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    I am here for the Bulls and their cocks to suck and fuck and eat sperm in front of my Cuckold John .
    Hi Guys
    You look like perfect studs for me ,, whats your age ?? I love younger and older guys so it is not a factor .. I want to make you a private video for your pleasure ,, you can post it if you want but please put great comments with it . I had made a few with guys who were disrespectful to me and were removed at my request because I get so much traffic to all these sites for them ,, they work with me …… I would love to read what you have in mind ?? Cuckolding my husband while he videos or a one on one affair I am down for both ,, I am STD free and want to stay that way .. I enjoy sucking cocks I can believe in and I am not street trash ,, yes I am a sperm whore and love it . I love for you to have lots of hot cum for me on video day . I wish for us to meet in person and develop a sexy relationship ,, I currently have 3 go to guys who have watched me for years and are married here . Las Vegas / Henderson is not far away and I go there shopping some times . Our relationship should be confidential between us ,, I am 35 yrs old 104 lbs. and love white cocks . My husband is 24 yrs older than I and is very open in nature . He loves watching me making out with guys and being affectionate with them ,, do you think you can with me ?? I hope so .. I want you and I to be on a serious more personal level than most guys think ,, Some can not commit to this idea and think I am a street walker .. I mostly do Married guys who cheat their wives back somewhere in America . Lots of conventions here with many guys to choose from and group action too . I need to know what you mean or describe what we will do in video like eating out pussy sucking dick and doggystyle fucking ,, write me a script of our hot session so I can see what you mean ,, do not leave any details out ok ?? I love to read it all . My husband sets up our meetings as I do things in town and do not have time to reply while in meetings all day . He takes your name age location and intentions and shares it with me when I come home . I figure if you email us at [email protected] and give your phone # to us then you are sincere in your lusty request with me . Be very informative about yourself so we can blend both our desires . You have watched a few videos of me and what I like and I like to know some about you . I like to kiss more and get into sex with you .. these days with guys ,,,,, in old days when I started I did not get as affectionate with my partner as now. Id like you to be my fourth steady bull I can count on personally . Email us and lets meet at Starbucks first and spend day together knowing each other .. Hugs and Kisses Gina

    Kisses to my lovers and Fans ,,,,, Gina Jones

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