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Found 6 results

  1. Before I begin, I will say this was not my first night as a cuckold (although we had simply started in an open relationship as long as all details of what happened were shared) this is by far one of my favorite nights. Lara and I had been living together for quite sometime and when we had started dating she was a virgin and for that I felt some guilt. So as I was away in Afghanistan I decided to open the relationship up (with no intention of every fooling around or even flirting with anyone). She had taken on a handful of lovers while I was gone and was always honest about what transpired. When I returned to Germany (where I was stationed) we moved in together after I got out of the Army and the relationship continued. My rules were simple always describe in detail what happened (if I wasn't present) and wear a condom. There however was one lover she would go bareback with (most likely a mutual friend, although I can't be sure). One Saturday she went out for a girls night. She wore a short (although not too short) black skirt, black leggings with black and white stilettos and a black jacket. Typical outfit for a night with the girls. Now, no one knew of our arrangement once I had decided she can continue fooling around (although my plan was to always become a cuckold) so I thought nothing was going to happen this night. At about one in the morning I get a text from her saying not to wait up for me, she was going with her "friend" to another club. The other girls had all went home and she wanted to party some more. So, I opened another beer and finished my movie and passed out on the couch. I woke up at 7 in the morning, showered, ate and brushed my teeth. At 8 I hear her keys in the door and she walks into the living room. Leggings dangling out of her purse, shoes in her hand, barefoot, hair a mess and eyeshadow semi-streaked. She reeked of sex and alcohol. I asked her if she had a good night and the story she told me almost caused me to blow my load before I could get my pants off. She met with her friend shortly after texting me and went to a swinger club. There they drank, danced, and made out. She told me how she sucked his cock underneath one of the tables and swallowed his entire load. Then they went to one of the rooms after talking with another couple and she let another guy eat her out as she blew her lover and a straggler. The whole time she's telling me this, she's rubbing her ass on my cock. I started to finger her pussy. It was still oozing with cum. She had just been fucked about twenty minutes earlier. After her and her two lovers come she takes her man home and they fuck for the next two hours. Maybe three times. He cums in her every single time. As she's telling me this I'm on the verge already, I had never had seconds so soon after. Unless of course I was present. I walk her to the room where I remove her cum soaked thong and begin to lick their juices. Her pussy was absolutely soaked from her own excitement about what was going to happen next and from his multiple loads. It smelled dank and used. And I loved it so much. When I got what I could, I had her sit on my face so gravity could feed me what my tongue couldn't reach. After she was properly clean I then threw her on her back and put myself into her. The feeling of that freshly fucked pussy was almost too much. I kissed her harder than I had ever kissed anyone before, and have never kissed anyone that hard since. When I cum it's one of the biggest loads I've ever produced. It went on for an eternity. And when my load had filled every last inch of her womb, I opened her legs and licked her, mine and her lover's juices from between then.