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  1. my ex wife, I tried to talk into it for 10 years begging pleading and bribing. about 2002 Eventually I talked her into going to a swingers club The largest in the midwest at the time. We found a private room and I invited a couple guys back while she laid naked on the bed with a blindfold. They rubbed her body and sucked her nipples and after 30 minutes or so she was getting cranky because she was horny and ready to fuck. I shooed them out because they were not going to give her what she needed. And later we met another couple and did a same room. That was nice because
  2. wife called me during first time with 10" BBC I recorded it! about 2:00 in he gets deep more than she expects 1909466292_awesompainpleasure.MP4 1216318248_awesompainpleasure.MP4 248517308_awesompainpleasure.MP4 248517308_awesompainpleasure.MP4 248517308_awesompainpleasure.MP4 1691557040_awesompainpleasure.MP4 884335630_awesompainpleasure.MP4
  3. Would suck that ass until it bleeds!
  4. I would pay to fuck her and suck her butthole
  5. hairy traps the pussy odor so well!
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