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  1. riprap69


    Exhibiting for our visitors.
  2. riprap69


    Masturbating herself with the rough material of that nighty. Didn't take long for her first orgasm to arrive.
  3. riprap69


    This night led to her boyfriend inviting a group of his buddies over.
  4. riprap69


    Ready for a long night and waiting for knocks on the door in this old hotel.
  5. riprap69


    She was told to pull her tits out and show her pussy.
  6. Hmmmm.... We come through there twice a year. Stay at the Orange Grove RV park.
  7. She is built for that. Her hips allow bigger and more guys to get involved. My wife is really flexible so pulling her legs open and spread works good too. There's been lots of guys in her over the years. Various ages, sizes and colors lol. Last year we met up with a couple of those cage fighter guys. Incredible strength, stamina and energy.
  8. Heh, my wife has done a bedpost twice. We have something in common.
  9. Understood. He worked to get that in her for a long time with plenty of KY. She's tight. No kids.
  10. Club Med in the British West Indies. Curtain was open to her right. Guys walking by outside. Tequila helped.