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  1. SandL

    Splitting Up

    Nooooo. Not that kind of splitting up . Because we interact with a bunch of you (well I do ), we thought we’d publicly share that Steve and I have decided that we’re going to separate our accounts. We had pretty successfully maintained a joint account but its hard to keep private messages separate and even harder to fight the temptation to read them! The separation should be complete soon 😘 SandL
  2. SandL

    Who knows?

    Me, my husband, my neighbor who fucks me regularly and a guy from Steve’s rec league basketball team that fucked me twice. No one else. Except for all you beautiful people
  3. SandL

    time to?

    He better! It always takes a woman! 😂
  4. SandL

    time to?

    Me too! Especially now that I know Steve will be cleaning me shortly after 😍😍
  5. SandL

    time to?

    And the warm release of a heavy cummer! OMG!
  6. SandL

    time to?

    Totally AGREEEEEEE! oh how I love the pulse! 😂
  7. And good friends like you 🤗
  8. Now I just need to make sure I’m following my own advice! 😬
  9. I wasn’t trying to talk you out of this. I was just trying to make sure you really thought about it. My husband and I are closer than we ever ave been. We still have sex...and that’s even better too. But this lifestyle will only work if you both are open and honest with one another...and if you both can put eacother’s needs and desires ahead of your own. If you can do can make your marriage better and stronger. Just make sure you’ve thought it through.
  10. “Her ideal Alpha Man....I would love a description of him in explicit detail. I want my Wife who has never been with another Man to read your full story.  Thankyou so much.” From the woman’s perspective, I’m not sure you’re ready as a couple or as a husband. I have a pretty limited experience....but I have my experience in this. If you REALLY want this to happen I would suggest two things. First: you have to know YOU can handle it. You’re thinking about this and want this when you’re turned on by it. But how will you feel when you’ve had your little orgasm? It’s then that you’ll doubt your place in your wife’s heart if you’re not confident in your marriage. It’s one thing to see a porno and imagine your wife as the’s another when you ACTUALLY SEE another man do things to your wife that you can’t and never could. Also, it’s one thing to see your wife be brought to an orgasm you can’t make her’s another to deal with that after you’ve cum in your hand watching. Can you handle that all the time? Knowing that she knows that? Knowing that when she thinks about sex she’s not thinking about you? Knowing that when she touches herself it’s not about your dick? As steptoe said, be careful what you wish for. Once that door is opened you can’t close it. She will still love you...if you are more to her than just some guy she;s married to....but she won’t think about sex with you in the same way. I promise you that..and you have to be able to handle that if you’re going to do this. Second: if you are able to handle to her. I mean really talk to her. Don’t just show her a video of a guy with a big cock who fucks a woman to an incredible orgasm. It’s not about that for her...not yet. More than anything, she doesn’t want to lose her marriage or lose you...if you’re a proper husband who is more to her than a man with a dick. If she really loves you...your marriage is worth more to her than a good fuck. She needs to REALLY AND TRULY believe that you want this for her and that you’re feelings for her won’t change for the worse. She NEEDS to KNOW that you won’t think differently about her after she has sex with an alpha you say. That happens through talking...not through manipulation. I would be glad to talk to others did with me...but more than anything, she needs to hear it from you.
  11. SandL

    time to?

    I love how you think and see things
  12. It’s one of my finer qualities 😊😘