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  1. riprap69


    She is. Great titties and a tight pussy. Guys love her.
  2. riprap69


    Always tight if you're first. She gets looser as the numbers increase.
  3. riprap69


    Start of a really entertaining night in that garage. Zoom on her crotch.
  4. riprap69


    My wife earning us a room upgrade in Puerta Vallarta. Group of her brother's friends wanted to see her tits when she was younger. Buddy drove us up into the woods. He was after her pussy and got it. My wife had just orgasmed hard after backing onto the jets of that hot tub. Audience too. Rented house with glass walls around the hot tub room. Evening time so I turned the lights on in the room for them to see her do it.
  5. riprap69


    Working on herself very slow and deliberately.
  6. riprap69


    Three young guys waiting to climb up behind her. They were arguing over who was to be first.
  7. She slowly pulls in up and down that slit. Guys were waiting and watching.
  8. Are you still out there?

  11. Heh LoneRancher- Thanks for the compliment about my wife. We rv all over the country and love Texas. Abilene might be in our travels.