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    I have been trying for a long time to get my hire to be a horny hotwife. We have played with other guys a few times but she never seemed enthusiastic about any of it. I was always there to watch, enjoy the fun. I have talked to her more about being shared and she always dismisses it. I set up a plan recently. I found a good looking younger guy (37, my wife is 47, I am 46) to come by our house during the day as a handyman to give an estimate on doing some work. He flirted with her and even text her after trying to get something started. He and i text trying to encourage things but nothing. I was talking to her last week about being more adventurous sexually together. We talked about a 3 some. She brought him up. She text him and they have been flirting thee last week via text. They have even exchanged naughty pics (which he had already seen anyway from me sharing them). Now there is a chance she is going to have him over during the day next week while kids are in school and I’m at work. He and i text and he keeps me up to speed on everything without her knowing i am helping him. I have thought about and fantasized about something like this happening for a long time but now that it might actually happen, i am a nervous wreck!!! She is not hiding the fact that he might come over and he is keeping me in the loop too but i am not sure i can go through with this. I love my wife and love to show her off and loved the times i have been able to share her but this is next level stuff doing it without me. I appreciate any advice. Am i doing the right thing letting this happen? Is this nervousness normal? I included a couple pics of her.
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    My girlfriend and I have been considering the lifestyle but haven't pulled the trigger yet. We recently went to a resort in Mexico on vacation and met a guy that we both wish we had started with. We hung out a lot and exchanged numbers. We never talked about anything sexual until the first round of the playoffs last week. My girl is a Rams fan and he's a Falcons fan so they were talking a lot of trash leading up to the game. My girl asked if she can make a naked pic swap bet with him which I was very ok with. She lost and did a striptease for him via text. I thought she'd just send him a nudie and call it good but it was really hot the way she did it. She showed me and we had the best sex of our lives after another guy had seen her naked. I can't wait to progress things and only hope I enjoy her getting physical with another guy the way I did the texts. Here they are:
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    Well it happened today! He stopped by around 9 am this morning after talking her into it (she was getting cold feet). They kissed, he sucked on her it’s and she got on her knees and sucked his cock until he shot his cum all over her tits. I am happy i let it happen. I have been so fucking horny all day thinking about this. He even sent me a pic.
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    Hello there all! New here. Just a little background. I’m 30 and my wife is 31 and we’ve been together 8 years; married 2. I have fantasized about my wife cuckolding me for some time. I have shared with her this fantasy as well as my bisexuality, and my love of femdom and erotic humiliation. She has fucked me with a strapon and talked dirty to me about other guys with bigger dicks fucking her better as I blew my load. We are not yet on doing it IRL yet or sharing xxx revealing photos of her yet, but here’s a little tease at the bottom that she gave the okay on. She’s a little more timid about this than me but she wants to make me happy and indulge in my fantasies as she doesn’t really have any herself. Just looking for any advice from any people experienced as to how we can go forward. What can we do to scratch that itch before going all out and bringing in another guy? That’s just a little farther down the road.
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    Here are a couple of her sucking my cock that night while giving me the details
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    I have been texting her and getting her to talk dirty to me about him. Make her admit how much she wants to suck his big hard cock. Making her think and talk about him when I was fucking her last night
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    My wife needs a little push. Say what you think of her so that she upload more pictures. Merry Christmas!
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    Yes, I have a permament one, but I still like wearing the temporary ones in different places. H
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    More photos some of you may enjoy. I guess we all like some aspect of this lifestyle or we would be on this site. My wife flashing at the beach in Cancun on last pic
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    Let me know what you think....How would you use her? Captions appreciated
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    Does anyone else have a wife who is or has a Queen of Spades Tattoo visible to any BBC’s or wears an anklet? Mine has just told me she is considering it
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    Here's the latest! Austin is coming up and will cuckold me! So nervous and excited!
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    loves to be used and make me watch. One guy fucked her ass raw. I have to clean all the cocks when they are finished.
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    We're basically at the same place you both are except the toys we've introduced so far hasn't resulted in me getting pegged yet. It seems we need to scratch that itch ourselves and as Leone has already suggested that finding an online friendship with a prospective Bull could be an interesting development that really ups the ante of earning those horns.
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    We would like to see more of them, maybee his cock entering her, congratulation , nice fantasy coming to life!!
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    I think if you pull out now you will regret it.You have done so well, you must see it through as you will always wonder what would have happened. I can understand your nervousness though, and whenever your wife has lovers it’s just the natural process, which is sometimes so hard to deal with. Try adding more positives in your mind when you feel unsure. These may help: 1. It’s so important to make your wife happy, so you are doing just that here. You are helping her. 2. It’s something you personally have worked hard to achieve. Many fail, be proud how hard you have worked and how successful you are to have pulled this off. 3. It’s not about you, you are not important. It’s only about your wife. She is the important one. 4. You will be a much stronger person afterwards, you will have coped with new feelings. Good luck with it and be so proud of yourself on what you have done so far. It’s so hard to deal with all the feelings and you sir have done really well. Respect to you.
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    Let’s see the lovely curves! Here’s my lady.
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    Just wanted to let you know that I had the time of my life with your wife. She’s not only gorgeous and scrumptious but also has the tightest pussy ever. I’m afraid to inform you that her sweet pussy is now my property. Any usage that you may want to give it,should be approved by me from now on.
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    Another sexy dress for seducing other men
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    Getting ready to go to a party
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    Very nice Scott, enjoy these
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    I love them, both the tattoos and the anklets. Imagine having a wife / girlfriend with the tattoo, that is strategically placed so you can see it when you fucked her. Just a constant reminder she has bigger and better.
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    Here's hoping dear friends for a happy healthy prosperous new year filled with whatever floats your boat. Best wishes
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    A lovely looking wife whether dressed or naked. Many of the real cucks on here will tell you of the bitter-sweet angst that they go through when their wife is with her lover, the excitement that she is going to be with another man tempered by the fear that she is going to be with another man.... So, yes, this nervousness is normal. Are you doing the right thing? Well you're the one that has encouraged her to do this, and is also providing her with a convenient lover so you must already believe in your mind that it is the right thing. Try to relax (I know, no chance) and wait for her to tell you when it's happened and enjoy the hot reclaim sex afterwards
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    Alright Babygirl, we miss you - happy new year
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    It's Friday; don't overeat until tonight
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    Wife enjoying her fuck buddy while I watch.
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    Hi all had a bad experience as you sometimes get when sharing your wife. Had to put lifestyle on hold for a while but gradually my wife returned with a new Bull who is much more in touch with both our needs . So I'm just posting some pic to start the conversation
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    Who likes the wifes pussy my profile pic who wud fuck and creampie her
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    I always get hard thinking about all the times my wife fucked other men... It's truly the greatest turn on knowing she's getting screwed and filled with cum....especially when I get to watch her get naked and spread her legs to take his cock into her pussy, watching him sliding in and out of her
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    For Hotwife/c, the sweetest hotwife ever. Happy new year baby, looks like these girls have already left 2017 "BEHIND" them
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    Who wants to chat about her? kik: kiwi19851306 yim: [email protected]
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    She deserves to be bred with real man sperm. And that can only be provided by brown and black men. Ask her to post some more pics of her cleavage and with her mouth open pretending she's sucking my cock.
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    I love watching the initial foreplay as a young man fondles your wife's tits, getting bolder and bolder
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    Wives who truly understand the "SHARING"
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