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    and so it goes.........
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    Remember when I said I’m pretty confident I will experience all those again...and then some!  Well, Steve said he wanted to watch me with Stephen again (apparently I spelled Steven wrong). I had two conditions: I’ll only explain the first condition. Steve has to text Stephen and invite him over. I also told him I wanted him to say certain things...anyway here are those texts 😊
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    My 8 guys pounded the heck out of my little pussy. It's twice it's size! Took two days for the swelling to go down. LOL.I loved every thrust and grind! Everybody at The Rooster knows that I'll put out with the blessing of my husband. I have a wonderful life. I still can't figure out why the guys like me down in Vegas.LOL
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    The first guy we met I found on the Internet. We met him in a local pub. David was a black guy in his early 30s. We had a few drinks and Marlene was really nervous, I could tell by the way she was guzzling her drinks. David started moving closer to Marlene and she giggled a little bit but she did not push him away. They began flirting and soon, much to my surprise they was kissing and touching each other... David looked at me directly and said, do you want me to fuck your wife tonight James, I think she does? After three years of fantasizing about cuckolding it was becoming a reality right in front of my eyes. I guess I didn’t expect it to happen so fast. I looked at Marlene anxiously to see what she wanted to do. Marlene kind of laughed and said sure. He returned to kissing my lovely wife of 10 years and I was completely dumbfounded, she was going to do it. Marlene looked dishevelled at me and began giggling. The alcohol had gotten to her. David got up and Marlene slid out behind him with her short skirt rising up. I could see that her panties were slid to one side. David must have been fingering her while I was gone. My balls began to churn as Marlene bent over and kissed me. She whispered in my ear, you should have felt what I felt in his pants and she wickedly smiled at me as David took her by the hand and I followed them like a scolded puppy dog out of the pub and drove them home. In our bedroom they stood next to the bed, and I took a seat in the chair so I could watch. They wasted no time and began undressing; he pulled off her blouse and skirt to reveal her panties. I could see the crotch of her panties were soaking wet, she was really excited. I began to feel at ease as she looked at me and smiled. Marlene stripped David down to his underwear, and I could see that his cock was already up and ready for the job. Marlene got down on her knees and slipped the waistband of his underwear over the head of his dick. She again looked at me and then took a few tentative licks. She lowered his underwear to his ankles, and he stepped free of them. She then gently rubbed the head of his member over her lips, just giving it little licks and kisses, and his pre-cum started to flow. She looked up from her knees and began talking baby girl talk to him, Mmmm, you taste so good David, and your cock is nice and hot. Its making my pussy so hot, did you see how wet my panties are? They looked really wet, let’s see you without them, he replied. I could not believe my conservative little wife of 10 years was being such a slut for this man. We had fantasized about this for 3 years and over time she got smuttier in the fantasies but never like this. David reached down and felt her wetness, and then told her to lie down on the bed and spread her legs. Marlene obeyed; David climbed between them and began eating her out. I watched fascinated, as this was one of my favourite things to do. Marlene gasped as his tongue slid up and down her labia, and then slid in and out of her pussy. This went on for some time, he would suck and lick her clit, and then tongue fucks her. My cock was now aching, and the confinement in my pants wasn’t helping any. Im so hot, please give it to me now David, Marlene moaned. Fuck my hot pussy, make me cum. I just shook my head as I watched thinking who was this woman? I had never seen her in such a passionate state. My wife was becoming a porn star right in front of my eyes. David needed no extra urging as he mounted her as I watched. Marlene had her legs spread wide, and David opened his so that I could clearly see as he guided the tip of his cock to Marlene’s waiting slit. He poked the tip in, and Marlene moaned loudly. He slid into her wetness easily as I watched his entire cock disappear into her eager pussy lips and then slowly slide his thick prick out again causing her to go into a frenzy trying to fuck him back. He continued, sometimes increasing pace to a hard and fast fuck, and then backing off to a slow gentle pace. Marlene was pinching and pulling her nipples, moaning with ecstasy. My cock had soaked through my underwear and there was a visible wet spot growing on my pants. As I viewed the spectacle Marlene suddenly shouted Oh God, Oh Fuck I’m going to cum! Yes David, Yes give it to me hard I’m Cumming on your big cock! I knew at the moment things would never be the same in our lives. She started to writher beneath him, as he rammed his cock deeply into her. Harder and harder he pounded her wet pussy as Marlene cried out with another orgasm. I saw his ass clench and his balls draw up right in front of my eye. I could see him grinding into her deeply and she was pushing back just as hard. Oh my God I thought to myself this man is pumping his cum deep into my wife’s pussy. In all the excitement I had never even thought about a condom. Obviously Marlene didn’t either. David collapsed on top of her spent from the force of his ejaculation. I could see the cum on the base of his shaft buried deep inside my wife. He laid there for about a minute and they kissed romantically, then David pulled out of her. His cock was wet with their juices, and as he pulled away a string of cum hung from his dick to her pussy. Marlene laughed and said God were wet, just wipe that off on my pussy please. David smiled and rubbed his cock up and down her cunt, leaving the drippings spread all over her pussy lips, and then rolled off of her and lay next to her. Marlene rose up on her elbows and viewed the sticky wet mess of her crotch. She smiled and looked at me. Do you like what you see babe? She asked. . I looked at Marlene and said jokingly, as I stared at her pussy and I definitely liked what I saw, I was really turned on and I had a thought in the back of my mind that I might like to eat her out. I couldn’t believe I wanted that, but I hadn’t cum and right there in front of me was my wife’s beautiful cunt all filled up with cum, my fantasy come true. It wasn’t my cum, but God I was hot at that point. I think you do like what you see, she giggled. Anything you want to do now? What do you mean? I gulped. I didn’t want her saying anything in front of David. Come on, tell me what you want to do and Ill let you do it babe. Are you having some nasty thoughts? You can tell us, David won’t tell anyone. Just tell me what you want. It felt like my cock grew even longer. She was going to make me say it in front of David. I swallowed hard, I really wanted it. I’d like to taste your pussy, I blurted. What!? You want to taste my pussy? You can do that anytime lover, I don’t think that’s what you want to do now. Out with it what do you really want to do? I wish I had never started this fantasy. I use to cum inside Marlene and she would pretend it was another mans cum and I would lick it out of her. I wanted to do it but not in front of David. I wish she would have waited until he left, but she was in control now. I almost came in my pants; she was going to make this really nasty for me. I took a deep breath and said I really want to lick the cum out of your cunt, I want to clean up that mess for you. Oh, you nasty boy! You want to lick up my pussy after it’s been well fucked? It’s really a wet hot mess honey, isn’t it? It’s even messy outside because David wiped his dripping cock all over it. Well, I guess it does need to be cleaned up, why you don’t take off your clothes first. I stood up and quickly stripped, my cock felt a surge of relief as I freed it from its confines. Marlene looked me up and down and smiled, then leaned over and kissed David. She looked back at me and said, well, what are you waiting for? Climb onto the bed between my legs. I did as instructed, and Marlene said Take a close look, can you smell how well it’s been fucked? I got in close to her pussy and took a deep breath. It smelled like heaven. She had cum very hard and her juices were mixed with David’s, and the sweat of their fucking created an intoxicating aroma. Yes, you smell delicious, I said. Then you can start cleaning me since you like how I smell. I want you to lick all around the outside first, get that nice and clean, and then you can start sucking David's cum out of me. She turned back to David and began kissing him again. I tentatively started to lap up the cum, my cock was dripping onto the bed. I got the first taste and it was smooth and salty. Her cunt was coated, and I had to lick hard to get the sticky mess off, but I worked hard and succeeded. I glanced up to see her French kissing David, and without stopping she took the back of my head and pushed my face back down into her hole. I fervently began sucking, and she suddenly started to buck against my ministrations. She cried out Shit, I’m Cumming again already! Oh God, suck my cunt baby, it feels so good! I had never made her cum so hard in our whole marriage. I became like a man possessed. I wanted to devour her pussy. I knew deep down that I never pleased her sexually and now I had found a way. I looked up at her and she never looked so beautiful to me. I sucked harder as she came, her cunt muscles began pumping their cum out into my mouth. Spasm after spasm roared through her body, and she grabbed my head with both hands and roughly held my face against her pussy as she rubbed it up and down. David had grabbed hold of her nipples and was tweaking them, adding to her storming orgasm. As the waves of pleasure faded, she released me and lay back. God that was great, but I think there’s more in me. I saw that David’s cock was at rock hard again, and Marlene noticed also. She got on all fours and presented herself to him. David took the hint and positioned himself behind her, and promptly buried his cock inside her. Marlene started to rock back and forth, impaling herself deeply with each stroke. Her eyes were fluttering; she had become possessed just as I was and I wanted her to be. David was a stud that I never was. I could never give her cock like he was and for some reason I was very ok. Maybe the lie was dead; I didn’t have to pretend anymore. I was a cuckold. I really didn’t know who this slut was on all fours but I knew she was mine and loved her even more and wanted to get to know her. Marlene looked up at me and said, Babe, climb under me and lick me while I’m getting fucked, please, Don’t think about it, just do it, I want you to do it so fucking bad, please lick my cunt now! I wanted to please her so I got underneath her and she and David spread their legs a little more to allow me easy access. From that angle I had a great view of his thick cock going in and out her wet lips, and Marlene’s pussy was actually working up into lather. I reached out with my tongue and started to lick her clit gently. Oh fuck yeah! She shouted. Lick me hard cuckyboy you nasty slut! Lick my clit, oh yeah David fuck me deep! I started to lick at the hole as she ordered me, sliding my tongue over the clit and around the hole just as she was getting pumped by David's manhood. My dick was spewing all over my stomach. Marlene began to spasm wildly, and David grabbed her hips to keep his cock deep in her. She cried out that she was Cumming again, and her body began to quiver as she rode out her third orgasm. I was watching David’s balls and I saw them tighten up as he dumped his second load into Marlene, and she sobbed with pleasure feeling her pussy fill up again with another man's cum. David pulled out, and Marlene dropped herself straight down onto my face, cum leaking freely from her gaping hole. I lapped it up as she grinded down onto me. I sucked hard as she leaned forward and took my dick into her mouth. I lasted about 10 seconds, and then a violent orgasm shook my whole body as I let loose what felt like a gallon of cum into her mouth. She continued to suck and I continued to lick until my cock began to deflate. Finally, she rolled off and turned over to face me. I had cum on my lips and face, and she had a big smile on hers. David was watching as she grabbed me and kissed me hard. I opened my mouth to accept her tongue, and was surprised when she returned my whole load of cum to me! Now swallow that one too, she said with a grin. I smiled and let it slide down my throat, and she let out a laugh. There, now you finally got to taste your own cum lover, maybe next time you will actually be able to eat it from my pussy! If not, we can always invite David back for more practice. After David left we made love like we have never made love before. Marlene has had so many men since then, but that night was the best.
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    Making my semi annual visit with Gordon at The Rooster Club in Vegas.Gordon and I getting reacquainted. No limits for Gordon. Gordon is my favorite so he most always has first sex. The other 7 men that I saw semi-annually there would sometimes show up at the same time. Then I was really busy. I always looked forward to our trips down to Vegas. Most of the guys were of the same age group as Gordon so in addition to my fitness regimen, I could always depend on these guys to give me a great workout! They all know that I can still drain all of them dry.
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    Let me know what you think of my asian slut wife Kelly and ill post more
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    I hope Steve starts to enjoy his new cleaning duties soon. Once he gets use to the tastes of those delicious mixed juices, whoa Nellie!!! At least he’s trying to be an obedient cuck hubby, which is very commendable.
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    Mm mmmm mmmmm is all I’m going to say. Beside it’s going to be a good night tomorrow. ❤️❤️❤️
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    Who loves watching your lady with BBC?
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    Bump. Love the view of your wife from these angles
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    Gordon and I Hooked Up! Thirty One Year Age difference. I like my them young lots of stamina!. I had just had my 61st Birthday while Gordon was 30.We have been hooking up for about 6 years up to this point. I had 8 guys that I hooked up with twice a year down in Vegas. I was very busy for the week that we were down there. These are long time partners that know my husband and I very well and we all socialize quite a bit. Not always just sex. These young men know that I'll be available for them most of the time.
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    She a whore for bbc and any big fat cocks
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    Gordon getting ready to hook up with Me. Gordon is my favorite . I'm going down, (in more ways than one) To Vegas this June. It's been over a year. This will be our first time together without Charles. Charles and I always had fun with our friends. This time the guys have expressed an interest in intensifying our Roleplaying Activities. Gordon wants me to do a Strip show for an audience at The Rooster this Summer. I think that will be fun. The Club has a capacity of above 200 I believe. It would be nice to pack the place.
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    Bareback! Why do they call it bareback, anyway? Hmmmmmm I prefer bareCock ! I definitely LOVE to feel my guy’s big, black cock cumming inside me...and that is the ultimate. But also, the feeling of his skin sliding in and out against the stretched walls of my pussy is second only to him cumming inside me! I agree that safety needs to be first...but once that’s established, it’s not only “once I went black, I could never turn back”...it’s also “once he went bare, nothing could compare”
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    Still looking to see if anyone out there has had my wife...!
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    over the top sexy, lovely tits!
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    More of this slut. comment for more pics
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    (From where I left off) L: Are you okay for more? S: Nodded yes L: I mean are you okay for Robert and me to....you know...(smiling)...fuck? S: (nodding) Yes, Leslie...I’m fine. Normally, Robert likes to lick my pussy...maybe I should say “eat” ...and I love it. His big full lips on me feel so good...not to mention how his big tongue feels sliding inside me and exploring me...and I had been so excited about that because I had gotten myself waxed for him. But that would have to wait until another time. I know that Steve had wanted to see Robert fucking me and for both of our sakes, I didn’t want to prolong that . Steve and I had talked about this so many times and I had tried to explain how it feels to be stretched so tight and to feel so full. He of course would never be able to experience that...but I wanted him to see what I felt...mainly because he had asked so many questions about it. I had also told Steve how much I love watching Robert’s big black cock entering me and sliding slowly in and out of me with long, deep strokes...the sight of it somehow makes it feel so much better! I wanted Steve to see that too. So I turned back towards Robert and grabbed his hand and pulled him toward me as I laid down on the carpet ( my back would pay for that later ) I was lying directly in front of Steve with my head towards his feet. I thought this would give him the best angle to see what I had seen so many times and also to be able to watch it from the vantage point that I had always described it. We would both be looking down my body to Robert’s cock entering me! I was far enough away from Steve that I could still look up and see his face...and I watched him as Robert got between my legs. I had planned on focusing on Steve...or wanted to anyway...but as soon as I felt the head of Robert’s cock at my entrance, I had to look. There’s really nothing like the anticipation that builds when I feel that big head just barely pressing against my lips. He likes to make me wait and just slides it up and down my wet slit until I’m absolutely begging for it. As much as I like that, I didn’t want him to do that this time...and he must have sensed it, because he didn’t make me wait. (This is another one of the moments I can remember clearly) So as I felt him press toward me, I propped up just a little and watched as he pushed the first few inches into me. That’s always one of the best moments for me. I love it when he gets all of it inside me...but those first few inches are amazing too...it still takes my breath away. Not like it did the first few times when I couldn’t breathe because it just hurt...but because it feels so good to stretch around him. There’s something so submissive feeling about accepting a big cock into me (of course Robert is the only big cock I’ve ever had). I don’t know how to explain it...but it just makes me feel so feminine...for me, I lose all power and control at that moment...willingly. This was a little different, though...mainly because Steve was there...so most of the time my mind was torn between what i was feeling physically and what I thought Steve might be feeling emotionally...so there was only one moment of that night that I totally gave into what I was feeling. But there were small moments where I lost a little control of myself...such as now, when Robert pushed those first few inches inside me...for a few seconds, I closed my eyes and whispered... L: ohhhh god I immediately remembered Steve and looked up at him... He looked totally shocked. His eyes seemed so big! HIs mouth wasn’t gaped open like he was in awe or something...but his eyes were very big and very focused on what was happening between my legs.(Steve and I obviously talked all about this later that night...but we were able to speak more clearly about it on Saturday...so I’ll try to quote him as best I can. He told me that writing is my thing now ) S: I couldn’t believe he was fitting inside you. You had told me that you can take it all and I believed you...but after seeing him I couldn’t see how. It really was shocking. Not just to see you with another man but to see you able to take something that big. It was crazy how much you were stretching (something like that...feel free to add to it Steve. I know you’re going to read this ) Robert is usually much more aggressive than he was that night...he was nervous too as he didn’t want to do anything to mess this up for all of us (he calls me “heroin” so he didn’t want to lose the ability to have sex me as often as he does)...so he just slowly slid in and out of me...pushing an inch or two further each time he pushed forward. I was going back and forth from watching Robert’s cock and watching Steve’s face. I could tell Steve was getting excited by it. He can’t sit still when he’s into something. When college basketball is on he’s up and down and pacing and just constantly moving. It’s annoying when we’re in a sports’ bar . He wasn’t getting up and walking around this time...but he was definitely moving. Every time I looked up at him he seemed to be looking from a different angle or sitting in a different position. I was hoping it was excitement. Damn his emotionless face! 😂 Robert didn’t push all of his cock inside me until later...but once he got most of the way in, I started giving into how good it felt and was less distracted by my fears over Steve...though they were still there. Robert was sitting straight up on his knees between my legs with his arms hooked under my knees. He was slowly but steadily sliding almost all the way out and then pushing almost all the way in at the same pace...again, I can’t really explain how good it feels to have a cock that big inside me. I can definitely feel Steve when he’s inside me...but with Robert, its like he’s touching every single fiber and nerve inside my pussy...and to feel that sliding in and out of me is absolutely incredible. I can’t imagine any woman being able to focus on anything but the feeling of it. He knows exactly how a man should fuck a woman with a cock like that! But as i said, I was starting to be overwhelmed with the feeling...I have no idea how long he fucked me like that...but it felt amazing...absolutely incredible. Steve said I started saying... L: fuck you feel so good, Robert. L: omg you’re so deep L: you’re soooooo big Steve also commented on the sound. Not from my mouth but from my pussy. I love the wet, sticky, squishy sounds that my pussy makes when Robert slides in and out of me...those sounds are so hot. Robert likes it too because its just another affirmation for how wet he makes me. Steve said it was very sexy. At this point, I reached up for Robert’s face and pulled him to my lips and as i did he naturally pushed more inside me as he leaned down...we kissed briefly and then I pushed him away. (I push a lot when he’s fucking me...and when he’s fucking me hard i slap his chest or squeeze with my fingernails digging into his skin...he likes that for some reason...i guess the same reason some women like to be spanked...i like to be spanked sometimes ) Anyway, Robert started to pick up his pace...he wasn’t slamming into me...he was still trying to be respectful...i was going back and forth between Robert and Steve. On the one hand I wanted Robert to really fuck me hard...to pick me up and do what he wanted (I always like what he wants )...on the other hand, tonight was mostly about Steve and me and less about Robert and me... (my friend was good about keeping that in the forefront of my mind). But then Steve got up...both Robert and I noticed and we stopped... L: Where are you going? Are you okay? S: Yes, Leslie. I promise. (He was smiling) I just need to go to the bathroom. L: Okay...are you sure? S: (laughing) Yes...don’t worry. I promise, I’m more than okay. I felt a little guilty about what happened next...but later Steve would explain that he was more than happy with it... But as soon as Steve left the room...Robert picked me up and turned me away from him and pushed me onto the couch where Steve was sitting. I was on my knees bent over with my face int he couch cushion. Robert immediately pushed all of his cock into me....hard. Again, it took my breath away! My arms went out in front of me and my hands were pushing against the back of the couch so I could push back against him....Robert grabbed my hips and started slamming into me...this is where it gets a little fuzzy 😂. I don’t know how long he fucked me like this but it seemed like a long time....and I know I was very loud especially when I orgasmed (Steve said he could hear me from across the house)...I’ve said a few “there’s nothing like” comments about Robert’s cock....but there really is nothing like cumming on a big cock while its all the way inside you...I lose all ability to control myself. It’s a fully body orgasm...especially in this position where Robert is hitting all the right spots...especially one in particular Somewhere during this Steve walked into the room...he said he watched from the doorway for several minutes because he knew we couldn’t see him...he thought for sure we’d stop if we did. He told me that he remember that I had told him I get very loud with Robert...but he said I just kept screaming a high pitched, short scream or squeal every time Robert thrust into me...that I kept saying how good it felt...telling him to fuck me...how loud our skin slapped together when Robert slammed into me...and that he was amazed at how i shook when I came. Steve also told me that he loved it. (Whew!) Robert and I hadn’t talked about him cumming inside me...whether he should or not...but we both love it the most when he does. Again, its an incredible feeling when a man is able to be as deep as Robert gets inside me...even better when he’s so thick and I’m so stretched...and even better than that is when he cums. I can’t honestly remember feeling Steve ever cum inside me. But I always do with Robert. Not only is he very deep...but he cums A LOT! I love it...so we were both so into it at this point that Robert did. In the middle of my orgasm, Robert came inside me and then collapsed on top of me . I love feeling his sweaty body against my sweaty body...I love it the most when he’s in my arms and my legs are wrapped around him...but it feels good when he’s laying on my back too. We laid there for a few moments and then I remembered Steve. I quickly pushed back and told Robert to get up. Steve was now sitting on the couch to our left and on the end of it behind us. L: How long were you there? Are you okay? S: (smiling) Long enough. And yes. I’m perfectly fine. Did you guys enjoy yourselves?? I just looked at Robert and said it was time for him to go. Robert smiled and agreed. He put his clothes back on...awkwardly patted me on the shoulder (that was really weird 😂) and said goodnight to Steve and left. I had crawled over to Steve...not sure what to do. S: That was amazing, Leslie. I really mean that. Especially the last part. My god! I smiled at him with the biggest most loving smile...I was filled with relief. Tonight had been good but it had also been really hard. I had constantly wondered if we were going to fast or doing too much or if we should be doing it at all...Steve’s comment again took away all my fears. He’s so good. I got up and said... L: I think I should shower. S: Good idea. And brush your teeth. (Laughing) I got up and walked upstairs.... That’s the end of The During.... Later comes The After
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    Hello. We are a German couple which enjoys the cuckold life for many years. We do not have a permanent bull but constantly changing partners. With a health certificate she fucks from the beginning without a condom
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    my nurse gf love black guys with big cocks or white guys with big cocks too tell me what you guys think of her
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    Oh no. Assure her she’s beautiful and let her know people love bigger girls. Sounds like some strange cock is the self esteem boost she needs.
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    So, just for a little fun, we went out in full "hooker" dress last week. It was mild but very wet so we figured we would be safe from any legitimate approach for business. Despite the weather, Sue was wearing a satin kimono style gown with a blue-grey basque underneath. Her legs were sheathed in stockings. As agreed, Sue wore nothing else but a pair of shiny high heels. Before we left, Sue consumed a good half bottle of wine - dutch courage - but I was driving to the wharf area so abstained. We don't have much of a red-light area - there are plenty of legalised brothels in town - but the wharf area is known for a little street girl action. Not in this intermittent rain though. As we drove around there were no working girls in evidence at all. No obvious punters driving around either. We were giggling like Beavis & Butthead as we patrolled the streets, Sue getting braver and braver as it became obvious that this would just be a quick bit of silly fun for us. During a lull in the rain, I pulled over in an industrial lane with a fair bit of tree coverage between the road and the units. Suddenly nervous, Sue climbed out of the car and walked away from me. As we had agreed, I was to circle around behind her and use the poor lighting and trees as cover for my car. I parked up and disappeared into the shadows - waiting to try and listen in on anything that might eventuate. For almost an hour, nothing did. The rain fell a few times and we both sheltered under a tree to keep from getting wet. Then, just after I had slunk back into the shadows, the twin beams of a car appeared. Sue slowly stepped in front of the tree, the car lights hitting and illuminating her satiny coat. The car, actually a utility I could see now, slowed and then passed. Now my heart was thumping in my chest - I can't imagine how Sue was feeling, but neither of us dared to say or do anything. And then it came back. As Sue stepped out from the cover of the tree, towards the road, the pick-up slowed down and then pulled over towards her. I watched as the passenger window slid down. And then came the mumbled sound of an introductory conversation. Without breaking my cover I just couldn't quite hear but they spoke backwards and forwards for a minute or two. The cabin shook a little, my heart almost stopping as I feared the driver was getting out. However he had merely moved across to the passenger seat. I then watched in amazement as Sue opened her gown, revealing her basque to this strangers eyes. I knew her big tits were covered but also that her cunt was not. Sue pulled the gown from her shoulders, the soft fabric bundling in a heap at her feet, soaking up the muddy puddle there. Sue's big, white ass shone like a moon, framed at the top by her basque and below by the dark stockings, but then parted as his fingers groped underneath her. I clearly heard the stranger refer to her big, wet cunt, Sue groaning in agreement with him. Then Sue was reaching into the cab and in no time very obviously wanking the driver's cock. Awkwardly, they masturbated each other through the window. I wanted to wank too but before I could even get my cock out, the driver grunted and very obviously ejaculated. He said something to Sue and then, with no more conversation needed, returned to the driver's seat and drove off. Sue bend down, retrieving the obviously ruined negligee and came back towards me. She looked stunned at what had just happened. I reassured that everything was okay and that I needed to get my little whore home to fuck her. Sue discarded the gown as we made our way back to my car. Before she even had her seatbelt on Sue was hungrily fingering her pussy. She was desperate for confirmation that everything was okay, insisting it was just a one-time thing. As we headed for home and what would become a hot and sweaty sex session, Sue handed me the $20.00 she had been paid for the handjob.
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