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  1. We had an unspoken deal and she was very nervous about doing it she was a virgin when we met and he was her first time with another man it was important for him to get it right from the word go .i had been asking her for years to do it and she refused but this night we had a lot to drink and we're having fun with a game of truth or dare and the dare went a bit further than the game started out but my intention was to get them to do it. I knew how when they used to flirt with each other that the chemistry was there and the right catalyst came up that sparks would fly . She was always adamant that it would never happen but fate intervened and it was the beginning of a fun few years we had lots of Mfm fun and on occasion he would take her off by themselves
  2. Wow that's hot who was fucking her in that photo
  3. I've done this with my wife
  4. That's a big bazooka
  5. I had the same feeling when my and a friend of ours got to do it at my instigating but it was just recreational sex for her so I was secure with it and never doubted her loyalty to me but I think the little bit of jealousy added to the sexual tension while waiting for him to finish with her
  6. I've watched my wife and a friend of ours in this position loved it
  7. Mmmm decisions ??
  8. Very nice pussy and tidy too
  9. Photo shopped
  10. I sent you a message
  11. Ok what's your email
  12. I'm honored that you like seeing my wife nude


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      I want to see her naked your wife has a body that deserves the attention of men

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