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    Always wanting more I continued to bug Elaine about doing a gangbang. She had always refused. Several years earlier she had almost done it when she filled in as a hostess in my weekly card game. It was unplanned, but fun. Over the years the guys in the card games are always changing, some move, job changes, etc. She finally said she would try to recreate the card game evening. We used to get together for cards and we would usually hire a hostess for the night (they all chipped in) and some of the hostess’s provided an “extra service” for those that would pay little more. In the last couple of years we quit that so Elaine thought she would bring the hostess back for one last time. Elaine met the guys at the door wearing shorts and a braless halter top. She was wearing high heels which made her ass look even better. She did her best to look hot and man she sure had accomplished that. She looked pretty hot for and middle age lady. I noticed the looks on my buddie's faces as they exchanged raised eyebrows. We all sat down on the back patio while Elaine served us drinks. Let's just say she had raised four hard-ons as she brushed against us, rubbed her tits on guys shoulders and leaned ahead until her nipples nearly poked through her top. We started playing cards as she busied herself cooking the steaks, but all eyes were really on her ass and tits as she moved back and forth, and she knew it. My buddies were trying not to look at me at all, they were all wondering where this was going. Even I was not sure how far she would take things. Sometimes she can just be a big tease.
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    I am bi. Full bi. I suck and take it up the ass but my wife has no clue. She did ask me a few years ago to clean her cream pie so I’ve been doing that for the last few years.
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    Oh yes i've done that!!!!
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    OMG !!!! YES YES YES and YES PLZ!!!!!!
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