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  1. Not all husbands are willing to stand by and watch as their wives are worked on like that. I've watched my wife with all ages, colors, sizes and personal preferences. From one at a time to groups.
  2. Enjoy.





    1. OldBull70


      What a beautiful & desirable Lady, thanks for sharing


  3. Thanks for your reply. I enjoyed your pictures, especially the last one. Something about that position of vulnerability. You may derive pleasure from using my wife. She is really passive as I mentioned. Some men want a more aggressive and active woman, Cheryl is not. She'll have her eyes closed all the time during fucking or masturbating. You would just have to go ahead and do what you wish. I hope that works for you. I enjoy doing what we do in somewhat odd locations. Love the semi-public aspect of watching my wife being used. Do you have a group available for her? She can handle that. We've found our way into a variety of places. Public parks, school buildings, rest stops on the highway, truck stops, a farm labor camp, love the woods....just to mention a few. My wife has one somewhat interesting quality-she can be made to have very intense orgasms if you slap her titties from side to side. She'll stand there and cum while she's crying. Incredible to watch.
  4. Interesting how some guys just expect to get whatever they want. One man, feels comfortable bringing three more, to fuck another man's wife. We've become pretty casual heh?
  5. riprap69


    I knew when I put her there on display that we'd have visitors and we did.
  6. Interesting to me that there are so many no shows. We've had three events in the past six months where we were planning on one man but ended up with several more. Seems to be some movement in that direction too. One guy sets up the time and place then he shows with a group. Maybe it's just my wife? She can normally accommodate everyone but I know they show up expecting some resistance.
  7. We're going to be in your area in January this year for a month or so. Staying at an rv park called Fleetwood. My wife and I are both pretty submissive. She is especially so. Some guys complain that she is not aggressive enough as she just lets things happen. Not really vocal either. She's 43 and I'm 54. Been sharing her as we rv the country. Are you interested and what are your tastes? We often spend time with groups of various sizes. Thank you.
  8. A humble hello-You had mentioned that you'd like to chat with me.

  9. riprap69


    Here's what your wife looks like when she's discovered that there's four young construction workers outside that door wanting in to fuck her when there was only supposed to be one. To open the door or not to open the door?