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    This is a takeoff from a quote I like by Kant...L thought I should share it. “Only when men and women are able to make sexual choices free of stigma will people be honest with their partners about their desires.“ This is something that both of us are learning...albeit with very different approaches and attachments. The stigma associated with the wife who is in a sexually-female-led relationship is very different than the husband’s. This is something I’m still learning to be free from and emotionally dissociated with. While, I’m sure I will never be completely free from the stigma/baggage that comes with this lifestyle and while I’m equally sure I will always wrestle internally with it, I’m also quite certain that this lifestyle creates and has created a place for us to be both verbally and expressively honest about our desires.
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    I'll try to post pictures and gifs of cuckolds cleaning up a creampie or drinking the bull's cum. All pictures are taken from the internet, so I apologize if they are a bit stereotypical....
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    My wife being used last weekend
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    Nothing I love more, as a cuck, than sucking BBC cum from my hot womans, well fucked pussy&asshole! When she sucks on that BBC, and he cums in her mouth, she kisses me with bbc cum still in her mouth, and I drink every drop. Yummmmmmmmmm!!! Yes I am a BBC cum loving cuck! 24/7 no problem, yummy! I love it when she squats over my open waiting mouth, q×and let's it drain in my mouth, from her well fucked pussy&asshole, yesssssss! I love it! I'm her faithful loyal cuckold, and I totally look out for her total pleasure, she totally loves for me to watch her dug out&stretched by monster BBC's and I love watching also! She loves me to suck her BBC lovers cum from her EXTREMELY, well fucked pussy&asshole! She loves to cum spit me every time she sucks a BBC until cumming, she gives awesome sloppy top! So many BBC's pop first nut in her mouth, that's been the major extent of our venture into BBC cuck world, but we are going ALL the way! She is BBC, only and a BBC size queen she needs&will get daily BBC fucking, yesssss!
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    Busty bitch Lisa sucks and fucks every other day. She wants to be the dirtiest slut in Seattle - getting there. Fucked more than 200 cocks already and the bitch is till hungry as a sex-starved fuckmeat
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    All of my wife’s work colleagues know. Made the mistake of fucking a colleague and his wife found out and blabbed to everyone. On the other hand, it is pretty hot to visit her at work when I know they all know my wife fucked around. Otherwise i find it delicious that no one else knows and would never suspect that my shy, sweet little wifey has been fucked by 20 different men (all singly mind you) in over 400 sessions since we married:)
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    I posted some pictures in Cuckold Talks but I figured this would be the more appropriate Board. She's not yet done anything related to the Lifestyle yet but I'm slowly introducing her. There might be excessive Blurring but better safe than sorry. Tell me what you think and what you'd do. Enjoy.
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    The true breakfast of champions 😉
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    Hey all Just writing to let you know that at 10 am EST I’ll be having my first day date in a while. I’ve had lots of day dates but its been a little while since I had one and I thought I’d celebrate by sharing it with you . But that’s not the only reason I’m sharing it with you before it happens...I’m also sharing it so that Steve can have some fun with it...if he wants to. (I know you’ll be reading this too, babe 😍). Steve is at work and so he doesn’t get to watch this time...but he is sorta participating. Whether or not he tells you how he’s participating...I’ll leave that up to him 😂. So...if you want to...be watching your clocks. At 10 am Robert will be knocking on my door...by 10:15 or so we’ll be making out...by 10:30 his big black cock will surely be in my mouth (maybe sooner, I’m a little excited )...by 10:45 or 11, depending on how much foreplay we feel like...his big black cock will be buried in my pussy...fucking me until he cums ❤️ ❤️ ❤️. Since its our first time together alone in a little while...he may want me more than once so not sure when I’ll be back on . Enjoy everyone...especially you Steve ...can’t wait for you to get home! 💋 💋 💋 (not too soon though, k? I’m going to be busy for a while )
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    todays offering
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    Me, my husband, my neighbor who fucks me regularly and a guy from Steve’s rec league basketball team that fucked me twice. No one else. Except for all you beautiful people
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    Yesterday in the bar my wife told my close friend that she likes big cocks and that mine was very small.
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    Who knows her? Message me if you know her or if you have more pics or videos.
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    anyone else enjoy up-skirt views ?
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    Wife during holidays at Crete....
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    Some original captions of mine. Thanks @Beatoffboy for providing the raw material. I hope you like them.
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    The look on hte cuck's face is priceless!
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    Thank you for the constructive criticism. While we’re not quite up to the standards of “Days Of Our Lives”...we’re trying! And with support like yours, I’m sure we’ll get there! Thanks. That was obviously tongue in cheek. The above response from Athlete951 is appropriate and gracious...I will try and follow suit. Point by point: Days Of Our Lives: Hardly. We have yet to share a story where L marries my twin brother after I ceremoniously drive my car over a cliff only to find out later that I was still alive and kept prisoner by an evil local businessman....and that I never had a twin brother! Maybe try Days Of Our Cuckolding Lives. Site going backwards because of L’s posts: If it is, and it’s because we are to blame, then we will gladly stop. I’m not sure how we measure that, though. Suggestions? Maybe you’re in charge of that department? If so, please submit an official complaint or banish us. If not, then make your complaint with someone who has that authority. If not again, direct your complaint towards us in a more thoughtful way than indirect, snippy remarks. I will gladly listen. Is there only one couple on here: I’m not sure. Is being a couple a site violation? I no (know) it is how different couples get off: If so, glad we could help. I think that is precisely what this site is for. Do we need to no (know) everything they do or say: I don’t think that was our attention, but I had a grapefruit for breakfast and a cup of coffee. Earlier I said to my wife, “you left the north chicken coop unlocked. Try not to do that or a predator will get in again.” As Athlete951 stated, if L’s brand of “exhibitionism” isn’t to your liking, feel free to not read it. There are subject contents on this side that aren’t my cup of tea, but it doesn’t bother me. Want to know the secret to my peaceful coexistence? I don’t make snide, undirected comments AFTER reading what is not my flavor...I just don’t read it. Novel idea, I know. Try it. I no (know) I’m going to cop it but all is good: I’m confused. If all is good, what was the point of your passive aggression? Pick a lane. All in all, this sort of thing isn’t my favorite either, but L loves it and so I play along. But one of the things we were searching for was a safe community for us (primarily L) so that we could be around and get to know people with like minds. Sharing and learning from more seasoned lifestylers is a big part of that and one great purpose for this site. L treats this site as her very own social media and I’m glad she has it. For a people with a less than permitted, sexual preference by society...this is a great place to find some normalcy whereas anywhere else we would most definitely be castigated and censored. Thanks for fitting in with society and thanks for reading! Steve
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    As a cuckold, willing& happy, I never want to see my hot wife humiliated, hhhhhhhhh my hot wife, some bodies going to get a BIG hurt!!! As a good cuck I protect my.hot wife, and yes I adore seeing huge BBC in all my wifes holes, and I happily, dutifully suck out ALL cum from all holes, she sucks his huge thick dick make love to his dick with her lips&tongue until he cums in her mouth, then with cum still in her mouth, she kisses me, and I swallow all the cum in her mouth, mmmmm! Does that sound like she is being humiliated? She is having the time of her life, she's BBC owned now! A BBC size queen, she's BBC ONLY!!! Does that sound like humiliation for her? "NO" maybe for me! But I love it, crave&beg for more, I love being her cuckold, sex slave, yesssssss!
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    Mt872, great post. Definitely a good conversation starter. I always believe that safety is the number one concern in the lifestyle, but discretion is pretty close behind. As the "third wheel" I believe I have a strong responsibility for ensuring that my couple's lifestyle remains as much of a secret as they want it to be. That involves not telling people in my life details about them, sharing pictures, etc. If and when they choose to become more open, I will as well, but again it is always their prerogative. Things are different as a bull. There is less stigma attached to being in the lifestyle as a bull, so I have been relatively more free to be open about what I do. While I don't share details about my experiences and relationships (without my couple's permission), I have been open that this is something I do and enjoy. Most people are surprised at first, but are generally supportive that I am happy. It definitely sparks a little curiosity as well. One other aspect is that I am not ashamed about the lifestyle. I do not see what I do with couples as a bad thing. If anything I feel like I am doing something good for them and their relationship. I'm proud of that and if others can't see it that way, that is their problem, not mine.
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    Love the pics. Over the years, my wife and I have brought many of her bulls to family gatherings. It was so much fun and arousing to us. They thought he was just a friend of ours, when in fact, we were parading the guy my wife has the majority of her sex with. We think some of the family members were suspicious. If they watched closely, they sometimes would notice that the interaction between my wife and "our friend" was more than just friends.
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    Wow, amazing and so Sexy. In these two little videos I capture my Slutwife, Hotwife, Cuckoldress whatever we are calling it now, in her natural habitat before she transforms herself into the Hotwife that will undoubtedly come home around 6 am. She started her ritual with the classic shaving of those most exquisite set of limbs, FirstSheShaves.mp4 Once she is done with her legs and she will shower, then come back to our bathroom to start the second phase of her transformation. As her process continues, she will get more and more excited about the night that awaits her. IMG_00773.mp4 As I will feel more and more confusion and trepidation. On one hand I will wait in great anticipation for her return on the other I will dread it and I will secretly wish for her never to return. Then I will flip on myself once again and be angry for thinking such a thing. While this entire time my dick is as hard as it ever has been or ever will be. Finaly, she will return, maybe midnight tonight, maybe 2:00 am maybe 6 am tomorrow. At this point I don't know and without asking I know she doesn't know either. What I do know is that the later it gets into tomorrow the better and worse it will have been for her. If she arrives at 6:00 am, she will show up sore, tired, battered not broken but she will look road hard and most likely dropped off wet. With great anticipation I have waited all night, sleep was not something that was going to come to me I already know that. I will open the front door before she even makes it to the porch. She will look at me and I will look at her and in her eyes I will see the appreciation and the look she gets when she knows she is home, she is safe, and she is with me. I will of course get her inside and will bath her, wash her hair, wash her body. I will help her from the tub to our marital bed that lays in wait with fresh sheets and pillow cases, it will be soft, cool and like the friend you always remember. She will grunt and she will groan. I will break out the creame and start the soft and gentle rubbing of her legs, ass, back and shoulders. Eventually she will fall asleep and will remain in her slumber until late tomrrow evening. When she does fall asleep, I will pull the sheets back and inspect my wifes body from head to toe. I will study every inch and I will commit to my memory every bruise, every bitemark, every hickie, and slap mark. I will commit this to my memory in an almost childish banter like when a 5 year old is trying to commit his home phone number on the first day of school. At this point I will be at my wits end. I will crave this women so badly it hurts, but I will not touch. I will long and cry and fantasize but I will only stare. My cock will rage with a vengeance but I know better, slowly I will back out of our bedroom I will close the door and head to my shop where I will stay until she wakens and comes to join me. Eventually, she will come to the shop to see me and when she does I will struggle to gain a clear vision of her hands. Here is where the game hits full throttle. if she is caring something than that means she had fun and an adventure that she will want to remember. If you were to stand in our dining room, you would not see anything out of place. Our dining room looks just like any other, it has a table and chairs for dinning, it has shelfs behind glass built into the wall, and behind that you see the expected plates, glasses, and accessories you would expect. Than maybe, just maybe you turn and notice a 3 level shelf hanging a little high on the wall full of knick-knacks that you would expect to find in one of those Las Vegas tourist shops on the strip. Nothing of any quality, nothing really worth showing off. So you might ask "what that all about?". Now your in for it. Unbeknown to you, you have asked me a question of which I must answer and more importantly I must answer honestly. If you were to ask T then she to would have to answer honestly. Its the agreement its the thing we use to say to ourselves , "If I am not willing to be honest about this, than I shouldn't be doing it". Sounds strange almost a little fictitious really, and I cant say to you that I have chosen to not volunteer to host for certain company parties just from fear of someone asking. But, if we are there now, and you have asked, then I must look upon you and tell you, "That my friend is T's memorabilia shelf representing the men she has fucked since we got married. I know each and everyone and can tell you not only who, but when and how many times. I can tell you if they were standing, sitting, in my bed or yours. The only question that has ever stumped me and one that I refuse to find the answer to is, "How many pieces of memorabilia is up there?" At which point, I would look to you and say "My wife is a slut, what can I say?" So back to today.. If she comes in tomorrow with something in her hand she will give it to me, she will then sit with me and tell me every detail of the night before. Of which I will commit it to my memory and practice it so not to forget even the finest of details. While I hold the knick-knack that she brought home, I can ask as many questions as I want, I can ask the same question over and over, I can clear the air with any question or concern I have. Once I put the knick-knack on the shelf though, I can not refer to it again. Then on my night, maybe tomorrow night, maybe next month or even next year. When its my night she will come to bed, She will lay next to me and she will place into my hand one or maybe two of those little knick-knacks. We then layback and I tell her, her entire story as she told it to me. If I fail and don't recall it correctly or I get the name of her lover wrong, she rolls over turns the light out and I am done. If however, I get the story right and the names are right she will quickly mount me, place my cock in her pussy, the pussy that I have desired so intensly to have again. As I tell her, her story she will refer to me with the name over her lover not my name. I will be her lover and when she looks at me I know she sees her lovers and its that passion, that intensity that is my drug, its my cocain, morphine, alcohol its all that X10 for me. Its the only place I want to be, and it is what keeps me their until it happens again. Wish me luck! Louie
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    We both are very hot and excited for guys to share her pics of her completely naked showing all her hairy holes and face! Kik tommy56p
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    East Tn. here for BLACK BULLS ONLY
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    I found these two comments on the above subject which helped clarify your confusion and question I hope these help “I think one reason I find white women who like big black men to be so attractive is that desiring big black men imbues white women with a type of primal animalistic femininity. She is following her primal mating urge and going after the alpha male to provide her with the best genes for her offspring. And she is doing this regardless of social taboos or cultural norms and financial security. She is simply following her basic instinct to mate with alpha males. To me, this makes her more sexual, feminine and attractive.” “Bringing black men into our relationship for my wife to enjoy socially and sexually opened up a whole new world to our life. It has allowed my wife to openly show and express her strong inner desires and needs to be with black men and experience the incredibly wonderful sexual pleasure that only black men can give to her. It gives her the opportunity to pleasure black men which she loves so much doing. For me it has provided the freedom and erotic pleasure to share my wife with black men. To see my wife with black men, which I love so much and watching her being totally satisfied sexually by the black lovers that she desires so much. All of that has made my wife and my sex life much more powerful....intense....relevant.”
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    The wife humiliation that I enjoy is my wife being naked in front of clothed men and women and them checking her naked body out maybe fondling her 38 C cup tits and sliding the odd finger into her moist cavity
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    Many of our friends know. I have a nephew on my side that knows. He's an Army Ranger. He saw a lot of swinging going in the Army and was able to pick up that we were that way. He asked me point blank and I told him yes. My wife has an aunt on her side of the family that knows. This aunt has been divorced many times because she couldn't stop cheating on her husbands. She confronted my wife (her niece) because she suspected my wife was cheating. My wife confessed, to her, our lifestyle. That aunt now loves me to death.
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    Hi I would love to see my gf fake