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  1. I love clean up too
  2. Love too
  3. She is very fuckable
  4. I'd leave that bitch
  5. Been there done that in North Queensland
  6. We had a similar experience
  7. Townsville Australia
  8. Some times they don't bleed it really doesn't mean they've had a cock in them before you got to them. My mrs howled it hurt first time and she didn't bleed
  9. You are gorgeous
  10. Wow wow wow
  11. My wife loved me being there we tag teamed her spit roasted her it was awesome and sometimes he'd take her out just the two of them and she would always come home full of cum for me to clean up best fun we've had
  12. I'd tell her to fuck off there's a difference between being a cuck and being lied to and cheated on she sounds like a fuck pig to me
  13. One of my exes did a 7 man gang bang one night and a few of them had a couple of turns
  14. Wow
  15. I was in the exact same circumstances as you I was my wife's first and only we let a friend into our bed we were nervous at first about doing it but after it happened it made us stronger as a couple and our sex life was amazing after it happened but be aware jealousy can creep in if you aren't 100% comfortable with her fucking another guy and watching her cum with him