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  1. blackhat2


    Cocc you are one beautiful and sexy slut!
  2. Shannon you are so sexy! I'd love to play you!!! Please post some more pictures!

  3. blackhat2

    My Fiancé Wants To Lick Me Clean......

    Shannon you are so hot and sexy I would love to lick you clean too! Oh and fill you up!!!!
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    my 22 yo naked wife - pls comment

    jto your wife is smoking hot! You should keep her pussy shaved at all times. I could have all kinds of fun with her sexy lil ass! I'd start by eating her sweet lil pussy as I fuck her mouth, making her cum so hard she soaks my face! Then I would slide my fat 7" cock deep inside while nibbling on her perky lil tits, pounding her pussy until she begs me for a break. When she's caught her breath I'll turn her over and start tongue fucking her ass and fingering her pussy till she begs for my cock in her tight asshole.
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    This Is So Fucking Hot You Must Check It Out

    It's hotter then hell watching an big fat cock filling the wife's pussy!!
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    First time cuckold

    I'm glad it was easier with my lil Slut Wife, we'd been together about a month when she told me she had always wanted to be a slut. 3 hours later we were having our first 3some, and it just got better from there!
  7. blackhat2

    The Night My Wife Sucked A Strangers Cock At A Local Bar

    Great story, you tell it so well! My wife got carried away like that a few time. One time I even got her to put on a show for over 100 people at a biker party! She sucked and was ass fucked by a friend with a 10 inch cock. She squirts when she comes and she splashed the people closest to the stage! Love this gif, it was always extra hot watching my wife with one of her favorites. I always ate the cream pie! Great pic of a super sexy hotwife!
  8. I always loved to watch my wife get fucked, but it was even better when it was one of her favorites! Eating the cream pie was always part of it, whether it was my cum or someone else's ! Hate to hear about your wife medical problems, I know what your going through. My wife's medical problems stopped our playing a little over 4yrs ago.
  9. blackhat2

    Time to step it up a notch

    I wish you luck in getting your wife to play. It is a hell of a rush see your wife take another man's cock and cum. So keep working on her and show us the results.
  10. blackhat2

    New here

    Deb you have fantastic breasts, you are a very sexy woman that I'd love play with!!
  11. blackhat2

    New here

    Deb you have fantastic breasts, you are a very sexy woman that I'd love play with!!
  12. blackhat2

    New here

    Deb you have fantastic breasts, you are a very sexy woman that I'd love play with!!
  13. blackhat2

    Cuck's Breakfest Of Champions. Enjoy

    I love eating the cum out of a big sloppy gapping pussy, love it even more if it's more than one load! I once ate my lil Slut Wife after 18 friends dumped their loads deep in her slutty cunt! She was gaped sooooo much I could slide my whole hand inside and fist fuck her slutty cunt!!!!
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    Cuck's Breakfest Of Champions. Enjoy

    I'd love to eat her cum filled pussy, then fill it with my cum!!!
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    Black Cuckolds?

    I bet she'd love it if I stuck my tongue deep into her tight ass, and work it for an hour! I'll have her begging for my fat white cock!!!