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  1. Not a chance. Ha. S Have a good night.
  2. I hope you two are enjoying yourselves S
  3. Paying it forward, I guess. That’s great. If we’re ever in such a position, we’ll try and do the same.
  4. If you’re going to be writing on here all the time, Steve you might as well start contributing to the other ones that I wrote! Hmmmmmm? But since you haven’t, I’ll throw my two cents in here 😂 So tell us more about how difficult today was...pleeeaaassseee! 😂 L
  5. Thank you, very much. We’re really enjoying the path we’re on and also glad that we found this site. It’s been helpful in so many ways. S
  6. It is definitely benefitting us both. I hope I didn’t give the wrong impression. We are both enjoying it all very much. But, I’m sure that’s obvious and I’m sure you know more than I’m aware that you know. But thanks again. S
  7. I’m glad I could update you on your work and give you some satisfaction for all your efforts. Ha. Sadly, I’m just now realizing that this conversation is playing into her hands and will only work to fuel her in the future. Not entirely convinced if that is good or bad. L, if you read this, this morning had no effect on me. S
  8. Oh now its becoming clearer. Ha. You were aware of this morning? Then you’re also “partially” responsible for this post. Ha. For your own benefit then, quite honestly, this morning may have strangely been one of the hottest 5-10 minute episodes of our entire married life. I’m sure she’ll write a story about it. Ha
  9. I would definitely agree with you insofar as we are closer now and would even say that we are more in love now than ever. That was certainly an unexpected benefit that took us by surprise...especially me. You’re the guilty part? Ha. If so, that would explain why she asked me to promise not to read your private conversations with her. I will keep that promise but its going to be hard. Ha. But I would never blame her teasing on anyone. She’s a natural. S
  10. With where we are now, she certainly likes to know that she is on my mind. She has always been that way and always encouraged me to let her know where my mind is in one way or another. To ensure that, she has always liked to motivate me. Ha. And making sure that I’m thinking about her has increased exponentially since we entered this lifestyle. And we could probably double that since Friday. She was always flirty, but now she’s a definite tease. Ha.
  11. You’re very welcome. And after re-reading my initial question, now I see what you mean. I guess I did reveal how I felt through my actions. I actually laughed out loud at how obvious it appears. “Overwhelming” is a good description. And to your earlier response, a lessened intensity of being overwhelmed will be good. So that was very helpful. Thank you. S
  12. Hello to you. First of all, L speaks highly of you and so that goes a long way with me. Secondly, you’re welcome for some of my thoughts, though its not the detailed description L was looking for. She can be rather insistent about getting what she wants so I like to withhold some things from her. Ha. Writing is more her thing, anyway. Thirdly, thank you for your insight. I’m not upset about this continuing but it certainly makes focusing on my job more difficult. Ha. Fortunately, nothing is necessarily pressing at work today. I left for work almost 5 hours ago now with another almost 6 to go...I guess this will be a long day. Gratefully, it will also make for a long night! S