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  1. From a ladies prospective I have to say that I much prefer a guy to be shaved. To me there is nothing worse than taking a lovely cock in to your mouth and start to lick down the shaft and getting a mouthful of hair. If a guy is shaved you can kiss lick and suck all the way down to his balls and pay attention to his balls as well. Also it looks much nicer and can be fully seen in all its beautiful glory. Even if a guy keeps it well trimmed that is far better than a bush. My regular bull is shaven as is my cuck hubby. My bull says that when I ride him it feels so nice as my juices run down his shaft and over his balls. My bull also likes me to be full smooth and I am more than happy to be. I shave myself every couple of days or I get my hubby to do it for me, that way I am always ready for my bull. Also I can tease hubby just that little bit more.
  2. I to am ready for my spanking or even have the paddled used on me. I would love to have my hubby bend over a chair and get a sound spanking or have the cane used on him with him thanking my bull after each stroke. Then just like UK_EX have my bull and I make out in front of him.
  3. indycuck4wife is so very right in what he has said.
  4. Although I have a regular bull that I see a number of times a week, we do try to have what we would call one very special date a month. When we plan one of these special dates hubby is always very much involved and the build-up is as much of the date as the date itself. It can start several days before with hubby and I going shopping for thing for the date. These can be anything from the nail varnish that I wear to a whole new outfit. But whatever we get it is always with my bull in mind. Sometimes hubby will even surprise me and hand me a package with things in that he has got especially for to wear for my bull. Such a loving and thoughtful hubby I have. Then on the day he will help me shower and dry before shaving my pussy. My bull likes me to be fully smooth and although hubby or I shave my pussy every other day on these dates hubby always does it for me as he wants to make sure that there are no missed stubble and I am just so there. Next he will let me do my hair before he paints my nails. Next I will get on to the bed and lay on my front. He will then get the lubricant that we use. He will then work some of this into my anus. This is because my bull may want to use me that way and like hubby says “it’s always nice for him to just slide into me rather than trying to have to work his cock in”. Once he is fully happy that I am ready I get off the bed and hubby will start to hand me what we have chosen for me to wear. I will always ask hubby if he thinks I look ok and will pass. I can normally see by the bulge that is in his jeans. Sometimes I will go over to him and feel him telling him that I love him but can’t wait to feel my bull. We will often have a passionate kiss before I get my make-up out and try to cover the wrinkles lol. Then when I am finished hubby will help me put on my foot wear. I am now ready. If my bull is picking me up hubby will answer the door to him and bring him in. I will then enter the hall and go straight to him. Then in front of hubby we will kiss passionately and hold each other tight. If I am to meet my bull somewhere hubby will play taxi service and take me to the place I am to meet. I will get out the car give hubby a quick kiss and go to my bull. We will let hubby see us fully embrace before without even a second glance head off on our date. While we are out hubby will go back home and get the marital bed ready for us. Nice clean sheets, a bottle of wine chilling two glasses and if he has been instructed some of our toys. We my then call him up to act as taxi again or we may get a real taxi. But once back at our home hubby will retire to the spare room while we have the rest of the house to ourselves. Hubby will then get to listen as my bull takes me to heaven and satisfies me totally and fully. The only other duty hubby will be asked to preform is to clean me up after my bull has used me, so that I am ready to give myself fully again to my bull once he has recovered.
  5. My story is slightly different. I cheated on my first husband and when I told him it ended almost straight away. But when I met my present hubby and told him that I had not only cheated on my first husband but just about every boyfriend since. He loved the idea and straight away encouraged me to go with other guys. So to test him I slept with a fuck buddy on the same day as our second date. When I met up with him that evening and told him, he was delighted and very turned. He told me that he was very proud of me for doing it and asked me not to stop. That night when we ended up in bed he could not wait to go down on me to try and clean anything that was left from my earlier escapade. He also wanted to know all the details. It was from that date I knew that he was going to be the guy for me. We married 7 months later and we have never looked back.