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    My Asian wife's outstanding ass
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    I was taking some shots to show another guy. I said I had told the man he would love her great tits and she pushed her boobs together to make them look bigger. Obviously these were taken with digital camera and not not a cell phone as you can see the strap from the camera, LOL
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    My Asian wife has a bbc boyfriend
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    Pics failed to load, sorry
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    Meine Stute, jemand Interesse?
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    Nice ass I would eat it
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    Hotwife I play with a lot
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    Dam nice ass I would eat it
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    Yes she does - she is great at both!
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    As some of you know I have an unwilling wife. I have asked her in the past to have sex with other men and she has just been unwilling although she has had moments where I thought maybe something was going to happen but it didn't. The thing is I have a big birthday coming up and she has been asking me what I want. All I really want is for us to get a hotel room for a couple of nights and to invite a guy in so I can a man cum inside her multiple times and I want to watch her give this guy a blowjob. So.should I bring the issue up again or is that unfair to her as she has already said she doesn't want to do it ? I would appreciate your feedback . She did say She would go to Vegas for a weekend away so maybe she is considering it !
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    Please caption my fiancé, she won't cuck me, but she does let me share her nudes... I will reward with more nudes of her
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    Let's get this thread going...
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    Don't know what you're into so just made this one
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    Caption her away! Last few are gifs, may take a second to load. All pictures are from our first "MFM" where I basically was a cuckold-photog.
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    Making xmas cards for cuckchat if are interested let me know. Need a naughty and a nice pic of good quality, plus a name or a nick. Must be your wife or GF.
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    Imagine how she will look nude. Can anybody make a nude fake of her in wild fantasy position. She is an absolute slut. I am a cuck. Fake her nude and cum on her. She is all yours.
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