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  1. Ok, I had to post again. I wasn’t going to because it’s mean to pick on someone this dumb, but I couldn’t believe her ass is actually that fat. I thought she was pranking us! No wonder it’s so easy to manipulate this bimbo into giving me photos, her ass is so huge it’s depriving her brain of oxygen! It also explains why she is such a slut. She has to give it away, or no man would be interested! It’s like a huge bowl of cottage cheese. Look at thing. Maybe she should go to the doctor. I’m worried it’s a giant tumor! Haha. I bet when she flies she has to pay for two seats. They probably make her pay for the extra fuel the plane has to use! 


  2. Lmao guys look at her ass! I had to post again because I can’t believe it! It looks like an airbag inflated in her pants! I hope she brings her ass to the dealership ever 5,000 miles for a checkup! This dumb whore can’t even walk through a doorway without getting her fat ass stuck haha. She’s so stupid she won’t even know I’m posting on her profile. You guys should message her if you want to see for yourself! But don’t tell her about these posts!



  3. I almost feel bad because this bitch is taking me under her wing... but her fat ass is so bulbous and ridiculous, I have to put it here. I will keep making nice with the dumb cow, and quietly post what I can sweet talk her out of,and see how far I can push it!


  4. Her father knows. She was 18 and still living at home. He walked in on her getting fucked by a guy that was definitely not me. He was mad at her for hurting me but she told him it was ok and I knew what was up. He didn't believe her though, and talked to me alone. But I reaffirmed everything she said.
  5. Black men are definitely stereotyped as hypermasculine and aggressive. Which is why sometimes the race thing can cross the line into racism. For me, my girlfriend and I started dating in highschool. She had one boyfriend before me who was black. He was bigger and definitely a rougher sex partner. So as she got frustrated with my size and how gentle I was as a lover, her fantasies reverted to the only real sex she ever enjoyed: BBC.