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  1. Absolutely stunning lady

    1. horny4ww


      Thank you, she can be very sexy when she wants to


  2. My lovely wife. in the 23 years together she's taken a pair of flings. The first one was before we were married. They used zero protection and he creampied her multiple times over a long weekend. That complexly blindsided me and forever changed what turns me on lol. The second guy is Bill which was just a few years ago. While we aren't really into the lifestyle she does know what to say to me.
  3. We haven't really joined the lifestyle at this point but her having a fling certainly got the conversation started.
  4. Not really into the lifestyle at this point. However what got me interested was her cheating on me and me unknowingly eating her dirty pussy. When she confessed days later instead of being pissed off I was very turned on, especially when she told me how much bigger he was. Changed my internet "browsing" forever afterwards lol She has been flirting off and on with her old teacher who is about 10 years older than us. She has met him once at a hotel a few years ago and swallowed his load but they haven't done anything physical since. When they flirt I get a lot of sex from her so maybe so I am always encouraging her to do more with him. It's such a turn on plus I get a ton of sex, seems like a win win as long as everyone is comfortable.
  5. The more I browse around here the more I realize it's pretty normal to be turned on by the wife's lover. I would absolutely love to suck one of her past /current lovers.
  6. I have an average sized cock and decent sized balls. However my lovely wife had cheated on me just before we were married. We had a talk and she told me everything and I was fine. However one night driving back from the university in the middle of the night she pulls my cock out and starts stoking me slowly. I have the cruise control set at 70 and there is little know traffic due to thew time. Anyway she starts telling me how hung Ryan is. Ryan is who she was with before we got together years earlier, she never mentioned him much before. She told me while stroking me how thick he was and probably 2-3 inches longer too. She said my balls might be the same size but otherwise he was much bigger than me. After that something clicked in me and I've wanted her to have a larger cock than what I can give her. Funny thing is she's been flirting with her old teacher and ended up blowing him a few years ago. He has a small dick but she still flirts with him via text. She'll tell me that my cock id bigger than his, my body is much better, I'm more handsome but she still fantasizes blowing him again. I hope she does sooner than later
  7. My wife has only has only been with a few men. She had a dick in her before we got together but really didn't fuck. He did cum in her mouth. She sucked another guy snd fingered by another before she was finally fucked by me. She cheated on me when we were engaged during her brothers wedding. The masuse was a good looking guy with a long dick and sweet words. He fucked the hell out of her for about a week, no rubbers cumming balls deep in her. I unknowingly ate her pussy and when she confessed I became incredibly turned on by it. Got married and nothing kinky for 15 years when she ends up meeting the first guy again. He eventually gave her another mouthful of his cum but this time she swallowed it all like a good girl. Not sure if they'll meet up again though
  8. Our fantasy has stalled for now so we have to regroup. However I'm increasingly turned on by the thought of sucking her lovers cock