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    When you are happy to pick up ur wife but find out she won't be alone.
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    I have 7 or 8 videos of the wife and her BF. He finally talked her into anal the other night and these were the results. Still frames from video: Pic one: him using the lube I just bought... Pic two: Moving in for the kill Pic three: Leg back, long dicking her ass Pic four: Top view
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    here we go again -
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    Hello from me and my wife deb. A happily married cuckold couple here hoping to chat with other couples
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    Is it only me or my wife's ass is actually fat?
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    Who wants her? Please comment. She is a total slut and loves nasty comments.
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    told my wife about the fantasy of watching her get fucked hard by bbc but she wasn't sure. I've encourage her with porn but she's still unsure. I want to see if she can be persuaded by someone else. drop her an email to see if you can sway her..... [email protected]
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    Posting Pictures of my Slut Brenda, She is a submissive slut that loves to be a Whore for Black Cock, a cum slut that loves to swallow cum, to be whored out for BBC use. She has fucked hundreds of BBC starting in her teenage years. Here are some Gangbang Pictures of her. She Loves it when Men look at her Pictures & Loves to read the comments that they make. Let her know what you think of her pictures and her being a slut for BBC & Gangbang Whore and I will post more of her. Make comments to email address on picture
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    Mature filipina cuckold wife loves nasty comments/chat.
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    incredible pussy
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    Caption Sheila, the more brutal and filthy the better! Degrading is ok too. Also love seeing her @@@@@@@ and reposted so send me a link.
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    It is just a real turn on being out of control and watching her as a slut
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    The best part for me is knowing that she is happy. She doesn't have to sneak around and worry about "cheating". We have a wonderful relationship which just happens to include a third person. We are all friends and know exactly what everyone expects out of the relationship. The main thing is that she is happy.
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    She has to succumb to BBC, she is built for it!
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    You are such a lucky husband having a gorgeous bbc cockslut for a wife. I envy and applaud you.
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    My wife stayed with her lover for 2 day,s as you can see from the pics he sent me, they say it all.. She sucked his cock, dressed like a whore for him,fucked herself in his garden,Wrote a message to me on her Arse,and left a deposit in her cunt,for me . I LOVE MY WIFE
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    Great opportunity there - she knows about him, and he knows she thinks about him when using her dildo, and they both know you approve. You could do what happened to us, our best friend started getting close to my wife at weekends when we were together whenever I was out of the room, like making coffee etc. He would cuddle, kiss and eventually grope her, which turned her on to the point where eventually she told me that she wanted to go to bed with him. The rest is history
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    Don't pressure her,but don't let this go.....keep talking and asking her to give it a try....but be patient
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    Your wife's ass is oerfect ..... and definitely not fat😎
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    For all the lovers of -
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    Showing me her freshly shared pussy. He banged the hell out of it, and as you can tell, she loved it.
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    We had been married about 2 years and had just decided to check out a couple of those swinging websites. Checking out turned to chatting, turned to arranging our first meeting. We were new to the whole thing and we didn't know what to ask other than the usual D&D free?, etc. So we never checked his size. Didn't matter to my bride. To her, they all must be about 6 inches and the width of a roll of quarters. She was not prepared. When he arrived we had a few drinks and chatted a bit until he started rubbing his cock through his jeans and by cock, I mean horse dick, it went almost to his knees. My wife's cunt could never fit that! But ever the trooper, she wanted to try. She attacked his jeans and released the poor prisoner and I instantly knew things would never be the same, especially the elasticity of my ladies twat. She sucked his cock for awhile(the head at least) until he was ready to shove it in another man's unspoiled wife. And shove it in he did. He reamed her cunt with a ferocity I never dreamed of, making her cum for the first time from just a dick (no toy, no clit play).She hopped on top of his cock without even attempting to force one of my normal sized condoms onto his huge cock and let him just enjoy the ride as she stared at me with a mix of love and hate in her eyes, because she too knew things would never be the same. Luckily, the odds were in our favor that night and despite him flooding her with a cock so fat that none leaked out until he removed his cock from her. Flood it did, as it must have been a half cup of another man's cum that fell out of her. She would, at least on occasion, need a good reaming, a good squeegee out. Someone who stretches those walls and gets those areas I never will. Still, to this day, her cunt feels different, and when I look into her eyes when I am allowed to fuck her, I still see that glimmer of resentment and desire. I'd love questions or comments.
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    In order to get my wife started swinging and eventually cuckolding, I created a perverted version of monopoly. We had 3 guys over playing a game they never had before, the only rules were, what the cards say, you MUST do. Everyone agreed. There was a watersports (waterworks) card, with a picture of my wife pissing, but the best card was the 7 minutes (or more) in heaven card. The ultimate card. Whoever draws it, takes whoever they want into another room and does WHATEVER they want for 7 minutes, or until they finish. Leave it to my wife to pick her ex-boyfriend with an 12 inch cock she had never felt with anything but her hand in high school. She dragged him into our shitty bedroom, with our mattress lying on the floor and 3 bags of dirty laundry lying around. She sits by the bed for a few minutes (while I'm watching through our keyhole), debating how far to take it. So he undoes her pants, and discovers that she still wears white granny panties (she used to dress for comfort before she became a slut). He finger bangs her til she is creamy. She slowly reaches down his pants, and I think her mind was made up. She pulled it out, sucked on the top few inches until he was solid. This was now double the size of my cock. Without much hesitation, she lies back to let him enter her. He tries without a condom, so she stops him. She makes him wear one of mine. No sooner after going balls deep in my wife's previously sacred hole, it busts. She feels the difference and makes him check. He used my last condom on a second attempt. I'm watching my wife get used as solely a fuck toy. She might as well have been a blow up doll. This condom breaks. This time she is loosened up enough, she doesn't feel it, but he does. But he also knows if he tells her, it's game over. So he pounds away until cumming deeper inside my wife than anything had been before. So deep she doesn't notice until they return to the game and I start fingering her and globs are falling out. She beat some odds, as she was fertile, and he had 4 kids already. She obviously didn't mind since 1 week later, she fucked him again. This time, with Magnums
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    About three years ago, at my wife's baby shower, she invited a local fuck buddy. Not with that intention in mind, but we were friends as well. Mind you, this is her baby shower. Lots of friends and family around. Well, once the grill was fired up, it was time for swimming. So all of a sudden both she and Brad, disappeared to get into bathing suits. He had to borrow one of mine, so they went to the basement den. They were only down there about 10 minutes when they both reappeared. I went to get changed really quick and in the bedroom, I see both hers and his clothes on the bed. I return outside to see them both in the pool. When I get in, she says to me, "don't be mad, but there are a couple hundred thousand extra swimmers in the pool". It took me only a moment to shoot her a quizzical look. She said that since she was already pregnant, she let him bust one out real quick, since seeing her all knocked up got him hard and he didn't want to get in the pool with a hard on. So, while in the special dress I bought her for the occasion, he just lifted it up and rubbed one out using my wife's pussy instead of his hand. Definitely one of the hottest quickies ever.
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    My wife went out with her BF and sent this picture
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    What a beautiful mess ,I would love to slide my hard cock deep in her used pussy so sexy and wet .
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    Beautiful. You're a very lucky cuckold.
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    all these picture is excellent, I like my wife do this also
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    Hope all are having a great weekend.
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    Almost the weekend, enjoy
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    There was this trip we made to negril so my wife wanted to actually have a romantic time with one of the guys before they went to bed. It was the first time we visited there and she wanted me around. The guy told me if I wanted to be around I had to keep him hard. I spent over an hour under the table sucking him while he chatted and petted Vicky. She considers those one of the most romantic moments of ours.
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    KO cock for punching hotwife pussy
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    Just a couple to get the juices flowing.
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    Weekend clubbing
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    Greetings from deb.
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    Deb says hello to all the horny ones
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    The frustration continues.....my password won't work to get me into the chat room....the site is supposed to send me a new code that I can use to enter...haven't received that code as yet. Thanks to those cucks and hubs that have left messages for me here...and specialt thanks that have shared pics of your wives. Hopefully this will be cleared up soon and we can get back to our "normal" routine. Cucks, hubs....I do miss chatting about...and using...your wives. Ahhhh...those naughty, fun-loving slutwives
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    Here a some more of my Slut Brenda, She is loving the comments so keep making them and I will post more pictures of her!
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    I love creampied black pussy. I want her to sit on my face a I eat it out.
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    Some more pictures of my Slut Brenda She likes to see your comments and will mean more pictures to be uploaded.