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  1. Glacier

    Kik over wide and mother in law

    Just sent you a message on kik
  2. Glacier

    Party Season

    That’s why all the attention, and she knew that it would cause a reaction long before we left to go to the party
  3. Glacier

    Hotwife jewelry

    Etsy has a reasonable selection if you type hot wife into search also CarolynNicoleDesigns will custom make for a very reasonable price. As to the significance of the anklet I believe that most women don’t know what it means when they slip on an ankle. (Just another fashion accessory), however there are some ladies that are well aware of the significance of the anklet and it has been my experience that the serious contenders usually have some form of charm on their anklet. Hope this helps some what. Keen to hear other points of view and experiences
  4. Glacier

    Party Season

    Awesome subject, nothing better than the wife out playing and partying with friends and colleagues and me sitting back watching them trying to catch a glimpse, cop afeel, or just blatantly running their hands over her body. It’s easy for them to dress to impress and get away with it during this time of year. Here’s a pic without the dress and what was underneath that they were all trying to see. And I think you can tell by the pic the end result for one special work colleague
  5. Glacier

    Chatting On Kik

    My KIK is Firestorm2x hit me up will talk about anything
  6. Glacier

    My wife sucking

    Great video
  7. Glacier

    back in the swing

    Hi all had a bad experience as you sometimes get when sharing your wife. Had to put lifestyle on hold for a while but gradually my wife returned with a new Bull who is much more in touch with both our needs . So I'm just posting some pic to start the conversation
  8. Glacier

    Wife QOS Tattoo

  9. Glacier

    Wife QOS Tattoo

    Does anyone else have a wife who is or has a Queen of Spades Tattoo visible to any BBC’s or wears an anklet? Mine has just told me she is considering it
  10. Glacier

    while I'm away

    She loves big fat cocks comes home all wet and gaping mmmmm
  11. Glacier

    while I'm away

    She is and loves to tease me
  12. Glacier

    while I'm away

    Leone55 thanks for the comment to answer your question my role is be Humiliated by her bull hence the pics they are teasers for me on the most part and when I'm home I drive them to wherever they go ,help prepare her if he has a special request with outfits, linger etc generally make sure they are looked after when ever he comes over
  13. Glacier

    while I'm away

    Very happy it was a long time in time in the making and wouldn't change it for anything
  14. Glacier

    while I'm away

    she always does makes for an exciting time away and a great time when i return
  15. Glacier

    While I'm away again

    Here's a few more this what she wore with just a skirt to dinner with him. Afterwards she stayed the weekend and did some sun bathing, told me spent the whole time naked in heels when ever they weren't naked by the pool