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  1. chronos

    My wife

    Frau Greim sieht absolut wunderbar heiss aus!! Du solltest die Fotosammlung erweitern, sie verdient es auf jeden Fall! Wird sie fremdgefickt??
  2. chronos

    Dice and dare

    Nobody here to play it with a bull now??
  3. chronos

    Any cuck couples in Germany

    Noch Interesse an Bulls? Falls ja, schreib mich einfach an!
  4. chronos

    My Wife Is Going To A Bar By Herself Tonight

    @Leone55 Good question!!
  5. chronos

    My Wife Is Going To A Bar By Herself Tonight

    Thats all?? No continuation?...what a shame...:-(
  6. chronos

    List Your Location

    South Germany here; athletic bull for young and old cuckold couples! ;-)
  7. chronos

    My slut wife Bea

    Hot body and a sweet face! Very nice!
  8. chronos

    Slutty Fiancee, Teamviewer

    Still online??
  9. chronos

    Anydesk Fun !

    Any cuck want to @@@@@@ wife NOW in teamviewer??
  10. Any cuck who want to @@@@@@ his slut on dropbox?

  11. chronos

    Can Show Wife Vids With

    Sure, man! Go ahead!
  12. chronos

    Any Cuckolds And Bulls From Romania?

    trimite-mi un pm! sunt bull si putem vorbi daca vrei!