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  1. sure, could be the case but as i said i'll never know any better unless the admits to it. if i ask and she denies, she could be lying or telling the truth.
  2. i think if she had something that serious to hide she never would have mentioned it in the first place. i think it's a case of "too good to be true" that anything's actually happened. who knows. i'll never know any better unless the admits to it.
  3. yes i think subconsciously she would have given him signals with her boy language.
  4. thanks @RobJohnson for your advice, it makes a lot of sense. you're right in a way about her taking a step back. she has said that she wants to keep her thoughts and fantasies with him a secret just for herself and she feels uncomfortable talking about it with me like she's being invaded. i would love to be able to be more supportive of it and to try to get her more comfortable talking about it with me and encourage her to fantasize more vividly (when i've asked her about if she or he does certain things in the fantasies she says she never thought about it that indepth; i'd like her to be thinking about it vividly in every detail) at this stage i need to give her space about it because i can see it is starting to become a sore point for her, even though she's well aware that i like the idea and she knows i was wanking when we were talking about it on webcam. you could be right about the alcohol making her more comfortable, i might bring it up again briefly after a few glasses of wine. thanks again for your reply @RobJohnsonand if you have any more questions or advice i'd love to see you post them here or message me to talk more.
  5. ooh nice, i dont have any captions fr you but she looks great!
  6. what exactly worked? keen to hear of your success... :)
  7. she has great legs; i'd love to be between them
  8. thanks mate, just wish there were more replies, especially anecdotes
  9. as said before, she knows she could tell me. it'd be nice but i highly doubt it or i think she'd have admitted to it by now. we've been discussing it fairly heavily. and she could see me wanking over webcam while i was talking to her about it. i think if she's gone all the way but was too afraid she never would have brought it up at all. but thanks for your reply anyway, it's appreciated
  10. haha @Subhub i wish it was the case and with the way ive been talking to her she knows if she had and came clean to me i'd be happy to hear about it; as much as i'd have preferred to be there. thanks for a different viewpoint, it's arousing to consider.
  11. it was actually years between when she told me initially, and its been mentioned positively several times between then and when i asked her about the specific details. you keep mentioning an exact context but i'm not sure what else you need to know. i'm happy to answer any details i can i'm just not sure what else will help paint a better picture for you.
  12. yes very breedable indeed, thanks
  13. sorry to hear youre struggling with this, i hope something works out for you and soon. yes i would love to hear more thanks for your post
  14. i wouldnt say she fantasizes about other men, from what i've managed to gleam from her it's only this one dude. in our relationship i'm fairly sure she wouldnt hide those feelings especially if i specifically asked, but i vaguely remember asking if there had been any others and her saying it's only him. i'm my wifes only ever partner as well. i feel like this probably wont ever actually happen but we've had a frank discussion about how and why i'm interested in it and she explained that i'ts not now but it's not never, and other times it's too uncomfortable for her. i think a lot of it has to do with her being raised catholic and taught to be shamed by these things and me being raised to "do what feels good". with our wives it could be a double edged sword that never trying another cock might make her curious about other options.