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    I very much like bare back so I can feel their sperm firing into me. Men I am not sure I will ask them to wear a condom as I like to play safe sex. I have had many men over the years of all sizes. More so now my bulls have been very well hung and cuck hubby does like to help them into. If he has been good I will let him clean us both as a treat.
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    bareback all the way for my ex wife
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    You hit the nail on the head. When I am with a couple, I realize that I am an "invited guest." I can, should, and do express my opinions on things, but the final say is theirs. My job as the bull is to help them explore the lifestyle and their desires, but that is done through encouragement, not ultimatums.
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    I think your first two sentences says it all. You two got into this because you wanted to watch her. If this guy isn't supportive of that, then he isn't the right guy for you. Full stop. With a little bit of effort you guys can find someone who is both able take care of her sexual needs and enjoys having you watch. Plenty of us are aroused by having the cuckolds watch us.
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    Very nice ass
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    Don't allow the third party to make demands...he should be a tool/toy like a dildo but should have no say in the arrangements and shouldn't be able to deviate from the conditions set between yourself an the wife. If she disrespects you to go behind you back you might not have the right relationship.
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    blushing thank you very much. 💋
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    The playing alone isn’t what’s bothersome, but he stated that he is an ex and he’s the one dropping ultimatums. If it was her idea then yes maybe, but to me the other guy doesn’t get to make demands, only requests. It’s for her pleasure not his.
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    Thank you for following me
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    Nice pictures of your Asian slut......she like to get big loads all over that body, pussy and tits?
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    ginger777...hello Hello...and thank you for your nice comment about the Showing hotwives thread. What makes this a very nice topic is wonderful women...wonderful hotwives like yourself. Beautiful and sexy hotwives! I love your pose in the pic above and love your body! Thank you for posting on this thread. I think I might owe you a bit of an apology. I saw a pic of you that was posted on another thread...and you asked the question with the pic..."what about my ass?" Well, I never did offer a comment back then but I would like to now if I still can... Maybe I should add that I think this was your first pic posted here...a little tame, but a good first step. I like the sexy see-through panties you are wearing...and they show off a very nice ass ginger...very nice! And I am sorry I didn't let you know that before now. As for the pic you posted here today....also very, very nice. here you are showing off your body with a sexy confidence...with your hands behind your head to really make your tits stand out. And they are nice tits, ginger! You look yummy! I'm glad to see you posting again...and what I see is a desirable...fuckable hotwife! Thank you for posting! Would love to see more! DomBull4U
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    I think it’s best for everyone if the bull goes bareback. Both participants obviously prefer the bare cock situation, and I am sure it makes the cuck a better person having to deal with fact that the bull has cum in your wife. The bull leaving his seed is like a calling card, and I think it’s best for you if he sends your wife back seeded. It shows the hierarchy. I think bareback should happen as much as possible, and it’s up to the cuck to help find the right bull to enable bareback to take place. It’s your duty. Maybe if bareback isn’t possible to start with, then to help the cuck progress, the wife should bring the full condom back for either her or her cuck to drink. Returning home with the bulls cum either in your wife, or at least in the condom is important for everyone.
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    Since you wont talk to me I decided to here. This happened because: The years of mental, emotional and financial abuse The way you treat my adopted transgender stepson I must admit I was surprised she cut the head of your thing. didn't want that. oh well....lol ...and more.