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    We were at a friend’s wedding reception where a man called tom seemed to latch onto us, not that we minded, he was good company and not shy at buying drinks although he wasn’t drinking himself. We had only been married just over a year and were both in our twenties tom was divorced and in his early fifties. To save a taxi fare tom offered to drive us home where we asked him in for coffee. We ended up all sitting on our large sofa, tom one end my wife in the middle snuggled up to me at the other end. Tom was easy company and we chatted away like old friends, my wife curled her legs up on the sofa then apologised for taking toms space. He didn’t mind he rather had a thing for lady’s legs in tights he said! They weren’t tights they were stockings a treat for me latter! Very soon after that my wife was leaning against me with her long legs stretched out on tom’s lap. He was caressing her legs and feet, especially rubbing her feet at her request. Both tom and my wife were soon moaning with delight, he with nylon covered legs to caress and her with her feet and legs being rubbed as I also worked my hand under her blouse finding tits with nipples already poking hard against her bra! Undoing her bra with my other hand she groaned as I cupped her tit and tweaked her nipple, tom’s hands were moving up my wife’s legs and slowly pushing her skirt up, I started kissing her. Tom let out a low moan “oh their stockings and suspenders!” her skirt having worked up far enough to show off stocking tops. My wife broke off kissing me to reach down and pull her skirt up above her waist “don’t be shy “she said. Her suspenders framed her sheer black knickers her bush visible through them and some sticking out of the top, as I went back to kissing and tweaking tom’s hands got braver! I had unbuttoned her blouse and her tits were now on show, toms had was working its way into her knicker leg and she was moaning like a slut on heat. She raised her hips and instructed tom “take them off, it’ll make things easier for you” he pulled my wife’s knickers down her legs. I was still kissing her and playing with each tit in turn, her legs were open and tom was fingering away, my wife started to jerk. She was Cumming twitching and bucking and moaning she grabbed my hand as tom worked away steadily, it went on for ages. Eventually she calmed to just heavy breathing then looked up at me and said “fuck me!” She was laying on the sofa with her ass hanging off the edge as I got between her legs and slipped into her sloppy cunt, it actually made squelching noises. Tom moved across besides her and started on her tits, he put his finger in her mouth. He told her her body was wonderful and her tits were firm, he sucked on them all the time I was fucking her. Her hand was inside tom’s trousers, she told me after that the moment she found his semi hard cock she wanted it! She said to me “its toms turn to fuck me, don’t cum in me” tom and I swapped positions! His cock was still not totally hard but still considerably thicker than mine, latter I found it was also nearly two inches longer! My wife’s hand looked tiny as it tried to feed tom into her cunt, she couldn’t close her hand around him! She was well wet and his semi hard cock soon vanished inside my moaning wife. It was so hot watching her face and hearing the noises she was making, he raised her leg up under his arm and worked away at a steady stroke. For a good 15 minutes I watched as tom fucked my wife, his cock had no got totally hard and it glistened as he pulled it out of my wife’s well starched cunt only to slid back into her at her obvious delight. She begged and pleaded with him to take his time and he obliged as she had another orgasm making even more noise than before and yelling profanities as she bucked and writhed on his cock. Calmed down to steady breathing she reached down to feel toms cock as he pumped away. She moved her arm making her tits easier for his groping hand, he asked about where to cum! “pump it in my cunt deep” she said. He finally seeped up slapping into her and making her tits bounce as he groaned and emptied his seed into my wife. As he pulled out of her she let out a low long moan and cum immediately run out onto the carpet, as she tried to close her legs and move up onto the sofa her pussy let out several farts. When he had left she let me wank and cum on her tits, she said it took until the next evening before her cunt stopped feeling the effects of tom’s cock. I fucked her that night in the spoon position and although I made her cum she said it was disappointing after tom’s cock!
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    Any interest in my wife guys?
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    we;re a married couple she's 54 he's 63 ....love mfm's he can be bi orally ...she loves well endowed guys with stamina ...hairy chest a must ...she's tall 5'9" ...she's multi orgasmic and sometimes a squirter....looking for guys located not to far for hookups and possible FWB...meet for drinks to see if there is chemistry...also love the hotwife bar pick up her wearing her mfm anklet and bracelet pick up scene without her knowing it was set up...fun stuff...
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    Had a nice surprise yesterday. An old friend that I haven't been in contact with...in I don't know how long...got in touch with me yesterday. Yes...an old cuck hubby friend. Let me back up just a minute. It was actually back in September that I first heard from him. One day I was checking my homepage...and noticed that he had visited my page. Visited it...but he never contacted me, or left a comment...nothing. So I sent him a message telling him that I noticed that he had visited...and also told him that I was a little put off that he didn't even contact me just to say hello. Well he got back in touch a few days later...and admitted that he had visited the page...and that he was thinking back to the time when I "owned" his wife. I guess I should point out that I was definitely in control of things between his wife and I when I "owned" her. And he actually liked it that way. On this message he sent a few weeks ago...he apologized for not at least saying hello...and he said he hoped things were well with me. And left it at that. And I didn't think much more of it. I have been busy lately...so that's where I left it. Well that brings us to the message I got from him yesterday. Now this friend is basically the quiet type...like I said, he enjoyed me being in control of things with his wife...my "owning" her. His message yesterday was short...and sort of mysterious. All he said was...when would be a good time to catch up with you? I think I know what's on his mind...or his wife's...hopefully BOTH on their minds. Let's just say I have good vibes about it. I'm going to give him another day or two to see if he gets back in touch with me. If he doesn't get back in touch with me...I guess I will have to take control of the situation....like I always did. But...I KNOW what's on his mind. Maybe that's wrong of me...to keep him "on edge" like that when I know what he wants...but...it just feels like the thing to do. Here's a few pics of his very sexy wife...I'll admit I have checked her file out a time or two over the past day or so...and done some reminiscing. Good memories! His nickname for her was milfforbbc...which was her ultimate fantasy. Or actually THEIR biggest fantasy! How I got involved with them?....I can't even remember exactly? But definitely glad I did. It worked out well for all parties involved. Here's a few pics of milfforbbc.... beautiful, sexy wife...and very sexual. Def good memories! DomBull4U
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    My wife in the undies she wore that night.
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    Absolutely beautiful pussy!!
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    When I decided to go thru all my photos I discovered quite a few that I did not scan back in the day. It was more complicated and the size of files was limited years ago. Now I have scanned them all in groupings of photo sessions. I always enjoy finding out what specific picture other men think is the best or sexiest. Sometimes I agree 100% and other times not, but it doesn't matter. If you want to tell me why you like a particular pic I would enjoy it, but not necessary. Sometimes it is hard to describe why you like something. I have been making individual scans of the ones that are my favorites as I go through them. Curious to hear anyone's else's opinion
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    i never found drawings*tacky* i always thought sometimes they even show better than a photo whats in the focus - no distraction from whats meant to be for the eye :-) and often showing much more explicit whats right and whats in th taste of th sender for example :-)
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    Hi. Does anyone else feel that cartoons is a good way of illustrating your fantasies? I think the photos out there, and the captions, often is kind of tacky. Here is some cartoons that pretty much sum up my fantasies. The last photo is a my wife though
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    More photos for you all.
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    tell me what you think about her
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    Thanks Rob, I think there could be a senior citizen's discount too for all services ... 50% :)
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    My wife for you boys
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    Certainly one you find sexier or turns you on more than the others
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    icelord, she's fabulous!!!
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    There are number of sites where there are cartoon stories as usual some good and some not so good. I do like those 3d cartoons which are also available as movies to add that extra frisson Oh, and nice arse on your wife, please send her round so that I can enjoy her