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  1. riprap69


    Watching a complete stranger step up behind Cheryl on that wall and watch for my reaction was breathtaking. I watched him unbuckle and unzip his levis but couldn't see his penis behind her. He reached down and lined himself up with her pussy before thrusting his hips forward. She whined and lowered her head as he pushed harder into her. He began fucking Cheryl slowly then sped up. Her body was shaking with each of his slams into her. The other men and I stood there watching my wife get fucked. They knew their turn in her was coming.
  2. riprap69


    Cheryl has partied and done trains for some well know outlaw clubs. I could name five easily but value my well being. LOL. They know who they are.
  3. riprap69


    If you've never watched a large titted woman hooked to a commercial farm milking machine, you can't appreciate what that looks like nor how it feels for the woman being sucked on. The suction pressure and pulse can be turned up if the guy running it wants to enjoy the woman's reaction. The feeling must be excruciating based on Cheryl's reaction. The kid told me that her tits were perfect for it.
  4. riprap69


    Eventually they tore that sweatshirt off her. She had to walk around topless the rest of that day. Her tits got handled dozens of times.
  5. riprap69


    Cheryl being pressured to bring her titties out by a group of guys we were with. She hesitated but they kept at her until she showed them.
  6. riprap69


    I've watched bikers keep fucking her even after she had passed out. Didn't matter to them, it was all about her pussy.
  7. riprap69


    It didn't stop the train from continuing though. Bikers are like that.
  8. riprap69


    From what he said, she did 11 guys that night. They wore her out.
  9. riprap69


    The guys came out after her with huge smiles on their faces.
  10. riprap69


    I heard she did that several times for that club and others. Like pretty much all women doing trains, she would reach a point where she looked dazed and bewildered. By then, it was just guys holding her spread for them fucking her.
  11. riprap69


    Picture taken by her old boyfriend on his bike. Several times he called his buddies to come share Cheryl. That expanded out to him taking her to one of his club meetings. They got her really drunk and she ran a train for them.
  12. riprap69


    Looks like you would fill her up alright.