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  1. Wife again

    looks amazing
  2. Nurse TJ new bf

    Thanks to all that read and responded to my story. Sorry for such a lengthy time between updates. So after that first date it is easy to see I was hooked. The following days I couldn't focus on anything except the next chance I would have to be with Travis. He would text me sweet and funny messages throughout the day which made me want him even more. The problem was we both were very busy and he had to keep this a secret. A week after our first date Eddie invited Travis over to watch a game. Needless to say I was very excited. That whole day I was thinking of the possibilities. It was finally time! I was wearing an athletic skirt and a tank top. Eddie picked it out because my nipples were always visible when I wear that tank top. Eddie kept saying how hot I was. I kept telling Eddie thank you but its not for him tonight. Then the doorbell rings. I run to the door and open it. There stands the very handsome Travis and his wife Tracy. It took all my willpower to not jump in Travis arms. Tracy said she decided last minute to hang with me while the guys watched the game. It was a major let down. So they came inside and we all went and sat around and talked. It was still really good to see Travis even though my sexy plans were ruined. As the night went on we all had a lot of fun and there was a lot of flirting between me and Travis. About 20 minutes before the game was done Tracy announced she had to be going. So Travis walked her out and he decided to stay and finish the game. I was thrilled! I told Eddie he can watch the game or watch is hot wife. He gave me a look like I was crazy for even asking. As soon as Travis walked back in the door I jumped into his arms. It felt so good making out with him as he is holding me up with Eddie just sitting there watching. He put me down and we walked over to the couch where Eddie was sitting. Travis looked at Eddie and said are you ready to see your best friend and your wife together? Eddie just said have fun buddy. After that Travis attention was totally on me. We sat there on the couch making out and groping each other. I felt again like I was a teenager. It didn't take long for Travis to have me down to only my thong. He was doing everything perfect. He licked my nipples just the way I like it. He played with my very wet pussy perfectly. At one point I told him to take a break because I didn't think I could handle how great he was making me feel. So he stopped for a little while and it gave me time to focus on him. The crazy thing was that Eddie was sitting right next to me and this was the first time he has ever seen me with another man. Travis stood up and took off all of his clothes. So Im sitting next to my husband with only a thong on and his best friend is completely naked right in front of me. I look at Eddie and tell him that I hope he likes seeing his wife suck a big dick! Then right after I say that I pull Travis penis into my mouth while looking at Eddie. It was so hot and I could tell everyone was very turned on. But after that my whole focus was on Travis. I sat there sucking and licking him for the next 10 minutes. He asked where I wanted him to cum. I looked up and took his penis out of my mouth and said you can fuck my pussy if you want. Immideatly he laid me down and took my thong off. He spread my legs and started to crawl in between. I reached my hand to hold Eddies hand. Then I felt Travis enter my pussy for the first time. I gasped and squeezed Eddies hand. Travis felt so tight even though I was so wet. After a couple minutes of him fucking me he asked again where I wanted him to cum. I looked in his eyes and said please fill my pussy. The next stroke I felt him tighten up and fill my pussy with his cum. He laid on top of me for the next few minutes. When he got off I could feel his cum starting to drip out of me. I just laid there naked with a big smile on my face. Travis got dressed and headed home. After the door shut behind him I looked at Eddie and told him to fuck my used pussy. He got on top and fucked me. He also filled my pussy. It will go down as the best sexual experience I've ever had.
  3. Bull walks in your home ,takes your wife to bed .

    I had plans to go out of town for the weekend with a bull that I had been with for about six months. At last minute he had issue come up at work so he wasnt able to leave town. I was super sad. Then my hubby suggested that we stay at our house and he would host. I was a little unsure at first because I wanted a weekend alone with my big bull. But we all agreed and it was an awesome weekend. The only time hubby was seen was when we told him we needed things. Ever since that time most of our bull weekends are at our home. Hubby turns out to be a great host.
  4. Nurse TJ new bf

    I thought I would share my latest adventures. A little back story for what is going on. I recently took the advice from another member on this site (Liz) and found a guy that I knew that worked shift work and see if he was interested in me. The guys name is Travis he works day and night shift and is married to Tracy. Travis and Eddie (husband) have been friends for a couple years. Travis was very excited when finding out that I was a hotwife. So he asked me out on a date. I of course said yes. So Eddie is very excited about this but Travis wife Tracy does not know what is going on. The story of our first date I sent to Liz and thought I would share the story here. As always would love to hear any comments or suggestions. Hope you all enjoy! So I had my date with Travis last night. One of the great things was the process of getting ready. As you know that is almost as good as actually going on the date. Eddie was very sweet and made some really great under garmet selections. He picked out matching red g-string and lace bra. I felt very sexy and was really hoping to show Travis both items. Since I wasn't to sure what we were going to do I didn't want to dress too slutty. I had to try and balance being sexy for Travis but not give the impression to other people we may run into while we were out. So I decided to wear a little sundress. It was nothing to revealing but made for easy access if Travis wanted to take advantage of it. I was ready to go and had 20 minutes before Travis was supposed to pick me up. So I called Travis wife Tracy. Eddie was listening as we small talked for about 10 minutes. Then Tracy told me she had to go say goodbye to Travis because he was going out with some buddies. Tracy said maybe Eddie should tag along. I said he was busy and told her I would talk later. I could hear Travis in the background starting to say goodbye. He arrived about 10 minutes later and came in the house to pick me up. When he got inside he looked at me and just said wow. I started blushing right away. He leaned in and kissed my cheeck. Eddie said hello and told him to be safe. With that I left my house with my husbands good friend for our first date. The first ten minutes in his car was very weird. Neither of us really knew what to say or do. Finally he said he can't beleive he gets to go on a date with me. He told me about wanting me from the first time he met me and Eddie. That broke the ice and we both shared all the times we have thought about possibly being together. We arrived at our destinantion about 20 minutes later and it was the drive in theater. I told him what a perfect idea. He just smiled and said he had many more good ideas to come. It was super fun. We parked and didn't pay any attention to the movie. We sat there and talked and before I knew it we had been there for over an hour talking and flirting. There was crazy sexual tension there but I think we were both nervous to make that first move. He is so sweet and respectful. Finally I just told him he can touch and kiss me whenever he wants. That was all it took. For the next hour we sat there slowly kissing each other and groping each others bodies. It was super sexy and probably one of the best first dates ever. The movie ended and other cars were starting to leave. I asked if he was okay with me sucking on him. He quickly said of course so I undid his pants and started to give Travis a blow job. While I was doing that I felt my dress come up and he was rubbing my pussy and ass. He lifted my face up and said he wanted to fuck me but thought we should save that for another date. I smiled and went back to sucking on him. He was starting to tense up and then he filled my mouth with a lot of cum. Like a good girl I swallowed every drop and cleaned off every inch of his cock. After I was done he got his pants back on and pulled out of the drive in. The whole way home he fingered me as he drove. I came two times on the way back home. Once we got to the house he walked me to the door and we stood in front of my house kissing for about 5 minutes. I was super nervous my neighbors would see but after such a good date I didn't want to let Travis down. We said our goodbyes and he left and I went in and told Eddie everything and fucked his brains out.
  5. Does Your Wife Have Anal Sex Only With Her Bull(s)?

    Just from my experiences my bf/bull have good sized cocks. They have needed to ease me into regular sex. Work on slowly stretching me. I can't imagine one of them in my ass. Will allow them to use fingers if they want.
  6. Random hook ups or steady bull, which do cucks prefer?

    Steady bull!!! Feel safer
  7. Started With Cheating At Work

    I agree at the time it was exciting and felt amazing but I was terrified of the possible ramifications.
  8. Just updated my story. Hope all enjoy. Would love to answer any questions.

  9. Started With Cheating At Work

    Thank all of you that took the time to read and comment on my story. I want everyone to know this is my true account as to what happened. It has been years since this accord but some days I can almost recall certain scents or ways the dr. had touched me. For most in this crazy lifestyle you know what I mean with the first time giving yourself to another. I know many here dont want feelings involved but for me and our situation I feel like my feelings and relationship with the dr. made the intimate times more memorable. Part 5: So the doctor filled me with his cum. I need to clarify I was not on the pill and had no intention of becoming pregnant. So immidiatly when I felt him tense up I yelled Fuck J...! My next response was hang up. So I'm sitting on my lovers lap with his cum all up in my pussy and my husband heard me yell Fuck J....! I looked at the dr. and told him I better not get pregnant. Then my very next words were I love feeling you cum inside me. He started laughing and grabbed my head and started making out with me. The whole time I could feel his cum run out of my pussy. My husband called back about five minutes later. I was just finishing getting dressed and I answered the phone. Obviously the first thing he said was who is Fucking J...! At this point I wasnt sure what I wanted my hubby to know. So I said dont you remember the dr. I work with. He replied yeah and asked why I was so mad at him. I told him he spilt something that I had to clean up. He laughed and said okay. Then he said the funniest thing of all. He said I wish I could spill something on you for you to lick up. I was laughing with my husband but for very different reasons. Dr. drove me back to my car and we made out some more and then parted our ways. I got in my car and waited for him to drive away. I sat there for a minute thinking about and still feeling what had just happened. It was a time I wont ever forget. I knew at that moment I was hooked. I just didnt know what I was exactly hooked to!
  10. Multitasking is for girls

  11. Anyone Spanked?

    I guess my question would be is my hubby getting spanked while me and my bull are having sex or would it be in a public place where others would see the spanking. I think both could possibly turn me on but more if it happened while my bull was holding me in public and he spanked my hubby to show his dominance. Either way I need to be spanked for sure!
  12. screw her front of me.

    Where do you live?
  13. Anyone Spanked?

    I love being spanked by my bulls. If they leave a hand print I would love it. I have never thought about a bull spanking my hubby. I would love to see how hubby would respond.As you can see I'm ready for my spankings!
  14. naughty nurse TJ is back

  15. Just posted part 4 of our story. Please check it out!