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    Nothing better than close action good neighbourly relations. Your wife is lovely. Since 5 years we are friends with our neighbour, he is well into his 70. Still fit and although the plumbing is small it is stil working. We moved from neighbour to friends, to going together to nudist swims and meets and then exchanged massages and since about 4 he is my wife's lover. It works for me on all levels as I often am away on business and now I know that there is somebody around to hep and to look after my lot when I am gone.
  2. As for me female underwear should be banned. Nothing better for me than stark naked or everything on display under the skirt or dress. In our colder climate it is not always practical but when we go out and socialize or when we are in London staying in hotels and going to shows, restaurants and clubs I always urge her to consider going "commando". Long time ago we sort of said that whenever we went on holiday to any country in the South or when it's hot in the summer that she would remain knickerless for the duration of the stay.. Last holiday in Italy we became regulars in little restaurant that we really liked and the owner of the place, a very polite and distinguished mature gent, he always stressed that he was from Sicily and was very proud of it. He from the first time we went there to have dinner took a real and obvious liking to my wife. After a few days we were always asked to stay until closing time so he could come and sit with us and have a drink and a chat. As it was late, the lights were dimmed and it was just us and the owner I encourage my wife to ensure that her dress was raised as much as possible and that she assumed quite vulgar pose with her legs spread apart. Something was dropped and the owner picked it up, as he raised his had he had full scale spread legs and female pussy panorama. He looked at me and I was smiling and he looked my wife and she just about to burst into laughter and he looked and you could, "Mamma Mia ... and something to the extent what a sight. When he came down he sat at the table and I explained that this was our little erotic game. We find it extremely hot that he had seen, I loved it when her sex was totally @@@@@@@. We hoped he didn''t mind. He said and then said, "Can I have another look?". The answer was "Yes, of course". So he took in the panorama again and then we said Good Bye and went back to the hotel and had a very steam session. We were both really worked up and had enjoyed that erotic moment. For the remainder of our stay we went back almost every night and now he had reserved a special table and only he would serve us there. The table was in a place that every time he walked up and brought something to us, he could get a glance of my wifes smoth pussy. Here is our contribution to the topic. Enjoy.
  3. Yes both my older brother and my nephew who is just a few years younger than became lovers of my wife and the relationship continued over a long period of time.
  4. We are both 60 now and have been married over 35 years. Shortly after we go married we started to to get drawn to the idea of a faithful husband and a shared loveing and caring wife who draws a lot pleasure and from all the loving attention that her varied male lovers are giving her. Our bull mainly are close friends and members of our close family. Probably a bit unusual but for us it has worked out very well. And in the last 5 years we have our most addition, a widower who went from neighbour to friend, to fellow naturist and massage partner to lover. In 30 years we have never used condoms. We are pretty sure that our three now adult kids are ours but if they had been fathered by one of our friends and my wife's cherished lovers, this would have not posed a problem to us.
  5. Hi we are a couple both now 60 years old and have been married for 35 years. We have 3 kids. Now to the point. Has anyone had similar experiences where for a long time I knew that I would really love if my wife had other sexual partners. And pretty much shortly after we got married we knew that we wanted to try what sounded so hot in our fantasy sex play sessions. We travelled, put ads in magazines and went to clubs, tried meeting couples and singles but it just did not feel right. To cut it short we struck gold with my best friend from school and he comes to visit us twice a year and I move into the guest room and he moves into the marital bedrooom. I sometimes leave them alone, I sometimes observe and I sometimes take part as a full crotch cleaning and licking service or enjoying the sloppy seconds. And the other two with whom my wife has had regular and very enjoyable fuck session are my two older half-brothers, who are 16 and 21 years older than I am and I really get off on the thought that my wife was willing to accept this and it has worked out so well. One of my sister-in-laws knows and her stance that her husband is an incorrigible philanderer and she prefers that she knows he gets what he is looking with my wife rather than with any other woman. My other sister-in-law does not have a clue. There always was a special bond between me and my nephew. For a while he look up at me and I was his role model and I showed lots of stuff like playing the guitar, computer basics and we also used to wank together and each other and had quite a few 69 and sucked each other off. My wife knew that because we had openly told each what was going on before we got married and not very often but he also came to stay with us when his job brought him into our town. We just talked very openly, told him that we would like have a romantic, sensual night. If we was OK with that great, if not no problem. It was a great night and full on fuckfest with my wife and I really enjoyed. The people who are our friends and at the same time our partners in this libertine pursuit, we had a long standing friendship with them, we knew them, we trusted them and we already felt great sympathy for them. Well some male partners went beyond sympathy. On the day of my wedding both my best friend who also was our best man, told me late at night that if we ever considered any extra-marital activities we should please, please, please consider him. Half an hour later my oldest brother, my role model told me what a lucky man I was and the basis of all brotherhood is sharing. He told me he found my wife adorable but respecting family ties he would be at his best behaviour. That lasted almost 7 years until we all felt sure that this would work out and not end in a family feud. But we have talked a lot and we were really patient, we made sure that anyone involved or affected was told about it before the event and was given time to soul search and mull it over for a while. With one exception, a person who obviously would never accept such an idea or pursuit and so we made sure they were in the dark and were also sure that given their level of understanding of things in the general world they wouldn't be able to find out unless by a highly unlikeable chance or with massive help. So we took the chance and now almost 20 years later it is no longer relevant. I don't consider myself as a cuckold but I like the idea of being faithful to my wife and she is by no means a hotwife but all the men in our circle agree. It is almost unbelievable how much pleasure a receptive and open-minded wife can give to her man or her group of regular lovers. How much joy and satisfaction I receive from sex with her at a physical, emotional and intellectual level. How much poorer we all would be if it weren't for my wife, if I hadn't met her or if she had refused, I always was clear, had she refused, I would have accepted and happily contented myself with whatever she was willing to agree to. My oldest brother when we go to visit enjoys any display of naughty nudity and the warm cuddles and an appreciative gentle message in his neither regions that are now completely inactive. My older brother in the middle now lives in Australia for reason of work. So that contact has almost completely diminished but the visits of my best friend still continue and my visits to him and for the last 5 years we have by chance found a incredibly nice and helpful neighbour who is the same age as us and over the period of a ocuple of years we grew close, we found a common interest going to naturist swims and naturist meets and enjoyed giving each other massages and felt that we all wanted more and so he has become our new best friend and honorary husband to my pretty, sexy and now mature wife. I still have to travel and she says that she feels very comfortable in his company and enjoys their time indulging in my favourite pastime: a gentleman who I respect and who loves my giving her all the pleasure in the world that she so deserves and that she so readily shares with our special friends and family members. The photos show my wife, smooth and hairy, they also show her indulging with our neighbour who is 78 now. His dick is a lot smaller than mine but my wife says she enjoys the feeling and she loves that we comes he spurts very strongly. So we are also going agains another well advertised principle in the wifesharing and cuckolding world. We are fully subscribed to the "each to their own" principle. I am looking forward to reading your comments and opinions.
  6. She looks absolutely stunning. Is she from South America? Lovely. Thanks for sharing those dressed pics. They are a real treat.
  7. Yes would love to kik: commodoredawe
  8. Wir sind seit 30 Jahren verheiratet. Unser Sex-Leben war sehr abwechslungsreich und Cuckold/Wifesharing orientiert. Anderen Männern intime und intimste Bilder meiner Frau zu zeigen, macht mich total an. Anfangs waren es total Wildfremde, die ich auf Reisen in Clubs und Bars kennenlerten. Dann achtete ich immer darauf, wer von meinen Freunden, Kollegen oder Bekannten immer ganz besonders von meiner Frau schwärmte. Dann eines Tages nach der obligaten Weihnachtsfeier für alle Mitarbeiter und deren Partner war ich mit meinem obersten Boss in einer Bar. Er gratulierte mir ganz offen zu meiner Frau. Ließ klar duchblicken, dass er sie sehr attraktiv fand und "sie nicht von der Bettkante schieben würde". Dann fragte er mich direkt, "So unter Kollegen darf man ja mal fragen. Hast Du denn mal so richtig schöne Bilder von Deiner Hübschen. Wo man mal sieht, was da unter dem Kleid steckt. Ihr macht doch sicher auch Nacktaufnahmen und Videos?". Ich war total perplex, aber sofort spitz wie Harry und natürlich hatte ich Fotos meiner Frau in meinem Aktenkoffer (damals gab's noch keine Handys und ich zeigte sie ihm. Wir gingen nach Monatsabschluss immer in die gleiche Bar und jedes Mal zeigten ich ihm die neuesten Fotos meiner Frau, er zeigte mich auch ein paar von seiner Frau und seiner Freundin und ein paar Mal brachte ich auch die Video-Kamera mit. In den letzten Jahren habe ich mein Hobby auf zwei mir nahestehende Männer beschränkt. Einer ist meiner bester Freund und zusammen mit seiner Frau unternehmen wir viel gemeinsam und machen auch gemeinsam Urlaub. Meine Frau weiß inzwischen davon und findet es sehr erotisch. Die Frau meines Freundes weiß davon nichts. Bei den gemeinsamen Urlauben organisiert seine Frau es immer so, dass ich zumindest einmal schön ficke. Sie glaubt mein Freund weiß das nicht. Zwischen uns Männer gibt es aber keine Geheimnisse. Meine Frau weiß das natürlich auch nicht, hat nichts dagegen sich nackt und erotisch zu zeigen, hat aber kein Interesse sich anderen Mann aus unserem Bekanntenkreis ficken zu lassen. Für sie kommen nur Zufalls oder Urlaubsbekanntschaften in Frage, oder wenn wir aus beruflichen Gründen für längere Zeit im Ausland leben. Der andere ist meine ältester Bruder, der fast 15 Jahre älter ist als ich. Er macht, seitdem er meine Frau kennenlenrte, nie ein Geheimnis daraus und im Kreis der Familie schwärmte er ganz offen von ihr und himmelte sie immer an. Auch davon weiß meine Frau und manchmal Skypen wir auch mit ihm und er sieht uns beim Sex zu. Wenn wir uns treffen, wird viel geschmust, massiert und all wichtigen Stellen werden oral und händisch gut "bedient" und befriedigt. Meine Schwägerin weiß davon und "gönnte ihm den Spaß". Mein Bruder ist jetzt 75 und seine Frau 78. Begonnen hat das so, dass ich in einem Gespräch mal erwähnte, dass es schön wäre, sich mit einem anderen Mann, den man sehrgut kennt, ganz offen über Sex austauschen konnte, dem man alles ganz offen ohne Rückhalt und HIntergedangen erzählen konnte und mit dem ich die Schönheit und erotische Geilheit des nackten Körpers meiner Süßen voll geinießen kann.