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    Would you fuck her?
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    Wife loves dressing up for her lover.
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    A few more to make you hard.
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    Genuine hotwife.
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    Always dresses to please.
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    What do you guys think? Is she a hotwife?
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    What do you think of my wife, Kaye?
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    Ah, I remember those days. Hahahahaha
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    I love my husband very much, but I love other men, as well. My husband will always have my heart, but my body will always be available to other men. Me and my husband both believe that it is because I have sex with other men that our relationship is as good and as strong as it is. We both feel that we have other men to thank for our marital happiness. Me and my husband both believe that no one person can ever truly satisfy another person's needs, but many can definitely come close. Below are men who, as should be obvious, do for me what my husband can't, and satisfy me in ways that my husband can't, as well. Below is what my husband has to offer me, sexually. And he is fully erect . . . Below is what my husband sees that other men have to offer me, sexually . . . I know that sex isn't the only thing in life, but it is what I enjoy most in life. I also know that marriage is about more than just sex, but to me sex is a big part of a marriage. I obviously didn't marry my husband for his penis. And the love I feel toward other men isn't just because of the size of thier cocks. I have sex with other men because it makes my husband feel loved by me, and it makes me feel loved as well. A husband who can share his wife is a man among men, and a very special person. Any man who can have sex with another man's wife, while the husband is watching, is a special person as well. When I am asked what I prefer, sexually, I have to say that I prefer variety. We are polyamorous, but we, at least I am, are swingers. I do not just have sex with other men, I make love to them and feel that they make love to me. To me, when a man or men fuck me, they aren't just fucking me, they are sharing time and themselves with me. And that means a lot to me. When a man spends a couple of hours making love to me, he is giving me his time, which he can never get back, and we are both giving each other a memory that will last a lifetime. When a man or men cum in me, I believe that they are giving me the most precious gift a man can give to a woman. My husband has a very low sex drive, a very low testosterone level and a very, very small penis. I love my husband very much, but I do feel that it is because of other men, and me having sex with other men, that I feel that my marriage is far better than it could be if I didn't have sex with other men. I like knowing that when I want sex, and want good sex, that I have several options. Too many women, in monogamous relationships, suffer, or settle with, what they get at home. I don't think that anyone should have to settle when it comes to sex. Sex should be enjoyable, pleasurable and satisfying. If sex with your spouse is niether enjoyable or pleasurable or satisfying, then something has to change. I believe that men, as well as women, should have options when it comes to sex, especially those who are married. My husband, because of the size of his penis, and the fact that he is submissive, has few options as far as sex with other women, but he knows he has a small penis and understands that women want, need and desire more than he has to offer. I believe that if a man has much to offer a woman, sexually, that it shouldn't matter if the woman, or women, he has sex with are married or not. I also believe that if, as a wife, I have sex with a married man, that there is a reason that he is having sex with me, possibly because he isn't getting what he needs at home. I believe that sex is a need. In my personal life, I know that engaging in sex with other men is what makes me happiest. It is also what keeps my husband happy. How does my husband compare to other men? Along with two other men in my life, my husband financially supports me. My husband stands by me and supports me, no matter what. My husband loves me and is sexually faithful to me. I don't have to worry that my husband is going to have sex with another woman, with or without my knowledge, ever. My husband is submissive toward me and my lovers. My husband doesn't ask for sex. My husband lets me tell him, his decision, what he can wear, what and when he can eat, where he can go, what he can do and when. My husband takes care of me, domestically. My husband has a penis that I refer to as his "little turtle" because, when he is soft and sitting down, his little penis hides in his foreskin like a turtle hiding in it's shell. My husband sexually satisfies me by allowing me to have sex with other men. I love my husband most because he allows other men to please me in ways that he can't My husband knows that I need more, sexually, then he can offer. How do other men compare to my husband? Other men I have sex with don't have to do anything but have a desire for me to get sex with me. Other men are not, and I don't expect them to be, faithful to me. Other men are usually agressive and dominant, sexually, like I like men to be. Other men know they don't have to ask to have sex with me. They know they can have me. Other men take care of me physically, and often emotionally. Other men have much larger cocks than my husband's. Other men satisfy me by being themselves and giving in to their sexual urges with me. Other men make me orgasm, whereas my husband never has. Me having sex with other men is what pleases me and my husband most. Other men please me in ways that my husband can't and never will be able to. Because other men have larger cocks, and have much more sexual experience than my husband does, they are able to do things to, with and for me that my husband can't and never will. Other men know that they please me and are able to offer me what I trully need, sexually, anytime they want. Other men know that what they do to, for and with me, pleases both me and my husand.
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    Do you think Kaye is enticing?
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    Kaye bent over for fucking. Do you think she has been a cum slut for many men?
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    Public exposure.
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    Is this picture of Kaye more interesting?
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    Mmmm hot she needs my fat cock to stretch her and send her home full of cum
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    New here let me know what you think?
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    Elaine's pussy before and after fucking
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    Arse shots seem to be popular.
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    Nice comments, very nice. Keep them coming.
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