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  1. rjhsteel2001

    Open letter to Todos

    I think you will have to ban him soon.....
  2. She belongs to you now DomBull4U....
  3. rjhsteel2001...hello.

    I doubt if I have ALL of your wife's pics...but yes, I have a few.

    She's a beautiful woman...with very nice tits that she seems to like showing off in a pretty black bra.

    Why do you ask?


    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. DomBull4U


      working on it now!

    3. rjhsteel2001


      Cool. Sorry to bother you. Sir.

    4. rjhsteel2001


      Thanks. Feel free to post anymore photos of her you have.....

  4. You still have all my Mrs photos DomBull?

  5. rjhsteel2001

    R.I.P. Tumblr

    She has a twitter page..... @CourtesanAnna
  6. rjhsteel2001

    Wife's massage

    Will do
  7. rjhsteel2001

    Can someone create a story for me?

    Hi there
  8. rjhsteel2001

    Big boobs

    Mine has 36f tits
  9. rjhsteel2001

    Wife's massage

    Love the whole massage fantasy. I’ve said it lots before, but I’d love to watch my Mrs receive an erotic massage.
  10. rjhsteel2001

    Fantasize about wife being taken

    Fantasies include watching her receive a erotic massage from a well hung man and getting slowly undressed and fucked as I watch on.
  11. rjhsteel2001

    Back after a while

    Hi there. What have i missed? Still seems sadly quiet on here.
  12. rjhsteel2001

    Starting a new kik group for chucks to meet bulls

    Steelrjh.. Cuckold wannabe
  13. rjhsteel2001

    Can someone create a story for me?

    Still always up for chat and erotic stories about my Mrs.....
  14. Share some more of her.....