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  1. Glad you like my wife.

  2. riprap69

    Anydesk OPEN

    Can you limit access to what is on your screen?
  3. My wife is an excellent rider, either facing you which give you access to her titties or reversed. Her pussy is tight but kinda shallow. Hung men can bruise her cervix. We're familiar with the SA area but haven't used any of the clubs. Had luck meeting up with guys in Bandera and Luckenbach, bikers both times. Well known clubs there if you didn't know it.


    riprap69 0003 (1).jpg

    1. hardwriter27


      She is such a lovely woman, I could tease that ass for hours. Such a very good girl. Being able to enjoy a pounding like that must have her sing wonderfully. And I did not know about the places in Bandera and Luckenbach . Color me very curious.

    2. riprap69


      We've met guys at the bar in Luckenbach and the 11st Street Cowboy bar in Bandera -I think that's what it's called (one of her bras in hanging in there). We were there for the Frogs for Freedom run. She was really popular.

  4. riprap69

    Slut wife

    Took a long time to start her but it was worth it
  5. riprap69

    Putting her out there

    My wife is passive and available.
  6. riprap69

    Anydesk OPEN

    God-incredible idea.
  7. Hello from Austin, TX...the real Hill Country. Mature BBC here...professional male, respectful and freaky when necessary. If Austin is one of your stops, let's chat and hopefully plan to meet when you come thru these parts. If you prefer more private chats, we can exchange emails and/or cell numbers. Discretions assured.

    1. riprap69


      A humble hello-Never been through Austin but willing. Bring your buddies please.




  8. riprap69

    Is she?

    A humble hello DomBull4U. I believe you've made some observations about my wife Cheryl. We travel through Texas in an RV. Love the hill country. I've found entertainment for her there in San Antonio, Fredericksburg, Badera and Luckenbach. Are you close there? What's it take to qualify her as one of yours? The t-shirt belonged to one of the guys there. This picture was taken about half-way through the day. She fucked four men, three of them twice. Her titties have always got her lots of attention, whether she wanted it or not. This picture was taken by the son of a guy who was a good friend of her parents. He got her started young and used her for years.
  9. riprap69

    Let me see ur wife pics

    My wife fucking a truck driver in his backyard. Notice the crack in the fence behind her. There were several kids watching the two of them fucking.
  10. riprap69

    My wife for you

  11. riprap69


    Too bad that camp was shut down. Otherwise you would have stood in a line.
  12. riprap69


    And in it went.
  13. riprap69


    Here she is masturbating with that same vibrator.
  14. riprap69

    How many cocks?

    My wife did a train once at Sturgis. Well known outlaw club had a fuck tent in their special campground area. Enough tequila and ???, she was ready to let it happen and did. Not sure how many guys were in and out of that tent so can't estimate. It was a bunch though over a four hour period.
  15. riprap69


    Old abandoned farm labor camp in California. Manager told us the place would have held 50 Mexican workers when it was up and running. Would have made for a great train for her.