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Found 1 result

  1. Well Our latest excursion was with a guy named Walter. He is 52 married and has had a vasectomy but his wife doesn't know that he is running his add on the internet. She works swing shift and he works and is able to get away in the late afternoons for his meetings Our daughters are no longer at home and Lisa is having fun now that she has accepted being shared with other men. We arranged to meet at Motel 6 right off HYW 80 outside of Vallejo and he called us telling us he was on his way about 4 so we dressed nd Lisa was in a good mood it had been almost a month since her last fling and she was looking forward to this. Walt is a little older than we are but he is in good physical shape and looks like he has had an interesting life he was waiting for us in the parking space of the rom he had paid for and we all introduced ourselves getting comfortable with what was going to happen . I watched them checking each other out with approval smiling with raunchy thoughts going through their minds I am sure as he opened the door and we all went inside. Lisa asked do you want to talk a little first or just jump n bed and fuck like bunnies and Wale loved that laughing and said well first off I would like to see you nude and she said deal but I want to check you out to as she started to disrobe in no particular hurry watching as he did the same and soon they were both naked as the day they were born and Lisa spotted his semi erect cock and said with a big grin on her face Nice hon get a picture of that please as she took his cock in her hand and began to slowly stroke it looking up at him with a wicked smile on her face as she stoked his cock then she leaned over and sucked his cock head into her mouth and grinned up at him again asking you like. and he groaned and laughed taking her head and sticking his cock back into her mouth slowly fucking her lips as she sucked gently on his cock head washing it with her tongue and licking the underneath side of his cock head until he moaned stop I want to have some fun to and Lisa laughed as he pushed her back onto the bed grabbing handfuls of her breasts and sucking noisily on them as he tried to get his finger into her pussy. Lisa was also responding to his manipulations as I watched them going at it soon they were kissing and I could hear them sucking on each others tongues and Lisa was clawing at his back as his fingers were fucking her now and the Oder of her excited pussy began to fill the room as she moaned half laughing and grunting to as he plumed her depths and her fluids began to flow and soon the slurping sounds of his fingers in the twat were getting louder. he was taking his time really doing her playing with her clit with his thumb and forefinger until Lisa said matter of factly I'm going to cum and her hips began to meet his thrusts as the bed protested loudly then Lisa sighed and her body arched off the mattress her toes and fingers clenched tightly as she moaned in release her body jerking in release until she sighed and settled back blowing her hair out of her face and barked out a laugh saying WOW I liked that as Walt moved above her and Lisa opened her legs for him as he squirmed around getting in between her thighs his cock now rock hard and about 7 inches long. He hunched without success several times and Lisa said raise up and he did and I saw her hand in between them as she guided him into her and she said there right there and he thrust into her as she grunted OOOoooooo and then relaxed and wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him on the nose and said have at it buster I think I am going to cum again and that was all she needed to say because he began to grunt thrusting into her and Lisa laughed cupping his ass in her hands and said get a picture of us hon looking over at me as his ass was pumping in between her legs in a steady rhythm his cock making slurping sounds now as Lisa laughed again saying that sounds positively delicious then she began to breath faster to as Walt began to fuck her faster and faster until Lisa squealed I'm Cumming again wrapping her arms and legs around him and hanging on for dear life as he drove her body into the mattress several more times and went AH AAAHHHH UMPHHHH driving her deep into the mattress and holding her there as his cock exploded in her pussy . I watched my chest tight as he grunted as he came and then he began to thrust into her again rapidly for several strokes and he came again as Lis laughed breathlessly in delight as his cock shot his seed into her. They lay there for long seconds gasping for breath holding onto each other tightly as they came down from their orgasms then he sighed and rolled off beside my wife and they both laid there gasping for breath as their mixed body orders were heavy in the air now and it was almost intoxicating. I had to pee so I went into the bathroom and when I came out Lisa was laying on her side stroking his soft cock and chewing on one of his nipples as he laughed tryin to fend her off but Lisa was having fun and as she toyed with his cock she milked some of his cum out on her finger then she looked over at me smiling and licked his sperm off her finger. For awhile we all talked but Lisa wouldn't give up his cock as she gently stroked it possessively as we talked then Walt said it,s getting late I should take a shower and head home and Lisa laughed and said we can shower together and soap each other down and they hopped off the bed and Lisa released hos cock as they made their way into the bathroom grabbing at each other playfully then they waited for the water to warm up and stepped inside. I watched through the clouded glass as they got wet still grab assing with Lisa squealing and laughing as his fingers found things to grab and then the shower turned off and they began to laugh and play as they soaped each other down so I opened the door so I could watch and Lisa was leaning back her body all soaped down and she had one leg up on the side of the shower and her legs were spread wide as Walt was fingerfucking her again and she was softly cooing her delight as his fingers and thumbs caressed her clit and pussy She looked over at me her eyes half closes and her lips open in a smile of pure sensation as she neared her climax then her body began to shake and she grunted bending over as she came with Walter holding her up as her legs began to shake to. Lisa was almost out of reath looking owlishly at me as Walt turned her around and said put your hands on the wall as he stepped up behind her his soapy cock in his hand and Lisa grabbed the faucets holding onto them bending over now and Walt was moving his cock around trying to find his target in all that soap and Lisa said not there Walt not there and she grunted as he shoved his cock up her ass alt when nuts as he felt her tight anus clamp down on his cock and he began to fuck her wildly holding tight to her hips as he rammed his dick hone frantically god it hit me he was ass fucking her and she had never let me do that. I was undecide as to wheather to make him quit or not but it was to late now as he howled in release and came up her ass hole. Walt apologized but we were all in shock after that and he quietly dressed and left.