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    She is 38- unaware of my fantasy. Looking to work out how best to make it a reality.

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  1. Let me see ur wife pics

    As you wish
  2. Let me see ur wife pics

    Ok, here she is. Pretty nervous in doing this- all comments welcome. She is uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I want her shared- put a couple of posts on here about it. Looking for guidance.
  3. So, can much be read into this?

    Looking to give updates on this steps so please don't expect too much!!
  4. London: Cuckold Intro Course For Visitors

    I will let you know if we are over!
  5. So, can much be read into this?

    So you are right, as stated I don't want it to be a boss, I prefer a stranger. I meant freak her out with regards to what I want to happen not necessarily with which guy. Asking him round for dinner would be hard, we don't speak so to just do that would be odd. I'm just wondering is she showing signs that having an extra man in the relationship may be possible?
  6. So, can much be read into this?

    How though? I don't want to say go fuck my boss-I'm guessing it would freak her out?
  7. So, can much be read into this?

    Ok so something happened the other night and it has played on my mind ever since. It may be you read this and say, that's nothing what are you even bringing this to us for? But here it is anyway. I went to a work's cocktail party. Everyone was there including one of the major bosses from another department was there. I don't know him particularly well but had heard that he uses his looks (in his mid 50s but has aged exceptionally well), smile and personality to charm the knickers off any woman. Apparently he even managed to do so with a woman on her honeymoon whilst he was on an overseas work convention. I always took these stories with a pinch of salt. Anyway, 3 hours in of free booze I went to the bar and as I came back he was talking to my wife (we have never even spoken). She was wearing a figure hugging, slinky dress, perfect make up and hair, and even if I do say so myself, looked stunning. I watched for a few moments and she was laughing at everyting he said, and seemed like a smitten schoolgirl- I have never seen her like that before. It was mesmirising. A colleague of mine came up to me and said "oh you are in trouble now, shes in his tractor beam" and laughed. He was joking and I laughed too but there definitely seemed something unusual. Anyway, the night ended, we went home and she was so drunk was sick and passed out. The next day she on three separate occasions throughout the day brought up this boss, things like "he seemed nice" and "he looks young for a man in his position". So whilst I don't want her fucking a boss, it's a bit too close to home for my liking, does this show she may be open to taking on another man- or is it me reading into something that doesn't exist and clutching at straws?
  8. Seduce by email

    She uses whatsapp if thats what you mean? But not any chat sites or anything.

    I liked it- some really good ideas. I am at the stage before that though and am stuck. How do I even bring up a desire like this to her, get her thinking this would be good? She will be beyond surprised!
  10. Seduce by email

    Ok, its been a while since i tried this (a year!) and I am keen to try again- anyone interested in trying again- this time I will take advice lol!! Any experienced seducers out there want to take a go at getting my wife to show herself to you?
  11. I Think My Friend Made Me A Cuck

    My trigger was so long ago now- it happened when my wife and I were still dating. I had decided we should break up (no idea why looking back, but when you're young you say/do stupid things). So a couple of weeks later I bump into her at a club. I start chatting to her friend who tells me at a party up North she ended up going upstairs with a complete radom stranger and fucked him-which is so out of character for her. My head started spinning, I felt insanely jealous and unbelivably turned on- I just can't describe it. I went over to her and ended up fucking her that night, I just had to. We subsequently got back together. I have also seen pics of her hen night with a stripper who is basically pawing her (nothing explicit, the usual stripper stuff). But to see a huge muscular man with my woman is immense. These two things still get me off today, 15 years later. I am YET to act on it, to my shame......
  12. Seduce by email

    Ok, so it starts soon- will update.
  13. Seduce by email

    So I have been thinking- if you had my wife's (32 UK) email would you be able to seduce her that way through cold calling her? Would love to know if it could happen, it may take time, but if you could get her to open up to you, talk about fantasies, get her to pose. All the time she would think its behind my back but you are letting me know/see all the details. Thoughts?
  14. Hiring A Male Private Dance For Wife

    Thank you so much for the advice.
  15. So I have been thinking of a good way to broach the subject of wanting to open her mind to being with another guy. I think the best chance would be with a stranger, and perhaps a step towards this would be to get her a private dance from some model-esque stripper at a club- where I can watch. We are in the UK but she is keen to visit Vegas so that could certainly work. Get her tipsy first, let the stripper know I am cool for him to go as far as she allows and take it from there. His hands touching her and her on him would be an amazing start to making a fantasy a reality? Anyone had that sort of experience? Any thoughts on the idea?