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    nice throw back thursday. These were some of her first sets. These survived 2 hard drive failures thanks to being on an old flash drive. Enjoy
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    my sexy wife what do you guys think?
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    Tweaking her nipples
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    Some people have cast doubt on this story being true, however I can assure them that it is and to help I will add some further background. At the time we lived in the Midlands and my brother in law had been teasing my wife long before I came on the scene as she was the younger sister and they met often when the family got together. I think he had fancied her since she was a young teenager and had watched her grow and develop. When I first met my wife to be, she was 16 and I was 20, I got on well with him and helped him fix up their new house, which as it was bigger, we would sometimes stay over in the spare bedroom as this allowed us to be together and have sex in a bed rather than my car. After we were married and had our own house we did not see quite so much of them, however things changed when I was made redundant. I had to spend a year looking for a new job, but had to take contract work, sometimes staying away from home during the week and only coming back for weekends. This upset my wife as she was lonely in a new house on her own. My brother in law would often pop over to see she was alright and especially when she fell pregnant. Of course, this offered him the chance to flirt with her and have a few kisses and feels. She would always tell me about this and it would excite me and I would encourage her. Eventually I found a new job and it meant us having to move down south as that was where the work was. For the first four months I had to work down south during the week and return at the weekend, so my brother in law continued to help out by visiting my pregnant wife and helped her with some packing. Eventually we moved down south and unfortunately this meant we saw much less of my brother in law, except for one work related visit he managed to engineer, with him staying at ours overnight. Again, encouraged by me there was some kissing and feeling, but all over clothes as my wife was quite shy at the time. We eventually moved down south and my wife’s sister, her husband and two children travelled down and stayed with us to have a look at our new house. As room was a little tight, my wife and I had decided to camp out on a blow-up mattress and quilts in the lounge. Her sister went up to bed leaving her bother in law, my wife and I talking downstairs. At one point, my brother in law went up to check on his wife, which gave me a chance to talk to my wife. I suggested this would be a good time to let things go further with our brother in law and she sort of agreed, if I was sure it’s what I wanted. When my brother in law came down stairs again, he said his wife was tired and was almost asleep. So, whilst my brother in law and I got the bed ready, my wife went and got changed into her nighty. Now she wore simple shift nighties that came down to about four inches above her knee and nothing underneath, quite large as it had to accommodate her 8month pregnant tummy. We initially sat on the sofa with my brother in law stroking her leg and teasing her and feeling her boobs. She then said she was a bit cold and wanted to get into bed, so I said I would get in with her. As I got undressed, my brother in law also said he would get in for a cuddle before going to bed. We both stripped down to our underpants and got onto the blow-up bed one either side of my wife. We both started playing with her and feeling her big boobs, I think they went up to a 38C. As my brother in law was starting to feel and suck on her nipple, I got down between her legs and started licking her pussy. She would always cum with me licking her clit. She had started to feel my bother in laws cock and after a few minutes he moved up so that she could suck him his cock was about average 6”, whilst mine is about 7” and quite thick, I brought her off with my mouth while she sucked my brother in law. Once she had cum, he slid back down and turned her towards me, he then got inside her from behind and started fucking her, she was over 8 months pregnant so it was easier from behind. I was in front kissing and feeling her, while he fucked her and played with her boobs. She came off again and then he spunked up her pussy. Once they had both cum, she turned over and I fucked her from behind. It felt absolutely great sliding my rock-hard cock into her spunky wet cunt. Normally I have good control, but this time I did not last very long. My bother in law continued to play with and suck her nipples, which helped her to cum again and then I shot my load up her. My brother in law, then had to beat a hasty retreat up the stairs to his wife as we had made quite a bit of noise, making my wife cum Over the next two years we would travel up and stay with my wife’s sister and brother in law and during this time, although I cannot remember exactly how it started we would all four have some sexy encounters, with some kissing and feeling of boobs. This was all fairly innocent although I know us men would have liked it to go much further. I can remember one sexy incident which my brother in law and I always tried to get repeated as we would be going to bed and saying goodnight. The girls would come up behind us, swapping partners, and put their hands in our trouser pockets and have a feel of our hard cocks, giving them a stroke. This was always such a turn on and I know my wife would always get a good hard fucking from me once we got to bed. This situation continued over the years and we would usually go and stay with them in the Midlands about three times a year as it allowed us to visit family. We would still tease each other and I would feel up my sister in law, although she was far more reluctant that my wife. I did on one occasion manage to have a shower with her and my wife had a shower with her brother in law. I am sure she got fucked, but all I was allowed was a feel of my sister in laws tits. My sister in law then started to be involved with the Girl Guides, this meant that once a year she and her would go away for a week of summer camp. This meant leaving her son and husband to cope on their own. So, she asked us to come up for the week and my wife would help by doing the cooking, yes, I am afraid us men are not very good at cooking. Anyway, this meant that there were again opportunities for my brother in law to fuck my wife and basically that is what he would do for the whole week. Some nights we would have a threesome, with us both feeling her, kissing her taking it in turns to suck her nipples or lick her pussy whilst the other was getting his cock sucked. He would usually fuck her first, as I always liked having sloppy seconds. Other nights he wanted her to sleep with him, so they would go into his bedroom and have sex, I would listen outside the door and wank trying to imagine what was going on. My wife knew I would be there so tried to be a bit louder when she would cum, so that I could hear. She would always come back into our bedroom early in the morning having just been fucked again and before the children woke up and wondered where she was. I would then fuck her myself and enjoy putting my hard cock into her very wet pussy. Often my brother in law would sleep in until late and the best shower was in their on-suite, so once the kids were settled downstairs she would say she was going to take a shower. This would mean she was back in his bedroom and would often be joined by my brother in law in the shower, for at least a good feel and some kissing if not another nice wet fuck. This is all true and continued for several years until my wife left me for another guy, but that’s another story.
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    Pussy playing time
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    including a little laughter today. for the record, I welcome other people posting here - just don't include links to other sites
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    artslade1972 Love knowing other guys want to fuck my wife!!
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    I am a wimp with an unknowing prude hotwife. I am looking for a long term online Master. Please message me if You are into mental torture and forced exposure. I will answer with details. wimp
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    I've been listening to a playlist on YouTube Music, called Neo-80s retro-electro. Good music for while working.
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    adelaideboy68, Nice pic of your wife/MY slut! Love the sexy panties your wife is wearing....and love that nice big ass to go with her big fucking tits! DomBull4U
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    all ready for your adventure, eh?
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    Wife Nasty Pics Here https://
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    I never meant to insinuate all guys are just mindless torpedoes but there are some that that’s all think want or think about, not all, and yes if it wasn’t beneficiary for all parties then it wouldn’t happen on all accounts. It is however a little different between the swinging community and I guess cuckolding community. Hell for even when we just go out. In the swinging community single guys have such a bad rap because the majority of them are how I spoke of them, again not all because we/I have met some really good friends.
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    Mmmm nice ass she is hot 🔥🔥😈
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    Interesting questions. I agree that it doesn't mean you're gay if you do something that your wife wants you to do. I've never touched another guys cock and, she's never asked me to. I've had incidental cock rubbing during DP and DVP. I think I would be embarrassed to lick her in front of the other guy when they're finished but, I go to town when she gets home. So .... I don't know what that makes me. lol
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    here we go again. Thanks Dober. is there anybody out there...
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    courtesy of dober
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    get this party started
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    a good deal of these belong in "breakfast of champions," but i'm just to lazy and Dober was on fire today
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    get ready, Friday fuck
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    Coco the blonde mature slut for BBC
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    sorry for the double post (meant for this to be here). enjoy
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    I like to suck a hubbies cock in front of his wife also. I like to tell them how lucky they are to have such a nice tasty cock to suck on. Then I ask them where would you like your husband to cum. In my mouth or all overy my face.I
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    I Am SUch a BBC Luvin cummthirsty faggot beta bitch boi!!!!! I LUV COCK I LUV SUcking Cock I LUV Getting my faggot boi pussy Stretched Out & Fucked
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    Damn. You sure know how to get a rise out me Jag. Beautiful cocks. Nice loads.
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    I am not married so not a cuck but I have sucked a man or two off
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    Not going to go crazy but we must be one of the rarities cpls. Hubby as of yet has even tried it.
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    i was 17 girlfriend and i smokin weed got romantic played with our titties took panties off fingered each other then really went at it found we loved it spent many many saturdays eating each other found we both liked licking ass too
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    Oh yes, I also would love to see my reluctant mature wife used by others as I watch.