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  1. Tom111


    We have 6 kids. The last 2 are not from me. My wife wants to breed again....
  2. My wife for you
  3. Some of my wife Sandra and her sister
  4. A friend of us was sleeping in our house after a night in some pubs. My wife wanted to have some sex with me, but I was a little bit to drunk. She was asking me, ift it's o.k. for me, if she go downstairs to our friend for some minutes. A half our later I went carefully to the room downstairs, opened it only a little bit and got a look on my well fucked wife. It was so hot that I was playing with myself. Two weeks later she told me, that she wanted to get pregnant from him. I was really shocked and wanted to stop her, bit it was not possible. Nearly four weeks later (she was meeting him twice a week and was always full of his semen and for me it was only allowed to cum in her ass) she was pregnant.
  5. We have six children and I know, she had got the last one from a good friend of us. She was asking me at that time, if it's o.k. for me if she got pregnant by another man. I was scared first but at the end it was such a hot feeling to get my wife back full of semen from another man. In my fantasy I want to see my uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu wife breed again by another man (would also be nice to see her black breed).......
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    before and after pregnant