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  1. We married in 1974, first time was a swap with friends in 1980. Last time was a swap/ 4some with friends 2 years ago. In between my wife has had a few regular Bfs and I have had a few friends wives. We soon discovered MFM worked best for us so mostly did that when fucking together. My norti wife fucked a few without their wives knowing, notably her motorbike mechanic for a few years. I mostly fucked friends wives with them there. I recently found an old diary my wife kept notes in before we married. A quick count found 25 guys before we married and I know of about 10 since. All our friends fucked her bare as she enjoys them cumming in her and so do I.
  2. ozzie

    Cuckold my wife and i'm filming

    Just how it should be. Your wife enjoying another cock and cum while you watch
  3. ozzie

    What's too old

    No, we fucked others up till we were 62. We did peak around our 50s with some very regular MFM and 4somes. My wife has now slowed in that she hasn't had another guy for a Cpl of years. As to hooking up it has always been via other social networks, such as our motorbike club. My wife still fucks me and would probably fuck another guy if it was the right one. I always live in hope as I love seconds in a nice cum filled pussy.
  4. ozzie

    Check up our Secure Telegram channel

    I have it and can see pics and video. how do you message or chat
  5. ozzie


    super sexy
  6. ozzie

    wife wants to try sex with other guys

    I have to question why you would marry a lesbian? If she doesn't want any man why get married
  7. ozzie

    Elaine's First Time

    I haven't seen my wife take anything exceptionally large, but I love seeing a nice cock sliding into her. That moment when his knob is between her pussy lips and I know how hot those lips are on him. Then that push forward and in it slides. Usually with a moan from her. Never gets old. Love it when they pull back for the next thrust and her lips are wrapped around his shaft, with her juice making him wet.
  8. I would love to see my wife fuck another real man but she just doesn’t seem lnterested at all, she does how ever let me dress girly witch I do love, my favorite is dressing up and sucking cock witch she doesn’t know about!!! I would love to combine both, any suggestions 👗👗

    1. ozzie


      If it was me, I would wait till she is sucking my cock and then ask. "do you like that" After she answered I would say, maybe I should try it. See what she says. If she says you should then ask who she thinks you should try it on. If she suggests a friend then you can work around to him playing with the both of you. If she suggests someone then you can bet she has thought about playing with him.

      If it is a guy you know and you think he would be interested then you make a few hints and see how it evolves. Once a guy knows that you like the idea of your wife having a MFM then they usually start to flirt.

      After that is can be a bit of chatting over a drink to sus out what his preferences are.

      I have found a guy with a stiff dick will do many things in a MFM situation that they would not admit to  anyone else.

      I have rubbed other guys dicks up and down my wifes pussy  and then pushed them in, they never complain. Had them do it to me on their wife too. never had a complaint about licking my wife or theirs while they fuck and that always leads to some cock licking and cum eating. Never a complaint when stroking them into my wifes mouth or on her tits, nor joining in as she sucks them.

      As I say if your wife sucks you start talking about it with her.

    2. Shannon


      Thanks, I’ll have to give it a try💋💋

  9. ozzie

    How it all started.

    Love it. Cant beat that first time. Hope he came in her. nothing beat watching a friend cum in your wife
  10. If u wanna fulfill ur sexual fantasies then Ping me on akuldev30 @ gmail. com 

    30yrs young bull here from delhi, India.  

    Time to flood the cunt!

  11. ozzie

    wife wants to try sex with other guys

    With us it has always been friends. It isn't hard to drop a few playful hints with friends and see who shows interest. if a guy seems to flirt with her a bit tell him you are ok with it. They usually get quite bold after that. Love watching the flirting and the chase. Progressing from jokes to touching, then a hug. Soon they are kissing and on it goes from there. Once you have a guy interested invite him over for drinks and dinner. I love the chase watching her get flushed and horny as a friend starts to really play with her. The first real sexual move is a feel of her tits , then soon the top is opened and the bra comes off. Love it when they see her tits for the first time, then suck her nipples. My wife never wears panties so when they feel up her leg and get the first touch of her pussy I love the look on their face. Once she lays back and spreads her legs they get that oh wow I am going to fuck his wife surprised look. If they are good they will then go down and eat her. About the same time you see them getting their pants down if your wife hasn't already done it. Out springs a fully erect cock usually with precum on the tip. then the wife spreads wide and they get up and place their cock on her open pussy. Love seeing her lips spread around their head. Then in it goes slowly all the way as she moans. Slowly back out as she looks into their eyes and you see them fucking for the first time. Mostly they don't last long, they start thrusting and she starts working her hips. You can hear the slurp slop of her juices on his cock and see her lips surround his cock as he goes in all the way deep in to her. Pretty soon you hear him start to grunt and pant and her moan as she knows he is about to cum in her. then they get crazy and slap into each other as he gives a loud grunt and you see his butt muscles clench and his cock throb. You realise at this point he is unloading cum inside your wife and she is arching up to take it and loving every squirt she feels inside her. Her eyes are closed as she orgasms while feeling his cum and throbbing cock in her. Then he slows and gives a couple more grunts and they kiss as he slides his wet cum covered cock out of your wifes pussy. She looks at him and then you and smiles. You look at her cunt and his cum starts to ooze out of her. Now your life has changed forever. It has made our marriage last and shown me how much my wife can enjoy sex. I have seen her taken to new orgasmic heights by having 2 guys taking turns with her for hours. I found I could cum 4 times in a night because it was such a turn on watching then going down on her afterwards. Love the feel of her cunt when she has just fucked and it makes me cum very fast the first 2 times. Love how after that both guys can last so long slow fucking her in turns and she is in ecstasy for most of it. if you do it with a friend and he is good he will become a regular and can fuck her anytime they want. Love the life style had 35 years of it. Pretty much over now but the memories are great. Just go for it if she is interested. Pic is my wife a few years ago. There has been quite a few friends cocks in that lovely smooth pussy
  12. This happened often when we were younger. Wife would be home off shift and her favourite lover would call in while I was at work. He would ring me and tell me he called in for coffee and left me some cream. Always got home to a happy wife and a nice cream filled pie. On some occasions I would be there. I would put the coffee on and then go and watch as they fucked on our bed. After he had got her to orgasm and filled her pussy, I would give them coffee and then eat her to another tasty orgasm. If I was lucky she would roll over get up on her knees and I would cum in her while he played with her tits or they kissed.
  13. ozzie

    How would your wife look as a whore?

    Sooo hot,, I will be jerking and thinking about handing you the money
  14. ozzie

    swallow 50.jpg

    I would be there with a fist full of money