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  1. rjhsteel2001

    Fantasize about wife being taken

    Fantasies include watching her receive a erotic massage from a well hung man and getting slowly undressed and fucked as I watch on.
  2. rjhsteel2001

    Back after a while

    Hi there. What have i missed? Still seems sadly quiet on here.
  3. rjhsteel2001

    Starting a new kik group for chucks to meet bulls

    Steelrjh.. Cuckold wannabe
  4. rjhsteel2001

    Can someone create a story for me?

    Still always up for chat and erotic stories about my Mrs.....
  5. Share some more of her.....
  6. rjhsteel2001

    My wife, her photos and chat...why bother?

    Great photos. She has amazing tits!
  7. rjhsteel2001

    Phat ass

    Just you....looks pretty good to me!
  8. rjhsteel2001


    Not into pain myself but nice photo
  9. rjhsteel2001

    If Your Wife Isn't Excited About Cuckolding...

    I'm in the same boat. I've discussed it with her and we joined a swinging site once and she let me take and post photos of her, but it never went anywhere.
  10. rjhsteel2001

    New Webslut available

    She looks hot!
  11. rjhsteel2001

    Leave Team View, Anydesk While You Go To Work

    You just disconnected me! Was watching from my android phone
  12. rjhsteel2001

    My big tits wife

    Deleted the photos?
  13. rjhsteel2001

    Hot wives ~~cuckoldfart chat

    Who has my wife? And where do you chat nowadays?
  14. rjhsteel2001

    Leave Team View, Anydesk While You Go To Work

    Very nice Dongster
  15. rjhsteel2001

    Busty Wife

    Cleavage city!