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    Her mom bod with a thick mommy slit in need of bull cum. I want to smell it and lick it clean afterward. šŸ˜‹šŸ˜‹šŸ˜‹
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    Very nice! I have a young girlfriend too, well a lot younger than me anyway! I'm 60, she's 42. Looks much younger than that I reckon.
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    Me too I love when she fucks some guy with a big fat cock Or cocks that fucked the shot out of her and she come over with cum in her ass cunt and her hair I go nuts and fuck the shit out her too. she tell she love to fuck other guys with big cocks before me and after fucks me šŸ‘šŸ»
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    god damn Bears keep breakin my heart
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    I will be in Jacksonville the last 2 weeks in November if you want to dom my 63 yr old wife
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    I have been out of touch for nearly two weeks. Trying to get back in action. Our first attempt to use the internet to try and find a man to join us was a site called Adult Friend Finder. Pretty much just a hookup site but you got to see and talk to the person before committing. They allowed photos that did not reveal nipples or pussy to be shown to none paying members but they had to join to see more reveling pics and send messages to other people. Here are a few of the free pics I posted and the member pics in same outfit but more revealing to entice men to contact us. Once we found someone we thought looked good we would
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    Couldn't agree more about craving the taste.
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    I would love to shave my girl fucked like a slut by other guys
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    Thanks for your reply. I enjoyed your pictures, especially the last one. Something about that position of vulnerability. You may derive pleasure from using my wife. She is really passive as I mentioned. Some men want a more aggressive and active woman, Cheryl is not. She'll have her eyes closed all the time during fucking or masturbating. You would just have to go ahead and do what you wish. I hope that works for you. I enjoy doing what we do in somewhat odd locations. Love the semi-public aspect of watching my wife being used. Do you have a group available for her? She can handle that. We've found our way into a variety of places. Public parks, school buildings, rest stops on the highway, truck stops, a farm labor camp, love the woods....just to mention a few. My wife has one somewhat interesting quality-she can be made to have very intense orgasms if you slap her titties from side to side. She'll stand there and cum while she's crying. Incredible to watch.
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    I dont believe she'd get negative feedback here. I've seen more support here than hate
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    True, I cant imagine having the opportunity to fuck another guys wife, and not du.ping a load in every hole and thanking them for the invite
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    Hello, very nervous about this but here goes... I am 45 and never ever done this before. Not sure yet however, maybe with some encouragement? We live in Tennessee, both professionals. Don is much older and has suggested this for some time. I AM HAPPILY MARRIED, but he thinks I might see a new side? I am open to discussions, please be nice, understand this is not a done deal and discretion is paramount. Don is a cuck, per say, however not into bi, demeaning, blah, blah..He suggested this as an addition to US.
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    Tbh, I almost next to never meet anyone from the internet, or make plans for a play date. Iā€™d rather be at the bar and if it happens it happens.
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    Damn I get a little hardon thinking about her pussy taking a bbc and loving it more than me. šŸ™„
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    AWESOME! You like fucking cuck ass??? My cuckoldress mistress, fuckes me like her bitch, and I gladly am for her. Her and any woman can do me like this I LOVE it! Yesssssss!!!šŸ¤—šŸ„°šŸ‘šŸ˜šŸ‘ŒšŸ’˜šŸ˜šŸ˜Ž
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    I'm so in love with your gorgeous cock. Can I put my mouth on it and please you?
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    I want to grab her by the hips and fuck her so hard her knees crumple and she collapses onto the couch as I keep pounding that pretty pussy.
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    She is so hot, enjoy sharing her.
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    She was 29 and shy about posing and knowing how to look sexy. I just noticed a Gallery magazine I showed her to give her ideas for posing. A technique that did produce a few good photos
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    Nothing hotter than eating a woman while she is getting fucked!
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    Amen! Would love to have mine taken by large group...maybe at a park so her use is very public Can I get an amen?