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    Don’t threaten me with a good time. 😍😍
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    You are a very sexy woman. It took me years to convince my wife to try it and finally she agreed to try erotic massage, after she met him a few time he became her lover for one year. My wife says once you get use to fly first class it's hard to fly economy. Now she love it and the only regret she have, she didn't start sooner.
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    Good morning, and thank you for the note. Yes both Don and I are brand new to this, and yes we are both scared to death. I'm still not sold on the idea, just discussing it makes my stomach queasy . I won't lie there is a sense of excitement involved in even discussing it that is almost addictive, I'm not sure how to explain it? Something I want you to understand, I adore my husband. He loves me very much, and this is his idea and not mine . We are looking at this as an addition to our marriage not to take away. I believe the term cuck is does not quite apply to Don. If anything it may even apply to me? He is not bi, he is not into being humiliated and demeaned. Its more about letting me experience something I have never done. On face value, I'm a soccer mom and work as a nurse. NO one would have a clue I would even contemplate such actions, or such a character change. Sorry this just seems so complex/convoluted, complicated, maybe with your experience you'll actually understand what I might need? Looking forward to hearing back from you. Cathy and don
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    Hi don/Cathy welcome to a whole new fun and exciting world. The nervousness you both are feeling is completely natural along with the excitement it does sound like you both are more a hotwife and stag couple than a cuckold couple which is a lot more like my husband and I, which started out swinging in 03. If you’d like I could recommend a few ways you both can ease into the lifestyle with very little pressure and at your own pace and completely discreet. Best of wishes to you both N.
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    I think Cathy is about to start one hell of a journey, it’s just its a new situation that she has to deal with. But she has Don to help her, she is a very nice and desirable lady, so once she understands where she is, I think she will be enjoying herself tremendously. Give her a few months just to analyse it all, to come to terms with what her husband is allowing her to and she will be like a young adult out exploring the world again. The bulls are waiting for you Cathy, you have put your photos out there already, the first step to inviting them to come and have you. Take your time, then go and enjoy all they have to offer you.
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    Wifes tits hope you like...
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    It's been awhile since the last time but I do try to stay in practice for when I actually become a real cuck.
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    Just joined site. Checking it out to see if it fits our life style. I have shared my wife many times over 25 years. We are more into the hotwife lifestyle then cuckold, but that is a very thin line. Kind of two sides of the same coin
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    It’s party season, and the Bulls will be out in force. You may not be a cuckold, you may just be curious about cuckolding, but this time of the years the Bulls will be taking advantage. It has been said that over 50% of women have cheated at the works Christmas parties at some point in their lives and the Bulls will be out ready with a one liner to test your wives resolve? Will your wife tell you she has been hit upon? Very doubtful. The likelihood is that if she has been with you for many years, she will enjoy the Bulls compliments, and her mind will be racing and she will wonder what to do about the bulls advances. Bulls are good at catching their prey, they know what buttons to press, they have the experience and dishing out the compliments or maybe an outright proposition puts your lovely wife in a sudden dilemma. Its a new situation for her, it’s a nice feeling being wanted, she has had a few drinks and the likelihood is that if she likes him, she will at the very least, play along and enjoy his advances. I have seen it many times, the Bulls are prepared and they will succeed on the night that is for sure. They are very persuasive, they know the ladies love to feel wanted, and they will end up shooting their loads in one of the party that is for sure. If you have a pretty wife, or one with a good body, the Bulls will be after her, and like the statistics state, half of those women will take up a Bulls offer at least once over the years. You can’t blame your wives. They will be doing nothing more than just looking sexy. But then the Bulls set to work and suddenly your wife has a dilemma. It’s just natural to feel wanted, it’s natural to respond positively to the hunter, and it’s just natural that your wife opens her legs to take in the hunters seed. Bulls are special people, it’s an art that they have, it’s human nature at its finest and women find their advances hard to turn down. Bulls have the experience, they have one up on your wife as they know in advance what they are going to do. All your wife has done is go out looking attractive. It’s not her fault the hunter Bull has hit on your wife, and it’s not her fault that his prowess and experience leads to your wife naturally opening her legs for him. Lets praise the Bulls this Christmas period. Congratulate them on how good they are at getting our wives to drop their knickers. Let’s thank them for giving our wives some great memories and the cock that they deserve.
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    Hello, very nervous about this but here goes... I am 45 and never ever done this before. Not sure yet however, maybe with some encouragement? We live in Tennessee, both professionals. Don is much older and has suggested this for some time. I AM HAPPILY MARRIED, but he thinks I might see a new side? I am open to discussions, please be nice, understand this is not a done deal and discretion is paramount. Don is a cuck, per say, however not into bi, demeaning, blah, blah..He suggested this as an addition to US.
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    Just so I understand what the fuck is implied with these "hhhhhhh" and "@@@@@@" see it a lot on this forum,and in erotic stories ....what EXACTLY does this confusing shit mean/stand for/imply
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    Dom us correct. I have written many stories about out Hotwife lifestyle. Sometimes I copy and paste to post of a different site. Later I reread it and the words "@@@@@@@" and "pussy" had similar gibberish in place of what I wrote
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    Please check my personal message to see her photo.
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    Hmmmmm....I guess spanking isn't on the censors list? Either way Hotwife/ cuck luvR...you should get a good spanking! DomBull4U
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    I think there are other words that get censored also. I seem to recall that spank-ing is another censored word. And I'm pretty sure r-a-p-e is another. Can anyone else think of any to add to the list?
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    She always wears the sexiest shoes to take cock in, that makes me rock hard thinking about watching my big cock slide in and out of her.
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    From the album: Just me

    © Leicesterbull75

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    shar50nc wasn't JUST a naughty exhibitionist...she was a fun-loving...adventurous...hotwife!!! No more naughty show-off wives like this to be shown on Tumblr after December 17th. Hotwives like shar50nc need a place to have their exhibitionst fun...not to mention those of us that enjoy seeing hotwives in action! Shame on you Tumblr! DomBull4U
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    Posted May 30, 2016 Hi there I am cuck husband from Sri Lanka. I love funs and new excitements. I love to introduce a new bull or play mate for my 45y year old busty wife. she is shy but great in bed. if you wish, please contact me. Thank you. kik zesttsez1  
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    She god fucked in a mall's toilet by a total stranger
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    Stunning boddy..love to fuck her ass
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    As soon as the tip of my tiny sissy clit entered her. Literally 1-2 seconds. She just laughed at how pathetic it was.
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    usually upon entry i try to hold out but nenever can
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    Wednesday, Bill, once again, never my intent to hijack this post. Just let me know if you want me to start elsewhere.
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    Monday, some I may have double posted. Get busy
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    Saturday, posted these elsewhere but believe they belong here
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    My buddy used to come over and hang out and i would show him pics of my wife and sissy tumblr porn until He would get really horny and tell me to get my sissy ass in the shower and he would get in and tell me to get on my knees. I would suck him hard and then he would hold my head and slowly push as deep as he could and hold it for a couple seconds then with small strokes and his head still in my throat fuck my mouth until i was choking and gagging and slobbering all over his balls then pull out and start again. He was a very big masculine guy and just used me to get off. Sometimes he would let me suck for a while then tell me to get up and bend over. He would fuck me until he was about to cum and then turn me around and cum on my face or chest or if i was really lucky he would cum on my cock and then tell me i could stroke it now and he would laugh and make comments about my cock while i stroked with his cum as lube laying on the floor of the shower covered in spit and cum and tears until i came too. We would just hang out after like buddies. I used to love serving his cock. This was also the 1st guy we had a threesum with and we had 4 or 5 of them (she didn't know i was bi at this point) . Then she started fucking him while i was at work for a couple months until i found out about it. I was really turned on but she decided she didn't want to play with him anymore. We didn't hang out for a while but he stopped by one day and i started getting horny and wanted him to use me like he had her so thats where this story starts. I should also note that me and him had experimented way back in high school a couple times (probably where i first got the desire planted to be submissive). My pics for your amusement..
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    I am Coco french exhibitionnist blonde slut and bitch to BBC, i have 316 IR pics to share, please use them and repost my pics ;-) 316 IR pics to me Easy with ZIP file. My pics can be distributed and posted on any web site. All of my pics are copy right free. I love to show my face and body to everybody! You can post my pics in your gallerie, blogs or forums if you want !
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    Gotta admit....made my cock hard and mouth started to water a bit.
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    From my experience,everyone who tries sucking cocks,becomes a fan.Many of my lovers,who were identifying themselves as "Damn straight", are now cocksuckers and quite fanatic ones.I do not know why,but it is taboo in our "modern" society.I think it is normal for a man to have sex with all people and not just men or women.I love fucking women as much as I love fucking men.Same goes about getting fucked by men and women.To be honest it is quite liberating doing whatever you want and living the best of both worlds.
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