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  1. Poster in the city

    Show her off
  2. virtual cuckold

    Excellent job just what she wants
  3. virtual cuckold

    Do her good
  4. would u like to see that?

    OH hell yes
  5. just curious showing friends your wife

    I have shown one friend her pics and vids over the years I know he would fuck her if given a chance She actually showed him her breasts a couple times just unbuttoned her blouse and not wearing a bra showed him He loved it
  6. Saw My Wife On A Porn Site

    We think a former lover posted it
  7. Saw My Wife On A Porn Site

    Found mine on motherless When I did Google search
  8. Can Show Wife Vids With

    Sorry I had to go just as show started she looked great When can I see more vids