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  1. I totally agree!!!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  2. Ummmmmmmm i’d never say no to you 💋 💋 💋
  3. Awwwwwww I’m all tingly inside!
  4. Thanks Cat! I would love to talk more sometime
  5. Keep talking to her but don’t push her into it. If she wants to and she trusts that you’ll stay with her after then she’ll do it. But no matter how much you want it, you won’t really know if you can really handle it until it happens. You might love it even more. You might not love it at all. But if you do it make sure she you’re both doing it because you both want to. Also, talk about what it will mean for your relationship besides the sex because this will affect more than just your sex life. Also, if she loves sex be prepared for it to continue. And if she loves cuckolding you, your sex life will change. That’s doesn’t mean it will stop for you, but if you’re a cuckold and she loves to cuckold you then your sex life will evolve. I could say a lot more if you want me to. But as we learned, communication is the key. And no matter what you think you’ve thought of, there’s a million things you haven’t ... so KEEP TALKING before and after and then talk some more! L
  6. Yeah I don’t like the word “owner” either — though while in the heat of the moment ... “who’s pussy is this” is way hot and a huge turn on and it also made my guy put his back into it . But outside of the moment it’s just funny. My heart is bigger and is not restricted to moments ... only one guy gets that. But if the question is why I like sex with black men — ummmmmmmm I think they got the sex gene 😊. Keep in mind I’ve had sex with three men ... my white husband and 2 black men . But with my limited experience and if I had to give particular traits: - crazy hot confidence - strong desire to be known as an awesome lover/pleaser - make me melt and feel like a woman dominance - wowzer stamina with a dose of second and third rounds - Hot n heavy cummer - giver of body shakin’, gasping, eye rolling orgasms - screaming, stretching, deeeeeeepth reaching cocks Also .... - I love the color contrast. One of my favorites was standing in front of a mirror with him behind me. One time Stephen told me to just watch his hands while he stood behind me touching me .. holding my breasts .. pinching my nipples .. fingering me and having me suck his fingers. It was awesome! It also helped me see what Steve sees. I loved the contrast of his dark hands all over my white body. - really good kissers! I love kissing .. and the two I’ve been with are incredible! I just love lips and tongues! Hmmmmmmmmm god this site makes it hard for a good girl to resist being a “good girl” 😉 L
  7. SandL

    I’m back 😊

    Ha. Ummmmmm was it not so sweet?
  8. SandL

    I’m back 😊

    True. Getting a little more centered is always good!
  9. SandL

    I’m back 😊

    Oh cool! Welcome neighbor! And thx for the sweet thought 😊
  10. SandL

    I’m back 😊

    Hmmmmm you must be confused ... I don’t remember losing any arguments to you! 😂 But thanks for the sweet welcome back. You’ve always been one of the good ones!
  11. SandL

    I’m back 😊

    Yeah. I know. But I’m being the other kind of good girl for a while.
  12. SandL

    I’m back 😊

    😂 ummmmmm something like that! Its beeeeeeeeeeeeen a long time since I’ve been a “good girl”!
  13. SandL

    I’m back 😊

    Ummmmm i was thinking cuddly. Warm and cuddly. 😂
  14. SandL

    I’m back 😊

    Me too! Warm annnnnnnnnd ......... ?? 😂 I know where you were going with that!
  15. SandL

    I’m back 😊

    It really is. Makes me all warm inside. It really does. 😊