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  1. Dude....I fucking love the one where husband is holding her hand as she is getting fucked
  2. Personally I originally came here exploring and wanting to learn more about my kinks/fantasies/desires. My wife and I have/do enjoy the adventures y'all have shared. I have made some really good friends here, that hopefully get the chance to hangout with someday . Paula and I have learned a lot about our turn ons.... still exploring our kinks. So basically our expectations from here on would be (A) continue to learn from y'alls experiences, explore/push our boundaries (B)friendship
  3. Fuck me.......trying to drown a mother fucker LOL
  4. DAMN....hope that was more than 1 load in that condom
  5. Dude.....I bet the "spinner" felt amazing LOL
  6. Right on.......I joined this site to get advice and more information about my personal kinks/fantasies........I discovered way more than just listening to other peoples adventures...Found some really good friends that I hope to one day have the opportunity to meet them for a drink and just hangout
  7. Holy shit bro....you are making it hard to concentrate over here LOL THANK YOU
  8. LMAO spiderman ....and I fucking love physics
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