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  4. another woman that had a huge impact on me was Yoga Hot Wife OMG what I would not give to have her or a wife like her.
  5. These ladies are the reason that I am addicted to interracial, Number one is Gabrielle Santini From the first time that I ever saw her I wanted to have a wife just like her. She is what started my journey into this subculture. Next is Emily Salazar, BBCslutwife4U2 Another perfect example of a beautiful uninhibited natural female. And also Christina Rossi, the Booty Queen. To watch these women fuck is a serious joy. If I win the lotto one day I will pay any amount to clean their used dirty pussies. My addiction is a direct result of these three amazing females. When I first saw this I wondered how anyone could like things like this. How could a husband allow or enjoy this type of behavior. Now it is my greatest turn on.
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