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    It's been awhile since the last time but I do try to stay in practice for when I actually become a real cuck.
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    Just joined site. Checking it out to see if it fits our life style. I have shared my wife many times over 25 years. We are more into the hotwife lifestyle then cuckold, but that is a very thin line. Kind of two sides of the same coin
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    Posted May 30, 2016 Hi there I am cuck husband from Sri Lanka. I love funs and new excitements. I love to introduce a new bull or play mate for my 45y year old busty wife. she is shy but great in bed. if you wish, please contact me. Thank you. kik zesttsez1  
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    Stunning boddy..love to fuck her ass
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    Tuesday, posted elsewhere. Go ahead, enjoy forbidden sugar
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    Thursday, might as well knock yourselves out. Get busy, good for those wives too...
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    Monday, some I may have double posted. Get busy
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    Saturday, posted these elsewhere but believe they belong here
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    wow, secondjag! one pic hotter than the other... really turns me on wish some day my wife and me can share such a hot bbc thx for sharing this pics!
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    Whose to say...when getting in close..to assist and observe...how can anyone clearly define the ground rules...let's look at it this way...to keep one busy...there is a vagina..a penis..a scrotum...and two mud pits...why miss out...
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    It was strange the first time I let a husband suck me it was his wifes idea and she was horny as fuck standing next to me watching
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    Gotta admit....made my cock hard and mouth started to water a bit.
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    yes i love a nice cock to cum in my mouth
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    From my experience,everyone who tries sucking cocks,becomes a fan.Many of my lovers,who were identifying themselves as "Damn straight", are now cocksuckers and quite fanatic ones.I do not know why,but it is taboo in our "modern" society.I think it is normal for a man to have sex with all people and not just men or women.I love fucking women as much as I love fucking men.Same goes about getting fucked by men and women.To be honest it is quite liberating doing whatever you want and living the best of both worlds.
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