showing up at the house and one thing leads to another. My wife starts sucking his big black cock and asks me is this what you want honey? And all I could do is say yes. She told me to get over there so I can get that pussy nice and wet and ready for that big black cock to pound the shit out of her like she been longing for. So i start eating that pussy knowing that this big cock is about to be stretching my wife's tight little pussy. I get her nice and wet and she pushes me off and then tells him she's wet and ready for that big cock. He slowly sticks his big black cock in my wife's pussy and commences to fuck her harder and deeper then I could ever imagine. She was screaming and having organism after organism and all I could do was watch. She fucked him for about 30 minutes and told me to get over their and lick that pussy again to get it wet. While I was eating her she was sucking him off again and the kept asking me how that pussy taste after a big black cock had been in it. And I said it taste wonderful. He finally bust a nut all up in her pussy and then made me fuck her while talking dirty asking me how it felt to fuck that pussy after it been beat up by a big black cock. I instantly busted all up in side her. By far one of the best experiences ever. Now we have a regular bull that comes over once every 2 weeks to beat that pussy up. We normally go to Victoria secrets and buy some hot new pantie sets and send the bull pics and allow him to choose which one she will wear. She always wears them for a BBC first. Them when ever it see her wearing them around the house it always reminds me she took a BBC the first time she wore them. We wake up everyday and go on with like nothing ever happened. Marriage is good and healthy still can't complain going on 5yrs now. However I think the neighbors may suspect what's going on but who gives a shit lol.
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    When it was ready to pop
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    I have,a husband who wants me to show off his wife. Tell me what you think
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    Curiosity took over and found a load of pics on her cloud that she never sent me, I love the idea that another man is fucking her, comment for more
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    My first wife and I got hooked up with an older couple within in a couple months we were drinking smoking weed and watching porn one night he suggested our wives switch and sit next to the other hubby, I saw my wife kiss get felt up and finally take his cock out which was much larger than mine. His wife cuddled and kissed on me but was more interested in having me watch her hubby seduce my wife remember her grabbing my balls thru my pants and said don't say a word just watch.
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    Then there are those OTHER brides...those even sexier brides. Those over-sexed brides. I think Mr. brans is hoping his wife will be one of THOSE brides. Over-sexed? Oh yes...brides that simply cannot get enough sex. Or brides that a just down-right sluts! Sluts for other men. Total sluts that have absolutely no intention of giving up their lust for other men. Sluts that let their future hubby know that right from the very start. In fact, some of these dirty sluts and her new husband exchange vows knowing...KNOWING....that they will be spending their wedding night with a man other than the brand new husband. A cuck husband...a CUCK husband that knows his new bride will be fucking another man...or men...and his role, the new hubby's role is to be photographer. There are THOSE kind of slut-brides....