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  1. She'd look great spread out on a pool table.
  2. Love to Be a slut for everybody 

  3. riprap69


    My wife earning us a room upgrade in Puerta Vallarta. Group of her brother's friends wanted to see her tits when she was younger. Buddy drove us up into the woods. He was after her pussy and got it. My wife had just orgasmed hard after backing onto the jets of that hot tub. Audience too. Rented house with glass walls around the hot tub room. Evening time so I turned the lights on in the room for them to see her do it.
  4. I'd like to. First thing we'd do is find a busy low class biker bar.
  5. Zoom on her crotch. You can see her slit through those panties.
  6. He was very slowly jacking off into her mouth. When he came, he grabbed the back of her head to make her swallow.
  7. The guy is a truck driver from Nevada. His backyard. There were several neighbor kids watching them fuck through the cracks in the fence. It looked best for them when she leaned forward and showed them his cock in that pussy.
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    We did about an hour after that picture was taken. Not in the creek but beside it.
  9. You must have enjoyed what I showed you.

    1. tahanemartou


      yes really very sexy

    2. riprap69


      Thanks. She is very special.

  10. riprap69


    Just a few more from his shop.
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  12. riprap69


    They're being watched by some kids through that fence behind her.