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Found 27 results

  1. Mr Siren

    Cuckold Threesome

    What's up everyone? Here's a few photos of my thick slutwife sitting on her sissy boy's face while her boytoy fucks her. Let me know what you think.
  2. ragazza65


    © ragazza65

  3. ragazza65


    © ragazza65

  4. ragazza65


    © ragazza65

  5. ragazza65


    © ragazza65

  6. ragazza65


    © ragazza65

  7. ragazza65


    © ragazza65

  8. ragazza65


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  9. ragazza65


    © ragazza65

  10. Fuckmywifebull

    Should my wife get blacked?

    Can anyone give me some advice on getting my wife fucked by big black dick. She encourages interracial movies and creams at the sight of a bbc on television but won’t let any black men touch her, yes they have tried and I let them to no avail.
  11. Horny wife is ready for big cocks but still quite the teaser.
  12. Introducing Betty, My best friend´s Mexican chubby wife who´s cheat him sending me her nude selfies and lot more pics....What do you think about her ?
  13. edizzle


    From the album: Chubby slut

  14. Wife’s big puss loves the big dick. I’m trying to get her to try bbc. Chime in and give comments and advice please.
  15. cuck32bi

    wife helena

  16. longrun

    Not wife but girlfriend

    Hope you guys like. Ps if anyone with a big cock is on instagram pm me have a proposition for you 😁
  17. Guest

    Karen, Jon's Slut

    Jon wants to hear how real men would use her a filthy slut
  18. the187

    The School Whore

    This is a fictional Story and does not reflect anyone in real life. If it does then it's mere coincidence. I’m writing this today because I need to let someone know, I am a teacher at a Community College. The point of this story is to write about how I became my pupil’s submissive. This has been happening for a month. My name is Shae and I have a fiancé, that fortunately does not know anything that’s happening. For better or for worse. It all started about a year ago, there was this group of foreign students that misbehaved and joked in class so they would always get in trouble, one in particular who was leader of their pack. I won’t be using any names, just initials. S, was the leader and most rebellious of them all, then there were two A’s, AB was the follow up to S and a lot better behaved. Meanwhile AD was a lot quieter but was the mountain of the group, a big guy, not fat just muscular. I should probably describe myself as well, I am 24 years old, 5’4” tall with a thick body, big bust and bottom but fairly skinny. I have an evening detention class for students that get in trouble. S happened to be the only one in one of those classes and while we were in it, he was texting and laughing instead of working on the assignments I had given him. I was fed up with it and called him out, he looked dead straight at me, making me uncomfortable. He put his phone away, stood up and walked towards me, asking me why we didn’t have some fun. I asked him what he meant by fun and he smirked. He said he admired my body as he walked behind my chair and placing his hands on my shoulders. I was wearing a shoulder less low cut shirt that showed cleavage and a small skirt at the time so he said the view from where he was standing was great, and that he wanted to get a feel off the girls. I was frozen, I had no idea on what to do as he reached down and pulled them out, groping them, caressing them, making me release a moan as he pinched my nipples. “Are you enjoying this Mrs. Shae?” he asked, sarcastically as he started to kiss my neck. “Because I sure am” slapping my left tit. I asked him to stop, that he couldn’t be doing this, specially not in school grounds. He said I was right, about the school grounds part but that he was horny and ready for me so he stood me up, took my skirt down and kissed and played with my ass as he bent me on the desk. I was receiving so much pleasure of off this because I liked him and sometimes fantasized about it, but never wanted it to be more than a fantasy. He took his phone out and started snapping pictures of me, naked and bent over the desk. “I made this bitch dripping wet, didn’t I Mrs. Shae?” he asked as he fingered me, I released a whimper “Yes you have”, “You’re my bitch now, right bitch?” he said, laughing, “Yes, I am your bitch” I said, moaning as he teased the tip of his cock on my pussy. After I agreed, he penetrated me suddenly and pulled me up by my hair and whispered to my ear “Good, because I’m going to have a lot of fun with you” he said, as he caressed my neck and pinched my nipple. The pleasure had overtaken me, I just felt how my hips and my ass jumped back to his dick. I don’t know how big he was but he was definitely bigger than my boyfriend. “You like this dick, don’t you Bitch?” he exclaimed, slapping my tit again, “Yes, I love it”. I was lost in my senses, never had I felt like this before. He slammed me into the desk and started pounding me hard from the back, making me start gasping for air. I loved the way his big cock felt inside of me, how I couldn’t take all of it but he still pushed deeper, and being taken by someone and being turned into their bitch. It felt so right, I had given myself to him and he was taking all. He stopped fucking me then flipped me then I saw the monster he was packing, he was uncut, a foot long at least and as thick as my forearm. He started penetrating me and I just kept taking it, clawing his back as he kissed me, as he tongued my mouth. I was on the edge of orgasming and he knew it, I could feel he was about to bust as well because his cock had started to throb. He kept going hard, slapping my tits and I couldn’t hold it any longer so I squirted all over him, convulsing heavily as he also came inside of me. I was loving the moment, I was in the moment and I didn’t want it to end. We cleaned each other and dressed again then he took my tits out, pulled my head back by my hair and said “I hope you know I’m not going to stop using you, youre my bitch now, I own you”. I couldn’t believe what was happening, he got me aroused again just by that then he told me to come with him because we weren’t done. I followed him into his car then we got to his house. We went to the basement and to my surprise, his friends were there. They had gotten up then S took my tits out again, told them to have fun with me and they started groping my tits, kissing me, feeling my ass. All I could do was take their cocks in my mouth, I couldn’t stop until I heard a shout. I turned around and saw S’s father. I froze, naked as I held their cocks, he asked me what the fuck I was doing with his son and his friends. I was paralyzed, I had no idea of what was occurring. I told him I was forced to by his son but he lied, he said that I wanted the sexual relationship with them and accuse them of r******** if they didn’t comply. He came up to me as I was on my knees and slapped me across the face before he dragged me away from them. He was pulling me by my hair and I couldn’t escape. I saw the door to his house but we weren’t directed then. I heard his friends talking and leaving as I was dragged away to S’s father bedroom. He lifted me up, slapped my tit and asked me if this was what whores did, mess with young students. He then told me he was going to teach me a lesson as he threw me to then started taking his belt off. He was a big man, fat and sweaty. He reeked of curry and was hairy. I was scared of what he was going to, I couldn’t escape, he was blocking the door and he had locked it previously. He took his belt off and commanded me to get in all fours as he whipped my back. I did out of pain, he had whipped me hard and left a mark. He felt my ass with his hand and rubbed my pussy with the tip of his fingers before pulling his hand back and whipping my ass. I let out a scream and he told me to shut up, I told him I was sorry, that I didn’t mean for anything to happen, that it wasn’t me and I was forced by his son. He told me that besides being a whore I was a liar before whipping me again, harder this time. I tried holding back my screams but it hurt so bad that I let out, which provoked him to do a harder one. My ass was all red and to the point of bleeding from another whip. I was crying, had tears rolling down my eyes thinking about how my life has been ruined. He took his pants off and pulled his cock out, it was below average and really hairy. He slapped my face calling me a crying lying whore before wiping my tears with his cock and shoving it inside my mouth. He said he had never had a whore and that he wished someday he would experience one, but that his current experience with a white whore was like being in heaven. He had locked my hair in his hand as he pushed my face farther in, his pubes all over my face and some of his hair in my mouth as I choked. Before I was hoping it never ended, now I was wishing it had never happened. He flipped me over and made me suck his balls as he placed them above my head, then started playing with my tits, slapping each and squeezing hard on them. He kept pinching my nipples hard until they squeezed a little milk, he then licked it and told me it tasted great. After he was done playing with my tits, he decided to use his belt again, this time to whip my pussy with it, he did it lightly and I whimpered, which turned him on even more and told me to kiss and lick his ass, and the more I did it, the harder he whipped it. He then started rubbing it out, placing two fingers between my lips to try and spread them. He never fingered me, just rubbed it out but teased me making me think he was going to. My neck was hurting by then because he was basically sitting on my head so the pressure almost snapped my neck until he got off and slapped my face, telling me I did a good job as a whore. He strapped his belt to my throat and did it really tight so he could have a longer length to use as a leash. Told me to get in all fours again and slapped my ass with his hand while he pulled my head back with the other. He teased my pussy the tip of his cock, I was dripping wet and loved how he teased me, he tugged my head back as he did it, telling me to beg for his cock like a whore does. I asked him to put it inside me, that I wanted to be used like a whore until he came. And he did, pulled me back with the belt as he thrusted inside me, making me splash over the bed. He kept pounding me hard while choking me and it felt so good, my ass bouncing on his dick as he calling me a dirty whore. I loved every ass slap he gave me, I couldn’t get enough so I came on him and started shaking and fell on the bed. He slapped my ass and pulled me up with his belt then told me to clean all my juices off his cock. I gripped it hard, and licked his balls, looking up to him as I was bent over the table, my ass in the air. I went up his cock, going slow, trying to lick all of it before I got to the head and swallowed it as if it was a strawberry. Then went down all the way, having his wet sweaty pubes on my face and I didn’t mind. He told me that was enough and made me ride him, I got above his dick, spread my pussy lips open and slid down all the way down his cock, moaning the whole time. I shook my hips on top of him, rock back and forth. As he slapped my tits and squeezed them. I bent forward and started riding his cock, jumping up and down like the whore he told me I was, I loved his slaps on me, enjoying myself until he came inside of me as he sucked on my tit. I sucked him off to clean him off and I thought everything would be ok but he called the police on me as I was getting dressed, saying I abused his son and his friends in sexual manners. I couldn’t believe he did that after the way he used me and no one believed me when I told them about what he had done with me. They apprehended me and took me to jail.