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    eating pussy and creampies,watching other men enjoy my wife

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  1. Love the story..... But I really think she should make you eat her sloppy pussy after they fuck....also think it would be fucking hot if she stopped taking birth control.. relying on your creampie eating alone to prevent pregnancy
  2. Hell yeah...I second that Jag Love you Nicki
  3. I think I might try this/give it a shot(pun intended LOL).. Now matter how turned on I am ,and how much I want to eat my wife after I nut... most of the time the urge/desire to eat her creampie dies/goes away after I blow my wad.. I have NO PROBLEM eating her creampie when someone else puts it there...just have trouble eating my own..I've asked her several times to just climb up and sit on my face after I cum.. Might be a fun experiment..and get me over that hurdle
  4. Is it just me, or do y'all agree with me.... that this pic is not only super sexy, it is also very classy ...
  5. I love those clamps ....want to get a pair for myself
  6. Is it just me.....or is anyone else get a "Carrie Fisher" feel/vibe from this pic?
  7. just out of curiosity....does she ever allow clients to cum inside her,and if so how much is that?
  8. Dude , I truly enjoy your posts , and I know that I am pretty much no one of importance here , and I don't bring anything to the table...(I very seldom start/make posts) I am so lucky , and proud to call you my friend.... and if you stop making posts or end up leaving...I'm coming with you 😄 Much Respect Brother
  9. Man it's a bunch of bullshit that your numbers keep fluctuating and shit
  10. Damn...why didn't I think of using a "tens unit"like that before......that's pretty fucking brilliant LOL
  11. damn in the airplane bathroom...those things are fucking tiny..
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