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  1. Please comment on my wife .the ruder and dirtier the better .we really want to know from you guys what you d do to her .be graphic
  2. Thank you .please don't be shy on comments .love to send more
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    1. DomBull4U


      Hello Highskirt...I see that you just recently visited my info page.

      Checking to see if I commented on your slutty wife yet? You like the idea of me "owning" her...and the idea of her being one of my sluts, don't you.

      Nice pic of your wife. Love the wet panties...shows me what a true slut she is! She needs to be "used and abused".DOMINATED!



    2. Highskirt


      Yes I do love the way you describe my wife .the ruder the better .please keep it up 

  4. Love your comments about my wife .how do I send you pictures so you can comment on them too

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