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  1. any others care to offer their experiences?
  2. ideally i would move to the back and watch him plow her; even better if i could see her facial expression. i'd love to watch him pumping his cum into her and then take my turn
  3. recently i saw a post on a reddit group about a cuck comparing his wifes first time being shared with what he had fantasized would happen. i would really love to hear about your comparison of her first time vs what you hoped for; for example; fantasy: he would be about our age, 40 reality: he was 20 fantasy: he would have a huge cock reality: he was decent but still average size fantasy: she would be comfortable and sexy, and ready to take him reality: she was very nervous and struggled to get wet at first. i cant wait to hear about how the real thing diverted from, m
  4. yes i think she was even subconsciously led to believe that certain things were natural and certain things werent. i think she might like how possessive would be if i was reclaiming her
  5. thanks for the input, it's a valid point. she has mentioned that she wishes i was possessive of her. i think this inability to imagine herself receiving pleasure is seated deeper than my fantasy though. it's not something she has lost the ability to do, rather she says she's never been able to.
  6. I've been talking a lot with my wife lately about roleplaying, and it's come out during discussion that when when i asked her to roleplay with me she said she couldnt pretend to be herself being fucked, it puts her off. (to put it into context i asked her to verbalize/narrate things i was doing to her as if she was being fucked by somebody else and telling me about it out loud.) she also said that when she fantasizes, has sex dreams or just thinks sexy thoughts she actually doesnt think about herself, but more a random person where she isnt involved and even she has no trouble thinking a
  7. looking for advice on how you persuaded your reluctant wife to try the lifestyle. mine swears black and blue she only wants me, only wants to be with me, and yet will acknowledge that she does fantasize about/get aroused by other men. what worked to convince your reluctant wife? ladies, if you were reluctant, what worked on you?
  8. this would be awesome to see as a poll, wife picks the bull vs husband picks the bull and an option for both/take turns
  9. sure, could be the case but as i said i'll never know any better unless the admits to it. if i ask and she denies, she could be lying or telling the truth.
  10. i think if she had something that serious to hide she never would have mentioned it in the first place. i think it's a case of "too good to be true" that anything's actually happened. who knows. i'll never know any better unless the admits to it.
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