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  1. Short Penis

    I'm little less than 5" and My wife use to cum very easy with me but after she got used to her lover huge cock (about 9") she can't feel me anymore. She says, one's you get use to fly first class it's hard to fly economy.
  2. Wew

    My wife fall in love with her young lover but she never stop loving me.
  3. New here

    The only regret we have is, why we didn't start sooner.
  4. Cuckold Coach

    KennyG, I like you advice. It took me many years to convince my wife. Till About 2 years ago she got very upset when I used the word "cuckold" now she used it Olmos every day. The first time she agreed to try a new men she did it as a favor for me, now she love it.
  5. Random hook ups or steady bull, which do cucks prefer?

    As a cuckold I don't have anything to say, she make the decision. She like to have regular lover. A few months ago he introduced her to is friend and now she has 2 lovers.
  6. text i receive from my wife this morning

    He is fucking her right now. She moan like animal and cum nonstop. When I fuck her she is very quiet and push me to cum.
  7. What's The best Part Of Being Cuckolded?

    To me is watching my wife blooming and walking with a smile all day long. Happy wife happy life.
  8. text i receive from my wife this morning

    I do not worry, my wife loves me very much. We have been married for over 25 years. She just loves him too.
  9. text i receive from my wife this morning

    she use to let me watch with her old lover. she is in love With her current lover and don't want me in the room.
  10. text i receive from my wife this morning

    She does not want me in the room but I can hear from the other room.
  11. text i receive from my wife this morning

    wife: Friday is tomorrow, right? me: yes baby. me: and i wish i can do to you what he do but i know it's Impossible. wife: Sadly, you're right. You can't give me what he gives me. wife: And I can't wait for tomorrow night. Make sure we have some brownies in freezer and a bottle of wine. me: yes baby i will wife: Thank you my little cuckold. me: it's not only small it's not as hard as use to be. i understand why you don't want me to fuck you. wife: I'm happy to see that you understand.
  12. I'm glad You like my wifes pix

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. tahanemartou


      Yes it deserves the attention of men

    3. Brooklyn-cuckold
    4. tinyone04102


      I agree but she wont open up to it. I wish she was laid out like this for other men.


  13. Hot or Not?? What you think??

    She is hot
  14. Would you consider this small?

    Thats what happened to my wife. After her first time she felt a big cock she can't feel me anymore. She says one's you get use to fly first class it's hard to fly economy.
  15. Wife and young boy

    My wife is 46 and her lover is 30 year old. I'm 54 and she said I never will able to do to her what he is doing to her. He can cum 5 time a night.