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  1. LOL!!!
  2. I guess my question would be is my hubby getting spanked while me and my bull are having sex or would it be in a public place where others would see the spanking. I think both could possibly turn me on but more if it happened while my bull was holding me in public and he spanked my hubby to show his dominance. Either way I need to be spanked for sure!
  3. Where do you live?
  4. I love being spanked by my bulls. If they leave a hand print I would love it. I have never thought about a bull spanking my hubby. I would love to see how hubby would respond.As you can see I'm ready for my spankings!
  5. Just posted part 4 of our story. Please check it out!

  6. Part 4 With my husband gone for the next few days I knew my window for something phsyical to happen with the doctor was open. Knowing that any day could be our first time together was exciting and nerve racking at the same time. I woke up early everyday and made sure I hade sexy thong and bra on. I waxed it seems like everywhere. I was determined to not disappoint when he made his move. The firat day at work when my hubby was gone was sadly boring. I ran into my doctor only once and we were both too busy to interact or plan anything. When I got home that night there were a dozen roses for me. I wasn't sure who they were from at first. Then my mom who had stopped by asked why my hubby signed the card dr. I laughed out loud and said he was just being funny. That night I texted the doctor and told him how sad I was that we were both too busy to hang out during the day. He said things should let up soon and to make sure I was ready. The anticipation was killing me. So work day 2 roles around and again we are both crazy busy. I made it a point to stop by his office a couple times and each time he was busy with work and was helping people. So I packed up my stuff and started to head home. On my way to the car I heard his voice from across the parking lot. He motioned me over to his car. I got to his window and he told me to get in. I went around to the otherside of his car and started to get in. Then another coworker walked by and started chatting with me. She kept asking question after queation. I thought that she was trying to block me but was just being friendly. Finally she got in her car and went home. I got into the doctors car and closed the door. I sat there for a second neither of us said a word. He was just sitting there looking at me. I couldn't handle it after a minute of just sitting there. I looked at him and asked what do you want. He looked me directly in the eyes and he said kiss me. We both leaned in and slowly and passionatly started to kiss. After that first kiss we started picking up steam. We were like teenagers making out in the front of his car. I don't ever remember even coming up for air. After about 10 minutes of heavy making out we took a break and I told him one of our coworkers are bound to see us here. With that he said no problem and started driving. I asked him where we were going but he said he had a place for us to continue what we started. As he drove his hands started to rub my leg and I thought I should return the favor. I started to kiss his neck and rub his inner thigh. Before I knew it we were parked in an empty parking lot. He got out of the car and came around to my side and opened the door. Right when he opened it I grabbed him and wrapped my legs around him. I could instantly feel a bulge coming out of his pants. We made out some more and his hands started to discover every inch of my body. I followed suit and sitting in that front seat started to undress the man that I have wanted to do this to for many months. He picked me up and opened the back door and set me in the backseat. I was laying on the back seat watching my sexy doctor starting to remove his shirt. He did it slowly one button at a time. While he was undressing I started to rub his manhood with my feet. I was very pleased with how big he felt. After his shirt was off he grabbed my waist and started undoing my pants. He got them off in a record time. So I'm laying on his back seat with no pants and a black lacy thong. A thong that is soaked at this point. I told him to get into the car. Once we were both in the backseat things got going very quickly. It seemed like in no time at all we were both completely naked. I remember both of us sitting there and checking out each others naked body. I looked at him and for some reason asked if I could go down on him. He laughed and said yes please.The next thing I know I was putting the doctors cock in my married mouth. I was loving this and we continued to have oral sex in his backseat for the next 30 minutes. Everytime he was about to come he would lift my head up and say its time to switch. He would then go down on me. It was truly the best oral sex I have ever gotten or given. Then all of the sudden I hear my phone ringing. Of course it was my husband. I gathered myself and answered the phone. So there I was sitting butt ass naked next to the doctor who is also naked talking to my husband. My husband starts telling me about his day and all of the sudden I feel the doctor starting to suck on my very hard nipples. I reach down and grab his cock and starting jacking him off. I have no idea what my husband was saying. I was just trying not to moan while he was talking. After a few minutes I start making up excuses of why I need to go. Well he was not getting the hint. My husband kept talking. This didn't stop the doctor. The doctor put his hands under my ass and lifted me onto his lap. I started to grind against his large cock. Ten minutes after I picked up the phone my husband was still talking. I felt the doctor start to spread my legs and lift me up. The next thing I know I'm sitting on the doctors dick. I moan so loud and quickly hang up the phone. The doctor procedes to fuck my pussy. It felt so tight he was filling up every inch of my pussy. I tell him to make sure he pulls out because I'm not on the pill. Not a second later he grabs me tight and I feel his cock pump his come into my very fertile pussy. I hope you are all liking this story. I will do my best to update it sooner. Just in case there are some new people reading this story. This is a true account of an affair that I had that led to me and my husband being in the cuckold lifestyle. If anyone has any questions please fell free to ask.
  7. What great stories! Thanks for all that responded. I'm suprised that we haven't heard more stories about couples starting because swinging. We have met some couples that only swing. We ran into an issue once while chatting with a couple that were in the swing lifestyle. We let them know we were more into Cuckolding. So we kept talking and were attempting to meet up. Well the date we set only the husband could come meet us. I hit it off with him fairly quickly and ended up fooling around in his car. It was fun and I assumed all was good. Well I chatted with her the next day and she was pissed. She told me to stay away from her husband and went crazy on me. So swing couples definitly have different rules. I am completely cool with that but need to know what the rules are.
  8. Hubby and I were talking and wondered how many couples start the Cuckold lifestyle by the wife cheating? I know that if I never cheated we probably would have never even thought about the cuckold lifstyle. It did two things for our relationship. First I got the high of being with another man. Second I found out how turned on my hubby was to find out about the cheating and hear all of the details. We have heard from many people on this site that their experiences are close to ours. So we would love to hear if people started this way and of course the story that goes with it.
  9. Just from my experiences having a bf who fucks me on a regular basis has been an added bonus. I love having my husband not only get me ready for my bf but also talk with him before we go out. When I come down from getting ready my husband and boyfriend are both standing there waiting. I give hubby a little peck and then throw myself onto my boyfriend. Hubby just stands there as we greet and make out. It is a huge turn on for all three.
  10. sounds like you arent opposed to GF😉
  11. ha. bring it baby!
  12. To me this is just taking the lifestyle to a different level. Some like the pregnancy risk aspect which is also a different level.
  13. I have gotten mixed reviews from different hotwifes, cucks, and bulls about the hotwife having a boyfriend. Is it looked down upon by most people to have a side boyfriend? I have found from first hand experience it can add an additional layer to the hotwife lifestyle. Just wanted to get the opinions of others.
  14. Thank you all so much!