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    My number one interest is getting my wife blacked. My number two interest would be her sharing a BBC with me.

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  1. lilwhtdick61


    That is one of the hottest videos I have ever watched.
  2. lilwhtdick61

    Cuckold To My With Her Dr

    My wife is a nurse, tells the stories of everyone else fucking around. So she's trying to tell me everyone else is doing it but not her. Yeah right.
  3. lilwhtdick61

    Cheating Wife Doesn't Know I Know

    My wife accused me for so many years I finally did fuck another woman. She was mad has hell. But forgave me very quickly. Yep I do believe that the one that is cheating is the one that is accusing.
  4. lilwhtdick61

    Cuckold in the Making

    Fantastic story. Wish that girl was my wife doing some guy at the movies. I would have cum in my pants watching that.
  5. lilwhtdick61

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    OMG I would love to have everyone of these guys force their cocks down my throat.
  6. lilwhtdick61

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    Mmmmm now that gets my motor running.
  7. lilwhtdick61

    Cum Eating

    I will be doing it again one day.
  8. lilwhtdick61

    Cum Eating

    She did act a little different. Would love to fuck her some day.
  9. lilwhtdick61

    Cum Eating

    I put a load in my sister-inlaws coffee one morning. She picked up a a little different taste. But was very satisfied. I did notice that there was some sediment in the bottom of her cup when she was done with it.
  10. lilwhtdick61

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    Nothing better than being face fucked. Unless it's being face raped. I do enjoy both.
  11. lilwhtdick61


    wish my wife would enjoy that, oh wait, she would if she would try.
  12. lilwhtdick61

    Show my BBC to your wife

    She needs that. Just where can I bring her so you can give her some.
  13. lilwhtdick61

    Too Small!

    My poor wife has to tell me to slid a dildo in with my cock to make her cum. Now thats hot. I very hard when she says that
  14. lilwhtdick61

    Australian cuck couples wives and groups

    Do you think she is worthy of your big cock?