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  1. captainblack

    back in the swing

    Too bad you are on the other side of the world. I could use a hotwife like her.
  2. captainblack

    Putting her out there

    Where is your wife? You might have better luck if you put your location in your profile.
  3. captainblack

    List Your Location

    You should probably put your location in your profile as well. I am an experienced in shape, naturally dominant ex-military bull. 5'8" 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, close cropped full beard and an understanding of the special dynamics involved with a cuckold couple. if you prefer email.
  4. captainblack

    My wife Anna

    Try using VLC as the player.
  5. captainblack

    cocksucking wannabes

    No Subsucko there is not an active cuckold community here. I have had 4 LTR cuck couples, the longest 13 years, but I met the wives in various situations, none of them in a cuck/bull community setting. In each case I picked up on clews that a woman was interested in me and then after that discovered they were married and their husbands were cucks with full knowledge of their wives activities. One couple asked me to give them another baby.
  6. captainblack

    cocksucking wannabes

    Well if you bring your wife around to NYC I promise I will not chicken out. I am here because I am into other men's wives and at this point it has been way too long since I have had another man's wife.
  7. captainblack

    My Brown color wife

    You will have better luck finding a bull if you list your location in your profile. For instance if she was near me I would be happy to help the two of you start the cuckold lifestyle.
  8. captainblack

    Cum Eating

    Perhaps the best way to eat a warm fresh load is to keep your cage on, and eat a warm fresh load out of your wife after a bull has left it for you. I suspect the excitement of the moment and being unable to cum until released from your cage will make you dig in for every last drop and that you will love it.
  9. captainblack

    NY slut

    Nice, but is she married? I am here for married women.
  10. captainblack

    Cucks, show off your cages

    jwontheriver I am sure you will become more much more attentive to the needs of your wife and her bull in all things. Hint: if you want to be let out for some form of release you need to be attentive to all your daily duties!
  11. captainblack


    Getting the foreskin back is important. I have known folks that had problems from that. How often are you allowed out for cleaning?
  12. captainblack

    Kik me guys

    Making the photo is blurry is pretty useless. It just wastes people's time and bandwidth. It will probably not get any comments about her and will not encourage anyone to vacation in Sri Lanka to spend a few days with her.
  13. captainblack

    Bull Cops or Firefighters

    Damn you are getting very specific! Good luck.
  14. captainblack


    I rather wish you lived nearer olcarb. I lost my cuck couple a few years ago when they had to move far out of the area. I would keep you caged most of the time with occasional supervised releases from your bondage for cleaning and health. Looking at your cage it seems to be of a type where cleaning releases would not need to be very frequent.
  15. captainblack

    Old bulls for my wife

    If I were in your area, or you were in New York City I would be happy to take on your wife. She has a very nice body.