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  1. Let me see ur wife pics

    ready to be fucked by the look
  2. Elaine's First Time

    Yes the first time is the one that you remember the most. 30 years on I still get a hard on thinking about see my Chris's legs spread and a friends cock sliding in and out of her, as her hands held his butt and pulled him in on each thrust.
  3. Verify Yourself And Get Vip Membership

    please verify me
  4. IMG_7127.JPG

    Very nice, we like the smooth look too. My wife would have taken that cock back in the day. Your wife is very yummy. She looks like fun
  5. IMG_6140.JPG

    lovely smooth pussy
  6. What Would You Guys Do

    Love the shaved pussy too
  7. 20170916_132950.jpg

    Sexy. Our hot tub has been the start of quite a few nice fucks with friends.
  8. Love it. All wives should experience being fucked and filled by more than one guy. Hope the first guy went back for another go in that lovely slippery pussy. I am sure she would have liked some more cock and a bit of tongue in there. my wife always said the first cock and load is just the warm up.
  9. Let me see ur wife pics

    Love to run my hands and tongue over her while you watch
  10. My wife, her photos and chat...why bother?

    That is a fine arse and tits

    wow a sexy lady. The pics remind me of our younger days. MFM all ways worked for us too. Love her smile as she fucks., she is really enjoying the attention of two guys.
  12. What you guys wanna do to me

    Your body is wonderful. I would love to get down there and eat your pussy while I pinched your nipples..
  13. My wife, her photos and chat...why bother?

    Same necklace, boobs are hanging more in the second but same nipples, darker hair in the first but I could show pics of my wife with different hair colours. Same awesome lady I think.
  14. Visit to the adult store.

    had me hard reading it .
  15. does eating black cum make you gay?

    Gay is kissing and hugging another guy, then maybe having sex with him. When you are having a 3some 4some etc. the eating sucking licking of another lady is just good fun sex. The fact that she has just fucked and has cum in her is nothing to do with being gay. Is she a lesbian if she sucks a cock that just came out of another pussy? Pussy juice and cum they are just things you get on you and in your mouth when having good quality sex.