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  1. nader

    cuckoldplace chat

    can anyone log into cuckoldplace chat ? once you click log in a thousand pop up pages open and you never get to log in.
  2. nader

    My wife the model.

    i would love to breed you wife with my Arab sperm.
  3. nader

    Want her used

    i'd destroy her cunt ...may be asshole too.
  4. nader

    More chat frustration....

    i know how you feel. As a bull too it's really frustrating to miss the chat.
  5. nader

    who is still chatting on the old website

    i can't make an accout on cukoldpalace......always error.
  6. nader

    List Your Location

    Egypt....I'm a bull.
  7. nader

    Looking for middle eastern bull

    انا من الزقازيق . ابعتلك صوري فين؟
  8. nader

    My Conservative Wife On Yahoo

    i sent you a message ,cucky
  9. where exactly are you from ,cuck?
  10. nader

    Any Dom Bulls Like My Wife

    nice, cucky .
  11. nader

    My Middle-Eastern Wife

    where do you live ,cucky ? if near , i can fuck her and let you eat my cum .