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  1. Im glad some of you are enjoying the journey that I am currently on. So I have one more update before Corona ruined all my hotwife fun. I do plan to keep updating my story. Hopefully that happens soon. Just to keep things straight Ben is hubby, Josh is old friend. So after our first text exchange hubby got my mind curious of the possibilities that could come from an old friend. I talked with hubby later that night and asked if this is something he really wanted. He looked at me like I was crazy and said have fun. With the blessing of my hubby I felt more bold and excited to text Josh. A few days went by and I got a ding on my phone. To my delight it was Josh! He asked if I was free to have coffee. I agreed and sent him the location of a nearby coffee shop. We decided to meet at 3pm that afternoon. To this point nothing sexual was said or had even been implied. But I had butterflies getting ready to see a guy I hadnt seen in a few years. It was a mix of excitement and nervousness. I wore my good butt jeans and black tank top. Nothing too revealing but also showed my curves just a little. I got there early and grabbed a table for us. About 15 minutes later I look up and see Josh standing right in front of me. I stood up and gave him a huge hug. It was nice because I had a good chance to feel his arms around me. I felt so small in his arms. He is 6'2" about 200 pounds. He is built very well and age has been kind to him. We sat there and talked for a good hour and a half. It was great catching up. He is recently divorced, no kids, and no family around our area. He came down for work and is trying to start over after the divorce. It was great talking to him. As attracted to him physically I also loved the connection we shared reconnecting. As we left I told him I would love to meet up more if he had the time. So we were planning on have dinner the following week but then Corona hit. So things are on hold but we have been texting a lot since meeting up. We have gotten to the point were we have started sharing some personal stuff. He still doesnt know about me being a hotwife but not sure how to bring that up with someone that I know. I will continue to text Josh and hopefully will be able to report some news soon.
  2. Hi my name is TJ and I have been openly looking for a bull. My husband works out of town very often and would love to have someone fairly close by to be his fill in sexually. I have had other lovers but want something more stable and long term. So that is my back story. A couple weeks ago I received a text from a guy that I went to high school with. We had hung out a lot in high school but never anything romantic. I do remember thinking he was attractive but other than that not much interest. I was very shocked to hear from him. We havent talked since our 10 year reunion and he lives across country. It was so out of the blue that his number wasnt even in my phone. I just got a message saying that he had moved into town and would love to get together to catch up. Come to find out he knew I lived in Texas and got my number from one of my really good friends. It was really fun catching up and texting him. I started to remember how funny and witty he was. We chatted for a couple hours that first night. The normal catching up, high school gossip, and life situation. It was great and got me really excited to have someone from home so close. After all of the texting we said our good nights. Well my husband walked into our room and saw me beaming with happiness. He asked why I was so giddy. I told him about my friend and he got a huge smile. I was confused and asked why was he smiling so big. He just looked at me and said I think you may have found your friend for when Im gone. He then turned and walked out.
  3. DomBull4U Well put! I think it turns me on so much because we have never tried having him pick someone out for me. I like how someone called it finding his replacement. I love hearing how everyone approaches this topic. TJ
  4. Quick and to the point😂😂😂
  5. It is still crazy to me that my husband likes sharing me. I feel like it is a win-win for me. I remember the first time being watched. It was almost too much pressure.
  6. Thank you so much. 100% communication is the key to all of this.
  7. Thank you lifeslayer696 and dirtyfun1. It is very unique how different everyone goes about finding the bull. It just shows that there is no one way to do something. It is a huge turn on to think of the husband finding his sexual replacement. I think that might be the next step for me and my hubby. TJ
  8. I am curious to know in the hotwife/cuck relationship who is the person that finds the bull? For me and hubby it has always been me looking for a bull. Im not sure if this is common. I do think it would be extra hot if my hubby were to find me a bull he thinks I would like. I know there is a lot of experience in these forums so would love to hear how people go about this. TJ
  9. This is a great topic! Cheating is what started me and my hubby into this lifeatyle. At first it was no picnic but we got through it and it opened up our communication a lot. Once we were open and honest we were able to really think and consider the hotwife lifestyle.
  10. Sorry for any confusion. Im in Texas and have updated my profile to say that also. Thank you all so much for the sweet replies. Would love to get a chance to chat with more of you. TJ
  11. Hey everyone I'm TJ. I'm 37 wife, nurse, and sex freak. I may not be looking for the most common thing but thought it was worth a try. My hubby travels for work very often. This is good and bad. The money is good but the lack of sex is bad. Since he has started traveling for work I have opened up many sexual desires that I was uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu that I had. I had an affair early on. Hubby and I talked through it a lot and has made us realize we really want an open relationship. Hubby doesn't think he is ready to be a full cuck but we would both love if I had a close couple or guy to take care of me when he is gone. I'm not sure what this would look like exactly but am excited at the possibilities. We live near Houston so hopefully we will come across the perfect fit. Thanks for any suggestions or comments!