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  1. I travel there on occasion...would love to get my big, hard cock inside of her sweet pussy...
  2. It's great when it all comes together, but that foursome dynamic is soooo hard to find, I have found that engaging in threesomes is so much easier and since I really enjoy MFM play it actually works better for me! Ideally the wife really enjoys having two guys to suck and fuck and it's her thing also.
  3. So hot to find a guy that is cool sharing pussy with you, whether it's sharing your wife or his, totally miss a buddy I had that I swapped with for over a year and many times us doubling up on one of our girls...we doubled creampied their pussies many, many, many times...he was the first guy whose cum was all over my cock after I slide into his wife's freshly fucked, creampied pussy...
  4. Bent over like that I would love to bury my face into her hot ass from behind and lick her pussy and tight asshole...
  5. MMMM....YES! We love fucking married women...a lot! Nothing better than seeing a hubby enjoy his wife getting fucked...
  6. MMMM...so hot, I would love to get my big, hard cock into that cum filled pussy...
  7. MMMMM...I would love to grab those hips and slide my big, hard cock balls deep in there...
  8. She can sit that sweet pussy down on my cock any time...
  9. Who doesn't...a well used, freshly fucked, cum filled pussy in the best! I've never got in next on a cum filled ass, but #1 on the fantasy list!
  10. I would love to have her spread that sweet pussy for my big, hard cock...
  11. MMMM....she gets my cock rock hard...
  12. MMMM....I would love to bury my face in that hot ass...
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