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    I am here for the Bulls and their cocks to suck and fuck and eat sperm in front of my Cuckold John .
    Hi Guys
    You look like perfect studs for me ,, whats your age ?? I love younger and older guys so it is not a factor .. I want to make you a private video for your pleasure ,, you can post it if you want but please put great comments with it . I had made a few with guys who were disrespectful to me and were removed at my request because I get so much traffic to all these sites for them ,, they work with me …… I would love to read what you have in mind ?? Cuckolding my husband while he videos or a one on one affair I am down for both ,, I am STD free and want to stay that way .. I enjoy sucking cocks I can believe in and I am not street trash ,, yes I am a sperm whore and love it . I love for you to have lots of hot cum for me on video day . I wish for us to meet in person and develop a sexy relationship ,, I currently have 3 go to guys who have watched me for years and are married here . Las Vegas / Henderson is not far away and I go there shopping some times . Our relationship should be confidential between us ,, I am 35 yrs old 104 lbs. and love white cocks . My husband is 24 yrs older than I and is very open in nature . He loves watching me making out with guys and being affectionate with them ,, do you think you can with me ?? I hope so .. I want you and I to be on a serious more personal level than most guys think ,, Some can not commit to this idea and think I am a street walker .. I mostly do Married guys who cheat their wives back somewhere in America . Lots of conventions here with many guys to choose from and group action too . I need to know what you mean or describe what we will do in video like eating out pussy sucking dick and doggystyle fucking ,, write me a script of our hot session so I can see what you mean ,, do not leave any details out ok ?? I love to read it all . My husband sets up our meetings as I do things in town and do not have time to reply while in meetings all day . He takes your name age location and intentions and shares it with me when I come home . I figure if you email us at [email protected] and give your phone # to us then you are sincere in your lusty request with me . Be very informative about yourself so we can blend both our desires . You have watched a few videos of me and what I like and I like to know some about you . I like to kiss more and get into sex with you .. these days with guys ,,,,, in old days when I started I did not get as affectionate with my partner as now. Id like you to be my fourth steady bull I can count on personally . Email us and lets meet at Starbucks first and spend day together knowing each other .. Hugs and Kisses Gina

    Kisses to my lovers and Fans ,,,,, Gina Jones

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    Hot wife Gina Jopnes enjoys her weekly routine of feeding on her Bulls Sperm

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    My friend Jill was visiting for a few weeks from the Philippines. I had promised to take her shopping in Vegas for a few days and emailed her picture to Gina and John to see if they were interested in playing. I received a definite yes and we agreed to meet in a coffee shop near their home. Jill is 23 years old 5 foot 4, 115 pounds and has long silky black hair. While she is a stunningly beautiful woman, she also has a special surprise.

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    With one of her hands she began stroking my dick while  the other hand undid the bra. When the bra drop  to the floor, those most magnificent MILF tits ballooned in front of my face. Many times i have jacked off looking at Gina’s tits which she has managed to display all over the Internet and now those spectacular tits with the huge nipples where right there from my lips. Greedily, I began sucking her nipples while she stroked my cock-gently touching her pussy while she continue to stroke my cock. I was lost in  Gina’s breast and pussy and more or less forgot where I was. When I heard Gina tell John “ Look over here John, he is very lusty”.  I had forgotten all about John and Jill and when I looked over at them, Jill was standing over John wearing her  six inch” “Come fuck me“ heels while she stroked his cock and let him suck her boobs. She had some sexy stockings on and a bikini bottom and was topless allowing John access to her small little tits.

    John smiled at Gina and remember he was supposed to be videotaping us so he picked up the camera and pointed it in our direction while he continued to enjoy Jill's attention. It was obvious that Gina loves the camera being on her. She pulled her breasts from my mouth and began passionately kissing me, thrusting her tongue in and out of my mouth. When I got a chance I whispered in her ear” John is in for a big surprise”.  Gina giggled and whispered back”I know. Can't wait to see his reaction.” It didn't take long for Gina to be on her knees in front of me and the moment I have been waiting for finally occurred. She wrapped her skilled cock sucking lips around my throbbing dick and began pleasuring me like the world-class cock sucker that she is. I was able to look over at John and see that while he was getting a blow job from Jill he was filming his wife kneeling in front of me performing fellatio while Jill was kneeling in front of him doing the same thing. Knowing the camera on me and knowing that Gina's husband was watching us was a real turn on for me and I was trying hard not to shoot my load prematurely into her cum thirsty mouth.

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    Gina  and I had stopped our little love making for a moment as we watched John lusting on Jills penis.  I told Gina that while Jill’s cock was not especially large ,she was a real big cum shooter. When I told Gina this, she smiled, smacked her lips and said” That's going to be for me not John”. 

    “Gina” I said” let's go over there get you a little taste of Jill's cock too” Gina crawled over to Jill who pulled her cock from John's mouth and offered it to Gina. Gina began her experts cock sucking and I can see that Jill struggling not to cum right away. I had asked Jill to save her cum for a few days so that Gina and John could see what a good cum shooter she was. John left the sofa and got down on the floor in front of Jill ,next to his cock sucking wife with his mouth open as if begging her to share. Gina took a few extra sucks - just to let her husband know that she was in control of that ladyboy cock and gently guided Jill’s dick back into her husband's mouth. As you can imagine this was quite a hot scene. I was jerking furiously. Gina was on all fours and with her pussy and anus  being exhibited to me -framed by the crochless black bodystocking. I knelled down behind Gina, pulled her ass cheeks apart and reached for her pussy with my tongue. I could hear Gina moaning as I gave her a good pussy eating, but I really had my mind set on something else. Licking up from her pussy my tongue make contact with her sweet little brown anus. I felt her shutter when my tongue first touched it. Gently ,licking around the outer ring of her little brown hole, I slowly pull her ass cheeks apart  enough so I was able to to get my tongue deep in her anus. John had given up fighting Gina for Jill's cock. Gina was on all fours in front of Jill, who was towering over Gina in her high heels while I  tongue fucking her anus and gently  stroking  her pussy with my hand. 

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    I was enjoying holding Gina’s head with her hair in my hands as she worked her mouth and lips on my cock. I especially liked how Gina would look up at me with good eye contact while she was sucking me, than look over to her husband John and give him a lewd wink. 

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    John had returned to sucking to Jill’s cock the two of them were laying on the floor and a 69 position-each sucking each other's cock. I wonder which of the three cocks in the room is going to be the first to blow. I could tell Jill was about to come. She had a three or four day buildup of sperm in her balls and was ready to pop a big one. I think John must have sensed this also (like I said, I don't think this was the first cock he suck) and got up out of the 69 position He retrieved a couple of shot glasses which he gave to Jill .Previously, I had shown Jill one of Gina's videos of her drinking sperm from a shot class so Jill knew what to do. Bringing the glass close to Gina she masturbated herself in Gina's face holding the glass right in front of Gina. Gina and her husband took turns stroking the ladyboy cock and John was the one stroking it when Jill flooded the shot glass.  I had picked up the camera and think I got most of the long cum shot.

    Jill’s cock kept squirting sperm -three, four and finally five squirts into the shot glass. I'm not sure Gina had ever seen such a big load. John took the glass from Jill and was about to have himself a sip of ladyboy cum when Gina  sweetly but firmly told him to give it to her and get the camera from me. Watching all this with my cock deep in Gina's ass was really too much for me . With the  camera  less than a foot away from Gina’s mouth. Gina began drinking the sperm from the shoot glass while i doggy fucked her in the ass. John, acting like a good cuckold husband was videotaping it all. Well, Gina took every drop of the sperm from that shot class and John got it all on film. I suspect you'll be seeing it on the Internet soon. I knew it was time for me to do what I have come to do, which was shoot my sperm into Gina. I pulled my cock out Gina's ass admiring the nice gapping anus waiting at me and ask Jill to come and give me a little more lube on my cock. I asked Ginaif she was ready for my load and she was begging for it. I slipped by cock back into her asshole but purposely kept the head of my dick Close to her annal ring where the muscles were and I said “Okay Gina milk it out of me baby”. With her anus twitching and milking the head head of my cock, I exploded my  inside her most private area. John had the  camera in hand filming it all as i cum dumped in his wifes ass.

    As my cock went limp, Gina’s  muscles slowly pushed it out of her anus and for the first time in several minutes I relaxed a bit. Looking around I said to no one in particular ”That was some nasty shit”. Gina was still I'm all fours and John was photographing her gaping asshole which now was beginning to drip my sperm out. I think Jill knew what was on his mind and she took the camera from John. John dropped to his knees, opened his  mouth, stuck his tongue out and began licking my sperm as it dripped down  his wife's leg. He worked his way up her to her asshole where he buried his face - trying to suck as much cum out as he could. While he  was doing this, Jill got behind him and began stroking his cock and shortly thereafter John also squirted his load into another shot glass. Gina downed the second  glass of sperm like she was doing the shooters at the local bar., She had a big smile on her face.  Gina gave me a nice wet kiss and said “ Thanks for playing today and leanings your little fuck toy”  “Any time” I replied.

    John went and got four beers from the refrigerator and we sat  down on the sofa together to watch a replay of our little get together.  

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      Great story...must have been a fun experience for the guy

  7. filipina Gina Jones

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    I would dress in my red fishnets for your Christmas BBC oh I love it stud !!
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      filipina Gina Jones

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