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  1. Dice and dare

    I sent a PM.
  2. Dice and dare

    ‘I consent to the cuckold dice dare’
  3. Fastest you have cum during sex

    I always go down on my wife for 25 mins before fucking. She usually has 2 or 3 orgasms, but sometimes 4 or 5. Once I start fucking her it's never more than 45 seconds. Haha, my fastest was 15 seconds of fucking. I'm still working at becoming a full cuckold, and this definitely is helping. I mostly don't even fuck, the majority of the time I get stoked till I'm almost going to cum and then go cum into the toilet. I get to fuck maybe once in 2 weeks or so.
  4. I've never heard of a tens unit, and it sounds very good for a cuckold. Have you used it on cucks before? Any specific details to make it work? How many total minutes do you use it on his dick for? I am very curious about it, enough to go buy a unit this weekend.
  5. Bulls in Edmonton, Alberta

    Yahoo IM: edmcuck29, [email protected], KIK: edmcuck
  6. Bulls in Edmonton, Alberta

    I'm wondering if there are any younger (<30) bulls in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I'm only a wannabe cuckold, but I'm hoping with a hot young bull hanging around it can be expedited for me to become a real cuckold.
  7. Chatting On Kik

  8. Leave Your Yahoo . . .

    [email protected] Please do note the ".ca" and not .com.
  9. Definitely not A. I'm very sub, so I'd not be interested in B either. C, D, E, F, and G would all be exactly what I'd love. I already wear a cage, so F, and G would be very possible, and hot. H is not my thing however, but I'd agree to it if my wife or the bull wanted it. Same with I, I wouldn't mind at all. I'd love for J to happen with a long term bull, my wife loves romance and being pursued or courted, so it would be incredibly satisfying for her. K as well, especially combined with J, a vacation in Hawaii with the bull, her favorite tropical vacation spot. I find L to be a huge turn on, and some of mine and her friends know already that I'm a wannabe cuckold. However, I don't think I'd want everyone, or some family to know.
  10. I Think My Friend Made Me A Cuck

    Sounds like you are definitely going to be a cuckold soon, if not already. Any more recent updates?
  11. Ah, Does'nt A Bottle Of Wine Help

    I never deny that I'm just a wannabe cuckold that hasn't convinced his wife yet, but I really hope to become a cuckold one day. However, I really love reading posts by real cuckolds, and getting advise from real cuckolds and bulls.
  12. Wife Taking

    I have always wanted to be cuckolded in that way! I get a handjob seldomly, and she becomes the bulls exclusive lover. Maybe with orgasm denial too, I'd be locked up while he is her exclusive lover.
  13. Wow, that would be super hot. Have my cock shrink and not be able to get hard at all.
  14. How long did it take for your cock to shrink down a bit? How long till the libdo was down?
  15. Setting Wife Up For Seduction

    This is fantastic help and guidance! Thanks for the tips! I'm employing these strategies already, along with those in the Cuckold Coach book.