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    MY WIFE - A SEXUAL HISTORY FROM 18 YEARS OF AGE TO HER MID 40'S My wife Sarah is in her mid 40's and we have been married nearly 20 years. I have known her since her mid-teens but we got together when she was 20 years of age and it was then that I first got to fuck her. I have included two pictures of her when she was in her early 20's. A third picture of her taken earlier this year was taken in a hotel room where she was to have sex with another man while I watched. The purpose of the photos is to give you some idea as to her history and what she looked like when she was younger and what she looks like now. Sarah has always enjoyed showing off her body, whether it be by being naked or semi naked on a beach, by me photographing her or by some of the clothes she has worn. She has always been aware that men have found her and still find her attractive and it has always been a turn on for her. But it was not until her late 30's that she had sex with another man while I watched. I had fantasised for many years about watching my wife have sex with another man. The fantasy always involved a well endowed man because it was one of the justifications in my mind for it to happen. I am not overly endowed in size. My penis is average in size, maybe a bit smaller than average, so I always wondered how she would handle having sex with a man who had a big cock. What would she do, what it would be like to watch and listen. How would her firm hard body cope. I originally introduced my fantasy as role play in our bedroom. Over time Sarah warmed to it, actually instigating sex with me where she pretended she was having sex with another man while I watched. Often it was me standing at or beside the foot of the bed watching her work herself over with one of our dildoes. From there it developed into online chat with men where we would seek men out who might be interested in having sex with her. We often would send them a picture or two, no face, but enough to get their feedback. It aroused Sarah immensely to hear some of their comments. Soon she was doing webcam, masturbating for men, again no face for privacy reasons. She would watch in turn as they masturbated on cam for her. She would always have a huge orgasm and our sex that followed was always very intense. These encounters on the web broke down her inhibitions, sexually aroused her to a new level and eventually led to her being shared for the first time. There are many explicit photos of Sarah both from her younger years and more current photos from her encounters with other men. If there is interest I will continue to post pictures and the next installment in our story will commence at the beginning with Sarah at 18 years of age.
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    I was talking to another friend who is trying to find a BBC for his wife Jodie. Sent him the video with text showing my wife talking about fucking big cocks and he said he was going to try and record his wife talking during sex. I told him about me doing the same thing with Elaine.. I don't think I ever posted this story on Elaine's First Time thread on Cuckoldfart. I would love to hear Jodie talking about getting fucked by big cocks. I used to have some audio recordings of Elaine talking to some men on the phone. I alluded to one of her conversations in the story about the young black guy when she went over to his house to pick him up and bring him to our house to fuck her.. We had exchanged some letters but my wife was still not sure about doing him so I suggested she talk to him on the phone and see if she got a positive feeling. After a couple minutes of introductions talk slowly turned to sex and what she wanted and was he up for it. We were recording and it was cool to hear him talking about licking her and wanting to shoot off on her pussy and face. She told him she would give him great blow job if he licked her pussy good enough to make her cum on his face. Got me hard just listening to them talking. Regrettably I lost the tapes. Another was a recording of her talking to Rick, an old friend from college who she had always liked as a friend but never dated. He was confused as Elaine was trying to be coy and subtle and was suggesting he have dinner with us sometime. Since he barely knew me he couldn't tell if she was wanting to hook up with him later when I was not there. He told her he really didn't want to go out with a married woman. She eventually said "I want to fuck you and my husband at the same time". He was silent for several seconds. She could tell he didn't know what to say. Elaine told him we had done it before and both loved it and thought he would love it too. I whispered to her to be graphic and specific. She finally said if he would meet us she would give him her mouth, pussy and ass and he could come in or on her as often as he wanted or could get hard again. LOL. We met him that weekend at a motel . We had dinner and went to the bar attached to the hotel and had a couple of drinks trying to get him to relax as he still seemed a bit nervous. Elaine got him on the dance floor with a slow song and moved him to a darkened area and put his hand on her tits, massaged his cock over this slacks, kissed him hard and he was convinced to spend the night with us. We had a big room with two double beds. Rick said he wanted to take a quick shower. Elaine changed into sexy lingerie and was laying on the bed when he came out of bathroom. Believe it or not he still looked apprehensive so I told him to please get into bed with my wife while I took a shower.. I reminded him of her promise that he had the choice of any hole so if he was going to go for more than one he better get started. When I came back Rick was on his back and Elaine was between his legs sucking his cock and he was big, both girth and length. Elaine pulled her mouth off his large cock, turned her head towards me and smiled and winked then returned to trying to get as much of him in her mouth as possible. I left them alone for a few more minutes until he started fucking her. She told him to get on top of her to start with so she get used to his size. After a few minutes Elaine started cumming. She obviously liked it because she almost always climaxes while riding on top and grinding her pussy on the man's' cock. He shot was wad pretty soon and the party had begun. I love sloppy seconds so I jumped on her as soon as he moved out of her pussy. It was loose and wet. We fucked and sucked until we all fell asleep. We have only let a couple of men spend the night but Rick had a 45 minute drive and it was late and we had been drinking so he slept in the second bed as 3 sleeping in one bed is really not comfortable. I awoke the next morning to the sound of sex and saw him on top of my wife doing his best to dump one last load in her well fucked pussy. Elaine told him to do her doggy style as she thought she could take all of him after all the fucking we had been doing. I smiled at them and headed to the bath to shower and cleanup. When I came back they were both laying there exhausted but smiling. We ate breakfast together and Rick thanked us profusely. He hinted about hooking up again and she said maybe. That was something we discovered early in our swinging lifestyle. In the excitement of the actual sex and with the 3 of us together we really can't talk to each other and don't know if our spouse wants to do the other man again. Plus it keeps them wondering and not bugging us in case we really don't want to do them again. We usually tell them we may call. On the drive home I asked Elaine if she knew he had a big cock because she had fucked him in college which I really doubted as she got married after the first semester of college. She laughed and said no but a girlfriend of hers was dating him and had told Elaine she really liked him but he was the biggest guy she had ever fucked and he was almost too big for her. At that point in Elaine's life her husband was the only man she had ever been with and was still fairly conservative sexually. She didn't say anything to me about him having a big dick because she wan't sure if his old girlfriend was exaggerating about his size. When she felt his cock on the dance floor she suspected her old friend was correct. 25 years later she found out just how big he was. She said that was why she smiled and winked as me when I walked in and saw her sucking his dick. BTW we entertained one more time at our house before he moved away for a new job. I think this was the lingerie she wore with Rick
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    Here's my slut of a wife. pm me to know anything about our lifestyle
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    Love watching guys playing with my wife
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    A couple more then and now photos. The first two pictures are of Sarah in her 20's and the one on the bed she is in her 30's.
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    Here are some photos over the years of my girlfriend then wife. Her name is Sarah. Let us know what you think of her. You can follow our story in the Cuckold Stories forum.
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    My cuckold hubby convinced me that all women should be allowed to fuck all and any men she/they desire, especially if their husband/boyfriend has a small cock. My husband is very tiny and no longer wants to penetrate me since I have a lover with a very large cock. So he licks me clean after my sex dates with my lover, and he's very happy doing so, as am I And I'm happy that he no longer wants intercourse with me but I love him very much and would never want to be without him. He's found that he enjoys licking and sucking cock, especially one that has been inside of me, and that turns me on very much.
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    First time sharing, just feeling out the waters.
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    My best mate Peter has been single for nearly two years now and he’s not had a ‘jump’ of any kind for over a year. He’s a great chap but doesn’t have any luck with relationships. His last girlfriend was a stunner and even though they were engaged, unfortunately it didn’t last. I have known him since we were at school and my wife has a big soft spot for him too. Recently she’s been saying what a shame it is that he’s single and what can we do to change that. Last night she even said that he must be getting very frustrated not having regular sex! So this got me thinking ….. I would love to see her with another man but apart from some holiday flirting I’ve had no luck. Could there be an opportunity here? Half of me thinks they would be a great match and good for him too. On the other hand maybe he’s too close and I’m better continuing to look for a stranger. Anyone had experience of this? But there is a back story too. Apparently Peter is very well endowed. I know this because my wife keeps in touch with his ex and she's one of those who likes to tell her girlfriends all about her sex life. 8 inches so my wife tells me, that must be preying on her mind!!!
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    Yes mine went bare with him too. Loved watching him cum in her. She would arch up and hold him in as he pumped it inside her. She would often orgasm as he did. Some very wonderful memories.
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    My wife's first was a good mate from when we were at school. He was also our best man. About 8 years after we married, and after a lot of flirting, he fucked her. He continued to fuck her 3-4 times a month for the next 15 years
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    Hi Seb, she's waiting for you to take her from behind you gonna make her scream?
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    Very hot & stylish Bill; she'd get my cock!
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    Wife is waiting for one of you bulls to give her a real cock any offers
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    I am still a cuckold wannabe but think about this all the time. My wife fully understands just too nervous to start into the lifestyle. I have a great life, beautiful wife (5'9'' 135 34b blonde) but I love sharing the most intimate details about her. Years ago I use to share her pics very openly and loved to hear what everyone said about her until someone posted her on multiple sites. That was nerve wrecking but so erotic too. I stopped sharing but now I want too again, its so addicting. I love to chat about her and share the most intimate details about her, whatever anyone wants. First name, sometimes middle and have shared the last name once.....her panties, bras to people in public.....and I love hearing what others would do to her. Its kind of perplexing but I'm so addicted to it. Anyone else ever feel this way?
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    I have shared my wife with many men over the last 30 years. This is how we started, kind of mild compared to some of the wilder stuff we did later, I am 61, Elaine is 59. I met Elaine when I was 32 and she was 29. We were both divorced with no kids. After dating for several months I really started liking her. I had done some swinging and wife sharing with my ex wife. I don't think that led to our divorce, but one never knows. I got Elaine to pose for sexy polaroid pics and she didn't seem to object like some women do. For my birthday she surprised me with some lingerie photos done by a professional she had hired. I was more than pleased with that attitude. After about a year I decided to broach the idea of sharing her. Started with sex talk in the bedroom. While having sex she acted willing saying it might be fun, but nothing ever actually happened. I knew for our relationship to go further I was going to have to press the issue to see if she ! was all talk and no action. I kept telling her to pick out some guy she would like to fuck. I didn't care if it was old lover or friend. She said she could not approach someone about having sex with them if she really loved me. I thought a random stranger might work. This was in the early 80s before internet. I had been to the local adult bookstore and seen personal ads so I posted one. Phone numbers were not allowed. If you wanted to respond to an ad you left your information on a 3x5 card in an envelope with the number of the ad you were answering. You had to personally go to the bookstore to check. I talked Elaine into going with me one night. After checking the ad board we walked around the store. I tried to get her to go into the movie theater section but she declined. While wandering thru the store a nice looking well dressed older gentleman approached us and asked if we were looking for fun. I said maybe, depending on what he meant by fun. He suggested we go outside to discuss the situation. Elaine was hesitant but followed. To our surprise the guy had a real nice luxury car. He invited us to go for a ride in his car. I can't really think of what line he used, but we were young, dumb and horny. I sat in the front seat with Elaine in between us. She was wearing a short skirt and let him put his hand on her leg. I wasn't sure where we were going nor what was going to happen, but Elaine told him she felt uncomfortable. He assured her he was not going to do anything she did not like. He just wanted to touch her a little and watch us fuck. We finally found a secluded place to park behind some closed store building that had security lights. He situated the car where the light shone into the window enough to let him see what was going on. I could tell Elaine was still somewhat nervous and I said we would leave whenever she wanted and the driver agreed. While still sitting between us Elaine reached down and slid off her panties leaving her pussy somewhat revealed. At this point in our relationship she had never taken things this far. We were not married, but I was living with her. She let me take photos of her and we engaged in sex talk about introducing others into our sex lives, but talk was as far as we had gone. I was almost as nervous as she appeared to be, but anxious to see where this evening was going to end. She leaned over and kissed me leaving her ass and pussy @@@@@@@ to the driver. He slowly massaged her ass as I continued making out with Elaine like a teenager. I started feeling her up and he finally got the courage to move is hand to her pussy. I thought she might object but she let him play with her cunt as I played with her tits. She reached down and unbuckled my pants, pulling out my cock. After fondling me for awhile she repositioned herself on her knees, sideways in the front seat with her head and mouth on my cock and her pussy @@@@@@@ to the driver. He started playing with her ass again gently massaging her butt cheeks. It looked like he slid a finger inside her. I thought she might object but she just kept sucking me letting him have full access to her pussy. He got braver using both hands, slowly spreading her cheeks and licking her pussy. I thought maybe we were going to experience our first MMF sex intercourse. Elaine instead moved over and sat on top of me facing the front and lowered her pussy onto my cock. I had pulled her top up over her boobs and she left them @@@@@@@ while grinding on me. The driver moved closer to us and reached for Elaine's tit. She didn't object, but did tell him all he could do was touch. He said fine, but could he touch himself. Elaine said okay but he was not going to screw her. Surprisingly he did not seem to care. I was curious how this was going to end. After playing with her boobs he slowly moved his hand toward her crotch and I wondered what was going to happen next. We had been screwing with my legs apart and her leg somewhat together kind of doggy style while sitting in a car seat. She told the driver to wait a minute and I thought the party may be ending. Instead she got off me momentarily, pushed my legs together the placed her legs outside of mine and sat back on my cock. Then Elaine took his hand and guided it to her crotch. It was kind of weird but she seemed to enjoy the extra stimulation of him fingering her clit and pussy lips as my cock was in her at the same time. I could kind of feel him manipulating her pussy lips but she just continued grinding on my dick. After a few minutes Elaine said it was time to switch and I thought she was going to fuck the driver. Instead she turned around facing me and straddling my cock with her knees bent under her. The driver was playing with her boobs and pulling his own cock. I guess she felt sorry for him because she leaned back and pulled his face to her tits allowing him to kiss her nipples. With this action she started cumming hard causing me to shoot off inside her warm pussy. When I finished I glanced over to the driver and he had shot off and was cleaning himself with a hankie. I kind of felt sorry for him, but all he could do was thank us and tell Elaine how pretty and sexy she was. I knew then I had a special lady. We all got dressed and he drove us back to the bookstore. Never saw him again. Certainly not the wildest sex story, but memorable to me because it was the first time Elaine had allowed another man to play with her while we were fucking. The irony of the encounter at the bookstore was that it almost backfired for me and my plans for Elaine and future fun. She admitted she actually enjoyed the sex but not the atmosphere at the bookstore. While it was erotic it was also scary for her. The gentleman in the car told us he was there on Saturday night it we wanted to meet again, but we never did. It was her refusal to return there that cause me to come up with another angle. I had to find a guy she felt comfortable and in a setting she liked. I was at a business seminar and met a guy through a mutual friend. His name was Eric .We all went our for happy hour drinks and I got him aside and asked him if he wanted to have some fun with my girlfriend. I showed him a polaroid photo of her and explained that I wanted to watch her get fucked and participate at the same time. He was willing and I set up at meet for the following night after our seminar. When I told Elaine she started getting nervous about how to actually do this as she had never actually screwed more that one man at the same time. I suggested her meeting him at the door in lingerie, but that was way to aggressive for her. Since she had never met him we agreed we would invite him over for drinks and munchies. If she liked him and was willing to try she would invite him to the bedroom. She wanted to start alone with him and see how things went. I told her after some kissing and fondling she should know if it was going to work. If she wanted to back out I suggested she give him a blowjob to completion as a reward for coming over and trying. If she wanted to go through with complete sex she would signal or invite me in the bedroom. Elaine wore garters and hose, no panties, under a front button summer dress. Everybody seemed to get along when he arrived. Elaine seemed hesitant to ask him to the bedroom. Eric excused himself to use the bathroom and I checked with her to see if she was still up for it and she said yes but just did not know how to bring up the subject. When he came back I simply asked him if he would like to take my lovely girl to bed. He said sure and off they went leaving me nervous and hoping for the best. They left the door partially open and I could hear idle chit chat for a couple of minutes, then the talking stopped. After several more minutes I slowly opened the door to see Elaine on her back and Eric's head buried under her dress. She smiled and waved me in and the party started. When I walked in the room I got on the bed and started kissing and playing with her boobs while Eric was eating her pussy. We were all still dressed so I started getting undressed. Elaine took off her dress, sat on the edge of the bed and unbuckled Eric's pants, pulled down his underwear and started sucking him. It was quite a turn on for me. I sat back enjoying the show. Pretty soon Eric grabbed Elaine's head and began face fucking her mouth. She obliged and kept sucking. Eric warned her he was going to cum if she did not stop. Elaine grabbed his ass cheeks and held on as he shot off in her mouth. She swallowed almost all of his cum. He pulled out of her mouth and collapsed on the bed. What a way to start our first MMF encounter. When he went to get a drink or use the bathroom I asked Elaine if she wanted to continue or had she just sucked him off to get him to leave. She smiled and said she had not been fucked yet and definitely wanted to keep going. When he came back I was screwing Elaine missionary style. He watched for awhile as he laid on the bed. I finally got off her and moved behind her doggy style laying on our sides. Eric positioned himself so she could blow him some more. When he got hard again I got out of her and let him have her. She got on her knees and Eric started screwing her from behind. I moved in front and let her suck me. It was my dream come true watching Eric fuck her as she was blowing me. As you probably know f it is really a bit difficult to have a woman give a good blowjob and properly fuck at the same time so we mostly alternated fucking her. Keeping in mind she was 29 or 30 and we all had a lot of sexual energy we kept busy sucking and fucking until all were satiated. He thanked us profusely and left. We collapsed in bed asleep. In the morning I was afraid she would feel guilty and say never again. I asked her what she thought about everything that happened. She asked me if I had a good time. I assured her I had and she said great. I asked would she do it again and she said probably but it would have to our special secret and we must be discreet I did not take any photos, but later got her to wear the same garters and dress. We got to talking about how much fun we had. She started playing with herself for me and we ended up screwing on the floor. Hope you enjoy our little adventures. The white skirt and black top are what she wore to the bookstore and the other pics are what she wore to meet Eric
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    Now that I have written about my fantasy of seeing me wife gangbanged I can't seem to get the idea out of my mind. Still seeking any ideas or suggestions for making it happen? This photo is what I want to see happen to Elaine
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    Chilling at the beach
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    For your consideration, here is my wife in some un-aware nude shots. Any comments (no limitations) are welcome. If you are a Tumblr user, help make her a Webslut...please click on http://wenchwrench.tumblr.com/post/154823084475 and Reblog her.
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    More of my favorite type scenes, ladies entertaining while hubby watches and films
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    She needs a real man to fuck her deep and hard. Anyone up for the challenge?
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    My wife Julie wears one on right ankle when we go out. Does not attract much attention here in Australia as it is relatively new here. A lot of women wear them but mainly just as a jewellery accessory.
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    What's up everyone? Here's a few photos of my thick slutwife sitting on her sissy boy's face while her boytoy fucks her. Let me know what you think.
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    Have you any pics of her with other men? The wife being satisfied by another man is the ultimate visual stimulation
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    Love to clean your hot cum off her nipples
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    My Hotwife used last night after drinking. Took the guy like a champ
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    There's something erotic about seeing another man turning my wife into his woman. Especially if he is doing so in our own matrimonial bed. It's difficult to explain, but the feeling I get in my gut, just anticipating the arrival of one of her lover is like a child anticipating the arrival of Christmas morning. Then to see him make her his woman, would be like getting the present you have been dreaming of all year. Regardless of how many times I experienced it, I know that the next time will be different, maybe even better than the last time. If the stud is someone I never before met, well the expectation is even better. How will he be with her, and how will he be with me? Will he ignore me and give all his attention to my wife, or will he make me feel like I am part of the moment. I have met all types of men who have fucked my wife. Some men are more timid and take caution while entering my home to fuck my wife. Others are like lions, who take control the second they enter the den. The testosterone that exudes from their being is so strong that I instinctively shrink into the cuckold I was bred to be. We both know our positions. His is to be the new lion of the den, mine is to be his house boy, serving at his will as he makes my wife his lioness. Now, out in the world I have always been an alpha type of a male. I am a take charge kind of guy that always climbed the ranks in the the bossiness world, and even though my athletic abilities are average, I have always challenged the better athletes, even if they eventual defeated me on the field. They knew they had a fight, and repeated me as their equal. The home is another story all together. Something happens when I am naked and @@@@@@@. It's as if I am still a boy standing next to my older siblings. As the youngest in a family of 8 children, who's parents worked many hours, I was pretty much raised by four older sisters and three older brothers. They all excreted a certain amount of control over me in the home. Outside the home I was given more leeway in my freedom. So I accepted my role in the home, and reached for control away. I guess this is why I am an alpha in the world but submissive to an alpha in my home. I shared in a comment to a post about how some men can be easily taken advantage of by women who cheat on them, because they will give her more chances. Where as many men will drop a girlfriend or divorce their wife in a heartbeat if she cheats on him. The more this happens in their relationships, the more they are almost being bred to be a cuck. After all, the very definition of the word, “Cuckold”, is the husband of a cheating wife. Well, I had numerous girlfriends who either cheated on me or made me feel as if they were not as dedicated to me as I was to them, but I always forgave them. Now ad all this to the fact that I was not very blessed physically, technically, nor emotionally when it comes to the sexual department. My cock is very small, I don't last long, and I seldom show the type of affection women desire while making love. Now when I say I am small, I mean my junk barely hangs, and my balls are small always tight. When I am really excited and ready to fuck, my dick measures at barely 3 ¾ inches. Now I know a woman can get off without getting fucked by a big cock. But come on now, a man likes to look at his cock as he slides it in and out of a pussy, and regardless of how big a man's cock is, she likes feeling a man's cock inside her. Plus, women like getting fucked in different positions other than missionary style. My stamina doesn't allow for more than one position. I think the longest I ever lasted while fucking is maybe 5 minutes. Which means I am not even warming the woman up, let alone making her twitch and tingle with orgasmic pleasure. For me to make my wife feel good, and bring her to a orgasm, I had to basically rub my pelvis side to side as I smash her clit like a woman bumping her muffin with her. I lost count of how many times I've heard the question, "Is it in yet?" I can joke now about it, but for many years it really bothered me. Especially since most women I had sex with never dated me again. It got so bad for a time that I eventually tried having sex with just men for some time. Well, I sucked cocks, nothing more. Some men sucked my cock, but I learned that I liked the feel of a cock in my mouth and the taste of sperm more than I liked the feel of my cock in another man's mouth. If anyone is curious I did write about an experience I had with a younger guy in his 20s. Sucking cocks is actually something that actually began when I was much much younger. I believe my desire to suck a cock now and then is another experience that helped lead me into the cuckold lifestyle. It definitely made cleaning a cream pie from my wife's pussy a lot easier than if I hadn't tasted another guys sperm before. Let me know and if you want to read it and I'll post it. Now, the first time my current wife agreed to let me watch her get fucked, was the first time in my life I ever felt so sexually satisfied. It was an experience that I cannot explain. I wasn't jealous, I wasn't hurt, and I was able to witness her have numerous orgasms. I even joined in and got off myself. Her joy came from the guy we invited into out bedroom. The guy really connected physically, and emotionally with my wife. His techniques were amazing in the many ways he fucked her while making her feel like I could never do. It was a long journey for us. That first time was a guy who was sharing rent with us. For about 2 years he probably fucked my wife more than I did. Especially since just before he moved out he was unemployed for about 6 Months. Then he moved out to take a job back east. Afterwards, my wife refused to do anything for almost 15 years, but when she finally agreed to, the flood gates of passion opened up for her. She was like a fish in the water, in how she began fucking so many different men. I can honestly say that each and every man who fucked her was bigger than me, and many were more than twice as big. Hell, I could only dream of touching the pussy her lovers were fucking. My wife would joke that once the head of her lovers cock slipped into her they were already fucking pussy I never had. I will share more of the many times I watched her and her lovers and how I slowly went from being one of three to a bystander as I watched and slowly became a cuckold who followed instructions given to me by my wife and her bulls. Look, I know my wife loves me. She has been with me through thick and thin and has never threatened to leave me. That gives me the added pleasure of knowing I can satisfy her every need outside of the bedroom. For the bedroom though, we just started using stunt doubles. LOL I will always believe that, to me anyway, my wife has never been so beautiful as she is when she is having an orgasm from another man making passionate love to her. Something I miss dearly now since she retired. I won't get into the reasons why she stopped, but there is nothing I can do about. I have some pics and some videos to enjoy and that will suffice. But I would be telling a lie if I said I did not miss it. The picture on the left is my wife riding a guy we met when we sang Karaoke at a bar. He won the competition, and he won my wife's heart. So I told him she wanted him, and he said he wanted her also. He ended up at our place and spent the night fucking her. Some day I will post a short video clip of him getting off shortly after I took this picture. The one on the right was a guy I hired to help me cut down a tree. Great story I'll try to write. Believe it or not, but he is earning his red-wings in this picture. My wife was in 7th heaven as he spent quite some time making her smile. Let me know what you think, and please follow me to keep up with my life as a cuckolded husband, and what my early life was about that led me to become a cuckold. I have many many stories that should entertain and turn you on in the process. My posts will come, so don't get impatient. Good writing takes time to be created.
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    My wife's birthday today. What type of treat she deserve? Need your advise please.
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    ...and I'd like nothing more than for you to have it!...
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    Hi oldercock , im a cuck wannabe from bristol uk , would love for you to help with my wife , like your way not to pushy . i have told her that i would like to be cucked and she loves the fantasy very much as its become part of our regular sex life now talking about it , but just cant get her to move forward with it .she knows im sub and shes in control sexually what do you think i should do next? can you help.
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    she is an incredible beautiful sexy hotwife !!!!!!
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    Here are 3 vid caps from video I posted yesterday titled Elaine & Dildo
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    UK_EX I love to watch her sucking a man's cock the first time, feed him her long nipples before having him lick her pussy and finally fuck her. Never have really figured it out but after nearly 30 years I still get a kick out of it
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    as I get home yesterday, I find these under the bed.. never seen it before.. I'm sure somebody gave it to her.. I just wish I could see him taking it off.. just the thought of it made me really excited!
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    I think he is licking and sucking
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    Sarah in various stages of dressed and undressed, happily showing of her body that has been shared with other men.
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    SARAH - PART 2 Thank you to all for your comments. I will progressively move along a timeline detailing some things about Sarah and hopefully giving you an understanding of what she was like leading up until her late 30's when she was shared for the first time. All of the pictures shown in this topic have been taken by me except for those in this reply. The three pictures of Sarah shown here were taken prior to us becoming a couple and were taken by her first boyfriend. The reasons for showing these are two fold. Firstly, they give you an insight as to what she looked like around the time she lost her virginity and secondly, provides (maybe) one of the reasons she agreed to be shared in later life. In this first photo, Sarah is 17 and still a virgin. She had only just started going out with Jason, her first 'real' boyfriend. Aware that their relationship was going to become sexual, Sarah went on the contraceptive pill and surrendered her virginity to Jason. From the time we got together when Sarah was aged 20, she was open and happy to discuss her sexual past. She told me; amongst some of the more mundane facts like where and when; that Jason had an uncircumcised penis and that it was quick thick. I still to this day remember asking her very early on in our sexual relationship how I compared to Jason in penis size. Her reply was that his cock was thicker than mine. The second photo is of Sarah when she was 18. Her relationship with Jason was on and off until she turned 20. She told me it was more of a relationship of convenience and for sex more than anything and that she never 'loved' him. Jason had a flat and she would often stay with him having sex until well into the morning when she would get up and go home. She told me that they would occasionally watch porn and that Jason loved her giving him head. Again I specifically remember her telling me that 'he used to make me give him head for ages'. This third photo is of Sarah taken just before she turned 20 and about the time she broke off with Jason for the last time. I had been admiring her for sometime, loved her body, and desperately wanted to fuck her! To cut a long story short we finally got together one night in my apartment. Already 'cock trained' by Jason she was every bit as good as I thought she would be. She had a great body and new how to use it. By the time she left the next morning I had fucked her five times during the course of the night and early morning. Because she was on the pill, and because back then . was not the big issue that it was to become, the sex was bareback. I have never replicated the '5 times in one night' feat again but believe me having that body in my bed for the first time I was going to make sure that I enjoyed it in case it was to be a on off! So there is some brief early history. I mentioned earlier in this post that maybe her first boyfriend provides one of the reasons she was happy to be shared sexually later in life. The fact that she had told me that Jason's cock was thicker than mine, did that arouse a long held curiosity for another mans cock? More soon in Part 3. In the meantime feel free to post comments. If you have any questions or would like any elaboration on any points feel free to ask.
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    Then we moved into sexting, we had great fun with this
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    She obviously doesn't know you took that one, That's how I started pics of her drunk fucked and naked but now she loves showing her gorgeous curves
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