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    http://ge.tt/7C6p43p2 https://t.me/cuckifromroth kik: kiwi19851306
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    I'm a few days late. Life happens. Here she is. Enjoy
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    I was reading an excellent post on cucks sucking cock. I’ve been dl bi before I got married so I’ve been sucking cock for a long time. But my question is this. How many cucks were completely heterosexual and had no interest in sucking cock, but got into sucking cock at the request of their wife or gf?
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    My wife message me if you like her
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    My wife was very inexperience at sex when we got married, had only had sex with one other guy. I had @@@@@@@ her to sexual toys, adult videos, going out in public without her panties on, having sex in public places, and taking nude photos of her. We were watching an adult video with two guys making love to one woman, and she told me that the thought of me and another guy making love to her, turned her on. To make a long story short, we agreed to do it. We messaged a few guys on craigslist, and she finally narrow it down to a guy name Martin on here hes called leicesterbull75, she agreed to meet him at a local bar, and if she felt comfortable with him she would then bring him home. They met at the bar and then she called me to tell me she was bringing him home. When they got back to the house, she brought out her nude photo album for Martin to look at, and told us she would be right back, she needed to get herself ready for us. About 20 minutes later she came out with a robe on, I could see she was very nervous, so I went over to her and kiss her as I removed her robe. She had on red garter belts, stockings, crotch less panties, and a bra that @@@@@@@ her nipples. She is a BBW lady with short red hair, blue eyes, trimmed pussy, She then told us to remove our clothes, after that she took both of us guys into the bedroom, and had Martin lay on the bed, and had me sit on the chair. She join Martin on the bed and proceeded to make out with him,, she was so full of passion as they kissed and had their hands all over each other body. She then started sucking his cock going all the way down on it & licking his balls and I could see was out of control with desire, because she swallowed his cum when he came in her mouth, she had never done that with me, she always spit it out. It was so erotic to watch my wife as she sucked another man cock, and finally see her willing to swallow cum. At that point Martin then started to eat her pussy, he had her so excited, he was eating her pussy and rubbing her stomach, she was moaning with such pleasure. I could see she was having orgasms, she finally told me that she wanted me to join them, she had me lay down and put my cock in her pussy, and told me to fuck her hard and deep, and told Martin to stick his cock in her ass. It was exciting to look at the passion on her face as me and Martin fucked her at the same time. She was soaking wet, I had never seen her so horny and turned on as me and Martin fucked her at the same time. Martin was slapping her ass as he fucked her ass with his cock, and she was yelling that she wanted us to fuck her hard and deep, and he told her she was the best fuck he had ever had. She kept having numerous orgasms & just looking at her face seeing the sexual desire she had was awesome. The sexual lust she had, and the ability to be so free with her body as both of us guys fucked her, no rules, just sex, giving pleasure and getting pleasure. Finally he came first and shot his load in her ass, and he sat on the chair as we continue fucking for a few more minutes, I pulled out and blasted my cum all over her belly. At that point Martin joined us again and as we lay on each side of her, we both started sucking her tits at the same time, she has tiny tits but her nipples are large and sensitive. Me & Martin had our hands all over her body, and took turns finger banging her pussy, seeing my wife so excited turned me on. Seeing her being so free with her body, giving pleasure and getting pleasure, was so sexy & hot. At that point we all decided to take a shower together. In the shower she wrap her legs around Martin's back and he fucked her in the shower, watching her pussy take his cock and seeing his cum drip out of her pussy was a turn on for both of us, it was so surreal to watch my sexy wife take another man cock in her pussy after being married for so long. After the shower she said she wanted to go to sleep with Martin's cock inside her pussy. I watched as he slid his cock in her, it was hard to believe that my innocent little wife could be so horny and wild. I then joined them in bed & she kissed me and told me she was very grateful that I was willing to let her fantasy happen. We finally all ended up going to sleep together. It's weird because if I had found out she was cheating on me I would be pissed, but being there with her and seeing another guy fuck her was a big turn on for her and for myself. To watch my innocent little wife act like a porno star, and watch how much pleasure she was receiving by having another man's cock and his cum in her pussy was so erotic. I feel pride seeing her be so horny and out of control, I would never want her to cheat on me, but being able to fuck her with another guy is a great source of pride. We tried a threesome with another woman but my wife was not into it, but with me and another guy she is a wild woman. I would defiantly request Martin’s services again. He’s a really genuinely nice guy
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    A husband has given this these pics of his French wife to be shared. More to follow if she is popular.....
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    So I posted these earlier in another forum, but I moved them, so yes and no, double posted. Wife sent me these while I was at work. Said she met a new friend, and these are what she sent him Hopefully they meet and there is chemistry. Here's to hoping she's someone else's for the night. 🤗🤗🤗
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    New to the site let me know what you guys think of my wife
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    Hi there my name is Martin im the Bull for 4 couples here in the Midlands in the UK im always on the look out for new friends and couples i currently service 1 30 yr old couple in Coventry 2 40 yr old couples in Leicester/derbyshire and a mature 55 yr old couple in warwickshire these are regular meetings im not into short term each of the couple above ive been seeing for about 1-4 yrs if your interested in a 40 something guy joining you please drop me a message over i would describe myself as rugby player build, about 14 stone but not fat, im a non smoker and social drinker, dont mind if others smoke. the tool i have is i would say 6" but been told its quite thick, and has a curve upwards like a banana also been told im a good repeater and cum heavy but guess you would have to find that out! i seek LTR with cuckold couples, i can accommodate as i share a house since i was made redundant from the Army back in 2015 i live in the north leicester area but can travel for the right couple, would like to meet more couples like i say in the bull to 4 regular couples, 1 of them is a very dom cuck wife, she enjoys making hubby watch and listern caged up outside her bedroom door only allows him in to clean her up after our sessions, the others are a bit more like thresomes, where the hubby is allowed to watch and maybe touch during our sessions im totally straight and its great that the cuck hubbys i know respect this, im there for one reason only for the pleasure of the lady NOT them. anyway if there is anything you would like to know about me or your from the uk and looking for a Bull in your relationship maybe i can help untill its a regular thing i do insist on safe sex, then once i know its regular fun i do like to have bareback and creampie cum in her pussy fun
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    anyone want to chat ? [email protected] or mcnjec kik
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    Hey guys, looking for a little moral support here. Show off your cages and tell me what you like and don't like about them and what you wish it did or did not. Here is my little canary cage. I have a metal one with an insert, just working up the nerve to try it.
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    Hello, We just signed up to this site. We've been finally talking about sharing my wife and if anyone is in Southern California please let us know. Id love to hear what you guys think of molly
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    It's Sunday. If you start now, you can be done by Friday
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    I had been hanging out helping a mate with his old classic car. Then stopped later for a drink and a catch up. They're were sitting on the couch, and I was sitting in a chair almost directly across from them, and we were watching a comedy special. We were all a little drunk , and they had began to make out. I was trying to act like I didn't notice, and just pretend to watch the show, but it was turning me on. She was so sexy, Skinny waist, and big tits with a pear shaped ass. I watched as he slid his hand down the front of her pants. I could see his hand moving under her jeans, rubbing her clit while her licked her neck. She was starting to moan quietly, and I knew I should probably go. I started to stand up, and my friend motioned for me to sit back down. So I did, then sat back and watched as he lifted her shirt up. Her breasts were perfect, they were big natural tits, and she had very puffy, and very pink nipples. He then unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down to her ankles. She whispered something to him, and I thought "Damn it! Show's over!" But then my friend looks up at me and say's "She wants you to lick her pussy, while she sucks my dick". I didn't know what to say, He stood up, pulled out his dick. It was still soft when she wrapped her hand around it, and brought it to her lips. As she filled her mouth with his cock, I got down at the back of her on my knees. She spread her legs as I began kissing her inner thigh, starting at the back of her legs, going all the way up to her inner thigh, where I was sucking gently, and slowly, licking my way to her pussy. Her cunt was shaved, and she had a nice plump clit. Her pussy smelled so sweet as sucked her fat clit into my mouth. Her clit was the biggest I had seen before, the more I sucked it, the bigger it got. I'd start to run my tongue down her pussy, and she'd grab my hair and push my face back down on that clit. She was really making a mess out of my friends dick. Slurping it, Spitting on it, shoving it so far into her throat it gagged her. She kept one hand on top of my head, not letting me move from her clit, as if I would want to. As I swirl my tongue around her little stump of a clit, she's grinding her pussy into my face. She still has his dick in her mouth, slowly trying to suck as she moans loudly, about to climax. "FUUUCCCK" she yells, and pulls my head back by off of her cunt just as a huge spray gushes out of her pussy and soaks my entire face and chest. "Uhh Huhhh" she moans, as another gush of sweet hot pussy juice sprays towards my face, this time I stick my tongue out and let her cum in my mouth. My friend says "Hurry up, and put your dick in her". I stood up, and pulled my dick out, she say's in a whimpery voice, "please fuck my pussy as good as you sucked my clit". My dick was hard as fuck as I rubbed my whole dick and balls all over her dripping wet pussy. I slid it in hard and fast. Slamming deep into her tight young pussy. She started to moan, and then said to my friend "Do you like watching you friends fuck me baby"? "I love it" he said, as he stood there, propped up on the couch stroking his dick, watching me fuck his beautiful wife. Her big tits bounced as I pounded in and out of her cunt. Her pussy was so tight, it felt so good. I had reached down and pinched that fat clit between my knuckles, just kinda stroking it as I pumped her. After a while of my thick cock, invading her sweet tight pussy, she starred up at her boyfriend and said "Ohh baby, I want you to cum on my face your friend to fill me with his spin both at the same time. "Okay baby, we will" he told her. And with hearing that, I started really fucking her pussy, ramming my cock deep inside her. Every thrust bringing me closer to cumming, as she's now starring right at me, her begging eyes, looking in amazement as my next thrust sends her into another orgasm, her cunt splashing my thighs, pouring pussy juices, the hot juice felt so good on my balls, couldn't stand it anymore, so I plunged in one last time my cock throbbed as I released what seemed like gallons of spun in her, Her boyfriend starring at me as my first shot sends a thick stream of my baby maker fluid in to her her whole face smiling at him. He moans as he see's it, and starts to cum as well. Hid dick, inches from her face, spewing hot cum all over her, she sticks her tongue out, trying to catch all of his juices. Her whole face is dripping as he rubbed his cock all over her cum covered head. Gently tapping her head with his dick as I make sure every last bit of my cum is deposited deep in her cunt.......... We now have fun 4-5 times a year I hoped you liked it !!! If you did please comment.
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    First of a series of pictures of this Maryland wife
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    I received a call from a married lady friend I have known for years saying she would like to make her hubby watch while she gets a good fucking in front of him. I was asked to turn up at 2pm in the afternoon which i did. She opened the door wearing only a long black T-shirt which just went passed her bottom. She was an attractive lady in her late 40's. She lead me upstairs without saying a word until we reached the bedroom, then she asked me to wait until she called me in. Once back in the bedroom i heard some kissing and then she told her hubby that she had a surprise for him. She told him to sit down and then a couple of minutes later she open the door and beckoned me in. The first thing i noticed was hubby was tied naked to a chair and his cock was standing to attention. Eileen said Simon wanted to watch her get a good fucking by someone and humilated him as well she wanted it to be someone she knew and trusted. Eileen moved over to me and we started kissing and my hands started to explore her body. The kissing became more and more passionate and i helped her take of her T-shirst and she was naked underneath. I started playing with her tits and nipples and i took each nipple into my mouth in turn and started to suck on them, she started to moan and i could tell she was enjoying it. I pushed her back on to the bed and made her lie down and open her legs wide and i could see her beautiful pussy. I started kissing the inside of her thighs working further and further up nice and slowly until i reached her wet pussy. I told her to tell Simon what it felt like and then i could hear telling him how good it felt to have another mans head between her legs. At this point i was licking, sucking and finger fucking her until all of a sudden she let out a load scream as she cum, her body was shaking. After a couple of minutes she got up, gave me a smile and walked across to Simon with his rock hard cock. She stood in front of him and inserted her fingers in her soaking wet pussy and then she put them into his mouth and was told to suck them, this happened a few times and then she bent down and sucked his cock for a minute or two and told him that she was now about to get a good fucking in front of him. Eileen came back over to the bed and asked me to stand up and then started to kiss me, i remember feeling her arse and thinking 'God that feels good'. Eileen started opening my shirt and kissing my chest at the same time she was opening my trousers until she found what she was looking for, my cock. My trousers were around my ankles and Eileen was playing with my balls and cock. The i heard her say to Simon, 'this cock is going to fuck me Simon and you are going to watch'. She then put my cock in her mouth and then took it out and said, 'it tastes good as well'. She sucked me for a good 5mins until I exploded in her mouth. She then went over to Simon and made him taste my cum. I then decided to take control of situation and grabbed Eileen down onto the bed face first and i looked at her great arse and made her knell on the bed and went behind her, i looked over at Simon and asked him if he wanted me to fuck her and he said, 'yes please'. I started to tease her pussy with the head of my cock while playing with her arse. Then Simon shouted, 'Fuck her' and Eileen said, Please fuck me i want it'. So i thrust my cock deep inside her pussy and fucked her good and hard. While fucking her i lent forward and started playing with her tits. I told Eileen to tell Simon what it felt like and she stated to tell him what it felt like to be getting a good fucking. Then after 4-5 mins of hard fucking i exploded inside her with my cum. It felt really good and Simon had a smile on his face as well watching my cum dribble out if Hus wife's cunt. After a couple of minutes Eileen went over to Simon and stood naked in front of him, she asked him if he had enjoyed watching so far and he said he'd loved it. She then put her fingers deep into her pussy and then ordered him to lick them clean and this happened a few times and then she asked him if he wanted her to suck his cock, Yes was his cry. She then went to work on my now hard cock again sucking me like a pro. I left after we had been there for about 2 hrs. I now see them a few times a year
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    Saggy tits are so hot. Her are my wife’s saggy big nipples tits.
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    Hi Bulls from Cuckoldfart and Fans I am currently meeting new Bulls here in Vegas ,, I have been at the Lyons Den glory hole filling up on huge sperm loads and fucking in parking lots of Ballys and showgirls ,,,,,,, Love to suck your cocks at Glory hole asap .. Kisses Gina
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    Aberdeen Scotland
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    Well my last post proved so popular I've been asked by another husband to show his wife who some of you may have already seen, she's certainly on at least one photo other site (xHam....). Starting with the more modest ones
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    CB6000s with shortest pin and number three ring. Sometimes fitted with the number two ring but only for short periods as punishment (very tight). Not plugged here but usually am - the plugs really stretch me 😢
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    my wife is arabic she is 47 ys but looks like 30's , her ass is big as i i think, if any one intersting in arabic women contact me , i prefere skype for chatting ,on skype webca is supported anf know who is online on my skype friends list and then i can chat to any online
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    Hello, I’m a new 1st time cuckold, been wanting my wife to do it for years. I wasn’t blessed in that area and cum really fast. She went out with her lover for the first time Saturday around 530 pm and texted me around 1230 that night saying she would be out all night but will be home first thing in the am. I was so turned I almost came just reading the text. I love being humiliated. i already cook, and clean, What are some other things I can do to show my loyalty to my wife? I shaved Red my cockiness and balls bald, is this a loyalty thing as well?
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    Anyone willing to cum on pics of my wife Suzy?
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    A sample from her sets, as you can see she likes to be tied-up The .zip file will be on Vola for 48 hours - pm me saying why you deserve the link
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    i have never been attracted to men but had a latent desire to suck cock but I never acted on it until i started sharing my wife. i think the visual of watching my wife sucking another mans cock and watching him fuck her grew my desire. a good friend of mine would often fuck my wife one on one and in three somes with me and after a while i just took the plunge. while she was riding him i got between there legs and started tonguing her ass then worked my way down to his shaft and balls while he was still inside her. after that it was easy to suck cock and may times sharing a cock with my wife. that was several years ago and untill just recently i had only experienced oral with a man, about 3 weeks ago i experienced my first time being fucked by a man and found it quite enjoyable.
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    I can honestly say that I never wanted to but the desire to please my wife and her bull was enough to motivate me when they said it was time. They had started me by having me clean her when he was done so sucking cock was the next logical step. The first few times I knelt for him were very, very difficult but her insistence and his threat of a spanking helped me get over that hurdle. I’ve now had the opportunity to suck 4 different men and can do it without hesitation.
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    Wish She,d fuck more bi guys/couples
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    If you like my wife and would like to chat please message me
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    I've got a few photos too! Let's collect all her photos here! Let the whore know everything in person and enjoy it. I know that she is from Russia, her name is Olga 44 years old. Show more her photo! Let's enjoy!
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    How 'bout some Tuesday temptations??
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    does anyone actually play this?
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    My sexperience was somewhat similar, she was married to a nerd, was cuckolding him with me among many men, but he never knew, so it was cheating. I told her I would love to be her husband if she'd divorce him and marry me, but keep on "cheating" making me her cuckold! She loved the idea! WE have been together ever since, for 1 years now. She's my HOTWIFE!
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    Once again RobJohnson makes some good points and provides some good insight into the mind of a cuck husband. There is one thing I have to disagree with however...the idea that the cuck husband does not matter. In my opinion, the cuck husband definitely does matter. Now he may not have much control of the situation...once the wife and her bull have established a firm, solid relationship. Using the phrase "I don't matter" may be a good technique for a husband to use when trying to come to grips with being in a cuckold relationship. It definitely seems to be working for RobJohnson...and I say...whatever works...go with it. To my way of thinking, a cuckold relationship...a good one...is like a three-legged stool. The wife, the bull, and the cuckold husband each being one of the legs. Obviously all three legs are needed for the stool to function properly. If any one leg is missing, the stool becomes useless and unusable. The transformation of a marriage into a cuckold marriage is tricky to say the least. Tricky and confusing. The couple will be on a roller coaster ride of emotions that is hard to describe...hard to imagine. I think the wife especially will be experiencing this range of emotions and may be in for the wildest ride on that roller coaster. It may be just my opinion, but I think the transformation goes best when a husband provides a solid base from which his wife can venture out...and ease into the cuckold relationship. For the wife to become the totally free, sexual "slut" for her bull...it's important that she knows she has a loving, husband supporting her in this new lifestyle. So to me, the husband plays an important role. It's really just a different way of looking at the points RobJohnson made. He mentioned the husband....making sure the wife felt and looked good for her bull. Excellent point...from Rob's perspective that means "I don't matter". But looked at from the wife's perspective and the bulls...that makes hubby's job important. The point that Rob brings up that is especially notable and very worthwhile is the one he makes about the wife having a clear mind so she can focus on what she needs to. Yes, yes, yes. Definitely. The wife is really going to be living a double life. These two lives...these two worlds...are best kept apart...not bleeding into one another. When she becomes the plaything for her bull...she shouldn't be thinking of fixing dinner, or carpools, or PTA meeting, etc...those "real" word thoughts. Those thoughts and realities are what probably led to the exploration of the cuck lifestyle in the first place. She needs her mind to at ease....free and clear...thinking only of her pleasure...and pleasing her bull. Again, to me...it's important that she knows she has a loving, supportive husband that "has her back"...so she can completely relax and unwind. Even sexually...I don't think we can say the cuckold husband doesn't matter. When a married woman crosses that line...it's important again that she have a loving and supportive husband at home....waiting for his wife to return. Waiting to welcome her back into her "real" world. Wait to tell her everything is ok in her real world. Waiting...not with a look of disgust...or a questioning "where have you been?" attitude. But waiting...waiting for her with maybe a nice warm hug...and what they share after that becomes personal preference. (just asRobJohnson mentions). I'm not really disagreeing with RobJohnson...but just wanted to look at it from a different angle. DomBull4U
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    My girlfriend, who was 23 at the time of this story, and I were invited to a bbq by a cpl I new from work. At the time we were only involved for a month. There were 3 other cpls and a single older gentleman of about 55-60. We had a fun time and the wine helped a lot to get us in a mellow, laidback mood. The friends who invited us and one of the other cpls eventually left. The host cpl and the single gentleman went out of their way to treat us with champagne, canapés and exceedingly risqué stories. I noticed that the husband of the cpl was very flirty and touchy with my girlfriend. I have never been a jealous person and actually found it sexy that the husband who was around 45-50, was so into my girlfriend. The wife interestingly enough, were going out of her way to flirt with me and to keep my attention with her and away from her husband. She was around 40-45, voluptuous with huge DD's that were trying to spill out of her tight dress. The husband then announced that he was taking my wife on a tour of the house which was a very flush, modern masterpiece. The wife kept chatting to me whilst my girlfriend and the husband disappeared through the lounge doors. The older guy just laid back in his chair enjoying his drink and the mood music filtering from the ceiling somewhere. After about 5 minutes he got up with an excuse to go to the bathroom and disappeared from the room. The wife had her hand on my leg by now and were all flattery about my looks and physic. I new something was up so I said that we should find her husband and my girlfriend and join their little tour. Off we went through the house, eventually up the stairs and then I heard it. The unmistakeable groans of somebody in ecstasy. The wife just smiled at me and said, "How about that". I walked down the hallway with a nervous lump in my stomach, short of breath and a cock as hard as a diamond. As I entered the bedroom where the noises were coming from, I was confronted with a sight I will never forget until the day I die. The husband was laying on his back on the bed. My girlfriend was spreadeagled over him, her tongue in his mouth and his cock buried deep in her pussy. Leaning over her back with his cock also squashed into her pussy, was the older guy. They where double fucking her with violent gusto and she was loving every second of it. The wife stood behind me and wrapped her arms around me, playing with my nipples, pushing her big tits into me and whispering in my ear " Look how she is taking their cocks! She is loving it and she wants you to see how she craves strange cock!" Something to that effect. I can honestly say that it was the first time I ever came without touching myself. Big ropes of cum shot out of my cock and soaked my pants.It was the sexiest thing I have ever seen! The girl I loved, who would later become my wife, was split open by two big cocks and I wanted more! The night turned into a blur of fucking and sucking. At one stage the older guy was laying at the bottom with the wife on top of him and I was on top of her, both our cocks in her pussy. The rubbing of his cock over mine had me shoot strings of cum over his cock and in her pussy. He let go and i could feel his cock pulsing and the soaking feeling of cum over my cock and balls. She then turned around and pushed me onto my back and slowly crawled up my body until she was squatting over me with her pussy in my face. She started to mash her pussy into my mouth whilst saying " Eat all the cum. Suck me dry. Clean me up. You've got to practise cleaning because I bet you are going to clean your girlfriend's pussy from strange cum in the future" or something to that effect. I happily obliged. Later that night I took my time giving my girlfriend a tongue bath. We were married 2 years later and are still happily together after 20 years. She runs her own business successfully, is a good mother to my son and loves to fuck strange men on European beaches or in swing clubs all over the world. She still feeds me cum directly out of her pussy from strange cocks.
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    Lucky Friday the 13th. Sorry for any double posts.
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    Make More pics? Would she be a good fuck in this position?
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    any body have more of her
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    Hey everyone I’m a new wannabe cuck I’m 25 she’s 24 . Would like to chat my Kik is dru12
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    I would say I was bi curious before and that's why the transition to cuckolding was so easy. It was like i got to watch my girlfriend take all those straight cocks and it was like I was living it sexually through her. It's kind of hard to explain. But I remember bring up the idea of sucking him for her to get him hard. I wasn't sure how'd she react and she asked her bull if that'd be alright. We did it a few times but besides the power/submissive side of it, he wasn't really into it. There were other bulls who got off to the idea and my love of sucking cock only grew from there. Some bulls I know don't want to try it and don't find it erotic to have a guy suck them. You have to make sure everyone is comfortable. But yeah, when you do have a bull who lets you suck them, the power and imagery is only exemplified. It's the ultimate way to thank him for taking your wife or girlfriend.
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    A few things here, firstly its about her looking good and feeling good that will give her the confidence to be open and flirt. Buy her new clothes and underwear so she goes to the bars etc feeling a million dollars, just make sure she is feeling great and looks great and the guys will come. Secondly, just make sure you are involved as little as possible when the guys come over. A good bull won’t want to talk to you, he will see your wife as a target, will want to lure her in, and you chipping in won’t help him. You don’t need to say anything, be more submissive and both the potential bull and your wife will see they are in control of the situation and you are not and let it take it’s course. Then if you go to the bar etc, they may have more deep conversations about what they want to do, and if you have been submissive they will see that the possibility of him having her is real. If you are involved you will be a barrier, and if he wants her, you are the last person he wants to talk too, it’s your wife he wants not you. So get her feeling confident, and play less of a role yourself. It’s not about you, this is about your wife so keep out of it as much as possible to let things happen. Maybe also strong enough characters have not approached yet. A good strong bull will keep on after his target until he has her, and if your wife shows the right signals to him, there is no way he will not have her. I have had loads of instances where strong guys have approached my wife. This was despite me not wanting anything to happen between them and her. But once they see the signs that she wants them, and they want her, they find a way. It may not be that night, but numbers might have been exchanged, or they have arranged to be in the same bar the next week etc. Once a bull has decided to have her, and she has given him the green light, I just knew I was unable to stop anything happening, despite me wanting too.
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