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    Sometimes I would let her go out and pick up a guy and go home with him but have her come back before morning just so I could fantasize about what they must be doing and masturbate to my fantasies. some nights I could cum several times just jacking off and imagining her in another mans arms and still fuck her in their cum when she got home.
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    I have been cucked by three different wives so yes I love it each of my wives knew before we married this is what I would expect from them and my first marriage I made so many amature mistakes it is a wonder that I ever was able to get her fucked where I watched the three first times were a disaster and I had to wait until after the fact to find out what happened but as we grew we learned and she would still be with me if she hadn't been killed in a car accident. I loved watching her fuck she was a very nasty talker. The lack of planning and working everything out with the wife so there would be no surprises from the lack of understanding
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    Plezurseekers69, You certainly provoked a large reaction with your admission. Recently, I've come to realise that what I expect of a woman, I should be prepared to match. Do you like her - sucking your cock - swallowing cum - receiving anal sex If you expect her to do these things with you and other men then you should be prepared to, at least try, the same when having a 3-some. Who knows you might like it 🤔
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    It was a very difficult time for me but time passes and a body still needs release from time to time.
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    That’s the dream right there!
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    Nothing hotter than eating a woman while she is getting fucked!
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    seems like Monday needs more (4 vids) she needs it all.mp4 a true love 2.mp4 mining that pretty ass.mp4 a true love.mp4
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    so very sorry about your loss. stunning woman
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    I’ve been wondering about that. To be honest, I think I would be a bit of both stag and cuck. I wouldn’t say 100% cuck mainly for the reasons you mentioned above, on the other hand, I am more on the submissive side, and my lady’s pleasure is my biggest turn on. Femdom interests me too. I would definitely try fucklicking and I’m sure cleaning her up (as long as I hadn’t came already 😉). She knows about this fantasy of mine as we’ve talked about it while fucking, though maybe not convinced that I’d like the fantasy to become reality. If there could be a percentage put on my desires, I would say 52% stag 48% cuck. A Stuckold maybe?
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    Monday eh? Freya Dee - Erotic massage with creampie climax.mp4
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    My sexy young hotwife!
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    Do be a cuckold my friend, you and your wife will love it!!!
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    Tuesday treats
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    Tuesday morn (6 vids) scrub a dub dub.mp4 i_had_no_idea.mp4 nervous_and_ready.mp4 lucky dude.mp4 reamed+out+and+dripping+jizz.wmv rockin with jules.mp4
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    I miss my shadow,I had a purple 1100,
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    fuck, Ducattis' are such beautiful machines. do you remember Moto Guizi?
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    AGREED.....I just want to see how much damage they can do/take LMAO
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    NEVER going to get a proper automotive thrill that way
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    Not going to lie.....Kind of want to drive one of those smart cars,and play bumper cars on the freeway.....just to see how much shit we can fuck up.....WITHOUT DYING,OR GETTING HURT lmfao
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    electric cars, hate them
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    Hi. Sad about the accident you mentioned. What would be the amateur mistakes to watch out for?
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    I have been cucked by three different wives so yes I love it each of my wives knew before we married this is what I would expect from them and my first marriage I made so many amature mistakes it is a wonder that I ever was able to get her fucked where I watched the three first times were a disaster and I had to wait until after the fact to find out what happened but as we grew we learned and she would still be with me if she hadn't been killed in a car accident. I loved watching her fuck she was a very nasty talker.
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    could have NOT spelled this out any better myself. well done Dom
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    LOL... Great stuff!
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    Leslie...welcome back! Nice to hear about your naughty plans for your next adventure....later today! A "panty treat" for Steve sounds like a hot idea. And about "making sure he does a good job"....could I add a few thoughts to that. Not that you need any suggestions...because you seem to be doing just fine with your hotwife progression...and kudos to Steve too for his progress as a loving cuck husband...your loving "cucky". Before I add my suggestions I feel like I should apologize to Steve if I am giving his sexy Leslie any ideas...Steve your "wicked" wife doesn't need any help in taking the next step in your new lifestyle...she seems born to it...a natural. But she seems open to suggestions and ideas...so I'll give them to her. I'm not really giving them as some plot or scheme against you, Steve. But if they make her even a little hotter and hornier than she already IS...then I think they were worth adding. Leslie...dear Leslie...about Steve's panty treat...much of what I suggest you have probably already thought of and planned...but I hope that it makes you hot...and juicy...seeing some of it written out. (But fuck! Steve I do hope you happen to read this sometime today...and I hope it drives you crazy wondering what Leslie will have waiting for her "cucky" tonight!) Leslie, of course you should (and will) have Steve's panty treat ready and waiting for him when he arrives home. Maybe have Steve text you when he arrives home...so you can be READY for his moment of arrival. Be sitting in a comfortable chair...with you legs spread and your panties showing. (How you are dressed, I'll leave up to your wicked imagination...with the hope that you'll tell us all later.) But Steve should be able to see his wife...and his panty treat...when he walks in the room. Of course after his long hard day at work, the first thing Steve should do is go and give his wife a nice long hug...and a kiss.Maybe a short sweet kiss at first...after which Leslie could say to her hubby...Robert came by today. We had a nice visit. At which point Leslie might grab her hubby and pull him into a deeper, more soulful kiss. And Leslie says..."I would have had dinner ready...but...well, you know. Robert and I got so busy catching up...time just got away". "But I do have a nice treat waiting for you. Why don't you get on your knees, between my legs. I have a treat for you but you will have to earn it." Leslie, I think Steve should earn his treat by gently kissing and licking your inner thighs. While Steve is doing that you could tell him that secondjag suggested that he (Steve) would enjoy a panty treat. You could ask Steve if he would? If his answer is yes (duh?) he should show you by licking the crotch of your panties. While he is doing that, perhaps you ease your hand inside your panties. While he is licking your crotch, you can be lightly touching yourself. If he convinced you he really wanted...and deserved a treat...you would allow him to remove your panties. As Steve pulls down your panties, a nice surprise for him would be to have a condom fall out. A fully wrapped condom. You could tell him..."oops, Robert must have left that there. That means he must have left something else too! You licked the outside of my panties...why don't you look inside my panties... "There's your panty treat, baby...and if you do a good job of cleaning them...I have a REAL treat for my wonderful cuck hubby." Of course Steve will have to clean up his panty treat...but if he does a job that meets with your approval, Leslie...then...and only then...only with your approval....does he get to enjoy his real treat...tasting his wife! "Would my husband like to taste his wife's pussy? Her freshly fucked pussy? Would my husband like to taste "Robert's pussy...because it was his pussy this afternoon. It WAS Robert's pussy this afternoon...but now it can be your's." Go ahead Leslie...go for it! You LOVE being in the center of all this attention...and you LOVE taking...and being in control. And Steve is loving you being in control! So do what you both want. Grab his head...and guide him where you want him and where he wants to be...with his face burried in your hot, freshly fucked cunt! Not that you need any suggestions Leslie dear...but there they are. Have fun! DomBull4U
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    Not happening Steve
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    My wife and I had top berths. The compartment was empty. We sat down. I said, “Are you really gonna remove that coat?” She said, “Wait and see.” After a couple of minutes a young guy came, around 20. He smiled at us and said, “I have the bottom berth, my name is Imran.” We both introduced ourselves. Then another guy entered, in his late 20s, he introduced himself as Rakesh. I noticed they were both well built and not bad looking. The train started on time, the TC came to check the tickets. We got down to having dinner and cracking jokes. Soon it was past 11 PM. Nisha said, “Guys, can one of you let me have the lower berth?” Imran immediately said, “Sure Nisha, you can have mine.” Nisha said, “Well guys, time to sleep for me, can we put the lights off, I need to change?” Rakesh put off the lights. I said, “It is too dark, there must be a night light.” Nisha said, “Aren’t you guys gonna change?” They both said yes and started stripping, both were just in shorts. I too stripped and got down to my shorts. The light was very very dim, but one could see. Nisha then removed her coat. Both guys stared at her. She said, “Jaan I want to piss, can you come?” Before I could answer, both said they too wanted to go and they can take her. So they left. In the light outside in the passage of the train, I knew they would have a clear look. I climbed up to my berth and pretended to sleep.
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    hello baby, put your panties on right after Robert cums in you and make a "panty treat" for Steve to clean when he gets home.
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    gotta be honest; I hate them as well. so much so that I'd rather pass if it's a requirement
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    And if I could add one more....condoms! Should be forbidden lol
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    By The way your pic is awesome, that is my favorite position, I have a bird's eye view of ALL the action, easier, to eat the creampie also, squat over my face, and let his cum drip into my open waiting mouth, then I can suck out the rest from her well fucked pussy&asshole!!! Yummmmm!
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    We play in Staten Island anyone interested please contact meWe play in Staten Island anyone interested please contact me
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    Since don't find men attractive at all and you're not into humiliation &/or degradation at all (just like me) I don't consider you or myself a cuck. You sound more like a stag. That said, go with a MFM and hopefully, your wife will help out by "persuading" you to help her please the guy orally. Then after a little while, you and her can go into a 69 with you on the bottom and the guy can fuck her from behind. Then when he cums in her, you'll have to really force her off IF you decide sucking his cum out of her is best to stay a fantasy or not. Good Luck and keep us (me) posted
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    The taste of my wife's bull cum still in my mouth. The best taste ever
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    My wife’s pussy and my cum. I’m sure I licked this one up. One of the times I leaked a lot of cum but didn’t orgasm so the desire was still intact.
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    She loves wearing sexy things but she loves making clothes disappear as she enjoys good erotic play!
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    Anyone who like to hook up with her I can make your arrangements she’s been my girl since 2005 We’re not new to this lifestyle were very safe STD clean drug-free we are not high risk people but enjoy watching her get fucked by guys with big Fat cocks We play in Staten Island private iMessage me Email is [email protected]
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    why she fucked lots of bbc that her being ass fuck she ass to mouth for bbc
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    breakfast of champions indeed! I've probably swallowed more cum than my wife, via her well fucked and dripping pussy...
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    I love creampied black pussy. I want her to sit on my face a I eat it out.
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