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    Thank you kind sir! Here's another photo of Becky.
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    Very hot 🔥🔥🔥 I want to see all her
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    Mmm gorgeous milf
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    How it works Join this conversation
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    I worked with this preppy, spoiled, thought he was God's gift to women I worked with on the overnight stock crew at grocery store. I had been asked by the store manager to take a promotion dillon had been telling everyone he was going to get. He then started talking trash and saying I was stealing from the store. To keep me from getting the job, to stop this I got in his face told him to keep my name out his mouth if he did not he would regret it. " He was always a mommas boy talking about his mom this his mom that, his dad had no back bone would let her run over him". His mom even showed up at work told me I needed to make it known I did not want the job. I laughed and said I did not want the job till he started beating his gums together about he was gonna keep me from getting it. His mom asked me to please do this he needs positive life actions to not be a loser like his father. She then said she could get any man to do anything she wanted them to do at 19 I never had a real woman. "background about me at 16 I started fucking the 26 yr old neighbor i would babysit for her 5 yr old son on fri and sat while she stripped at strip club She came home early and caught me and my gf fucking. She took my gf home and when she got back told me grown men dont have the gift of big thick cock you got and she fucked me and thought me many things like how to Dom and take control of sluts. How to control my body by edgeing and not cumming till I want to". I stepped to his mom told her in her ear I will make a deal with you we go to your house if you can make me cum b4 you tap out because you cant stand to orgasim again he asks for demotion to bag boy if you win I quit and tell them dillion is best person for job. 3 hrs later I walk from his moms bedroom to his and cum all over his pillow. 2 weeks later his gfs sister had him bring groceries to her car he opened back door to see his gf get her face sprayed with my cum a few days later he come in from bagging groceries and I was fucking his gf and sister on his bed he was on his knees begging crying for her to stop his sister grabbed the instamatic camera his gf told him clean her juices off Mr. Phil's huge cock or you will see this alot till you do. Dont make him do more to u 10 second s later flash then I had pic of him licking a big dick with his. Gf. So I fucked his mom his sister and his gf. His gf would photo copy a black and white copy of pic and leave all over town of course she cut herself out of the photo. Many sunday mornings he would come down stairs to his mom either fixings my breakfast or me sitting in his dads chair in living room his mom or sisters face in my lap while his dad was sleeping in the laundry room on old military cot. His mom had him buy a robe for his dad he thought, but at store Christmas party it was the gift I got embroidered with "true man of house" and the asshole & the born loser tie tac's he thought was for me his dad opened on Christmas day
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    And we know they can be cock-sucking whores.....don't we passthebeer? DomBull4U
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