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    Who likes and would fuck my wife leave a creampie up her love to hear your comments wud love to no someone has already fucked her
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    not fake at all only clean up and the background is blurted out here are the pics before I clean them up I do that to my pics for privacy
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    I would fuck her! And cum in her pussy so you can clean her and fuck her again
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    I love watching my wife suck another man’s cock too!
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    Oftentimes my wife gets stretched and sore from fucking her well endowed bulls. At that point, I take over and they use my mouth and face as their cum receptacle.
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    Corporate executive wife... A few hours pass, it's almost midnight and her husband sends her a text message..."How are things going?". Actually at this late hour, her hubby knows. Hubby knows that her "corporate dinner" should have taken maybe 2 hours at most. It's almost midnight...her "corporate dinner" was at 7. So he KNOWS. Corporate executive wife answers her hubby with a text. She sends 2 pics with a quick, short message.... "Will be very late. Love you! G'nite!" Hubby KNOWS. Being a good cuck...he's off to bed...with a raging hard-on...thinking about how sexy his wife is...and how much he loves that she is a hotwife! DomBull4U
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    Corporate executive wife dressed and heading out to another "business dinner".....
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    Our corporate executive wife is headed out for another evening... She's dressed to kill in a "power" red dress...meeting a "friend" for dinner! Before leaving she has her proud cuck husband take a pic of her showing off her new hotwife anklet.
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    A Corporate Bitch Wife? She's all smiles as she sends a text to her boss...telling him that she is ready! And he responds...telling her that he will be picking her up...in the corporate limo in just a few minutes... DomBullU
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    Mmmm nice wife...love fucking her hot ass
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    I feel very alone in the way I approach the theme. I like being a cuckold and a bull. My cock is big, I love fucking other men's wife, but I also do love watching mine own having fun. I love being dominated by her, but if a guy tries to play alpha on me, we would probably get into a fight. I like the idea of my wife dominating me and him.. she's the real alpha having fun, but I also love dominating her other times and making her a cuckquean! Anyone understands me?
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    My 30yr old wife and her perky little tits...
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    hello friends....I received a nice note from allencuckold today. We haven't been able to connect recently...and allen wanted to let me know he missed our talks. allen also told me that he wished I would post his wife to show who the whore really belonged to. I know allen well enough to sense his "cuckold frustration". So.....How could I not respond to such a simple request? allen...believe me when I say I miss your slutwife too....look at her...how could I not miss her. allen...if you need to hear me say it...that ass, that pussy, those tits, her mouth...all mine allen. I OWN your whore wife, meaghan Don't forget it DomBull4U
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    myasianwife38 Really hubby...you like the details on how the wives would be used! Great...glad to hear it. Your pretty Asian wife would definitely get her mouth filled with cock...and fucked! Picture her licking my cock and balls...and then taking my cock deep into her throat...throating me until she coaxed a nice big cum load all over her pretty face. And that would be just for starters.... Hubby, thank you for the use of asianwife38...the Asian sluts do know how to serve a man. Have a nice day...see you around Regards DomBull4U
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    my chinese wife, small tits but I love her tight butt and curvy waist.
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    ttomasson....hubby, you didn't say much...but each word was music to my ears. "Hello Sir. Here is my wife...your slut." That's all you need to say ttomasson! That says it all. What a gorgeous slutwife you have to offer too. Love her sexy lingerie...and those spectacular tits! So nice to see them @@@@@@@ and ready for me to enjoy. Your wife is always a treat ttomasson! Talk to you soon....
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