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  1. A long time ago, but not a fairy tale

    What are the photo shopped images about
  2. A long time ago, but not a fairy tale

    Loved it we are on our 60s and my wife Chris had sex with our friend when we were 30, we had been married 9 years then. She had him regularly after that for 20 years. She has had other friends too. It is good to have a sexy wife
  3. Looking for a cuckold buddy

    Another memorable incident happened about 12years ago. We are both motorbike riders. Greetings at bike gathering always involve the guys handshaking often using the bikers handshake and giving the ladies a kiss and a cuddle sometimes the cuddle is a bit of a grope if you know the lady well. Well Chris always got a good welcome as she is one of those ladies that is full figured and quite sexy. We were friendly with a guy that was into restoring older bikes. He was a very straight sort of a guy, a retired soldier. He talk Chris into picking up an older bike that was for sale and offered to help restore it. So we spent many hours around at his shed. His shed had a bathroom kitchen and a bed in it. Chris would often take the bike around for a service and arrive home a bit late. I didn't think much about it. Another lady at the bike club said to me one-day that she thought Chris and Al were having it off. I laughed and told her that's their business. It did get me thinking. I mentioned to Chris that Al was very friendly but I didn't think he was that sort of guy. She laughed and said don't bet on it. Now she really had me thinking. I didn't want to ask Al or let him know I was ok with it as I thought it would scare him off. I am always very curious about Chris fucking and really wanted to know but thought I am going to work this out. About a week later she was out on the bike and a bit late home. It was hot and I had showered and stayed naked. When I heard the bike pull into our garage I waited up in our bedroom as Chris usually came straight in and had a shower. Chris came up to the room and saw me naked. I was getting hard. I said how was the ride. 😗 She said oh good Al tuned up the bike. As she talked she took her top off and then her pants. The afternoon sun was shining through the window and I could see the inside of her thigh was glistening. Her shaved pussy was a bit puffy with the lips also looking wet. Haha I was into it. I said nothing. As she came closer heading for the shower I pulled her over and she sat on the bed. I stood in front of her now hard , my intentions quite obvious. She had a momentary look of surprise or panic. My hand went between her thighs and I touched her cunt lips. She was dripping wet. My fingers just slid straight into her hot wet cunt. Smooth as silk . I got down on my knees lifted her legs onto my shoulders and buried my tongue into her cunt. I could smell and taste Al cum inside her. I loved it and she loves being eaten , soon those hands were on my head as she fucked my face. She had a huge orgasm. Then pulled me up. My cock just fell into her wide open cunt. I thought Al must be quite a size. I did my usual cumming quickly. It is hard to hang onto it with so much in my mind, like thinking of Al cock in her and them on the bed in his garage. Chris got up and went for a shower as she did I said boy you were sooo wet, you must of been thinking of fucking when you got home. She laughed and said yeah something like that. After that every time she got home from Al's i would eat her out. She never said anything and neither did I . Al never charged for a service. I often made little jokes like"did Al top up your fluids" she really enjoyed Al big dipstick and she came home full many times.
  4. Looking for a cuckold buddy

    I do on my PC. I am away at the moment. I will show some when I am home next week
  5. Looking for a cuckold buddy

    Chris got into fucking Pete after that. She would have him a couple of times a week for a few years. Sometimes it was a threesome or a swap. Other times she would have him when I was away.
  6. Looking for a cuckold buddy

    Still gets me hard reliving over30 years later
  7. We are all too far apart. Country Vic for me
  8. What my poor wife had to deal with.

    Like most wives she needs more.
  9. My wife for blacks

    I would fuck her
  10. Looking for a cuckold buddy

    After I had eaten Chris we talked . I asked if she enjoyed Pete as much as it looked like she did. She laughed and said he was good. Good for Chris means he ate her to an orgasm first. She asked me if I had fucked Glenda. I told her I had. Then she got up and said come on and we went to their room. They were naked on the bed and had just finished fucking. Pete was on his back his cock half hard. Chris sat on the bed next to him as as Glenda and I watched she started to suck him. She soon got him hard. Then she straddled him and slid his cock inside her. She looked at me and smiled. I looked at Glenda as she watched Chris fuck her husband. I went around and opened Glenda's legs. I thought here goes now I am going to eat my cum as well as Pete's. So I dove in and ate her to an orgasm then fucked her in front of Pete and Chris. Chris slow fucked Pete, as he had already cum twice he was lasting quite a while despite Chris's hot wet pussy working it's magic on his cock. Chris told Glenda to straddle Pete's face. She lowered her full pussy onto his face and they worked him over till he came in Chris again. After that weekend we had nearly 20 years of fucking although it became more mfm with either wife
  11. Looking for a cuckold buddy

    We lay there naked for a minute or two, then Glenda said "I wonder what Chris and Pete are doing" I got up and went to the other bedroom. I opened the door quietly. I found out later that they had spent a bit more time on foreplay. As I opened the door, Chris was on her back totally naked. Pete was also naked he was between her legs thrusting into her. She was arching up and pulling him on each thrust. I could see he was to far gone to care I was there. He was grunting and sweating as he fucked my wife hard. Chris noticed me and just pushed up to him . Then I heard that grunt from Pete that I knew he was cumming. Chris's head went back as she orgasmed on Pete's cock as he gushed into her. I was amazed at how much I was enjoying Chris having an orgasm and being filled with Pete's cum. I watched as Pete had those last spasms and shot the last drops inside Chris. I was very close by this time and could see her pussy lips around his cock. Pete slowly pulled out. Then he asked what I had been doing. I said pretty much the same as he had. He laughed then went to see Glenda. Chris smiled at me and reached out and held my very hard cock. She pulled me close. I looked at her open pussy and could see the cum dripping out. I had to take a closer look so I bent over and slid a finger into her sloppy cunt. She moaned as I touched her. Then I felt her hand on my head and she gently pushed my head down towards her pussy. I could smell the cum and her juice. He cunt was open so much I could see inside. Then her knees came up and she said eat me. Our fucking was mostly me eating her, but I had never eaten her when she was full of cum. Being a good husband I do as I am told ,so I licked her clit. Her hands pushed my head closer as I got down between her legs. I licked up her pussy lips. She moaned and pushed herself into my face, the cum was now on my cheeks nose and in my mouth. Chris just went crazy as I ate her. My tongue pushed up inside her and I licked every crevasse of her sloppy cunt. She had the biggest orgasm I had ever seen, I am sure everyone in the motel heard it.
  12. Looking for a cuckold buddy

    In the room I kissed Glenda and her hands undid my belt. That was all it needed to unleash months of sexual tension. We tore off each other's clothing. Glenda pulled me onto the bed. I felt her pussy and she was soaked. We were way past any foreplay. She spread her legs and I mounted her, sliding straight in to her very wet and slippery cunt. We fucked like crazy , her nails digging into my butt as she orgasmed. It was all too much for me and I blew a huge load inside her pussy. She held me in deep as I spasmed a few more times. Then we kissed and she said she had wanted to do that for quite some time.
  13. Looking for a cuckold buddy

    The first guy to fuck my wife after we were married was a long term friend who was our best man. He had been out with my wife before I knew her. After he married we hung out as a 4 some a lot. His wife used to joke that she probably owed me a fuck as my wife and her husband had been to the drive in together. We often kissed and over time it got more into groping. We were invited to another friends weddings and decided to book a motel near the wedding. We were able to get a family room with 2 bedrooms. We had a good time at the wedding and drank quite a bit. The flirting had gone on and my wife Chris had been doing a lot of kissing with Pete. Chris never wears panties and i had seen Pete's hand up her skirt as we sat at the table. We decided to head back to our rooms. On the way I was walking with Pete's wife Glenda. We kissed and I rubbed her crotch. I could feel her push against my hand as we french kissed. As we continued to walk, Pete said he was going to take Chris to our bedroom. Chris laughed. Back at our rooms Chris lead Pete straight into our room and closed the door. Glenda took my hand and pulled me into their room.
  14. Looking for a cuckold buddy

    We started by swapping with friends, 35 years ago. It soon became mfm with either wife as this was the most satisfying for them. I quickly realised I loved seeing my wife fucking and going seconds.
  15. sloppy seconds

    I think my wife is the hottest sexiest woman when she has just been fucked by a friend. Her cunt is puffy and open and she is laying there waiting for more attention. If I slide my cock in her cum filled cunt i will cum, do the best tactic is to get down there and eat her. Big long licks up her lips and sucking her clit. Then lapping deep inside. I can feel her muscle tense with each lick. I work her up till she is grabbing my head and grinding herself on my face. When she has a gut wrenching orgazm I suck her pussy to get all the cum that is squeezed out. Then I mount her and slide into the hottest slippery cunt you can imagine. In a short time I blow a load that makes my balls ache. Usually when I pull out our friend is ready for more. So it goes on for hours and she is well fucked and very satisfied. It is impossible to fuck her that well by myself