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Found 157 results

  1. have always wanted to watch my wife with another man. Her sexy 34D and reddish brown hair on her 120 lb frame are amazing to watch move in the bedroom. I have fantasized about being able to watch her with someone else form different viewpoint over and over, and finally I was given the chance with contact I found called Martin. We befriend martin a few weeks earlier we were both out at a show. I could tell he had a thing for my wife Katie. That night Katie decided to wear a little dress I had bought her a while back. It was a simple blue cotton dress but it hugged right underneath her large tits. We decided to go out for a night movies and food, after which we came back to our apartment to watch the big fight on tv. All of us were a bit more relaxed As we all are flirtatious and me and the wife continue to drink I suggest to my wife that she give Martin a little tease. I turn on some music and tell her to dance for us. Martin and I sit on my couch and watch my wife dance on the coffee table. Both of us are getting turned on watching Katie dance, and occasionally seeing flashes of her ass and black thong. After a few minutes she stops, and I think she is going to stop. Just then she lifts up her skirt and pulls down her thong. We get a brief look at her freshly shaven pussy. We cheer and she continues to dance. Only now we are getting glances at her pussy when her dress bounces up. I then tell Katie that Martin looks uncomfortable as I can see his rock hard cock making a bulge in his pants. Martin quickly puts his hands over his crotch embarrassed. Katie looks at me with a question in her eyes, and sees the answer almost immediately in mine. She jumps down and pushes the table out of her way. She drops to her knees and begins to play with Martin s crotch. After a minute she pulls his pants down and reveals his hard dick. She looks at me one more time, and then puts his cock in her mouth. Starting off slowly she begins to suck him up and down. I lift up her dress above her waist revealing in full glory her ass. I can see Martin loving what he sees and feels. Watching my wife suck another man was so thrilling. I couldnt contain myself anymore and climb down on the floor. I begin to lick her ass and kick her tight pussy. It is dripping with anticipation. She would never ask to get fucked, as she is not that kind of girl, but I knew what she wanted. "Martin , please fuck my wife" he looked kind of shocked but agreed Katie looks at me and can't believe what she hears. She stands up, lifts off her dress revealing her big tits barely contained by a sexy push up bra. She lays down on the couch with a leg on each side of Martin . He leans over and starts to eat her out. I make out with her while he does this, and I can taste his cock on her breath. I tap him on the shoulder and gesture for him to slide up and fuck her. He slides his cock inside of my wife. I couldnt believe it. I have never seen her kiss another man, let alone get fucked by one. He continued to thrust into my wife as I pulled my cock out and put it in her face. She was sucking it while getting fucked. Her moans were more like little hums all around my cock and it felt fantastic as I watched her tits bounce back and fourth as Martin continued to fuck my wife. Suddenly, Martin stops. Askes that she roll over Doggy Style . At this time I climb underneath her so she can continue to suck me off while I watch her getting fucked. Again, I command to Martin , "Fuck my wife!" He begins to pound her little tight pussy from behind as she gets a mouthful of my cock. Her eyes water half with ecstasy and half with pain as his cock slams into her. A few minutes go by and Martin alerts me that he is going to cum. "Martin ! CUM IN MY WIFE" again he looked shocked but again agreed I could tell my wife was unsure about it, but I hold her head deep on my cock so she doesn’t get a chance to protest. He slaps her ass, and pushes in deep, as he starts to moan and I can tell he is cumming in my wifes little pussy. Her mouth tightens on my cock as she feels his cum shoot all over her insides. He slowly pulls out and I see the cum on her lips. She stops sucking me and, lets us know that Martin was amazing . She asks for me to sixty-nine and for me to get her off with my tounge. I agree knowing that Martin's cum is still inside her. She quickly flips around and straddles my face. She begins to smash her pussy on my face while sucking me off. Martin gets up and I can see him come around to finger her asshole as I eat her out full of his cum. After a few minutes she tells me she is going to cum. His cum has started to drip out and I can taste it in her freshly fucked pussy. I begin to cum her mouth as I feel her pussy tighten on my tounge. She begins to twitch as she squirts all over my face. I know have a mixture of his cum, her pussy juices, and sweat from the two of them all over my face. Martin slaps her ass again, shaking more juices onto my face. "Thanks guys" he says. With that, he put on his clothes and went and laid down in the spare bedroom. Katie and I laid there for about an hour just basking in our post sex glory. We both agreed it was the best sex we have ever had
  2. So most of you know me/us and our story. So we have been absent lately due to this that and the other Personal life comes first. So, this past weekend, I was informed I was wearing the canary yellow cage while she left to go out. Anticipating a normal night, I put it on and set off to do my husband duties. After a couple hours she returns with three of her friends and tells me that their plans were cancelled and I was the evening entertainment. Not knowing if any of her friends knew of my relatively sensitive situation, I went along with the idea of being the servant. Everytime I'd slip out of eye sight to remove my cage one of the women would find me and ask for a refill. As the night progressed and inhibitions lowered, my secret slipped my wife's tongue and my secret was out. Standing in a room of half drunk women, knowing my secret was a bit more than I could handle. My cock started to twitch and grow, and my discomfort , which my wife knew the signs, became the greatest joke in history. The women laughed at me being in Chastity and not being man enough to satisfy my wife. Needless to say I had quite the raging caged hard on Now, I ask, is that reaction normal? I've had bulls and lovers make fun of me, but never a room full. I'd love to say they wanted to see it, but my wife wouldn't let them, only pointing to my crotch and laughing. I was turned on in my humiliation. What do you think? I found out afterwards her friends knew she cheated but not that I knew. So the secret is out and I've been dripping pre cum ever since Help
  3. Kim loves making Big Cocks fat and horny. She loves to show off - find her pictures here:
  4. Enjoy and please let me know the good words ;)
  5. A Friend Fuck my wife and i'm watching and filming as her anal is begging for it but he didn't do it at first but the second clip he did tumblr_oq2tlfy86i1vmvarw.mp4 tumblr_oq4kanMPgW1vmvarw.mp4 tumblr_oq4kanMPgW1vmvarw.mp4
  6. sissy cuckold slave dan griffen in chastity. the sub will be required to clean up his Mistress and the Bull
  7. I'm a 38 year old bull with experience introducing and dominating gfs and wives who want a soft introduction to the lifestyle. I'm open to dominating the cuck if he wishes and completely ok with going slow with the gf/wife. I prefer to defer to the partners as to what kind of dominant experience they're looking for. I'm happy to verify and so should you. Please no single males. Thanks!
  8. A lot has changed since I was regularly active. The last year and a half has ushered in a rebirth of me as a husband, cuck and person. Last year my Lara and her bf celebrated 3 years together, to celebrate that I decided I'd send them on vacation that was about them. No rules, no checking required. Just have fun. I booked them on a cruise and everything began to fall into place. I had my suspicions that they were developing feelings for each other as they got closer and closer. I knew Lara loved me so I wasn't worried, in fact I was a little happy. One night before they left the three of us went on our usual Wednesday date night. For the last year we had went to the same restaurant almost every Wednesday and had the same server every time. This time he asked me why I never brought in a date. I told him that Lara was my wife and she introduced our boyfriend. He was a little embarrassed but said he'd been invited to come home with couples before. Since I had to work at 5 in the morning, I paid the bill and went home. Lara came home around 1130, much earlier than usual when I leave early on date. She seemed nervous, flustered. She said she had something to tell me. I felt my chest tighten up and tried to control my breathing. They got back to his place about an hour earlier and were kissing and he said "I love you" she immediately said, "I love you too" without skipping a beat. They stopped. Went inside and talked about what to do. She decided to tell me right away. She insisted she loved me and told me she doesn't want this to come between us, but she did love him too. I told her I knew and I've known for a while. I kissed her and took her to bed. That weekend once things settled down he stayed the night. I was expected to do my usual servicing of them. Once I had their pants off I took him in my mouth and rubbed her. As I slid my finger in her tight pussy she moans "I love you" into his ear. He responded in kind. I about collapsed. Butterflies in my stomach. Light headed. It was finally real and I loved it. I nuzzled his tip. Kissed it lightly then slowly slid him all the way in my throat. When he entered her I traced his body and for once saw everything. They were two perfect people making perfect love. I buried my face in his ass as he pumped slid in and out of Lara. I worshipped her feet as he came in her. When I was allowed to enter her I felt every last muscle in my body tighten up it was like my first time all over again. I made love to my wife and when I came I came like a steam engine. Pushing his cum further into her pussy. A few weeks later they left on their cruise. They called me every morning usually after making love, to let me know they were alright. Her key was always visible around her neck. They sent snaps to me of them doing couple things. Holding hands. Kissing under the sunset. Cuddling. It was beautiful torture. When they came back the three of us fucked like we never had before. He came in her twice and once in me. I was allowed to cum on Lara but instructed to lick it off, naturally I obliged. Not long after that we found out she was pregnant! We decided after much discussion that I would assume role of father and no DNA test would be taken as the date of conception was during a week we both had her. During the pregnancy she became increasingly dominant. Ordering me to service them, more caging and plugging of me. We began a routing that to this day we still follow. I bathe and shave her. If she needs her toes painted i do that. She's teaching me how to do her hair as well now. At the end of April we had our baby girl and it has been nonstop ever since. During the week she takes care of her and on the weekends I give her a break and let her sleep in. About two weeks ago she had sex for the first time, I wasn't involved, I was finally allowed to a week later. I want to say more but I'm sadly out of time. I hope if anyone is facing a situation like mine that it turns out the same. This has been a beautiful journey and I wouldn't trade a single second!
  9. Before Lara got pregnant we had a date night with our BF. This time however he decided to spice things up. He ordered me to get Lara bathed and ready and wearing something sexy. I bathed her and shaved after she locked me up and decided to go with a tight fitting short skirt that barely covered her ass and a baggy shirt that left her shoulder @@@@@@@. For underwear I chose a black g-string and a black and blue corset to go with it. And for her legs I decided to go just classic black stalkings. She looked amazing. We get to his place and there's some talking going on in the living room. We get in there and four men I've never seen before are sitting and chatting drinking beer. Lara smiles because she knows a few of them and starts talking. One of the guys comes up to me and asks if I'm ready, I tell him I don't know what we're about to do but I hope so. He says we are all going to have fun. At this point I have a fairly decent idea what's happening. He introduces himself and then informs he he had so much fun with Lara the last time. Ironically this ended up cemeting my suspcions I had about a previous night. I was fully aware of what was about to happen. The first gang bang I would ever be a part of. Sadly it wouldn't be her first. I look over and Lara is on the couch between two of the guys with her hands on each of their legs. They're talking really lightly and smiling. Finally our bf comes in and motions for us to come over. Natually we oblige. When we get to him he caresses her face with one hand and begins to kiss her and with his free hand forces me on my knees. I eagerly unbelt his pants and pull out his hard throbbing cock. I lick my hand stroke it lightly before licking his shaft a few times. He grabs my hair and I slide him in my mouth. I tickle his balls a little and he grunts as he thrusts in me. I hear his kisseing getting sloppier and sloppier. I hear movement and Lara turns around and begins kissing the other guys. I look up and one of them has her head pulled back exposing her neck while another is kissing her chest. I then feel another dick graze my cheek. I look up and it's the guy I was talking to before. He grabs me by the hair and guides his cock down my throat. I'm still jerking off our bf and lookk up and he's ripping off Lara's shirt and skirt. She is now standing in her corset and heels. Our bull is sucking her neck, both of her titties are being sucked on and the man belonging to the cock in my mouth is rubbing her pussy over her underwear. She's moaning and dripping and drooling, and at this time, so am I. They throw her on the couch and one goes to town eating her pussy while she takes turns sucking the other fours cocks. Meanwhile I'm ust getting facefucked on the sidelines. Finally it's time. BF rips off her undwear and slides into her wet pussy. They both gasp like it's their first time. He begins to slide in and out of her causing her to moan more and more. He calls me over and instructs me to suck on his balls which I happily do. He pulls out of her and thrusts his wet cock into my mouth. They taste declicious. Another one is ready to have a go and after he puts on a condom he slides in. He goes in just a bit easier than the last but she still moans like a whore. She starts to spread her legs and has her first orgasm. I lick him clean before the next guy sits down and has her ride him. She bounces up and down while he spreads her ass cheeks. I look around and the other guys are all just standing and jerking off. While our bf is eyeing her and lubing up. I knew what was happning. He stops her riding for a second and pushes her forward. He runs his cock between her cheeks and she shudders a bit. Finally he balances his tip on her hole and slides in just a little. She lets out a gasp. Then a little more and finally he's all the way in and she lets out the biggest moan of her life.The three of them move together and she has yet another orgasm. The other two guys walk over and she takes one in her mouth and the other in her hand. Completely airtight. Our boyfriend begins pumping faster and faster and lets out that gutteral moan as he erupts into her asshole. He collapses into her while the guy underneath begins to jackhammer. Finallly he comes filling his condom up. She falls off him and comes and lays on her back between my legs while the cock I was sucking early enters her loose and dripping pussy. The last guy stands over me and face fucks me as I hold Lara's hand. The guy fucking her collapses right as she has her third and final orgasm of the night. I get out from under him and take his balls in my mouth while I jerk his throbbing cock. Lara is laying on the floor in a puddle of sweat and cum but seems to be enjoying the show. I feel his balls begin to constrict and his cock tenses up. As he begins to shoot I shove his cock all the way down my throat and suck every last drop. After he's done he says that was the best blowjob he's ever had. Lara laughs and says he practices a lot. There were more shenangains that night but I'm just spent thinking about it. I hope you enjoyed my story and I look forward to sharing more.
  10. Hi I am Andy, 39 years old looking for a new hotwife or couple for discrete fun. I can't accommodate, but I can travel. Clean, discrete, DDF and non-smoker with normal but varied bedroom tastes. KIK and email to start and a discrete meet to see if we work, then leave the rest to me.
  11. dirty comments about my young wife. what you think of her, what you would do to her, how, where..?
  12. I'm curious, do many wives out there have phone or cam sex? For years I wanted Karen to have phone sex or cam sex with me. She always told me it didn’t excite her. So I was a little surprised when I got home from work yesterday. I walked into the house and all was quiet. At first I thought perhaps she was out for a walk, but I then heard a faint voice and realized she was in the bedroom on the phone. Expecting her to be chatting with one of her girlfriends I was more than surprised when I got to the bedroom door to see her laying on the bed naked while on the phone. She hadn’t noticed me so I kept quiet and out of sight. She was running her free hand up and down her body, stopping to rub her breasts and squeeze her nipples, then moved it down between her open legs giving her clit a circular massage. She was being rather giddy as she talked when I heard her tell him how much she missed the feel of his hardness inside her. My cock was twitching knowing she was talking to one of her lovers. After listening to some back and forth erotic conversation she stopped talking and was concentrating on her pussy. I assume the guy on the other end was busy telling her what he wanted to do with her. Moments later, in a loud voice she told him she was cumming and she let out a long loud moan as her body tensed in orgasm. Once she calmed down she began to laugh and told her lover how great that was and couldn’t wait for the real thing. As the conversation was winding down I tiptoed away so she wouldn’t know I had been watching. I was pouring a drink in the kitchen when she walked in all smiles and in a great mood. Gave me a kiss and told me that Gord was going to be in the city next week on business so she’d be staying downtown at his hotel with him for a couple nights or more depending on how long he’d be in town. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how erotic it is that my wife is so open to just tell me that she’ll be spending a couple of nights at a hotel fucking an old high school friend. The thought if her taking his cock and sperm over and over is the best thing about being her cuck.
  13. hello i am Filippo ( big bull ) and i am very interested a hot wife ( ITALIAN ) or european or a real cuck couple to cuck him Please contact me in Private ( [email protected] - skype guttacavem )
  14. I shared this with others about a Month ago, I thought I was actually going to going to get things rolling in a direction of getting my wife fucked by a friend, and it seemed like everything was working out, but then my friend ended up in the hospital after a bad car accident. So I backed off, and thought of other chances I may have. Through it all I never stopped talking about her and other men, and how she needs a real man to make her feel like she deserves. I also started jacking off a lot in the bathroom just before before we made love. I wasn't getting off, but it did help me get off even faster than usual. So like for the last Month I have lasted maybe 2 minutes before getting off. It has become so automatic that she will actually have the dildo present when we start making love, because she knows I won't last long at all. Now the dildo I got her uses batteries, so what I dd was hide all the batteries, and so last time her didlo died and she actually got a bit agitated because it did not last long enough, and we had no new batteries for it. So I started talking to her that if we had another man here she would not need batteries. I guess the nudging is helping, because she started asking me where would we find a guy for her. I suggested we go to bars to meet them. She let me know that there was no way she could meet another guy if I was with her. So I told her that I was OK with her going alone. She thinks I am weird that I would let her go to the bar with the express purpose of finding a lover. Well, I finally convinced her to go to the bar. She said she isn't going to do anything, but she agreed to go to see if any men hit up on her. She chose tonight, because this bar across town we heard of has karaoke on Sunday nights. So there should be a good sized crowd.She will have her phone with her and keep me up on what's happening by text. She is taking a nap right now, so I thought I would post this to get a conversation going. She doesn't know that I joined this site for the specific purpose of sharing my thoughts of wanting to be cuckolded by her. When she heads out later this evening, I can keep everyone updated.. She is going to leave for the bar about 9pm tonight. So you may want to keep an eye out for any updates I share that she sent me. I have never ever shared my wife with anyone, but I surf porn and the more I did, the more I have an urge to see her get fucked. Then I stumbled upon a few cuckolding videos and eventually felt as if I would be a good cuck. My wife is the dominant one in our relationship. She seldom if ever gets off with me. mainly because I really have a small dick, and I get off pretty fast. She said she never felt dissatisfied, but the more I urge her while making out, and after I get off, and talk to her about getting with a guy with a bigger cock to see if she would like it, the more she considered it, but then changes her mind. Well, a week ago she agreed, but only to show me that I would not like it if she went out without me. Well she is taking a nap, and when she gets up she will get ready. I have the perfect outfit I want her to wear, and I look forward to watching her get all dolled up for some guy she has yet to even meet. She says she wont do anything, but I am hoping that after she has a few drinks that she will melt in some guys presence and be wooed into giving in and going home with a guy. My wife has always been flirty and much more susceptible to suggestions when she has a few drinks, When she has had more than a few she gets real horny, at least with me she does. Not sure how much she will drink, or if she will allow herself to get carried away, but I'm hopeful. Well, it's now about 3:50 and she planned on getting up and take a shower to get ready about 5 pm. So that's like a bit over an hour. I'll check in as I can without her getting any wind of me sharing what's going on as I can. I'll keep anyone who cares updated as thing go, and then when she gets to the bar, I'll share our texts with you. My stomach is queazy, and I'm as nervous as a cat at the pound. My head is racing with thoughts of what I want her to wear, what I hope happens, and the thought that she may come home with a pussy full of another man's sperm. Even if she only makes out with a guy, I would be happy, but I want her to get fucked like she has never been fucked before. She laid down for a nap about 1:00 pm, and since then i have jacked off about three times I'm so horny. I better post this before she gets up. I took the picture of her about a year ago. shared it on a site for men sharing pics of their wives, with some other racy ones of her I took of her over the last few years, but for now this is all I will share here. It's a site I joined a few years ago. I shared them with a few buddies, and they have been cool by not letting others know. She would literally kill me if she knew I have shown any of these to anyone.
  15. Heres my wife, what would you do?
  17. When Liz and I got together she was 35 and I was 42. Liz was an absolutely beautiful woman, large firm breasts, a flat washboard stomach great legs and a very pretty face. She also had a perfect pussy neat, tight and always moist and juicy. She was a total perfectionist where her appearance was concerned – perfect hair and makeup and always immaculately dressed. She was the perfect girlfriend and we hit it off sexually right away. She was always up for fun, and we experimented with all sorts of positions and fantasies. As we tried different things I noticed that what really seemed to turn her on was fantasies involving someone seeing her naked or seeing us fucking. She would have shattering orgasms and would become completely insatiable when I described these situations to her-especially as I slid my cock in and out of her sopping wet pussy but she would even come while sucking my cock if she imagined someone was watching her. As we explored this fantasy together I began to notice that what really sent her over the top was when she imagined she was being watched by men as she stripped and @@@@@@@ herself to them – her breasts, her arse and most of all her perfect pussy. She loved the thought of putting on a show for them – touching herself and eventually fingering herself until she came in front of them. She loved the idea of the men getting more and more aroused, rubbing their cocks and eventually getting their cocks out and wanking themselves off as they stared at her perfect body. What really did it for her was the thought of her putting on a live sex show for them, me fucking her hard from behind or her sucking me off until she made me come over her pretty face and perfect breasts. It was clear she was a real exhibitionist and really got off on the power of arousing men to the point where they couldn’t control themselves anymore and could do nothing but spurt spunk from their cocks as they stared at her willing sexy body. Eventually, after a really great session, I asked the million dollar question. –‘Would you like to try it for real?’ ’ I’m really not sure’ she said, ‘I’m not sure how I would feel if they were actually there looking at me for real, I might not find it as sexy as the fantasy.’ I look down and her fingers were massaging her clit as she spoke. ‘Well you certainly look like you like the idea to me’, I said, ‘ all those men stroking their big hard cocks watching you reveal your breasts and you pussy to them, watching you finger yourself till you come’. She groaned loudly and came as I spoke. ‘Only if you are there’ she said ‘I want to suck you while they watch’ she said, licking my cock between words. The next day I asked her if she was serious, or was it just lust speaking. ‘I’m game if you are’ she said. We talked about how we could make it happen – there weren’t any sex shops or porn theatres anywhere near us, where a little exhibitionism might be ok , but we were aware of a place off the A3 that was notorious for dogging. We agreed that we would give it a try – we could stay in the car and check the situation out, and if she didn’t like it we could just drive off! We decided to try it next Saturday. Liz got ready, putting on a tiny thong, a pair of knee length spike heeled boots, no bra and a dress that wrapped over her breasts and tied at the side. Her hair and makeup were perfect as ever and she looked absolutely stunning. We drove to the area and slowly drove into the woods to the parking area. It was dark, but we could see a number of cars parked in a clearing, some with lights on inside. Someone flashed their lights on as we pulled in, and we could see a few men moving about outside. It was a warm summer night and I opened the windows a little so we could get some air and hear what may be going on. Liz reached over and started to massage my cock through my trousers and in no time I had a raging hard on. A couple of men moved close to the car and a few seconds later a third man joined them. Liz started to squeeze her breasts and rub her hard nipples with her left hand while she unzipped my fly and pulled my rock hard cock out. I leaned over and untied the dress, pushing the material aside so her breasts were on show. Her nipples were sticking out harder than I had ever seen them. ‘Put the light on’ said a voice from outside ‘put the light on so we can see better’. Liz reached up and switched on the interior light and she was bathed in bright light. We could no longer see outside, but Liz started to put on a show. She reached down and opened her dress, teasing her nipples with her left hand and rubbing her pussy through her thong with her right. I took about 20 seconds of this before she came, groaning loudly, her eyes closed.. By now the men had moved close to her window and were looking through, rubbing bulges in their trousers. Liz opened her window a little more ‘lets see some cocks’ she said – ‘the nicest one might get a little treat’ I could hardly believe my ears – what did she mean by a ’little treat’? My mind was reeling but my cock was harder than ever. I was losing control of the situation and thought maybe we should go, but I was so aroused that I wanted to see what happened next even more. I didn’t wait long to find out. The men outside each unzipped their trousers and pulled their cocks out. One of them was already hard and I was gratified to see he was somewhat smaller than me, the others were semi hard but one cock was already bigger than mine. It was circumcised and I could see a little pre cum shining on he tip in the light. ‘Looks like you need a little encouragement’ said Liz as she opened the window fully and waved the men closer. She reached out and gave each of them a couple of squeezes. ‘Hey’ I said ‘that wasn’t the deal’. ‘Don’t worry honey its just a little squeeze so I can see them hard, I won’t forget you’. She smiled as she wrapped her hand round my engorged cock. I was totally lost, my cock was throbbing so hard I didn’t have the will power to do anything except to try not to spunk all over her there and then. ‘looks like you are enjoying the show too ‘ she said, smiling wickedly. With that she turned around , took hold of the smallest cock, and pulled it close. She then amazed me by opening her mouth and sucking it deep down. I watched mesmerised as the cock pushed in and out of her mouth. She was taking his full length easily as he pumped his cock in and out, fucking her mouth. The other two cocks were hard now and the guys were wanking themselves. One guy had a decent size cock, about the same length as mine, 7 inches, but a bit thicker. The other cock was big- about and inch longer, but really thick. Just then the guy Liz was sucking let out a loud groan. Liz pulled his cock out of her mouth just as long spurts of cum shot from his cock, spraying ribbons of spunk across her lips and down on to her breasts. He just kept on coming, he must have spurted 6 or 7 times before he was done. He was quickly replaced by the next guy who grabbed her head and pushed his cock into her open mouth. He fucked her mouth fast, plunging in and out as Liz pushed her hand between his legs and grabbed his balls. They looked huge as she massaged them with her right hand, trying to control his thrusts with her left. Suddenly he tensed up, and as Liz squeezed his big balls he pumped his spunk into her mouth. I could see the big vein under his cock pulsate over and over again as he dumped load after load into her mouth and down her throat. Liz sucked and swallowed for all she was worth. As he finished and pulled his satisfied cock out of her mouth, a few ribbons of cum dripped down her chin to join the first guys load. ‘What about me’ I said, rather pathetically, ‘I haven’t forgotten you’ she said. As she turned towards me I could see the spunk on her face, trickling down between her breasts and coating her erect nipples. It was I could do not to come as she wriggled out of her dress completely. She was now only wearing a soaking wet thong and her boots. She leant over and kissed me and I tasted the warm cum on her lips. As she turned and knelt on the seat sideways, she lowered her head on to my cock, her left hand reaching back to play with her soaking wet pussy. I was in heaven as she sucked my cock. I could feel the other guys cum dripping on to my thighs. 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  18. We keep our cucking activities discreet, mostly for the protection of the Bulls, both of whom are married. But yesterday Woman let slip that her sister-in-law "probably has guessed". I tried to find out more but the conversation was changed in a hurry. I suspect after a lot of wine, in the course of girly talk, too much information was blurted out. The significance is that Woman is visiting relatives in the US next month, and completely by coincidence the sister-in-law is coming over from NZ and staying at our house during that time. I'll be sitting in the same room alone with someone who probably knows all there is to know about my tiny dick, and how my inadequate manhood forces Woman to seek pleasure in the arms (and of the cocks) of Real men. I can feel the shame burning my cheeks as I type this, and strangely enough I'm enjoying it...
  19. I had fantasized about this lifestyle for some time. With a previous ex (thank goodness) I broke my cherry from fantasy into experimentation. She enjoyed telling me I have a small cock, though roughly 5", I like to pretend it is more like 3.5 - 4.5 (somehow completes the cuck fantasy for me). We even explored her being sub, having a master and even had a pretty hot experience with her master, where I got to to watch and stroke as she got what was a very thick ginger cock complete with a thick load. Perhaps I will tell that story some day when I have more time. Anyway, now I am with my fiancé, she is a sexy, thick girl, me 45, her 40...a nurse, who also has a side job selling toys and accessories via parties. The latter part is cool because she has all kinds of things that heat things up. Well, this helped introduce her to the idea of cuckolding and serving as a Goddess. It started when I would say, "yeah you like that big cock don't you", while often referring to my dick as little or say things like "you can't call it a cock, can you if it is that little" ...though to be honest I love that word COCK. I have liked watching and admiring strong cocks, cumshots, etc...for decades, though a nice, ample set of tits or a juicy pussy, ass...hell the entire female figure turns me on. Still, I would tell her to correct me if I called my little dick a cock because that word was reserved for studs who make women moan. Her side job even allowed me to point out how the big toys make her moan, while my little dick did not I would say, "look how it even hits your clit Goddess like my little cock can't, which really makes you moan in a most erotic way." This had been progressing nicely for months and then she really started liking to talk about how better big cocks can take her and telling me of her past promiscuities following her divorce after almost two decades of marriage. I mean, can you blame Racquel...she really is a BBW Goddess. Dark hair usually pulled back, huge tits and a perfect pussy. Having one lover for so long she really did (I have since discovered) deserve to get all the cock she deserved in the months prior to us meeting on a popular dating site. She would often turn me on and flirt/hint at her desire by exuberantly saying BIG BLACK COCK ALWAYS WINS while playing Cards Against Humanity, though she claims she doesn't want BBC (probably scared), she admits she loves a big Puerto Rican Cock...says they all have big ones. So to cut (Part I) short, here is: Her looking for cock, a bull on a casual kinky encounters site. A pic of what she is dealing with (my little dick), though it does gets hard easy and is a hard/far multi-shooter that she owns (it is clearly not enough right guys and girls???). Now that she knows and likes where this Goddess/cuck thing is going, she says she wants to see some bull cock (of course, I do too). ...To Be Continued
  20. Hello all Here is my shared Indian wife. She has been with 5 other guys so far. Usually I like to watch and sometimes clean her afterwords.
  21. I am still working on getting my wife to let another man fuck her, but should I ever convince her to take the leap, my next step would be to have her cuckold me with men who's cocks are much bigger than mine. Which is not difficult since I have a very small clit. So I am curious, what do you think is the best part of being cuckolded by your wife. As a want-a-be-cuck I am cutious.
  22. how does a single man get started in the cuckold lifestyle without an initial partner?
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