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  1. Brooklyn-cuckold

    what i have and what she wants

    My wife doesn't like plastic, she like the real thing.
  2. Brooklyn-cuckold


    Coming back from the cruise i like to take my wife to haulover beach, any one can tell me more about hualavar beach?
  3. Brooklyn-cuckold


    We are taking a cruise next month from miami, i wish i can find someone to seduce her.
  4. I feel very good about it and i love it.
  5. Brooklyn-cuckold

    Friday night

    Yes,my wife is 48y old and her lover is 28y old with a huge cock.
  6. Brooklyn-cuckold

    KiK id's

  7. Brooklyn-cuckold

    Got these while at work

    Nice boobs
  8. Brooklyn-cuckold

    A text message I received from her lover

    I hope they don't luck me.
  9. Brooklyn-cuckold

    A text message I received from her lover

    I ask and the answer is, NO. He says, better get use to it.
  10. Brooklyn-cuckold

    A text message I received from her lover

    No, my wife doesn't want anymore children.
  11. Brooklyn-cuckold

    A text message I received from her lover

    Just wanted to let you know that I had the time of my life with your wife. She’s not only gorgeous and scrumptious but also has the tightest pussy ever. I’m afraid to inform you that her sweet pussy is now my property. Any usage that you may want to give it,should be approved by me from now on.
  12. sm.Torture with the wax with candle . degrada tion.bondage.
    hummiliation. .pee and other
    im master4cuckold brown bi chocolat 180cm.85kg. penis 22.7


  13. Brooklyn-cuckold

    Jersey Shore couple

    We are seeking a long-term lover for my wife, Vivian. Vivian is 48 years old, a highly educated, bright, funny, intelligent woman, blonde, 5' 6",185p, BBW full-figured (and slightly self-conscious about her weight), very beautiful and put together. For this to work, she has to really like you. Intelligence and a sense of humor and "well hung" are prerequisites, and good chemistry is important. Ideally, I'd like to join you or just watch. This is all about her, so I'm fine knowing she's safe and in good hands and enjoying the attention of a passionate man whom she likes. YOU can be any , race, religion. What matters are intelligence, a sense of humor, courtesy, no drugs or smoking, disease free, between the age of 30-45 and either single or doing this with your wife's express permission (we are not interested in helping a man cheat on his wife, and we will not participate if you are). Evenings/overnight are best for us. Most important, you should be seeking a long-term relationship with a smart, warm and loving woman. If you are interested in learning more, please email ME and I will answer any questions you have. I am VERY picky about whom I even suggest my wife corresponds with, so please let me know why you think I should share my wife with you! A face picture (no naked picture) would be helpful, but is not required. our email is [email protected]
  14. Brooklyn-cuckold

    Northern New Jersey here looking for mature couple.

    Me too like to know you size. We are from Jersey Shore. Wife need minimum 8".
  15. I love it Even though I don't get much sex lately. She says she can't feel me anymore.