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  1. Boy, I certainly hope so! I've already encouraged her many times to check out men, flirt, and find a boyfriend. I used to send her out by herself for alone time once a week just for this purpose. She always enjoyed it. Unfortunately covid-19 brought that to an end. So, definitely lots of possibility for her to be fucking a bull already. Maybe once I'm a real cuckold we'll have to take a vacation to NY. 😉
  2. Me too! I've been a wanna be cuckold for way too long.
  3. I've been a wannabe for about 10 years as well. Asked my wife many times, always a no. Haha, I'm glad there is still hope! Even though I'm a wannabe, I've done many cuckold like things recently. For example, currently I'm being denied for 6 months. I'm not allowed to touch my wife or see her naked at all. I get handjobs regularly, but not more. She also loves humilaiting me and making fun of me. So definitely some cuckold aspects in the relationship already.
  4. I think the song "Jizz in my pants" is an apt description for me now! Wow!!
  5. Wow, sexy photo! That is a hot position to see the bull in with your wife!
  6. Paradox


    Wow, I love this pic! I wish my wife cucked me with a hot black guy!
  7. I am so desperate to know how this goes for you. It's my dream to become a full cuckold, but my wife isn't interested in it at all yet. Maybe one day. In any case, it would be so awesome of you to keep us updated!
  8. Chip The Ripper, Kavinsky, Dynatron, and Purturbator. All a new discovery for me.
  9. I've been listening to a playlist on YouTube Music, called Neo-80s retro-electro. Good music for while working.
  10. 125. 15 years of wanting to be a cuckold, and I've fantasized and jerked to nearly all of them. Some I've done l even though I'm not cucked yet. The questions and answers could be a bit more varried to ensure responses are real.
  11. I'd love to try both, but definitely for the first number of times I'd want my wife to go be with him by herself. A full dinner date and sleepover. But whatever she prefers would be great with me. As I understand, usually, for the women it's a whole complete date experience, not just sex. So, I'd expect they would want to be alone with him and build up to it.
  12. Paradox


    Wow, that is amazing! I didn't know that. I also love the idea of breeding! This makes it even more teasing/humiliating!
  13. I have frozen cum, and also eaten it in a "simulated" creampie. If it's not fully sealed well, it'll dry out and be very weird. Otherwise it works well. Agood way for my wife to dominate me, since she hasn't wanted to cuckold me yet.
  14. Wow, this is an exciting cuckolding event! I love hearing about it as it's happening! I hope she fully cuckolds you, gets pleasured and enjoys the orgasms that are finally coming to her!
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