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  1. It makes it easier for connections to form Cucklove. If a Bull knows where you are located, he may be more inclined to contact you. If he lives too far from your and your wife, he won't waste time trying to connect with you if there isn't a possibility of meeting....
  2. I would love to watch my wife like this!!!
  3. My wife absolutely LOVES getting fucked BAREBACK!!!
  4. Still looking to see if anyone out there has had my wife...!
  5. Thank you!! Happy to hear you like her!!
  6. I will be doing the same as well, only one way to get a handle on the BS....
  7. It's very discouraging to come onto the site lately, and seeing nothing but posts from todofantasias filling up the main page. Almost makes me think twice about even posting or adding to any discussion....
  8. Thank you DomBull for reminding me she is yours to do with as you please!!!
  9. Still looking to see if anyone out there knows her or has had my wife!!
  10. Thank you DomBull for showing me what a slut wife I have!!!!