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  1. We are male couple who are bi-sexual looking to start cucking with men, women, couples, or trans. Are there other m/m cuckold couples? I love watching my husband fuck, or get fucked in the he ass by strangers in front of me. Then I get to clean him and his partner. It drives me wild to see him in action….he is such a passionate lover. The way he eats pussy and ass is an art. I absolutely love watching him slow fuck someone then start ram rodding them…after blowing his beautiful creamy load I get to drink it out whatever hole he blew it deep within.
  2. Fantasise about watching your wife get fucked by a stranger? You have talked to her and she is intrigued - but nervous? Part of her reticence is about local people finding out? Maybe she is just inhibited in her familiar surroundings.... A sensitive introduction while you are on a trip, far from family, friends, neighbours and colleagues could be the answer... If you are visiting London or nearby and staying in a nice hotel then get in touch! I am a mature, experienced Bull, not a crude, "treat 'em rough, insult the husband" type but a refined, educated, subtle man who wants you both to have a good time and leave with an enthusiasm for the lifestyle. I am more appropriate for mature couples - unless she has older man fantases! Of course, you may be an experienced couple yourselves and still like the idea of a "Little London Adventure" - in which case I am equally happy to provide that diverting experience - maybe show you some characteristic pubs you would not have found yourself, whatever you fancy - followed by some "alternative entertainment" in your hotel room.... Happy to consider all applications! Contact here and I will provide email etc
  3. Hi I am Andy, 39 years old looking for a new hotwife or couple for discrete fun. I can't accommodate, but I can travel. Clean, discrete, DDF and non-smoker with normal but varied bedroom tastes. KIK and email to start and a discrete meet to see if we work, then leave the rest to me.
  4. Note: Wife Customized by Black Lovers and New Bosses is a story of a woman who experiences the pleasures and frustrations of being a Hot-wife who loves Big Black Cock. It also looks at the desperation that her “husband” must endure as she is shared with a black man and given to a Master who changes her appearance without regard to how others will see her. It is a very true fictional story of how couples deal with the changes that they did not foresee when they decide to step into this lifestyle. If, some extreme, body modifications and tattoos are not your thing, then it is suggested you not read this book. However, if you enjoy very graphic sex and orgasms then be sure to read this, and we hope you enjoy it. Chapter 1 Situation My name is Robert, and I am a writer of fiction stories and novels. My wife, Bethany, who, at 28, is a year older than I am, was a college classmate. We dated for a few years, and then I proposed. Beth and I have been married for 3 years. Beth is a college instructor, with a very boyish, sexy, pixie haircut, with a slightly darker skin tone, though she is Caucasian. She is always smiling and looks very attractive, regardless of what she wears, how she does her makeup, or where she is. She loves the company of friends, and she loves to attend parties with her friends. She will most always wear an attractive, conventionally modest dress. In the evenings, I write stories for publication, and she either watches TV or will prepare notes for her lectures. We enjoy particularly good sex on the weekends, and she is very much an active participant with me. We love our sex life and our lives together. Kimberly is Beth’s friend from college. She moved into our neighborhood along with her black husband, Gayle. Beth was surprised to see her but didn’t have an immediate chance to talk to her because Kimberly wanted to spend time with Gayle, who was leaving the next day for a business meeting. Since Kimberly was new to the area, she found it scary to be alone at night. After the two friends finally connected, she asked Beth to stay with her for the night, as Gayle would be back the next day. The next morning, Beth came home, and I asked about her overnight stay. She said they had talked about both of their lives, since they had not seen each other for the three years after our marriage. I said, "It seems strange for her to have a black husband." "She met him a few months after our wedding, and she fell in love with him. She said it's his big, black cock," Beth replied, grinning. "How big?" I asked, out of curiosity. The next moment I thought, ‘why am I asking this of my wife?' She surprised me, "It's 9 inches long and 3 inches thick." "How do you know that?" "Kimberly said so and I do believe it, since she then showed me a photograph of him naked. She whipped it out quickly and I didn't get enough time to turn my face away. It’s true; I stared for a few seconds. She said, 'Oh you are interested,' but I didn't understand what she meant by that." I didn't understand it either. "She showed me her photo album; it looked very beautiful to see her cute, white body alongside his dark body." That night, Beth was sucking me, and I felt she was thinking about something else. "What is it? Where are your thoughts?" "It's nothing," she shyly smiled. "Honey, you know we are open to talk about anything." "I just thought Kim and I have about the same mouth size, so how could she suck a cock 9 inches long and 3 inches thick? My mouth is about to be filled with your 5-inch cock." "Maybe they were not sucking." "She said she sucks him." "When did she tell you this?" I was surprised at the intimate details they had obviously shared. "She said it when she showed me the photo." "You said she loves to fuck him." "I think she said both." "Enough about them, now focus on us and give me your sweet pussy." We made love and I got excited with the sexiness of my hot wife. She also enjoyed it more than our usual nights. The next day was Friday and I went shopping for some groceries and beer. When I returned, I found that Beth wasn’t home, so I opened a beer and cooled off. Then I got a call from Beth's phone; it was Kim. She said, "Beth said you were working in the evenings and, as a result, you two are not going out together regularly. She would like to come to a party with me and Gayle, are you okay with that?" I said, "It's her decision, and I likely will be working in the evening. She can have all the fun she wants, but it’s her choice.” I said it without thinking, probably because of the effect off the beers I’d had. I heard Kim say to Beth, "What did I tell you? He seems to be totally okay with it," and then she hung up the phone. A few minutes later, Beth stopped at home, dressed casually in jeans and shirt, kissed me on the cheek and said, "Are you sure you’re okay with me going out with Kim and Gayle?" Trying to remember what was going on beyond our home, I said, "You can have all the fun you want. Just remember, you’re my wife." “What does that mean?” Beth asked. “It means you’re my wife, first. In the same way, I’m your husband first.” She looked perplexed, then said, "Okay. Love you," And she left. I didn’t understand her apparent confusion; I expected that, whatever she did would pass the husband test. I would always behave in a way to pass the wife test. At 11 pm she came back. I could barely believe it. She looked very hot in a one-piece party dress. Her perfect body shape was entirely showcased for anyone to see. "What happened to you?" "I am very tired, I danced a lot and I am really dragging, so can we talk about it in the morning? Goodnight, honey." She gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. In the morning I looked at her questioningly. She shyly smiled and I asked about the evening. "When I came back from giving my afternoon lecture, you weren’t home, and Kim called me to come over. She said it was important. I went to her home and I saw Gayle and his friend. Kim introduced the friend as Fernando. Kim had called me to ask for a favor. Fernando is divorced and they were all going to a party. Fernando's ex would be there on a date with some other man. He wanted to show his ex that he was with someone hotter than her. Fernando asked me, would I do him the favor of going with him. I said I am a married woman and I can't date him." "Is he black?" "Yes, he is. Kim insisted that Fernando is a good friend, and I don't have to actually date him, just pretend.” I said, "You didn't like the idea?" "She asked me to call you and ask. After I dialed, she took the phone from me. I didn't hear what she said to you, but she said you agreed." "What? I didn't say that! She said you wanted to go out with her and Gayle. She didn't mention Fernando – or anything about you going as his date for the evening!" Beth looked shocked. She tried to cover, "I … I … I was uh, uh, just pretending!" She could see I wasn’t at all happy about this. She was very moody and in a sad voice said, "I thought you would let me have a date ... pretending!" She went quiet for a bit. Eventually, she looked at me and saw I was truly angry about what had happened. I asked her to tell me about what went on during this pretend date. Wringing her hands, Beth said, "I thought I had no reason not to go along with Kimberly’s idea, because you had already given permission – at least, that’s what I thought.” “Why would you ever think that, Beth? Why would you want to do what she asked?” “I … I don’t know. She’s my friend and I wanted to make her happy.” “You mean you wanted to make you happy!” She looked ashamed at that point, and very uncertain. “Go on,” I told her. “I … I came here to change from my work dress and put on the jeans you saw. Kim and Gayle mocked me about the way I dressed to go to the party. 'We’re not going to a cookout,' Kim said. She was wearing a one-piece sleeveless dress, five inches above her knees. She looked hot, so she took me into her wardrobe in her bedroom. She asked me which dress I liked. Every one of them was as short or even much shorter, than what she wore. “I said I always wore bigger, longer ones, but she insisted on me trying them on. I wore one and she said I looked hot and beautiful. I said I couldn’t go out in it, especially without my husband. I tried to call you and she asked me if I was so dependent that I needed to ask your permission for everything I do, trying to embarrass me. “She took my phone and pulled me out of the room, forcefully. Gayle and Fernando gave me eager applause, which raised my confidence and distracted me.” “Beth, I can’t believe you were that naive.” “I’m sorry!” She cried. “Sometimes you can act like such a stupid girl. Go on.” “We went to a party and we drank. After a while, we saw Fernando's ex. She was hotter than hell. Fernando asked me to pretend I was his girlfriend and he hugged me and kissed me deeply and passionately. I think it was the drinking which made me want to do it. He was very gentle after all…” “I can’t believe you were that stupid, Beth.” “I … I’m trying to tell you … Oh, it is stupid!" "Go on, Beth." "We eventually drove back to Kim's home and Fernando left. When I was alone with Kim, I asked about how she sucks Gayle since he has such a big cock. She asked, ‘Would I be wanting to know?' I said yes, and then what she replied made me angry, so I left.” "Honey, what did she tell you?" "You will get angry also, so leave it. I am going to go make a coffee." "Why wouldn’t I be an angry guy after you had a real date?" "It was just pretending." "Well, I won't get angry with you for what Kim said to you, but you better tell me." "It makes me nervous that If I wanted to know how she does it, she would show me, but won't tell me." That day I thought about Beth seeing Kim and Gayle fucking. Somehow, the idea made me hot in bed, so I asked, "Are you interested in seeing Kim suck Gayle's cock?" She said no. I fucked her again and in between I asked her to go give it some thought. Saturday evening Beth got a phone call, and I could hear her say 'no' and cut the phone. I asked, "Was it Kim?" "Yes." "Was it about watching them?" "Yes - and I said no." "You can watch if you want." "You want me to watch?" "Yes." "What if they tried to do something with me?" "Go along with it, if you want." "Do you want me to be a slut?" "No, I don't want it, I just want you to be free. If you like something, do it, don't ask my permission, but later you must tell me what it was. You’ve already gone so far with Fernando that I’m re-thinking our relationship." She seemed truly hurt. Too bad, I thought. If there’s something in all this that gets me aroused, I won’t question it. I’ll let it play out. "Is that your fetish, me doing it with someone else?" "It’s not a fetish. I want you all to myself. But you’ve already crossed that line, in my opinion. At this point, I don’t give a shit. You initiated this situation. You want to do it, then do it. I have loved you since our college days. I know you are a beautiful woman. Since I write in the evening, I’m sure that makes me very boring, but I don't want you to sit around and be bored with me. Go enjoy yourself. I’d rather have some of you than none of you." "You are not boring." "You certainly are acting like I am. Go and see, then tell me everything when you come back." And I gave her a peck on the cheek, letting her go with very mixed feelings. Chapter 2 Provocation It was now eight in the evening. Beth had left home an hour ago. I was thinking about what might be happening when I got a call from Beth. "Can I suck a big black cock?" "I will not play games with you, Beth. It is your decision. Either this will be good for us or destroy us. I cannot decide that – only judge it when it happens. The ball is in your court. You no longer need my permission to go along with it." After I hung up, I thought to myself, what am I telling her? I was off-guard. When did Fernando arrive at Kimberly’s house? Will he fuck Beth? Oh shit, I thought. She came home an hour later and went to bed. In the morning, when I woke up, I saw she was reading the newspaper. She got up and prepared a coffee for me. While I was drinking it, I looked at her and she said, "Do you want me to tell you what happened yesterday?" "Yes. That was our agreement. Tell me everything." "Okay, when I got to her house, only Kim was there. She said, ‘I thought you said no.’ "I did, but Robert and I discussed it and he gave me the go-ahead." "What else did he say?" She asked me. "Robert said if I wanted, I could suck it too, but if I did, I might have to face the consequences." "Gayle’s cock is my cock - and only mine. I won't give it to anyone, even you." "I don't want his cock either, I’m just was telling you what Robert said." "Okay. Then you can have Fernando's cock." "No, I don't want any cock but Robert’s!" "You said your husband will let you have a black cock and you don't want it? Are you crazy? Do you know how amazing it is? Haven’t you heard the proverb, 'Once you go black you never go back?’ " "That's not what he said. He agreed that I can watch you two and if you persuade me, I can go along with it if I like it and want the experience." "Either way, your husband wants you to fuck a black cock." "No." "Yes! Let me ask you something. How long is Robert’s cock?” "5 inches and ... a half!" "Do you take it all?" "Almost." "Listen to me. If you have sucked a black cock once in your life, you can suck your hubby's cock, at any time! In a different way than you ever did before. And he is going to love it and it will change your sex life forever." "I don't know … When he told me it was okay, he made it clear that it could damage or destroy our relationship." "I don't like to share Gayle, and I won’t. Fernando would like to get it on with you. He mentioned to us that he thought you were very beautiful, and he wants to date you again. I mean a real date, not pretending." "We both smiled at that comment, and suddenly she was calling someone. I asked if it were Fernando. She said, yes and I replied that I wanted to confirm the whole idea with you and she got angry like the first time I said I wanted to check with you. She said this was the last time she would let me get any confirmation from you in these situations." I got hot from that comment. Knowing my wife, Beth, could end up involved in something that I'm not even aware of. I knew the actual truth only when Beth told me later. She asked me if it was okay. I said, "Yes, I suppose. But I’d always hoped you could be fulfilled with only me." She gave me a little peck on the cheek and said, “You do satisfy me and make me feel loved. But I think it’s very nice of you to give me this level of freedom.” I asked her to continue her dialog. "After I called you, she heard what you said, 'You can go along with it." "That wasn’t exactly what I said. In addition, I didn't know it was Fernando's cock." "Either way, you knew then I was going to have a big black cock." She was right. I’d lost the high ground here. It was my own fault for being so wishy-washy. "Tell me more." "She called Fernando. I didn't hear what she said, but I could tell she was very happy. Afterward, she called Gayle and she became sad and told me that Gayle was going to be late, real late, today." "I asked her what we should do and when Fernando would come." "He will be here soon, within minutes." "I pointed out to her, ‘I said earlier that if you and Gayle suck and if it persuades me, I will do it to Fernando. Please call him and tell him, we can do it later, since Gayle isn’t here.’ " "Beth, I gave Fernando an offer on your behalf, so we can't take it back, especially now that he’s on his way." “’Okay,’ I said. ‘Kim, will you do Fernando today?’ " "I’m sorry Beth. I can't do anything like that! I can't cheat on Gayle!" "What about me?" "It's not like that, Beth. I already have a big black cock and I want you to have one for your pleasure. Your hubby is willing to let you do this. I said I would show you how I fuck a big black cock, so I will do it tomorrow. Honey, today you are on your own. You’re about to have an experience which will change you forever." "That’s when we heard Fernando's car. Kim said, ‘Don't make him sad, or disappointed, please.’ And she kissed me on the cheek." “Then Beth went to get some water and I realized was still horny. No, I was even hornier.” “Beth returned and continued where she’d left off, until Fernando was at the door.” "Fernando came in and gave me a very passionate kiss before I could do anything. After that he took out his cock and I could see it was six inches. He made me do a hand job and his manhood swelled up to become a nine-inch hard cock which is much thicker than yours. He put it in front of my mouth, but I couldn't even take it. He helped me make my mouth stretch. I almost took half of it and couldn't believe it. After a few minutes, he came. He made me drink all of it and it was heavy. Then he took my dress off and played with my titties. "He tried to put that huge cock into my pussy, but It was painful at first. Kim said regular practice makes it better and better. He came a lot again, this time he took it out of my pussy, put it in my mouth and made me swallow all of it. After that fucking, it was hard to walk." She then cried that she did this for me. I said, "It’s okay honey, I love you. You can have Fernando's big black cock anytime you want." After receiving my permission, over the next few weeks she visited Kim's home every day until Gayle got back. I was working on my new book, so I didn't have sex with her. The next week I noticed she was very desperate for sex and I knew Gayle was back so she couldn’t fuck Fernando in his house. Fernando asked her out so she started dating him, two or three times a week. This is the first two chapters of 'Wife Customized by Black Lovers and New Bosses', A Novel I wrote, which has more than a hundred pages. It is available on Amazon and it is free for kindle unlimited. More chapters will be coming to cuckoldfart based on readers' reactions. Meanwhile, read it on Amazon.
  5. When I was a young teen 50 years ago, I would go around and cut yards to make extra money. This one couple was very nice to me. Debbie & Paul were there names. When I knocked on the door, with my old lawnmower, Paul told me “young man does it look like I can’t cut my own lawn?” His wife Debbie heard this & came to the door all nice & that was the first time I noticed her breast & body. I thought to myself, “WOW!” She told her husband “Paul behave, this young man just wants to make some money.” When he started to say something she held up her finger & he shut up. She looked me up & down & to her husband said “Now be a good boy & finish cleaning the bathroom.” He said “yes dear” & walked away. Debbie told me I could cut her yard & to come back every weekend. After I cut the yard the next weekend, when I knocked on the door, Paul came to the door in an apron. He invited me in & Debbie was sitting on the couch in a robe. Paul told me to sit next to his wife. I called him Mr. & Debbie corrected me & told me her husband would never be a Mr. He will always be a boy because he has a small “dick”. Isn’t that right? Paul nodded & told me he is too small to please his wife properly. I was embarrassed & did not know what to say. She told Paul I was Mr. Doug to him, because she was sure this young boy was more man than you. Debbie asks if I was a virgin & had a girlfriend. Yes I am a virgin & I have no girlfriend. She asked if she could be my girlfriend. I looked at her husband, & Debbie laughed & said, He has no say so. “My boy husband would love for you to be his wife’s boyfriend. Now dear show Mr. Doug what he get gets if he decides to by my secret boyfriend.” Paul walked over & pulled her robe open. That was the first time I had seen a full grown woman naked. Paul said Mr. Doug you can touch her & placed one of my hands on her pussy & the other on her tits. I went crazy exploring! Debbie was smiling & told me the rules. 1) I could not tell anyone. 2) I would be the man of the house & control both of them. 3) I would decide if Paul got any pussy from his wife. 4) As the man, she & her husband would be available to me for anything. But first I had to prove to her I was a Man. I nodded excitedly. She had Paul remove his clothes. He was hard but small. I was so relived I started laughing & proudly took off my clothes to show my stuff. Debbie made Paul feel how hard I was & he told her he have never got this hard. For some reason this made me feel bold. I told Paul since I was now the man he should suck my cock like a girl. Paul got a surprised look & Debbie started laughing. Paul said Yes Mr. Doug & proceeded to suck me. I couldn’t believe the power I felt. A husband was sucking me while his wife was touching herself, telling me Mr. Doug make my husband your bitch & me your whore. I pushed his head all the way down & came as he gagged on me. Paul did not try to pull away, but took it. After that I made him leave while Debbie taught me how to eat pussy & fuck. Paul would come back & suck Debbie clean & get me hard again. I called home & got permission to stay the weekend. Debbie made Paul give me a key to the house. Paul would cut his yard while I did his wife. I fucked both in the ass a few weekends later. I made Paul moved out of his bedroom. Paul would call me & try to get permission to fuck his wife. Most times I said no, she’s my slut. If I was nice I would have Paul jerk off while he told me how much he loves my fucking his wife. Now one of the best power trips was to call Paul at work & have him call Debbie to fake like she was sick, & go home to take care of me. Sometimes I would have Debbie do this to Paul. Debbie sex drive & mine were the same. Paul was on most of the time. But I like to have him suck me when he didn’t feel like it. That was a power trip too. One day Paul was begging Debbie to give him some pussy or something in front of me. His dick was dripping. He got turned on a lot when he was denied. Debbie said Mr. Doug you think this boy have earned any pussy? I spoke up “if he gets some, he should be fixed like a dog!” They both gasp surprised, & Debbie stated to Paul “Well you heard him. Do you want some pussy, you have to get fixed.” Paul excited agreed. She placed Paul’s small dick in her & held him there. Told him do not move. Now Paul, how does my pussy feel? Very wet & hot. Do you know what you are agreeing to? Getting fixed? Yes, a boy should not have children. Paul are you saying Mr. Doug should get me pregnant? Paul looked at me & stated “Mr. Doug has proven what a man he is. He has taken my own wife’s pussy & body from me. He want people to know I am not the father of my children.” Debbie, smiled & said “That’s what a true boy would say. Now pull out & go flush my birth control pills.’ Paul whimpered & did as he was told. When Paul came back in I was fucking Debbie & he jerked off as he begged me to get her pregnant.
  6. I read online of a Dominant bull insisting that the husband start regularly taking his wife's birth control tablets. The effect on the man was that his sex drive was depleted and he was unable to get erections. This meant that the wife had to be satisfied by the bull and wanted him more often. The cuck was happy because he didn't feel the need for sex anymore and could focus on more important things in his life. I wondered if any other members have experienced this and if it worked?
  7. The wife and I talked a lot about the people she use to go to school with back in the UK. Especially now that she has reconnected with a lot of them on social media. She always talked about the guys and girls she had a crush on back in school but who she thought did not know she even existed. Two weeks ago an old school friend of my wife, who grew up with and went to school in the same small English village and who she had a serious crush on in her teenage years, told her he was passing through New York City on his way back to the UK and would love to meet up with her so they could catch up on old times. She was very happy at the idea of seeing him again and asked if I mind if she met up with him for dinner when he was in town. I knew she wanted him, she told me that much many times and I knew she often wondered what if and what it would be like if they had gotten together in high school. So I told her it was not a problem and that I wanted her to meet up with him and have fun because we only have one life to live and best to live it without wondering. The evening came when my wife got all dressed up, I even helped her to select the outfit, something sexy and tempting that showed off her 38DD boobs. She wanted to look good for him and I wanted her to seduce him. During their dinner she texted me a couple times just to check in and let me know everything was OK. After dinner she called to say that she was having a wonderful time talking about the good old days and chatting about the other people they went to school with and asked if it was OK for her to go out for drinks afterwards, to which I said fine. Later she text to let me know that things were getting a little interesting. That he also had a crush on her back in school but was too shy to do anything about. Later she texted that they were getting close and if it was OK if she snogged him. I told her there was no limits to what she wanted to do and that she should have fun. By that time my imagination was running wild, picturing her in various positions. I knew she wanted to make up for lost times and I wanted her to have fun and make up for lost times. I love it when she gets wet for other people, it really turns me on. The phone rang about 1 AM in the morning and it was my wife asking if she could go back to his hotel room, to which I said yes. I did not see my dear wife again until about 10 am in the morning, she was tired because they had fucked the entire night trying to make up for all those lost years. She said they took a nap and then fucked some more in the morning before it was time for him to leave for the airport and head back to England. Since then my wife has been in a constant state of “hornyness” trying to relive the experience through me. She described in detail the various positions he had her and what both she and he did to each other. She showed me the size of his dick and told me it felt good inside her. She got especially horny when he called the house and he and I chat on phone about her and how we both loved fucking her. My dear wife is heading home to England in a couple weeks to visit family and for a small school reunion in the old village and both he and I have made arrangements for my wife to spend the night with him after the party. Since then she has been Victoria Secret shopping.
  8. hey guys so heres my story, Ive been into cuckolding for close to 5 years now im 28. So i got into it young from hearing all my friends brag about their big dicks and all the girls they would fuck while i was a virgin till 19. so naturally when i found cuckolding i became really interested in the idea. Flash forward to my girlfriend weve been together almost 2.5 years. I told her about cuckolding 1 year ago since then weve bought a lock for dick, some big toys and we role play, shes told me sex stories and likes to deny me and tease me. She drew the line at fucking someone random. But she does have a friend she would be comfortable with fucking cause theyve known each other for a long time and used to fuck. He also has fucked her better than anyone else so he loves his dick. He lives in another state so thats they nothing has happened yet, she did tell him about cuckolding so he knows they talked about it for a little but he had a girlfriend at the time so didnt want to cheat on her. they broke up not to long ago and this past week he came down for a few days. So on thursday she drove up to see him, i stayed home I couldve gone but i didnt want to and i wanted to see how this would play out. We didnt talk or mention anything about them fucking. She gets there and a few hours later she calls me sayiing she is going to be late, they are going with his family somehwere. She then texts me even later saying they have been drinking and his familiy doesnt want her to make the 2 hour drive back home. he was in town visiting them. So gave her permission to stay cause i didnt want her to fall a sleep driving or anything. I then text her its ok if anything happens. The mood changes she gets excited and starts asking "really, this isnt a trick, you wont mind?"ect. I tell her no, go for it we all want it, he doesnt live her you dont see him often so go for it. That was the last i heard from her that night. I tried calling around 12:30 but her phone was dead, which sucks cause she said she would get pics. I called his phone and it just rang. She gets home the next morning, we dont mention anything she starts playing some mario then she says "thank you for letting me enjoy myself, the night progressed so nicely and when you gave permission that was just the best" She then tells me as soon as they got in the room together he tossed her on the bed took her pants off and started eating her ass. He fucked her doggy for 45 minutes ate her pussy for 45, she sucked his dick ,he was playing with her ass while fucking her she said she barely got any sleep. and when she did he woke her up and threw her on top of him gave her no choice but to fuck him. She said he really man handled her and had her pinned down just taking his dick. As she was telling me all this my tongue was so deep in her pussy i ate it vigorously. I then came in her twice, she says she didnt come from him that she wanted to save that for me. Im not sure where he came i still have to ask but i think it mightve been on her face cause i saw a messge she sent him saying she can still smell him. She also wants to do it again but more privately since they were at his parents and couldnt be too loud she told him in a message. He agreed. I am now a cuckold. I have had butterflies in my stomach and when i get horny its like turned up to 11. I watch porn and just think damn he mustve had her like that, or watching blow jobs just throws me into overdrive cause i know how good she sucks dick so its easy for me to picture everything that went down. Right now though i just dont know how to bring it up and talk about it. She has been acting like nothing happened, she likes that im turned on and i think she is just denying me cause we havent fucked since friday morning. Can anybody help me out with what to do afterwards how to keep it fresh and not have her get bored of always talking about it but fuck i am so horny all i want is for her to tell me every detail over and over. I am a little surpirsed at how well i am taking it, obviously before she fucked him i could never know how i would feel about it, but i really dont mind, i dont feel bad or upset. In fact i havent been able to take my hands off of her and it really made up realize the love we have for each other. Funny right?
  9. So a couple of weeks ago it’s a Friday and I’m working from home. I don’t do this a lot but once maybe twice a quarter. It just so happens that this particular day we had scheduled a plumber to come out and zap a few of our lines. Around 2 pm there’s a knock on the door. I don’t give it a second thought my wife is home she’s downstairs I assume she will answer it and that will be it. I don’t give it a second thought. Then again there’s a knock on the door. My wife stands at the base of the stairs looks up toward my office and hollers. “Are you going to get that?” I naturally replied with a “NO”. I mean hell in not even supposed to be there. I’m working lol. Anyway I hear her answer the door I hear some laughing and some giggling still I think nothing of it. A few minutes later my wife walks into my office leans over my shoulder and very quietly said “the plumber is here and he’s really cute. Sense you are so caught up in what your working on I’m going to fuck the shit out of the plumber”. She stands and walks out of my office. I’m shocked in a state of disbelieve. Yes we have fantasized about it, talked dirty about it but really? So after a few minutes I grabbed my phone jumped from my chair and ran downstairs and walked right in on this 934469609_Terri_vid(108).mp4
  10. It has been too long since I have been on here and even longer since I’ve given an update. Well I have to say I the last few years have been wild with the last year being even wilder. Lol. This February we welcomed our second baby, another girl. For the few that I’ve keep in contact with they will know that neither of them are mine. This wasn’t intended as luck would have it I can’t have any. I went through the better part of 2019 and most of 2020 locked but still enjoyed my wife from time to time. And we still play in the flr lifestyle but it seems to have developed into a more traditional poly relationship. oh that’s something I may have missed, for six years now my wife has also been involved romantically with out boyfriend and I’m the last three years I’ve had an active role as wel, well submissive but I digress. Unfortunately that’s all the time I have for now but I hope to be back on soon! Much love and feel free to hmu in the dms 😘
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  15. So I have no idea if there is any interest in this however from time to time cuckolds share stories (fiction) with me. My guess is most come from Literotica and, to be honest, I seldom read them. I'm going to share a few here and encourage cuckolds who like writing them to share here as well. "Fred Pleasures Jessica" 1/2 I awoke in a stupor. It took me a long moment to remember exactly where I was, looking at my watch I noticed that it was nearly three in the morning. "Jesus" I thought "Jess is gonna kill me." I slowly gathered myself and arose from Fred's couch. I was alone. I guess the party was over, and I couldn't help but feel a touch of anger over the thought of no one waking me to let me know. My name is Timothy Grant, I'm 35 and I'm a Regional Sales Rep for a national supplier of high end office goods and furniture. Fred Norris is our Purchasing Manager, and friendly with most everyone in the company. Every few months he hosts a little get together at his home. I typically attend these gatherings with my wife, Jessica - but tonight she was called into work. I was pretty disoriented and having a hard time as I stumbled through Fred's house. This was a rare, unfortunate moment. I wasn't the guy who passed out at a party, nor was I the guy who couldn't hold his liquor. I began reaching for my car keys on the table when I heard a loud noise from down the hall. I didn't catch what it was at first, but then it happened again - it was the moaning of woman. I froze in place, unsure of how to react. Standing silently for a moment I soon heard the jostling of bed springs and more moaning. I was intrigued, but realized this was my cue to leave. I slowly began walking towards the door when suddenly, a cry "Oh! Fuck! Fuck me Fred!" I froze again, this time in stunned amusement. Frank was single, and reserved, and polite - this was too curious. If that wasn't enough I was sure i recognized the voice of the woman, I was just too groggy to place it. Inexplicably, and against my better judgement, I began walking down the hall - slowly, silently. As I neared the bedroom doorway the moaning was reaching a fever pitch. It took all my courage, but I peeked inside. To say the sight was a shock would be a tremendous understatement. A naked Fred was on the bed pounding a blonde white woman from behind. I quickly realized it was Cindy. Cindy was the wife of one of our co-workers, Karl - she was also pretty good friends with Jessica. My heart immediately sank for Karl, but my dick stirred at the sexual sight in front of me. I blinked once, and again - this didn't make any sense. Fred was in his late 40's but admittedly kept himself in great shape. He's a former college athlete, a large black guy who despite his size most would consider unassuming. I suppose most women would find him handsome, but not in an overt and obvious way. He's a great man, always willing to go the extra mile to help out at the office, and respected by most everyone at the company. Yet here he was, fucking a co-workers wife. Despite my disappointment, I couldn't help but notice how erotic the scene in front of me was. I had never seen interracial sex before and the contrast of Fred's large black body against Cindy's dainty white one was exciting to witness. Her head was tilted back with her lip bitten and her eyes closed, she was now trying to hold back the moans of pleasure. Her small breasts were shaking back and forth as the slapping noises of their joining sexes filled the room. Suddenly, I saw a phone screen light up from the corner. My second shock of the night was noticing Karl in the room. He was standing in the corner, nude, stroking himself while watching the erotic scene on the bed. My jaw dropped, my mind couldn't process any of it, between the alcohol, the late hour, the absurd sight in front of me - I thought I was going insane. Just as I was finding the composure within me to turn and leave Fred and Cindy switched positions. As Fred was pulling Cindy off of him his cock fell out of her and into view. At first I thought it was a dildo, or that my mind was playing tricks on me. The thing was absolutely massive, probably close to a foot long and very thick. I quickly averted my eyes from it and right as I was moving to leave I felt a moment of terror. I wasn't sure - but I thought Fred had seen me, as I was pulling away from the doorway I caught a glimpse of his face looking in my direction. I didn't look back to double check, I moved quickly and quietly, scurrying out the front door and making sure to close it silently behind me. The drive home was a blur, and not just because I was still recovering from the alcohol. How could Karl sit there and watch that? What led to that situation? Did he lose a bet? If so those were some seriously high stakes. It didn't look like he was angry. If anything he was enjoying it - as evident by him jerking himself off. I shook my head in complete confusion, but also couldn't get the image of Fred and Cindy out of my mind. All of a sudden my phone buzzed, it was a text. After glancing at the 5 missed calls from Jess my heart skipped a beat when I noticed this last notification was from Fred. 'Would appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone about that. I'd like to talk on Monday so I can explain' "Fuck." I said it aloud, I was caught. I pondered for a second, and replied 'You don't owe me an explanation, I shouldn't have wandered down the hall, won't say a word' A minute or so passed, and another reply. 'It's important that you don't Tim, I don't want to hurt Karl and Cindy's marriage with gossip - I know you're a good guy who wouldn't do that kind of thing, but being responsible I need to make sure. Please give me a few minutes on Monday so I can explain' I suppose it was the least I could do after spying on them like some drunken pervert 'No problem, we'll talk then. Really sorry about catching that, I was drunk and stupid' Frank, ever the understanding soul, replied 'No worries, natural curiosity I'm sure - see you Monday' I arrived home minutes later and Jessica was still awake, pacing around the living room in her nightgown, her large natural breasts bouncing and brunette hair in a mess. "What the hell Tim! I tried calling you like 10 times!" I immediately commenced with an apology, "I'm sorry babe, I don't know what the hell happened but I passed out, just woke back up at 3 am - I guess all those hours in the office and on the road these last couple months must have caught up with me. I'm embarrassed as shit, sorry." Thankfully, she relented quickly, we had good trust established in our marriage and she had no reason to worry other than for my safety. Her reply was direct "You should be! I know you've been working hard Tim but that's no excuse to pass out like some juvenile idiot. Try to pace yourself or come home earlier next time babe, I was worried sick!" she approached and gave me a relieved hug. Jessica is 31. She's a gorgeous woman by anyone's standards and I'm absurdly lucky to have her. She's an ER nurse at the local hospital and nearly ever patient under her care falls in love with her. Jess is a beautiful 5'-4" brunette with large natural breasts, an hourglass figure, and a killer ass. She has pale skin and an angelic face with classically feminine features. She's not only beautiful, but kind, quick witted, and assertive. She was looking up at me with her feisty hazel eyes and I couldn't help but feel a surge of arousal. The sexual scene from earlier had left an impact on me, and my testosterone was high. I grabbed her and kissed her passionately, moving my lips down her neck and clutching at her side. I got lucky, because she seemed to be willing and in the mood. Jess immediately reciprocated with kisses of her own and before long we were both nude on the couch. I was pumping my 6 inch dick into her as I leaned in and continued kissing her passionately. Even though I had developed a mild belly and wasn't as energetic as I once was, I could often bring Jess to a satisfying orgasm - I was sure tonight would be a success in that department. She wrapped her beautiful legs around my lower back as I continued to thrust. My mind wandered back to the events from earlier, and for some reason I recalled the many times Fred had been flirtatious with Jess at those parties. Jessica enjoyed attending them, and even though she was always respectful, she did seem to get a kick out of flirting with Fred. For some reason I thought about Fred's motivation and the possibility that maybe he had hoped to have Jess in Cindy's position, pounding his massive black tube deep into my wife. All of a sudden I was erupting, luckily Jess was reciprocating with her own small orgasm. I bucked violently, and came to a rest breathing heavily. Jess was also breathing rapidly, she kissed me again, and spoke "Try not to pass out at other peoples houses babe, we aren't in college anymore - it's not a good look" she chided - jokingly. I smiled, nodding in agreement. I thought about telling her about earlier, but I had promised Fred not to talk about it. I tell Jessica everything and was confident I'd tell her this as well, but wanted Fred to at least have a chance to explain it before I did. Besides, I was too tired and it was too late to get into it just now. I needed some fucking sleep. As I drove in on Monday I was a bit nervous about the upcoming chat with Fred, but as the day progressed I got so busy I nearly forgot about it. It was near 5 pm when I remembered and finally headed into his office. I closed the door behind me, Fred was finishing up a call. "Thanks for coming Tim." My nerves suddenly reappeared, and I stuttered, "Y-Yeah, sure thing." "Let me just cut to the chase. What you saw the other night is a pretty regular occurrence at my home. There are a few guys that like to share their wives with me. I wont tell you who else, but you stumbled upon Karl and Cindy." I was floored, and I think my face showed it. Fred continued, "Tim why don't you take a seat, I assure you this isn't as crazy as it sounds." I obliged, and sat. "Look, one night a few years back myself and another couple had a few too many. I don't remember exactly how or why but we ended up in my bedroom and we ended up in bed. During the act the husband noticed how big I was, and how much his wife was loving it, so he reserved himself to watch. Not much was said of it but the for the next few months they would come over, and he would watch me with her. A few months after that I was approached by another guy from the office, who had spoken with the previous husband, and then same sort of thing developed with this new couple. After that, Karl and Cindy, although the other night was my first time with them." He paused, leaned back in his chair, and sighed "I'm not sure how else to put it." I struggled to find my voice, but managed "I uh, I... dunno Fred, that definitely sounds pretty crazy." He paused for a moment, and laughed - loudly "Yeah, I guess now that I heard myself say it like that - it does sound pretty wild." His laugh relaxed me a bit, so I inquired, "I don't understand, what the hell do these guys get out of it? What do you get out of it?" "It's just a kink, Tim, and it's more popular than you think. I don't mean to brag but I'm very well endowed, much more so than Karl or any of the other guys that partake. Most husbands get off on seeing their wives pleasured." He continued "At first it was just weekend sex, but after awhile I started to get off on the power. It gives me a rush to take a wife in front of her man, knowing that i'm making her pop like he can't. Sometimes I talk dirty to the woman, reminding her of how much better I am than her husband. That typically incites them into powerful orgasms - it sure did for Cindy." I guess my mouth was agape, or maybe I just looked dumbfounded in general because Fred commented on my reaction, laughing "Jesus Tim, lighten up - its just sex." I responded "No, no. I mean I'm not judging or anything, at all. It's just... I've never heard of anything quite like this." Fred replied, casually "Man, its just cuckolding, it's everywhere. I'm pretty sure its the most popular fetish among married couples. If more people could separate sex from love it would probably be happening in every marriage going." I was still having a hard time reconciling this information, but I had heard that term before. I thanked Fred for his time, not wanting to linger much longer in this awkward conversation "Alright man, we'll I appreciate you clearing that up. You have my word that I won't mention this to a soul. As I said, it's really none of my business." I stood to leave. Fred stood and shook my hand "Good man. That's great to hear - I'm really trying to avoid causing any problems at the office, and one word of this to pretty much anyone would cause big ones. Thanks Again." Fred paused for a moment, and as I was getting ready to walk out he continued "Look, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, and you shouldn't - Because like I just got done saying, it's just sex. But now seems as good a time as any to mention this..." I stood waiting, fidgeting nervously, wondering where he was going with this - fearing. "Basically Tim, if you and Jess ever found yourselves intrigued by this kind of thing - I would absolutely love to take her to bed. Shes a beautiful woman, and i firmly believe that it would be a thrill for her. You could watch, join in, whatever gets you off - but I'm confident you'd love it." I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I wanted to knock the guy out, but I restrained from throwing a punch. I tried telling myself that this was just how he looked at things, I also cross referenced my reaction here and now, against all the other times Fred has been an excellent coworker and an even better guy. I took a deep breath, calmed myself, and answered. "Look, Fred, I'm not sure that's an appropriate line of questioning..." He cut me off "Say no more Tim, I'm sorry - with completely sincerity I meant no offense - I'm just looking at things differently these days, and trust me when I say your marriage only stands to gain from this kind of fun. But I respect your answer, and your position - and won't mentioned it again." I was so confused, mostly by his carefree attitude towards the entire topic, but I nodded, and walked out. Later that night I was sitting down on the couch watching TV with Jess. I had tried to eradicate the memory of the party and the subsequent conversation from my mind, but was having a hard time doing so. We were sipping on some wine together, watching some re-run when Jess surprised me. She spoke, with a 'guess what i know' look on her face "So. You won't believe what Cindy told me." A cold chill went up my spine, knowing damn well what she was about to say. I tried to mask my concern, maybe it wasn't what I had feared "Oh? What's that?" "You cannot tell a soul Tim, this is serious, and crazy!" She proceeded to explain most of what I had already seen and before she could get too far into her story - I interrupted her. "Jess, I know." I had to be honest with her. "What do you mean, you know? How do you know?" My face flushed red with embarrassment "When I was leaving the other night, as I was walking out the door I heard a ridiculous commotion from down the hall. I went and looked in on it and that's when I saw Cindy and Fred... and Karl." She was shocked "What do you mean you saw them? What did you see?" "I, uh, Jesus. I saw Fred with Cindy, and Karl watching." "You saw it!?" "Only for a second, I turned to leave after I got over the initial shock." "Oh my god..." she covered her mouth in disbelief, "Did anyone see you?" Again, my face flushed red "...Yeah, Fred saw me - we had a conversation about it today at work - he asked me not to tell a soul." Jessica jumped up, not knowing how to react to it all "This is crazy! What did he say? Why didn't you tell me Tim!?" "I was going too babe, I've just been trying to process all of it. He said probably what you already know, that he's been having sex with a couple wives from the office, and that he just started with Karl and Cindy. He said it's called cuckolding and that its very popular, and he - again - said its private and to not tell a single soul about it." Jess's face was flush "I don't get it - why would the husbands let Fred fuck their wives?" "Apparently, it turns them on." She shook her head "That's so bizarre, but that's what Cindy said as well." "What exactly, did Cindy say about it?" It was my turn to go on the offense. Now she was the one blushing "Umm." she paused "She said she heard about Fred from a friend, but she wouldn't say who for reasons of privacy." "What do you mean heard about Fred, she's known Fred for years - what about him?" Jess stuttered a bit "Uh, that he's... very big - down there. Huge even. That he's willing to do this sort of thing." I tried to hold my poker face, but I guess I failed. She continued, "You didn't see his... thing, did you?" I didn't want to dwell, so I just admitted it "Yeah, it's big." I could tell my answer excited Jess to some degree, and that worried me a bit, but for some reason it also amused me. Jessica, face flushed, continued "Wow, so Cindy wasn't lying... She was telling me that Karl and her have been in a rut, sexually. She was tipped off to this by her friend, and as coincidence would have it, Karl had already heard the same from the other husband. I guess they got drunk and admitted it excited them, and then got drunk again and took the plunge. She said they love it, and that she's never had orgasms in her life like she has with Fred." I pressed on "But how does Karl deal with it? I mean what the fuck, man." Jess replied "Cindy says he loves it - I know, I don't get it either. She said it turns him on like nothing else to see Fred pound his huge meat into her." I couldn't help but feel my dick stir at my wife's lingo. "What else did she say?" "That's it really..." Jessica stopped, but it was clear that she was withholding something. I continued "Jess... What else babe? I can tell that's not all she said." She blushed heavily "She said I had to try it." her voice cracked as the words escaped her mouth, and she caught herself "But I told her to fuck off, I'm married." That pissed me off "That slut! I thought we were friendly and she goes and recommends that you cheat on me with Fred - what the fuck man, wow. I'm gonna ream her a new one next time I see her - that bitch!" Jess tried to calm me down "Tim you can't say anything, it's too messy. And in the interest of full disclosure, she didn't tell me to do it behind your back, she said to tell you about it and talk you into watching. That you'd love it." I laughed, loudly "Oh that's rich - The nerve of that woman." Jess took another sip of wine, and continued "This whole thing is so strange, who knew this kind thing was happening, let alone within our group of friends." I took a few sips, shaking my head in confusion. Jessica asked "Did Fred say anything else to you?" I don't know why I admitted it, I guess I just wanted everything out in the open - I didn't want to turn this ordeal into anything secretive and perpetuate it - so I just told her. "... Yeah actually - much like Cindy, Fred pissed me off at the end of our little talk." Jess remained, silent - listening. "Fred basically said to me, that if we were interested in any of this - that... That he would love to take you to bed." Jess nearly choked on her wine, sitting up "W-What!?" I shrugged "Took everything I had not to knock him out - It's just so strange because Fred's been such a good dude for so many years - and now this." She was wide eyed and her face was flushed "I-I can't believe he would say that." I continued in a sarcastic tone "Yeah, he was basically - Hey Tim, I think Jessica is beautiful and I would love to fuck her with my huge cock while you watched - I think you guys would love it." I burst out laughing at my absurdity.
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    Just saw a fascinating documentary about Dali on YouTube. It may well be that he was a cuckold however that is not said in the piece. One model tells how he came on her breasts and then licked it off. Further, he never cheated on Gala (wife) and she had so many lovers as well as he revealed he needed permission from her to even visit and had very little sex with her. Check it out and interested if anyone knows more about this.
  17. We like to watch guys video themselves getting off looking at our pics & videos...anyone interested? We are in our late 50's in Indiana. She loves getting a guy off in front of me & I love to watch, help & clean up.
  18. During the summers when I was 8 and 9 years old, my parents had hired a babysitter, named Ashley, to watch me while they were at work. Ashley’s parents lived in the neighborhood, and she was home from college and needed some extra cash. Our mothers had run into each other at the store, and her mother suggested it since I played with their youngest , Taylor (2 years older than me), all the time anyway. Spending anywhere from 8-12 hours a day for two summers with Ashley, I grew rather fond of her. She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. After that second summer, I didn’t see her as frequently. I remember going to her college graduation party, I remember seeing her at a couple of weddings, her siblings graduation parties, and a few 4th of July’s. But about 15 years ago, she moved to Texas, got married, and had a couple of kids. Skip to about a month ago...I’m at a charity golf outing. Basically, you sign up and get randomly paired with a foursome. I got paired with two guys from my town that I knew (small town, everyone sort of knows everyone), and one guy that I didn’t really know but looked vaguely familiar, Andrew. So we’re golfing, drinking, shooting the breeze. We’re having some guy talk, and Andrew starts telling us about how he and his wife are in the lifestyle. The other two guys are pretty conservative, so I knew they wouldn’t have any good stories. So, I jump in the same cart as Andrew the rest of the day. He tells me how he and his wife used to go to swingers parties, but got tired of them really quick. Then, they’d only play with certain friends. Then, he says that they’re at the point now where he just likes to watch his wife with other guys, whether it be watching it live or letting her go off and send him pics/vids. I tell him how I’ve dabbled and have been a bull for a few couples before. So, I know where he’s coming from. At some point about 9-10 holes in it finally hits me like a ton of bricks...who does he know? Where is he from? He tells me. So, who does he know? He didn’t travel halfway across the country for a charity golf tournament to fund scholarships for high school graduates who are going to major in agriculture. So, he has to know someone local. So, I ask. And he tells me who he’s married to. And I feel like I’ve just been struck by lightning. I keep quiet about it though, and we finish out the round and head back to the clubhouse for early dinner/banquet thing where they announce the winners. Sure as shit, we walk into the clubhouse bar...and the first people we see are Taylor, Ashley, and their brother, Mike. I start chatting with Taylor, who I’ve remained good friends with over the years...even friends with benefits at times. She asks who I golfed with, and I told her the two guys and her brother-in-law. She then yells something over at him, and he and Ashley come over. She finally realized who I was, “Oh my God! How are you?! I hardly recognized you, you’ve gotten so big” (I’m 6’6” 250 lbs). At time, I realize that the people golfing weren’t the only ones buzzed up. I ask, “how long have you guys been here”? Taylor answered, “about an hour-hour and a half”. They, like many people had came out, paid to attend the dinner, and had been drinking at the bar. So we eat dinner and have a more few drinks, and it’s only about 5:00-5:30. I’m getting another beer at the bar and Ashley comes a starts making small talk. It’s mostly catching up stuff mixed with some “remember that time”. Then it turns fairly flirty. All of a sudden she blurts out that drunk Andrew has told her what we had discussed half the day. All of a sudden, she’s starts complaining that she forgot her phone at Taylor’s. She asked if I was ok to drive, which at that point I was. She then goes and tells the others that she forgot her phone and that I was taking her back into town to get it, and that we’d meet them back in town at the bar later. As we’re leaving, drunk Andrew runs outside and yells, “send me some pictures”! We get back to Taylor’s house, walk in, and I go sit in the living room while I thought Ashley was looking for her phone. After a few minutes, she comes in and sits down and we start casually chatting about random stuff again. About 10 minutes in, Ashley casually gets up, walks over, sits on my lap, and we start kissing. We’re getting hot and heavy when she undoes my shorts and starts stroking my cock. I return the favor by by sliding my hands up the skirt of her green sundress...I start gripping and rubbing her ass, then slowly sliding my hands up, pull her panties to the side, and start rubbing and fingering her pussy. Out of nowhere, she stops me, and with a smile says, “we’ll come back to that later. We don’t have much time. Oh! And don’t forget to take some pictures”. She then proceeded to slump to the floor, whips my shorts and boxers off, and starts sucking on my cock. A few minutes in...about the time she switches from sucking/stroking me and rubbing my balls, to stroking my cock and licking and sucking my balls 😂...I think to myself, holy shit! This is amazing”! Somehow I managed to compose myself long enough to take some pictures (see below), get Andrew’s number from Ashley,...and text them to Andrew. In return, I received a reply that just said “HOTTTTTT!!!!!!” 😂. We finish, clean up, and head to the bar to meet the others. We proceed to drink and have a great time catching up. We left the bar around 10:30-11:00 and walked backed to Taylor’s, where she went to bed...and Andrew watched me fuck his wife for about an hour...then, he watched watched the look on her face as I came inside her. 😂 We followed that up the next night by doing the same thing, minus the golfing.
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